Once you’ve broken through and come back you see the World for what is truly is and your role within it. No longer are there any controls, fears, labels, separation. You are free from the Matrix Neo because you saw what is behind it and it ain’t no metal machine!


I am not a drug taker (nor drinker for that matter). I had heard of DMT but it wasn’t until I was ready did DMT find me. I only took it a handful of times and this experience I am sharing here with you was the final one, the one that gave me the answers. After this experience my life changed completely, my questions had answers and I no longer needed DMT…

My final experience was reality shattering, ego destroying and fear eliminating. What you may witness if you break through is a peak into the after-life. If you hit the jackpot and push all the way through, you might not only see the after-life but may also understand the how and whys (including where do we come from and why we are here).

That sounds hard to believe I know. Governments have known about DMT for decades and have banned it because they know what it shows you.

Answer me this; how can a chemical that we ALL produce each and every night be illegal?

The problem they face with DMT is that it is life changing.

Once you’ve broken through and come back you see the World for what is truly is and your role within it. No longer are there any controls, fears, labels, separation. You are free from the Matrix Neo because you saw what is behind it and it ain’t no metal machine!

A person, devoid of the DMT experience, will never understand the sheer scale of what has been witnessed by the person taking it. It is easy to postulate that what was witnessed was what the mind created. I know it is impossible for any mind, on any type of level, to create what is shown. It is a non-human reality where my own mind was just a bystander, an observer, to layers and layers of simultaneous impossibilities all interwoven to create the fabric of existence on many different levels and dimensions at the same time.

The problem for the person taking DMT is that there are no words in any language to accurately describe much of what was seen.

How do I know it isn’t just a psychedelic drug?

Even on a good experience you’ll be lucky to bring back 5-10% of what you saw. This is because our matter-based reality is too condensed (squashed) to be able to understand the complexity of creation. Up there it is incredibly easy to understand everything and you get all the answers. You’ll come back remembering the emotions of having these big questions answered, you may even see the answers still in your mind, but there is simply no way of conveying most of them.

The other difference with DMT is that you are in complete control of your faculties the whole way through. At no stage do you feel you are “tripping”. You are fully awake and aware that you’ve just been hurled through our spec of reality into the immense “place” behind this reality. You move into a World outside of time and outside of any boundaries your mind can deal with or create.

How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain the impossible? The experience-teller is so limited by words that often what was seen cannot be said. With DMT it is the world that is replaced, instantly, it’s all gone! Reality is completely swapped out for something else vastly greater. It doesn’t even retain organic matter, three dimensional space or linear time as reference points.

I have seen what many would describe as an angel (see my experience below) but the moment I say that the person who hasn’t seen what I saw conjures up images of winged humans. That is infinitely understating what “it” is. This “angel” is not solid, the outline can barely be seen. Her brightness, yet super-sharp clarity, cannot ever be justly described. Her touch made every single last atom in my body below and my soul up there explode in the most intense joy and happiness.

The light-energy (or energy-light) surrounding us changed when my soul realised who it was and she smiled. On this final DMT journey I was taken to where they/we come from, our life-between-life. Again, there are no words to describe what this place is because it sits outside of words. It is the energy of everything that creates it, the higher level feelings that control it. Simply describing it isn’t enough because you need to also experience the energy, emotion and harmony to fully understand how it works.

No longer does fear play a part in your life. Controls? gone. Ego? Gone. It is life-changing, non-describable and the most intense experience you will ever have on this planet.


DMT is NOT a play drug, it should not be used if you just fancy something different. If you think you are strong enough to handle an experience that could (and probably will) completely change your life then, and only then, would I advise it. If you are not ready you may experience a bad trip. My advice is to let DMT find you because it will once you’re truly ready.

The clarity is something so incredible that I have not seen any image of a DMT experience being close to what you see once broken through. The reason is it cannot be drawn. I have however found just one image that maybe give you a tiny idea of the scale of clarity.

This is an image of a sunflower as we see it and a sunflower as you may see it on DMT (click to enlarge)…


Click to enlarge image

What I’m trying to show is that what you see isn’t “Oh whoa man, that’s trippy” but more like “how the hell can everything have a clarity so far beyond what we can see!”. The picture isn’t an exact visual but it’s heading in the right direction.

Is it dangerous?

Only if you fear death by astonishment (thank you Terence Mckenna!) You don’t change but the World is instantly replaced, it dissolves this boundary and pushes you through to a place of few words. You don’t expect to be greeted by a being who tells you how vitally important it is that you are there and not to give in to astonishment. You don’t expect to have the most difficult asked questions answered. The questions are not only answered but completely understood.

The problem is our language doesn’t have the capability to put into words what the afterlife is. You can see the answers, feel the answers but you can’t come back and DESCRIBE the answers well enough to do them justice.

My DMT Experience on 15th January 2013

On this occasion I took a big hit because I wanted to push through the veil we are trapped in to discover what is on the other side.

Initially I saw the usual geometric shapes but this time I felt a much greater pull as my soul pushed hard to leave my body suit. There was so much pressure against my body it felt like I could hardly breathe but as I lifted out everything changed!

