Tony Blackburn sacking – a Black day for the BBC


‘Black day’

Mr Blackburn referred to this conclusion in his own statement, saying: “Given Dame Janet Smith’s concerns of a culture of fear in coming forward at the BBC, what whistle-blower at the BBC would ever come forward when they see the way they have hung me out to dry?”

“Sadly, today’s news agenda should have been about the survivors of abuse carried out within the BBC but, by sacking me, they have managed to take the focus off those who have suffered so much,” he added.

“My lawyers are now considering all statements made by the BBC about me today and we will be taking action.”

Fellow TV and radio broadcasters, including Piers Morgan and Eamonn Holmes, have been sending supportive tweets to the DJ throughout the day.

Broadcaster Nina Myskow told Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2: “It should be a black day for the BBC because of the revelations about the whole Savile episode, but in fact that’s been buried very cleverly by the BBC as usual by sacking Tony Blackburn.”


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  1. Aldous says:

    “Broadcaster Nina Myskow told Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2…”

    Vine is a very nasty bit of Jewish(sic) work. As they get older, their genetic traits start to kick in and these crypto’s start to take on their true form and look like the Khazar/Ashkenazim scum that they are.

    Spielberg is another example who morphed into ugliness, a lot like the European Royals whose bloodline has been polluted so much that it is difficult to tell who is riding who when one of them is atop a horse.

  2. Aldous says:

    The Dame Janet Smith Bitch has got previous form in covering up the crimes of the Jew Serial Killer Harold Shipman.

    “On 11 October 2012, she was appointed by the BBC [CRIMINAL OUTFIT] to lead an inquiry into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse charges.”

    Fcuking unbelievable or what?

  3. Aldous says:

    I’m now more convinced than ever that the NWO have created Savile the bogeyman in much the same way that they created Hitler the bogeyman – or even more likely Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

    If we let TPTB get away with it, they will have Savile for ever more stinking like a dead fish. That’s not right or fair when stinking live establishment fish are right under our noses and the dead ones are being used merely for distraction.

    In the satanic world, Savile like Heath (and QE2) are probably applauded by the likes of Cameron for their despicable crimes. After all, unhinged Cameron most likely sacrificed his hapless son Ivan at Bohemian Grove in an offering to Lucifer?

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Dame looks to be pretty dry even before hung out! LOL

    forgive me

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