Tweet Heard Round The Universe; Earth in Special Place; Top Scientists Freak Out


Thursday, February 25, 2016

(Before It’s News)

Scientific American recently announced:

Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth is Special After All

Many other outlets carried this story, including RT, whose author tweeted:

The mainstream media is finally recognizing what the documentary THE PRINCIPLE has been saying since its release in 2014. When THE PRINCIPLE tried saying it in 2014, many top scientists freaked out, including some of the scientists who were featured in the documentary! Lawrence Krauss, followed by Kate Mulgrew (the documentary’s narrator) both came out against the film in April 2014 before the film was even complete, followed by some of the other participants. As the previous linked story shows the mass media outlets came down hard on THE PRINCIPLE for questioning the Copernican Principle. Now that THE PRINCIPLE is going viral, the scientific establishment and mass media know they can no longer hide the truth, so are joining THE PRINCIPLE (without mentionming it) in startng to spread the news: THE EARTH IS IN A SPECIAL PLACE! And the truth of this goes well beyond this exoplanet census; though this just adds a new dimension to the mounting evidence that mainstream science would prefer not to share, but has lost control of thanks to THE PRINCIPLE and the frank admissions by the scientists captured on camera.

Remember, as you see stories spreading about earth in a special place, earth in a central place, etc, that it originated with THE PRINCIPLE. THE PRINCIPLE  broke the story, and captured top scientists on film admitting to the current state of cosmology: Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, George FR Ellis, Max Tegmark, Julian Barbour, Bernard Carr, etc. To understand the news in its truest form, be sure to watch THE PRINCIPLE. Establishment science wants to control the dialog, and by releasing news stories such as these, they are attempting to shape the story as they wish. THE PRINCIPLE is the limit of what they will explain at this time, so rather then wait for the story to trickle out, see THE PRINCIPLE now!




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  1. Dublinmick says:

    I come to announce that you are approaching a turn of Events that will be acute as a result of a truth being exposed in the media that will shake the world to its core. It will not be DISCLOSURE as the lightworkers hoped it would happen, but something of a critical nature. The magnitude and consequences of the revelations will be so enormous it will make people feel sick as if they had been punched in the belly. This has already been announced as a peak in disclosure to take place in March to April 2016.

    • Does this mean i shouldnt book a holiday for september this year? And not bother dating this girl ive met in town, hopefully, with a view to marrying her?
      Why do i feel like ive been punched in the stomach, before even clicking on your link?

      Its sad. Because lifes been better, and ive never been.happier, than this last 12 months and i was looking forward to the future. Its sad. I wish i was a generation.before this. The 1970s seemed a.nice time. Simple times and way of life and beautiful natural women everywhere. Including sitcoms for example Robins Nest

      I dont want to click on your link. But im an honest, relentless truthseeker so i will.

      I hope you dont dismiss Cobra totally. I posted him today, to cheer us all up.

    • Why then Dublinmick is israel embarking on a multiyear project for a wall surrounding israel?
      Why is all this syria ww3 crap ongoing? Why all the ukraine nuland nonsense?
      Why do the khazar jews continue continue continue to genocide and erase the white man and make a greater israel, and make the uk into a caribbean afro afghan east european soup with no remnants of what england was?
      Why would the jews be proceeding with ths long term plan dublinmick if planet x, and march april sickening disclosures are coming our way?
      WTF was the point of september 11th, if chaos and coming from nibiru?

      Whats the point of vaccines, smartmetets, and gmos. If nibirus right here now?

      All i can say in.the mildest terms. The cabals been.criminally negligent, witholding ssp protective technologies from us. If what you say is correct dublinmick

    • emm jay says:

      Hi Dublinmick, what are your thoughts on this info that you’ve linked here please?

