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  1. Those of us up for the Fight
    Those of us with the Spritiual Armour of God being worn like Samurai Warriors of God.
    Those of us who realise this battle underway now, converges on us in this dimension, yet the playing field, the BATTLEFIELD, is taking place in amuch much wider electromagnetic frequency spectrum, than our senses can see. But its very real. just like if you are watching BBCNEWS24 (disgusting thought I know), you cannot see the other channels because youre not tuned into them. You cannot hear telephone conversations or radio 4. Yet they are all around, everywhere.


    Therefore Tapblog. For those of us that understand the evil taking place on this planet now, doesn’t just have a blogging, activist, leaflet passing, trying to convert others via conversation.

    Should we be trying to take online courses in Ministry, and Exorcism? Look at Dublinmicks Planned Parenthood article. It was the prayers of Christians on nthe pavement outside that thwarted some of the horrendous events inside by the Satanists.

    Therefore spiritual warfare. Ministry. Knowing what prayers to say and passages to read from the New Testament. All this. Combined with our own inner drive we already do every day to fight the Evil.
    Should we be trying to take courses in spiritual warfare and exorcism?
    This webpage http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/04/16/vatican-exorcism-course-draws-170-students-to-study-demonic-activity/ My windows keeps shutting down totally. I quickly copied it and closed the page. As I just said to DM. I didn’t think this was a touchy subject for them. I think this could be the kind of antiviral antiparasitic MEDICINE that’s needed.

    Type of training that one can choose to become an Exorcist:
    1. Ten week course that is offered in Rome by the prestigious Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum.
    2. U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops sponsors a “two day workshop” in Maryland, Baltimore.
    3. Order of Exorcists under the Independent Catholic jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel, where priests and bishops from any jurisdiction are welcome to join.

    The training program is ongoing via Skype monthly group meetings and group forum throughout the year.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Steer well clear of Rome. Yes there are good Roman Catholic people but the Church and any of its Priests even the lower ranks, keep away from. Anglicans too especially the ‘High Church’ Anglo-Catholic nutters or the Happy Clappy Evangelical ‘Love Gospel’ crowd.

      All of the higher ups in most of the Protestant denominations are also dodgy. The World Council of Churches is definitely controlled and has been for a long long time so cannot be trusted.

      Yes you will find the odd church here and there that is holding out normally due to having a couple of good deacons who are keeping it together but these are getting few and far between. Those kind of places will place emphasis on both the New and Old Testaments. Will emphasize Wrath and Repentence as well as just love and salvation, which is what most so called churches seem only interested in

      Basically if the church seems more fixed on form and ritual than on substance of the Gospel message then run. If the church is only interested in talking about how much Jesus loves everyone and say nothing about sin or repetence, then run a mile.

      Equally there is no point in just focussing on the devil and fighting demons etc without first and most of all understanding and knowing the Gospel and why for whom and how Jesus lived and died for us sinners. The Cross. The Resurrection. The 39 Articles.

      John and the Gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew are a good starting point but reading the books of the Old Testament, preferably in chronological order, is also important to understand the truth of Bible Prophecy and as testimony to the identity of the True Israel. Romans, Ephesians and also Corinthians from the New Testament.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    The Rider on the White Horse

    And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.…
    Rev. 19:12

    • Dublinmick says:

      Excellent point and not many know there are ample descriptions of the rider on the white horse in the Hindu scriptures. They call the rider on the white horse the tenth and final avatar.

      Lord Kalki was the long-prophesied “Rider of the White Horse”.

      Most outside those versed in Hindu scripture don’t realize the rider on the white horse is planet Nibiru, the big planet. It is not a man, but it is a game changer which rearranges the entire solar system. It is the chinese Red Dragon and the Japnese Red Sun. It is what native Americans are talking when they say the Red Kachina will be seen in the heavens before the end. They are all talking about the same thing but in our Christian world sometimes we don’t take the time to look around at what is what.

      The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki. Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.

      Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

      What all of these recent developments really says about the true status of the planetary civilization is that we are now a minute to midnight. No, we are closer to midnight than that, perhaps only seconds away from the ending of the expansive 6000 year era known as the Age of Quarrel. Fortunately or unfortunately, most do not even have a clue, since Maya always intensifies toward the end of every Kali Yuga. It has to be this way. Otherwise, very few would ever get out of bed in the morning to face the brutal realities. And so it is during the upcoming grand finale of the current age.