All emotion had gone except for peace. Everything that seemed to matter in life now felt meaningless and laughable. I felt as if I had woken from a dream. I had moved from this tiny little slither of reality and went back home to the full expanse of our true reality.

How difficult it is to describe that we are the universe observing itself, how difficult for many to believe that we are all connected, we are all one with all things. We are each an infinite flow of energy that can slow down its pulse or vibration enough to experience the universe through ourselves via these body-suits.

I felt my soul leave my body, lifting upwards towards the geometric shapes in front of me. As I was almost on top of them a sort of gateway opened up and these geometric shapes seeped through into the next dimension, our home. It was truly the most incredible thing I have ever seen!

The meeting of the entity

The first thing I noticed was that time had stopped. I immediately became aware that I was now in a place where time and distance no longer had any meaning.

Emotionally all I could feel was a kind of love and peace but more advanced, more powerful. There were no negative emotions here. It was like being inside a blanket of calm.

I was now in the same location but in the afterlife. This one was pure energy and frequency, all things connected to each other in a way I cannot put into words. Visually I could see, and not see, the connections both at the same time which I know makes no sense at all.

I was still trapped in the geometric grid as it followed me through and I saw a transparent, blue glowing hand reach down in front of me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful, incredible entity. My soul and body below literally and did weep as this being smiled at me. This being was so bright and translucent that I could barely make out any features.

I could see through this being and yet her glow was magnificent! Her touch made every atom inside me come alive, both soul and my body suit below. It was as if my entire existence was dancing with joy and love that smothered everything.

My soul instantly knew that I had been connected to this being for aeons, she was the one who stayed there for each of my lives to assist me when needed. My Brain couldn’t understand how this could be so but my soul was dancing with immense joy to see her again.

She took my hand and guided me up. The geometric shapes restricting me fell behind but I still had some kind of barrier, resembling a coral, in front of me. I asked what was this for and I was told that I was always welcome here but for their and my true-self’s safety I was to be an observer and I wasn’t allowed too near, or to access the places I use between lives.

I could see other beings just like her but further away moving about in this place. It was light but in a way that is hard to explain. The energy/emotion of everything created the light. There was no real distance and it felt like I could be in all places in all times.

Still holding her hand she led me to near where they/we come from. Inside this energy building (the word ‘building’ just it no justice at all, there are no words to accurately describe it!) I could feel ‘my’ presence. I am a fragment of this whole, experiencing a matter-based existence through myself. I no longer felt alone in this place, I was this place, a part of the whole.

The solid of our existence is the illusion but one which we created. It is not possible for our matter-based brains to comprehend this place when we are living in our bodies. In our real home, all the answers are found. All questions become clear because we already knew them, I just needed to remember that I knew them.

I knew where we come from, I was looking right at it. I understood how it works, why we don’t remember, what happens before we are born and what happens after we die. I was looking at the energy force I knew so well because this was where it all happens and where I’ve come and gone many, many times.

As questions came into my head they were answered before I finished the question. Everything was SO clear and easy to understand. I was laughing at myself because my brain was trying to rationalise the impossible so in the end it gave up and just went from astonishment to amazement as the answers flew through my soul.

I started moving away from this place and my very old friend released me and smiled the warmest of smiles because we both knew it was time to go back. The way back was slow and in my mind I was desperate to retain the knowledge I had discovered. She already knew what I was thinking before I finished thinking it and told me it was not possible to bring back with me what I found there because everything has been too condensed (squashed?) down so it is not possible to retain it on matter-based dimensions. She also pointed out that I already knew and I would know again. “Just enjoy the show you created for yourself, no harm can ever come to you. Your mind will remember the feelings and emotions you had as the answers came to you.” she said warmly.


I didn’t find DMT, it found me when I was ready. The few people I have spoken to about it said exactly the same thing. It is absolutely not a play-thing for your mind. It rips apart the very foundations of beliefs and can… no, probably will, change every aspect of your life.

Final thought..

Life on earth has changed for me completely. I care much more about living things. None of the troubles in this life amount to anything. When we are reborn we bring with us some of the emotion and experiences of other lives but they are locked in the soul and hidden from the consciousness mind. This “data” isn’t in the mind, it’s in atoms spread across time and space. Everything is connected and so is the data.

Some more for you to ponder…

We join these bodies during pregnancy at around the 3 month mark but during the pregnancy and for several months after birth we tend to leave the body quite often.

We are here and there at the same time. I call this a soul fragment. My soul in this body is simply a piece of the whole. The remainder on the other side cannot participate in much else because it is focused on what’s happening here.

Seventy years may be a long time here but there it ends almost as quickly as it starts.

We do choose our parents to some extent… we each have a goal we need to reach when we come into this life. We base the decision of the parents on which parents would help us towards that “goal”. There could be a couple of options for parents or several. We tend to choose the ones that would help us with the “goal” rather than the ones who may be the best parents to raise you.