    • dkblue says:

      It could be a reference to the holes in the dyke of secrecy surrounding satanic ritual abuse and pedophilia – by the most powerful an influential from Australia to US, Israel, UK, Canada, NZ and on and on. Behind these holes is the great ocean of truth, the suffering and darkness will be exposed and gush forth in an unstoppable wave. The perpetrators will find no mercy or refuge with any population. I hope they flee to their dungeons underground and where they can be sealed in forever or crushed with Haarp technology. Their time is very nearly up.

      • Yes. Behind these holes is the great ocean of truth, well said. I know to many observers it might seem bizarre i suddenly rush to connect this, with SSP truths as being a solution. But its all connected, the giant ocean of truth behind the mesh, the dyke they.have built and i pray as you say their time is very nearly up and we celebrate.
        In fact come to think of it. If i was one of these monsters, id be sowing all sorts of nibiru fear scenarios. Id be sowing confusion and distraction all around. Because id be desperate the dyke doesnt break and the horrors are known. Recent censorship on.the Tap ( not by henry or mike) has shown me with crystal clarity where the Truth lies. It almost dare not speak its name. For now. But maybe not for long. Maybe their time is up Abi.
        Please please remember to insist the mayor of Wollongong gets thrown underground to the wolves when the Day of Reckoning comes.
        Thanks, i will try 😉
        I am in airport departure lounge now. No full body scanners thank god, which was worrying me

    • beLIEve says:

      TRUTH…..ha ha ha

      When have the …..EL-iteS…SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM….ever told the ….TRUTH.

      THEY wouldn’t know how.
      1400 years of….. DOCUMENTED…..theft…lies…genocide…perfidy…..and …DOG knows what else ?

      AND the …leopards are going to ….CHANGE their SPOTS….. …NOW..? ! $ £ $

      AND….FESS UP….to EVERY-THING.. ??

      Just when China, Russia and Iran are planning ….GOLD-backed currencies…. and the…. RAT-child FILTH….are about to be……CAUGHT with THEIR…..CLAWS……500 years…. IN THE TILL.

      HOW….PROPITIOUS ……….
      this ….TRUTH BOMB…is going to be ! ! $$ !! £££.
      It “appears” to be arriving in the NICK of TIME !
      Not that I am …..SUGGESTING…….DISTRACTION ! $$ ££ ! £

      Will the REVELATION occur before the ….FIRST WEEK of April…..before China’s planned …GOLD-YUAN peg ? ? ?

      Bloombergs is saying GOLD could …SKYROCKET….in value.

      ‘Cos ….the introduction of a GOLD CURRENCY…could be really “sticky” for the RAT-PEOPLE.
      Gold currency is why they GENOCIDED Saddam Hussein and Ghaddafi and all the PATRIOTS who fought in those “wars” and GENOCIDED all those INNOCENT civilians.

      OCEANS of BLOOD…….

      That’s what the a$hkeNAZIs have on their….CLAWS !

      AND…… the SCUM-bag….FILTH have just …..UNLAWFULLY ….”EXPROPRIATED”…….aka….STOLEN….1.8 MILLION ACRES of Gold & Silver rich LANDS…in the USA !
      What is the point of that…. THEFT…. if we are all going to be in a QUEUE in front of the Prime Creator in…… 8 WEEKS time ?

      As to Niburu…………
      Professor Nassim Haramein says it arrived and went in February 2003, its “visit” falling …. 2 weeks in advance……of the date prophesied in the Sumerian texts.

      For some reason, when I attempted to post the Niburu video a few days ago, three of them had been taken down.
      I get the impression the RAT PEOPLE would prefer the….. Sovereign OWNERS of Earth…. to exist in FEAR !$ % !!

      The….MUTANT… LOONaTICS… will not be …..HARVESTING……any fear…from me.
      The….FREAKs… are beyond…….psychiatric.

      • beLIEve says:

        Video Proof That Niburu Has Come and gone


      • beLIEve says:


        ‘Video Proof That Niburu Has Come and Gone’

      • Thanks Kingel i hope and pray a mistake has been made. And Nibiru has come and gone. But the illuminati have ecploited this uncertainty and turned it into fear.