      I realize there are many who will go uh oh as soon as mention the vedas. I am used to that. But they are true.


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Dubs do you go with the Issa = Jesus proposition?

        A friend was telling about a book on the subject which is now on my reading list.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        By the way I find the Kali Yuga and greater cycle fascinating.

        If we hang around we may just find out, hopefully!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        “There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga.”

        Without wanting to sound like a banner waver for the Nibiru theory, there are signs from insiders which would fit with it as a theory. Certainly the DUMBs and some of the plans, purchases and investments of the super elite would correlate with this theory but then again that could easily be attributable to clever and sophisticated deception.

        Having a really accurate and truthful knowledge of our History and the history of the world and the real history of civilization, would give us the ability to piece together the likeliest scenario. Particularly working backwards to see if the patterns and cycles one would expect to see from the periodic visitation of a 10th Planet are present. The difficulty is reaching agreement about a reliable and accurate true history.

    • One must remember to copy a comment before sending since powerful ones are prone to vanishing, and a bit of ones etheric energy goes with it.
      One of the topics was, id never have made a catholic priest, the union with women and marriage ban intolerable. Yet seeing Fr Amorti, he ius clearly a white hat in a nest of vipers. Evil isn’t everywhere Men Scryfa. White hats are everywhere, just like Fr Amorti and Gordon Logan and untold others.
      But, the powerful train of thoughts lost

      but going back in time, knowing and feeling what I know now, Ministry training and powerfully acting for the good of my parish, such as alternative medicine advice, anti vaccine, anti smartmeter advice. I think id have made a good priest of some sort. I have a powerful desire in me to exorcise evil and lies and injustice.
      Allying with other exorcists, and the religious ritual side of it, knowing it is being done amongst people who hold the HIGHEST GOOD ijn their hearts. is very inspiring to me. But due to the mandatory homesexuality and paedophilia, and ban on any normal, loving desire towards abeautiful woman to want to settle with, and make a beautiful child with.
      id never have fitted the mould of a catholic priest. Yes Fr Amorti has my respect
      Why was Pope Benedict so upset him asking to be ion the Sunday Mass crowd?
      What does Pope Benedict have to hide?
      Maybe Tapblog is my church? As well as other things including my heart. Maybe talking and connecting to all of you, is my church?

      • bow says:

        It’s were I come for some peace of mind. A reminder, that I don’t think alone, in a world of zombies. Willfully working with the evil.

        I know there’s a God but don’t think it’s in any church in checked out. Christians seem to be a control tool.

        Yet proven that using jesus christ, has been known to be helpful, in sleep paralysis as 1 example.

        How do you maintain a positive relationship with God, whilst surrounded by so so much evil. When. Your own family think you’ve lost the plot. Then tell you they have made provisions for your child.

        Mention pedophile in conjunction with Mason. Proves what? Or our food is shit and the water is actual shit.

        Makes one feel rather alone. So how about conforming. Fitting in. Well I’m glad I got that out suddenly spinster doesn’t sound so bad.
        God bless tap and all those I never met, never known and those who I feel most comfortable with.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Men Scryfa
    I certainly do and there are several books on that one subject here in the den with me.

    The Jesus mystery for one by Janet Bock, The lost years and unknown travels.

    Also the secret teachings of Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas. He was an agnostic.

    This gist of it is there are temples in India with manuscripts which talk quite a lot of Jesus being in India. Capt Ajit goes into this also quite a bit, the indian from Kerala.

    • These books sound interesting. if I ever get the time, I will read them. Before that, Capt Ajit, ill visit there sometime in next few weeks, to gain clarity what he says on Jesus

      Jesus being in India. So, Dublinmick, from all your reading and conclusions you might have come to reading these books.
      Do you think it enhances the reliability of the 4 Gospels, or detracts from them? Jesus being in Indian.
      Does this mean we need to, seek to, interrelate the 4 Gospels of thr New Testament, with certain Vedic teachings? Is this where the Truth lies? By blending the 2 together? Maybe they complement each other?

      Any nutshell conclusions you might have on this matter id be very interested to read

  4. Dublinmick says:

    By the way I find the Kali Yuga and greater cycle fascinating.

    If we hang around we may just find out, hopefully!

    It is a great time to be alive if we can make it that far. I have always wondered what a major shift would look like and how long I would be around to observe.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    There are estimates that a very rapid shift would create winds up to 400 miles per hour in many areas and major earthquakes.

    Those quakes could throw a monkey wrench into those building and planning underground shelters. They could become tombs.

