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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Do you still feel comfortable going along with the lie of the homosexual lifestyle that has been sold to the once great and glorious Western Nations and Peoples?


    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Hi Men Scryfa
      White Tantra awakens the Kundalini, in other words, the Fire of the Holy Spirit. That fire fortifies the soul; it strengthens it and fills it with terribly divine igneous powers.

      Sex Yoga states, “Poison must be transformed into medicine.” They understand by poison the lure of women and of spirituous beverages. In alchemical terms, we would say that it is necessary to transform lead into gold.
      Samadhi (ecstasy) is attained with Maithuna. The Kundalini awakens and develops totally with Maithuna. Yogi and Yogini begin the dance of Shiva and Shakti (the eternal feminine and her spouse), thus they happily dance before the Tantric Sexual Act.

      Thus, after the sacred dance the Yogi and Yogini couple sit to meditate as the Mayan Initiates do, back against back, the two dorsal spines making contact in order to achieve perfect mental and emotional breathing dominion

      A text of Yoga advices the Yogis to hold their respiration if they are in the danger of falling into orgasm. The text states,

      If the disciple holds the respiration, his semen will not be spilled, even when he is embraced by the most tender and attractive of women.
      The Yogi enters into ecstasy during the sexual act. Nirvana is attained with this type of sexual ecstasy. This is “to ride on the tiger;” this is how the Yogis consider this sexual act named Maithuna.
      Nevertheless, in the Western World, any matrimony can practice Maithuna without using these difficult positions from the east of the world. It is enough to pray to the Holy Spirit before the practice, asking for His assistance, and thereafter to perform the sexual act in the western style; the couple must withdraw before the orgasm. The semen must never be ejaculated in one’s life.

      The foolish scientists of Black Magic believe that this practice is dangerous and that can bring congestion to the prostate, urethra and seminal vesicles. This concept of the foolish scientists is a solemn falsity. We, the Gnostics , practice this sexual act throughout our entire lives, and we have never suffered of problems with the prostate or the urethra or the seminal vesicles.

      There is no doubt that matrimonies can reach supreme happiness with Maithuna.

      This is how the joy of the honeymoon is perpetuated throughout the entire life. With this sexual act, there is true happiness; each time, the couple feels more the need for caresses and for performing the sexual act, without getting weary or tired of it. With this type of sexual act, divorces will end in the world. We enter into Nirvana with this type of sexual act.

      Couples can pray and meditate back against back in the oriental style if they wish, thus begging, beseeching the Holy Spirit, to grant them the joy of receiving the Fire.
      Indeed, love is a terribly divine, cosmic phenomenon. When the man officiates at the altar of supreme sexual sacrifice, he can, in that moment, direct his entire voluptuousness towards all of his magnetic centers and make them vibrate, sparkle and shine. We are like remarkably divine Gods in those moments of supreme sexual voluptuousness.

      The sacred scriptures state, “Ask and it shall be given onto you; knock and it shall be open onto you.” Indeed, within the supreme moment of the sexual act is the precise moment in which we can ask the Third Logos (the Holy Spirit) for all of those longed-for powers. The tremendous power of the forces of Shiva, the Third Logos, transforms us into Gods.

      Those who learn how to wisely enjoy the voluptuousness without spilling the semen are transformed into absolutely happy beings.

      The Perfect Matrimony is the basis of the Path for the Social Christ. Unfortunately, in modern life, matrimony has transformed into a frivolity which is distant from wisdom. This is why marriages collapse; this is the cause of many divorces. It is necessary to study Gnosis, it is urgent to go back into the mystical celebrations of the mysteries of love. It is urgent to learn how to enjoy the delights of love. It is urgent to comprehend that with voluptuousness the Angel is born within our own selves. Only the Angels can enter into the kingdom.


    • Samadhi Maithuna says:


      No. Souls are tiny beings that are very much alive. Spirit is not a being. At one level, the spirit is the actual spark of life that is found inside of each soul.

      Spirit may also be thought of as the connection between the human being and God. This is the idea of the Holy Spirit as taught in Christianity. So the soul and the spirit are quite different.


  2. Men Scryfa says:

    A careful review of ‘white history’ reveals that actually the main movers of capital and high level decision makers were crypto jews pretending to be white or were acting for and on behalf of jewish interests and money.