        Lets hope. Yet Dublinmicks not wrong either. Hopefully thetes a middle way through all this. Whete were a going to be ok.

        A middle way weve not thought of?

        A Secret Space Programme middle way of unpredictable variables. That possibly mean things could be in our favour Kingel? But the cabal pretend to us, due to their Jew control of the MSM. That we are hopeless sitting.ducks?

        Lets put it this way. Things. Something. Just doesnt add up, somewhere

      • beLIEve says:

        We a’int sitting ducks Adam……THEY are….and….. THEY are SCARED….for good reason.

        There are more than 7 billion of us…..and once people wake up to the ……GRAND …THEFTS….and the CULPRITS…….WOW….will things …KICK OFF.

        I wouldn’t want to be an …a$hkeNAZI FAKE “joo”…for all the…GOLD…in China !

        According to the Sumerian texts Niburu was due to visit in 2003….and that is just what it “apparently” did….according to the amazing Prof: Haramein.

        Don’t live in fear Adam…it is a waste of time.
        If we die, we reincarnate…..and you can start again looking for a ….wholesome and attractive……female !

        Your holiday sounds rather pleasant……….enjoy.

  2. ian says:

    it’ll be interesting whatever happens. Not that interesting is necessarily good, but different and interesting might mean good later. I think. I’ll have to stop smoking weed before breakfast.

  3. Nicky says:

    Space. Akasha. One of the five Elements in the |Vedic System. The one disregarded by Science which labelled it the Ether. Replacing it with Vacuum and nothingness.
    If anyone has watched the whole of The Principle and the “theories” posited since Science decided it was greater than/replaced God and consequently belittled us all in doing so and not grasped that Space is not empty at all. I suggest rewatching the Video. You cannot stretch Nothing. You cannot have Gravitational waves in Vacuum/nothing. The missing Matter some suggest should be there may well be the Akasha, Space itself. Not Dark Matter.
    “As is the Atom so is the Universe”. (The shells like an Onion that get mentioned that matter seems to coalesce into)
    Another disclosure The Maharishi made shortly before his passing on the subject of the Rik Ved (Not Rig Ved) “Ak not Ag, But no matter”. I think perhaps the Scientists of today would do well to revisit the Vedic teachings once again and take on board this readjustment the Maharishi made. Jai Guru Dev

    The Rik Veda starts with Agnimile purohitam(y)Yagyasya devam rhitvijam Hotaram ratnadhatamam.
    Roughly translates as, We worship the fire god/elemental he who gives his share to all the gods/elementals. which makes no sense and is quite possibly an introduced error post that foul east India company in much the same way the Karma sutras as promoted in the west was altered, Leaving out the consequences of engaging in some of the perverse acts portrayed within it.

    Where as Aknimile etc. We worship the Space God He who gives his share to all the Gods makes perfect sense. It is the Elemental (The quantum soup as the Scientists label it) That everything comes from. He who gives his share to all the Gods. Be still and know that. That thou art. Love. Creative Benefic Love. Divine. Reclaim your divinity from the decievers for they know not what they do.

    • Hi Nicky, interesting amazing comment ill have to reread later to let it sink in.
      I think as well as SQK theory, your comment points us all to really take heart and look to, as another beacon of guidance. If walkers genuine which i sense she is.
      I hope your energies and centredess is returning after your Hamp involvement

    • Monday, February 29, 2016

      Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share

      Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius 6:57 pm ET/11:57 pm UT

      Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

      Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

      Skill: stay true to your path

      True Alignments: trusting, following the signs, quests (especially spiritual quests), leadership, guidance, the value of individuality, that which is worthy, going above and beyond, the inner feeling of home, self-care, free will and respect for the free will of others, paths of potential, spiritual communication

      Catalysts for Change: conformity, lead astray, ignoring gut feelings/instincts/intuition, against one’s will, difficulty recovering, blinded to truth, bossing people around, the need to be the center of attention, unrealistic expectations of others, projecting onto others, unable to grow or grow up, compromising ourselves, feeling powerless to direct one’s life

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (information, signs and synchronicities that guide or confirm)

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

      We have come to the Disseminating phase of the Moon, the time of the solar-month when the energetics favor sharing our thoughts and ideas with others, and the time when Spirit sends us messages and feedback via heightened potential for synchronicities and heightened levels of communication.