    Of course when you come out of those tombs, you are looking at a planet with over 400 nuclear reactors that will be toast. Not sure I would want to hang around in that sort of environment.

    • Hi, apologies for losing my temper last night
      A few thoughts going round my mind on this beautiful blue sky morning which makes me grateful to be alive, as I enjoy coffee. Each day is a gift, every moment is. And if feeling a spark inside the head that one is talking to, connected to, God/Om or whatever, the happiness and feeling of peace inside can stretch outwards and feel infinite, even transcending time, timeless

      – The New Zealand Elders swapping the stones. And that guy they have appointed to write that book, releasing the sacred information (due out this September I think?) This all sounds very positive Dublinmick. Apparently some truths about our history are going to come out and be confirmed, which as MS said is upto now a stumbling block for us when we are still debating about real true history. So the NZ Elders, I think give us some grounds to build on Laura Walkers words, a Second ||Renaissance is happening now which the NWO have planned for, tried to stop, and are failing to stop

      The Inuits noticing the sky has shifted, is less good news though I sense. But heres the thing. If the Earth has moved (precession?) and the sky has shifted, that’s monumental in itself. How likely can it be ANOTHER monumental things about to hit at the same time? (Planet X)

      – The nuclear reactors dotted everywhere are a worry. I now have no doubt this was all intentional. The cabal have fostered this nuclear power industry as ticking time bombs, to go off when they choose. So these are a worry.

      – Lets not deny Dublinmick tremendous tremendous technologies, including motherships more advanced than any earth city. These types of things exist, At least on cabal secret space programmes, and im hoping, factions of others too. There might be good factions in the decades old SSP who don’t like whats happening on earth one bit, and are appaled at the nuclear power plants waiting to go off

      – I don’t have the link but I have read quite a few reports of ‘UFOs’ swooping in and not only vacuuming up chemtrails, but using magical technology to deal with radiation.

      – Therefore, and I know this is a big if. But if certain good factions exist. Then we MIGHT be able to get through this Kali Yuga time, more or less in tact. Yes a lot of disruption. But at least if nuclear reactors aren’t going off, if that’s in hand. Then that will be a big weight off my mind

  6. Dublinmick says:

    I have seen links which speak of very sophisticated tiles dug up in the midwest that covered huge immaculate floors that are buried and date back long before the American continent was colonized by the present Europeans. These type stories are buried.

    Then there is the caves in the grand canyon with gold ornaments, gold buddhas and Egyptian hieroglyphics complete with mummies that the Smithsonian carted out by night and now the area is a forbidden zone. Nobody can go into those areas. So yeah there is alot there we will never see.

    Then there are the giant indians in Florida. A book in the Spanish museum on Vasco De Gama says he thought Tuscaloosa’s son was a giant, but that was before he saw Tuscaloosa himself.



    • Fu*king incredible comment. Grand canyon. You are doing tremendous truth spreading with each comment.,
      Comments id like to send onto my dad, bbut hes ofa certain mindset, and much as id love to blitz him with all this, I have to balance this with his biochemical phyiology health status and on balance |Dublinmick. Hes better off in ignorance. he has had arrogance and made me feellike zero, on matters such as these. But im rising up to the bigger position and I don’t care. Anyway great comment thanks

  7. Dublinmick says:

    And this is amazing also from Australia.



    This bugger was over 17 feet tall and a city that appears to have undergone complete destruction is some type cataclismic event like say the deluge of Noah.


    Yeah I know, I can get off on some tangents! 🙂

  8. Dublinmick says:

    This blogging is a funny thing. I have noticed over the years most readers don’t give a rats behind on most of my ranting about the NWO. Althought the Hitler was rothschild piece has about 35,000 hits.

    The most popular and well read posts are more esoteric such as.

    But 70,000 on monkey blood

    78,000 on Vanga

    45,000 on the crimean pyramids

    18,000 on who are the nefilim

    • In that case, 2016 is likely to be our last and I don’t know what to do or say tonight
      I suppose go out tomorrow night without fear and talk to tnhe best looking wonderful women I can find, without fear? With knowledge, we are fuc*ed and very soon?

      Again I come back to





    • Please put me in a room with them , with no guns or weapons.
      Watch how, one man can inflict harm on so many, as a result of spiritual happiness at what they have done. Watch the Divine punishment in the name of God that’s gets delivered

      how can one man confront and cause harm and lay out and cause severe damage, to those in front of him?

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