    The crusades, the slave trade, the drug trade are all examples of this.

    However, where good is done as a consequence of white civilisation one will always find it was done under opposition to and resistance from those same jewish and crypto jewish interests.

    Go figure.

    • I could have this wrong im no expert on these technologies. But Qi etheric energy. The very energy that makes the electrons spin round the protons in the inert wooden or metal desks we see before us for example. That Qi the cabalhave kept technologies based on this secret for a long time. Not just UFO electrogravitic antigravity superfast propulsion. But also, rather than letting love and goodness flow through and bathe this world putting this tech to good uses. They keep them secret.
      Ive read these psi, psychotronic, scalar weapons. Gravity weapons too. Work on the etheric level, the space time fabric level. With the cabal and s service heavy use of occult metaphysics, we should ask;
      – do these technologies work in the other realms, where entities goid and bad, roam?
      – Do these weapons assist in causing demonic possessions?
      – Does this mean positive spiritual protection is possible from DEWs and other things. If one is with God and asks Him and angelic.forces, for help?

      Shocked to read about Tommy Cooper, i liked him. Cant see him being a threat to anyone. So theyre really sad evil people.
      What about Sidney James? Bernard Bresslaw? Harry H Corbett? Hancock?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Everything is a frequency and so like any technology these inventions can be used for good or for ill

        A gun can be used to commit a robbery or a gun can be used to prevent robbery

        TC was a funny guy. A golden era of comedy. Where did the comedy go?

        The UK used to have lots of first rate comedy on TV and elsewhere (and I am not talking about the Grumbleweeds!) but in the late 1980s-1990s it was decided that comedy was not acceptable anymore. I think They fear comedy almost as much as they do Jesus.

    • They like cross dressing heel wearing lipstick wearing total bore unfunny Eddie Izzard. Hes acceptable though to the ZWO NWO JWO

    • ” Everything is a frequency and so like any technology these inventions can be used for good or for ill

      A gun can be used to commit a robbery or a gun can be used to prevent robbery ”

      Yes good point. And carrying that line of thinking, reasoning, logic forwards.

      Then the Qi, the Force I think it could be called. I gather its a Supernatural Force, the kind of thing one taps into, if dowsing, asking yes/no questions. Could we call it conscious intelligence that permeates the Universe. Or the etheric web, etheric energy all around. Prana MS? or Orgone. I like the word Qi for simplicity and it is identifiable with the human body with chiroipractor work and acupuncture.

      My point is, carrying on the reasoning above. Isnt this too a neutral sword? That can be used to murder someone. Or hunt for food to feed ones family?

      – Can Qi and acupuncture be considered Satanic? I don’t think so.
      – I certainly sense the Truth that God wants us to not misuse our minds , improper use, manipulating this neutral sword for evil ends. Which is rampant today and has been.
      – As discussed on the link below. A heavy topic I understand its not easy to put the mind to each day. But when you can, to contribute to the thread. ….
      – What about Kalahari/red Indians/Aborigines/Ancient Tibetan herdsmen. Vedics ALL who were on this earth before Christianity and Jesus Christ existed.
      – The hardworking, loving, caring men, with wives and children. never heard of Jesus Christ or the Bible. Are these individuals Satanic, in league with Satan?

      – There must be a middle way through all this, to navigate through. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH Men Scryfa, that exists.
      – I am not saying the New Testament and the Power of the Son of God Jesus Christ isn’t truth, and Powerful protection for us if we give ourselves and get on board. Who knows, Jesus Christ arriving on Earthmight have been Gods response to the newer, Khazarian Pharisee threat.
      – And let us not dismiss the idea. maybe an equally powerful figure like Jesus Christ, was there for the Vedics and Red Indians too. The words Hare Krishna have roots surely, in Jesus Christ.

      I want to better myself and put on spiritual armour of God. I cannot promise to be fully into it straightaway, but I am going to study the New Testament. I will want an earlier type, because for example, ‘Forgive them theyknow not what they do’, was a messed about change. it seems Jesus true words were, ‘Do not forgive them for they know what they do’. I am sure many other disempowering alterations exist too. So I don’t know whether its the KJV Bible, or a more ancient type, is the one to read.