      This solar-lunar month happens to be all about receiving exactly these sorts of things, because the Sabian symbol or primary energetic is “a large white dove bearing a message.” Spirit bears a message. Do we want to accept delivery?

      Specifically today, the nature and content of the messages and information relate to:

      THE WAY: The Sun is located at the degree of “men travelling a narrow path seeking illumination.” This energetic involves our highest ideals and values, and our ability to stay true to those things. Perseverance is often needed. Sometimes this places us at odds with something -other people, other values, other ideas, and other paradigms.

      Since we are in the Shift of the Ages, a choice between an old way (and the old, crumbling world of control systems) and a new way (the new, emerging world of life based on liberty and pursuit of happiness) may cross our “path” today. The symbol tells us that it is a narrow path, one that is traveled one by one. I see this also as energy that is like “threading the needle” –energy that enables us to skillfully and accurately shoot into the other side of something. – a precise shot through a narrow pathway.

      THE WHY: The “men travelling a narrow path” are seeking illumination and this is the purpose of today’s energy. Spirit is working very hard right now to help us see MANY things that are very important to the course of our lives and the course of humanity. So, circumstances, events, and situations that occur today, though they may involve a conflict or clash of our old way of thinking and being and doing, ultimately serve to enlighten us. Can we see ourselves and the messages clearly?

      Venus at “a big businessman at his desk” also gives us the “why” for today’s energy by pushing the need for decisions. With the combination of these energetics it is vital to reject or disallow anything that seeks to take advantage of or “use” us. We stay true to our hearts, even if it is unpopular or flies in the face of others’ expectations of us. (The Earth is located at “a boy molded in his mother’s aspirations for him.”)

      THE HOW: The Moon will have its once-a-month meeting (conjunction) with Mars today; exact conjunction at 2:54 pm ET/7:54 pm UT. This occurs at 28 Scorpio and the Sabian symbol of “the king of the fairies approaching his domain.” I love this symbol! It’s all about returning home.

      The “narrow path to illumination” is the internal path of returning “home.” It is a journey of involution. It is the calm, centered place removed from chaos.

      Insight, information, and ideas about what we need to do and how we need to do it may become quite obvious or apparent (if we are paying attention), as Mercury, The Messenger himself, discharges the energy of “a big bear sitting down waving all of it paws.” Something tries to get our attention.

      It’s a treat of a day. Sophia acousome. Wisdom let us attend.

      • Nicky says:

        Hi Adam, Ooer, I wasted much of the day.
        The Principle is available on youtube in full but took a while to find. One copy I found that was downloadable as well from you tube and at the right speed is named as follows “The Principle elpicnirP ehT”

        Interesting Name Adam.

        ad, aḍ , अड् , to exert; to try

        dam, dam , दम् , to be quiet, to restrain, to tame, to subdue

        Just being requires no effort at all. As pointed out very well in the book “Effortless Being, The Yoga sutras of Patanjali” by Alistair Shearer. A Gent whom has been a student of the Maharishi and a teacher of TM in his lifetime.
        There is this line “I learn to keep still even though I am always moving”.
        A lush balance filled statement I removed from a Chemical Brothers CD and stuck on a pin board many moons ago : )
        I love that about the creative amongst us, The Chemical Brothers Chose that beauty of a statement to included in one of their CD booklets. Bless em.

  4. Nicky says:

    Thank you for the oracle report link Adam,

    • Youre welcome Nicky, laura walker says planet X is an iluminati con, since the energies are so great now, the cabal have had to start making their moves since january. Its on, she says. Ive not kept upto date with oracle report this week.
      Yes chemical bros galvanise, a good song
      Sorry for so many random questions. Yr thouhts on.the G in freemasonry and satanism on the other thread, appreciated
      I am seriously thrilled at all the mindblowing implications of this principle video. So the sun could be smaller and closer to us acting in a spotlight fashion over a stationary earth thats centre of the univrse, of everything, with alk the heavens moving round us every 24 hrs? Bloody hell no wonder the cabal want to hide that news! So scottish rite freemason nasas whole reason for existence has.been to reembed the heliocentric spinning earth lie?!?

      – does this mean other stars when we look up……arent like we thought, with other planets near them? Are we truly unique?
      – can hubble images be trusted. Are those literally showing us extradimensional heavan?

      Do you take maharishi ayurveda herbs Nicky? I used to take triphala and bhringaraj but stopped due to warnings of heavy metal toxicity. And considering all the chemtrails, etc, i think dr wilson migt be right. I felt well ten yrs ago taking triphala with rose powder. Now im reluctant to. I liked amla tablets too.
      Mind you, it was a relief to stop as it was an expensive business. I could no longer afford the amrit kalash.tubs anyway anymore!

      Have a good day Nicky

      • Nicky says:

        Hi Adam, Small world, I have some direct knowledge of this. Yes I do and have taken Maharishi Ayur Ved herbs. Not so much these days, Poor as a church mouse cash wise.
        A few points I can clear up for you. The heavy metals scare around Maharishi Ayur Ved products stem from Frances Gaskell. She was there in 2007 in Fairfield Iowa and as far as I Know still lives there, I heard she bought a bar with the proceeds of the law suit, Which I Know was an injustice on Maharishi Ayur Veda as the whole matter has nothing to do with them but more to do with the fact some choose to go to India, To Delhi, To Dr Raju’s excellent clinic there and get Indian treatments without the western health and safety’s blocks interference on what can be administered. I have been myself and have nothing but praise, He even gave us cooking lessons, Only placing Turmeric on a meal after it has been taken off the heat and tossed a few times to release the hidden heat pockets, The smell of the turmeric when not burnt is Divine, The health benefits of Turmeric when not cooked to death is phenomenal.
        Heavy metals are not regarded in such a negative light by them. In the right amounts, Dr Raju’s Herb suppliers leave some metals on the ground to percolate into the soil, Small lead pieces are purposely placed on the soil surface in some cases,
        Unbeknown to Doc Raju at the time this practice was employed on the herbs francis took. The practice is usually only continued for use by the Bharat market and not for Maharishi Ayur Ved products export Market due to the differing standards. which are seperate from Dr Raju’s clinic. Francis went direct to Dr Raju, And was taking some medicines prescribed by him. She become unwell whilst pregnant, Chose to Double up and more her dosage rather foolishly in the misguide belief overdosing would be more beneficial. She is a real live wire whom I am strongly attracted to. A Scot and firery and an ex addict, TM managed to change her self destructive habits for some considerable time. Her Child
        was as fearless and vibrant an child as you are ever likely to encounter. And lives. All those ayur ved herbs had up to this point had no adverse effects on the first child for sure. No Doubt to much of the wrong sort especially when breathing it in is a no no. juries out for me on wether it is as bad as made out when administered in the right way and at the right doses. Eat a few cockles of the sand bar out here and you will be ingesting heavy metals and God knows what cocktail of pesticides and Gm Shite the little fellers hold, used to keep a man erect, Not so sure since the drop in number of the juicy mites and sand eels year on year since the 70’s, What with the glyphosate and my last taste of an oyster from the farm that sprung up on the bar a few years back which caused me to puke from every orifice.
        It used to be the case that eating COCKles put LEAD in your pencil. A known fact, A traditional bit of knowledge no longer applicable due to pesticide poisoning.
        I trust Dr Raju. Frances CHOSE to overdose, She told me herself she had been doubling up the meds, Not of course knowing the lead content of the herbs so she has some claim but also some guilt to bear, Doc Raju got the shit end of the stick as did Maharishi Ayur ved products and Frances got a Pub. Losers all round really. A Sad episode.
        The Father, Mark, (Think they are divorced, definately split) Author of a cracking book on Vedic maths, an aspect of Jyottish, Jyottish being A study of Space/time and Stars and there effects on us in a nutshell. I once congratulated him on the work but his retort was weird (As is his character, you would soon see if you met him) because I failed to point out the mistake he had introduced within the work. Just being polite and you get a bollocking, He was a teacher at the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale, A stickler for detail. Co Wrote a few with Kenneth Williams. Teaches you how to do math in your head using Sutras. Awesome Knowledge. and also off topic. Hope this helps Adam.