      Anyway my point is, the Qi cannot be satanic, can it?
      – And one more burning question. Is the Holy Spirit a separate thing? or is the HS the Force, the neutral sword?


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Lots of good questions which deserve answers Adam that in the final sense only the Lord can give. However I will make an attempt to begin an answer,

        The problem is not Chi, Qi, Ki, Orgone, Prana, Zero Point Field, Ruach or Vital Force so much as the problem is Man.

        It is Man’s propensity to misuse the powers and aptitudes that he is given.

        That is the problem.

        From this may come the idea that the devil is what we create from inside ourselves. This does not explain every phenomenon seen by us in this area of investigation but does fit with the apparent experience of many. My own view is the argument that the devil is an entirely internal construct is deficient.

        Why at present the picture is so confused and confusing is because of two interrelated factors:
        1) the aforementioned problem of Man
        2) the function or effect of Time

        Consider that Man and Time are mostly relevant to the physical so the physical world really. All Flesh fades, all men are mortal and nothing in the World stays the same, it is all changing, always.

        Man in his present state is of Flesh so he is subject to the lusts of the Flesh. He is born, he grows, he reproduces, he dies, he is born, he grows… change

        GOD did not want Man to lapse into his present state but of course before Time He knew that we would. So in earlier times things were different and the World has changed significantly

        The primary reason for this is because of Man and his relationship with GOD.

        The History of the World is the History of the Churches.

        In Ancient Egypt is preserved a memory of a time when our relationship and connection to the metaphysical and thus spiritual was different. The same is true of the remnants of knowledge left dotted around the world. These powers such as chi were known and better understood but they still lead most often to degradation and demonic possession. That is a very important fact to face up to. It cannot be denied.

        Ancient Egypt as we know it in orthodox teaching is basically a feeble attempt by a people to re-find the glory and power of an earlier zenith. They became a degenerated and declined people.

        Egypt in the Bible is a metaphorical reference to the Flesh, that which is opposed to the Divine, the Godly which is reflected in the Spirit of Man.
        Moses led us out of Egypt after he contested with the Priests of Baal.

        Every show down is won by the Holy for GOD.

        Everytime there is a showdown GOD calls forth a Yahweh Man to contend with the massed Priests of the Enemy.
        Moses was called forth, he contested with the sorcerers of Egypt and he defended his people and he led them out. Elijah appeared one day from the desert and he contested with the 450 Priests of Baal and the 400 Priests of Ashteroth, and they were defeated.
        My Father, My Father, Mighty Defender!
        — The same people we fight today —
        Jesus is the No.1. But see also Samson, John the Baptist etc etc

        The main reason for this disconnection is due to Man and the misuse of his power and free will as well as his weakness which is mainly of Flesh. Man has and still is in an almost constant state of rebellion to GOD.

        Therefore do not be deceived Adam. For we live in an age of deception.

        In this sense the Holy Spirit is more than Chi, Ki or simple orgone and is not “the Force” of George Lucas Star Wars.

        Jesus refered to the comforter or counsellor which indicates that is greater than etheric force alone.

        Just as the Holy Spirit was not operative in the past (pre A.D.) in the way it is in the present, in the past the Ruach was stronger and more tangible as were the ley lines, likewise mostly we have now lost our sensitivity to both.

        That is Time and the consequence of its effect on Man.

        It is your Duty to listen for the small still voice of GOD

    • James Gandolfini heart attck in Rome?
      Richard Beckinsale? I love rising Damp
      Daughter Kates Hollywood Royalty. Could there be some sick illuminati inverted logic connection
      John Smith
      Fashanu heart attack on the pitch was it
      Whileim about it, I thought David Bowie was an insider. We know there are many suppressed anticancer strategies available to the elite. Why did Bowie die of cancer?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Bowie dying of Cancer is about as likely as me being elected President of the ADL

        It is all comedy they are having a laugh, they know we are all laughing too,
        weird world!

  3. Dublinmick says:

    He was probably just drugged out or died of aids.

    Then again he may have bought a place in Hyannisport, where Miles Mathis speculates many of them go to when tired of the limelight, such as Kennedy, John and John Jr., Marilyn Monroe and John Belushi. Belushi bought a place there about week before he was supposed to have died.

    It is all populated by the elite and you have to take a ferry or plane to get there.

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