      • Nicky says:

        Hi again and happy hols to you. Somewhere there has been some confusion. I am not the one whom wrote on the G in freemasonry.
        One question you asked on one thread was for bulletpoints on “The Principle” movie. The main point one can take from it is this. They do not really know.
        For example.
        When experiments where conducted to show the Earth was travelling in space the results did not come back as expected. So a new theory was invented to explain this. And so on and so on.
        there is so much in this I am still digesting it myself.
        Another is Matter coalesces in shells around us with Earth at the centre, In much the same way as Atoms do. As is the atom so is the Universe is one ancient saying reconfigured to suit todays language, As above so below. One can sort of see this effect in a singing Bowl when playing around the edge, One gets standing waves and troughs, It is a frequency thing. One part of the video places a bucket of water which is spun and the water is forced to the edges leaving a dip in the centre of the Bucket as the water goes out to the edges. Spin is important I believe as is spiral motion and much more could be learned from playing around with these simple tools but that is something i lack the energy to go into right now. The electric universe and Rodin mathematics are also something I have looked into and digested at the time yet as I age fail to retain well. 77gunslinger on youtube is a real gem to follow on that. how is that for a primer. So much to look into. One thing is for sure. Ther are not enough hours in the day to listen to or watrch some of the crud out there., I just tried watching a national geographic vid (Usually good to watch) on one subject but the procrastination and repetition (Brainwashing) that is becoming the norm is just pisses me off so much I just look elsewhere nowadays. I even tried watching a BBC doc on the moon … And then she said “Let me be clear” and I just switched off the telly.

    • Hi thanks for all this interesting info Nicky. The price of MAV honey tiny pots is insane! Who can afford to buy that?
      I did get a stainless steel tongue scraper im pleased with.
      I may dabble with ayurvedic herbs again. Wilson seemed to be referring to ayurvedic and chinese tonic.herbs across the board, not focussing on MAV herbs only. If you go on google images and look at Ron Teeguarden master tonic herbalist at
      Could it be lawrence wilson.has a point? Teeguarden doesnt look glowing with health for all the herbs he takes. Ive been tempted to buy some schisandra and lycium tincture and capsules.
      However Wilson says, using zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium. Some kelp, d3, fish oil, sea salt, lots of cooked vegetables, and some meat daily, and a powerful digestive aid. One can.balance the miberal ratios of the.body much.better in the 21st century, than with traditional herbalism, due to widespread, toxicity
      So im on the fence.
      Im talking about the.cells electrical voltage, needed.for health, the sodium potassium ratio etc.
      Saying all this……bhringaraj eclipta, and amalaki tablets, id like to take them again. Powerful tonics and liver rejuvenatives.

      Amazing turmeric advice Nicky thanks. Diffrrent from Mercola, who recommends boiling for ten mins to make the curcuminoids.mire biovailable. Like cooking tarka dal

      But ill try throwing some raw on a dish at the end too.
      Interesting yr observation about my name. It feels right. In one sense, im forward thrusting and anaylitcal and wanting things to better and changed, unafraid to question and go against the grain.
      My other half is more restraining, liking stability, and traditional roles. Such as the family unit. Which i know the JWO detest!

      If you get time Nicky when.youre not busy. Your bullet point explanation what the principle geocentricsm video means for us all. Will be very.much appreciated. I cant watch it here where i am
      Bye for now

      • Nicky says:

        It is something you need to watch yourself Adamji. Take the time to do so if you can. Or better still learn a decent meditation technique. TM was and always will be my prefered method. The simplicity of it becomes obvious once learned. You come to realise it could not be made any more effortless. Which is the Key really to being still. All this other stuff is good to be aware of for sure but ultimately all a distraction from attaining peace Adam.
        There are many other pretenders cropping up that do not quite cut it. None have established peace creating groups. There was a recent prog of some celebs whom visit india with a view to retireing there. Much like the Best Exotic Marigold Motel. They all pick up on the Vibe now in India due to this return to Vedic principles, Though they are unaware as to what is causing this sublime heavenly atmosphere. The Fairfield community has many a good Jew there learning from Vedic principles that which they had lost, The sad thing is the NWO crew within them that promote the jew as the chief progenitors have a habit of claiming it as there knowledge and killing off the teachers and cultures they half inch knowledge from.
        Saraswati River being real and not mythical has put an end to there push to promote Judaism as the oldest religion for a while but so evil is the thing leading them they will attempt all manner of ways to dilute this.
        Right now throughout America and elsewhere they train their children in the belief they are the master race. What will be left when they have done of Mother Earth will not be pleasent, Master or not. I fear they will inherit a hell on Earth if they do not wake up from the delusion they are being fed. All Very sad Adam. Find peace if you can while you can and tend to your own Evolution, Next time around it is not going to be so easy I have been told. I do not want to reincarnate here in the UK again or in the States that is for sure. Hopefully we will be able to fend off the negativities and be free of it all. God Bless …… Nicky

      • Nicky says:

        I would like to add that the TM movement got right royally ripped off after the Natural law party episode and they sold off many academies to cover costs. This may be why costs have risen for products to.
        Holland gets a mention elsewhere. Maharishi was based in Vlodrop and I recall hearing him once during one of his broadcasts close to his parting asking please please let me go. I think he wanted to return to India to Pass on but was being held against his will by someone or something there.
        I cant swear to this but it was a very sad broadcast. I cant find my copies of it. I recorded them in 2007 as they where broadcast. It was only one occassion and my Heart went out to him.
        Like Gaddafi he had set up a Gold based currency called the Raam and doing such things gets the back up of the PTB
        Pricks that be.
        They are lost souls for sure. Take Heart though. The technique stands and India and the World does have dedicated Peace groups lessening the chaos of these Morons Planned changes. Many a Jewish soul among them as well. Not all swallow the indoctrination they get fed Adam. Not by a long chalk, I have met many Gooduns among them.

      • Nicky says:

        One other Thing Doc Raju provided us each day was Coconut water. OO it was lush. I found some actual coconut water (innocent brand I think) in Co’op yesterday and downed it in short order. It cleared me out about an hour after. Be near a loo if you have not been on it regular.
        Do not bother with the Alpro and other pretenders, If you get out your microscope and read the ingredients you will see it contains very little cocnut water.
        As for all the feelows above and kaplonski. I have no knowledge of them so cannot in good faith say ort about them.

      • Nicky says:

        Re heating stuff to much in cooking. Hindu’s cook with ghee. It has an lower burning point than modern cooking oils and therefore does not kill the nutrients. It has also been found to be carcinogenic to overheat most things in cooking so I would excercise caution when anyone suggests boiling the crap out of anything or using a microwave cooker. The cancer levels in the Indus peoples is traditionally lower than western folk’s levels and that says a great deal.

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