Whatever this goal is your life will keep steering you towards it until you have either accomplished it or you pass away before you could achieve it. If your life is forever taken down the same path then there is a high likelihood that something on this repeating path is the one you need to learn.

There is no hell or damnation if you commit suicide but you will come back and repeat the same experience again and again, life after life until you reach your goal. This will be through choice and not force. You cannot progress if you don’t reach your goal so you will want to keep going at it until you succeed.

Humanity tends to think that being rich or successful are the things to strive for but it is those who reach their goals that have the real success because whatever hardship was faced in this life won’t need to be faced again.

We think of suffering as a bad thing but these seventy or so years in this body is just a heartbeat of time in the grand scheme of things. The body may suffer but your soul is simply experiencing it and cannot be harmed.

There could be one to five people in your life who have been connected to you many times before. It appears to me that there may be a small core group who can come in together to help each other, planned before we enter this World again. Personally I have discovered two in my life that are in this category.

At the moment of death there will be no fear and no doubt. You will start to wake up from this dream hidden from humanity…

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The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife



    • The impression it gives me in our Realm were in now, being more compressed , dense. Is like on the computer, ZIP files, which are compressed condensed. But they can then be read , opened, and all the information contained within can be read

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Low vibration. Trapping many of us into lower dimensional ‘reality’.


        When you first inhale DMT some strange things happen. For me it was this:

        First thing I’d noticed is the sounds of World starting to quickly dissolve and then disappear completely. I began to see and feel sound rather than hear it. Then sound would connect to everything else, it became a part of the whole rather than a separate part of reality. This was the first stage of leaving my body behind and happened every time within seconds. Sound, sight, feelings, emotions; they all join together to become a single whole and are no longer different parts of being.

        I then saw a grid pattern (breathtaking and beautiful!). It looked as if it was lowering down to me but I now realise it was me rising up towards it. This was the boundary of our existence. Everything that makes us human is confined within this grid. A few times I observed how everything is connected. Not just living things but everything, all separate but intrinsically connected.

        When the opening appeared in the grid and our reality started seeping in through it I still felt somewhat connected to my body but once I went through it I no longer felt connected to my human existence. All confines of being human disappeared . I was suddenly aware of who I truly was. All knowledge was available, all knowledge accessible all at once. It wasn’t a case of asking a question and getting an answer. It was more that I already knew all the answers so I didn’t need to ask the question in the first place. If you try to ask a question for the most part you’ll be told ‘just remember, you already know’. Here you could get a trillion answers at once and you were able to think a trillion things at once.

        You are shown many things that are impossible to imagine or create within our minds. Some of this knowledge is shown in a way that you can take it back with you. Although you can’t put this information into words you remember visually what you were shown, you remember why it was important. When come back you remember what you were shown and you’ll left with a feeling that everything is fine. You can’t understand it within our minds but you know you did fully understand it there. You remember being shown the answers to the questions you needed answering.

        Time is not linear and all points in time and space are connected. There are no barriers for particles when they are connected through non-linear time, space and vibration.

      • Dublinmick says:

        Low vibration. We are in the Kali Yuga which is always a very low vibration. Most of us have trouble getting enough energy to affect the pineal glands. DNA is also lower strands.

        Nevertheless our mission should we choose to accept it is expanding our consciousness. For that is all we are. When we leave this realm we are only our consciousness and therefore we should still strive to learn all we can.

        Those who seemingly own the world, print the money and kill only think they are in control of their destiny. They will find out how the universe and karma works once they leave this existence. It won’t be pretty.

        In fact they say and I believe it, souls if evil enough can be dismantled and returned to the ethers as energy to start all over again, perhaps a germ in a wolf’s throat or an amoeba.

      • OutandAbout says:

        Hmm think ill think twice and long and hard before I ever try it

        So let’s say you were given Ayahuasca, DMT, or any other drug to use. You need to ask yourself, Why are you using this substance? Is it to gain certain spiritual insight, or to heal certain parts of your consciousness or self? Are you just taking this drug to have a fun and exciting experience? Are you aware of the damage you are doing to yourself while you are on this drug? Are you able to protect yourself from entities if you are willing to open yourselves to them? Are you able to clear your energy field from anything you might pick up while you are on this substance? Are you skilled enough in yourself to know that you have acquired an entity attachment while on this substance? No? Then you are not someone who should be using this and any other powerful psychedelic substance as you do not have the faculties to deal with anything “spiritual” you may encounter while on your “journey”.

  1. This is why fluorides in everything, to calcify the interdimensional stargate we all possess inside our heads – the pineal gland

    Its also why bromine is added to breads, the law was changed, it used to be iodine. Adding bromine by law is ridiculous. Chlorine in the water etc too, as well as the water all processed foods are made with. Ch, Fl, Br, are all on the far right of the periodic table, group 7, and the essential Iodine we need for our health, is also Group 7. Meaning the other 3 compete and displace iodine in our bodies and thyroid glands. THIS IS A CONSPIRACY especially when you realiose Glyphosate pesticide is being used so much too. These horrible people really want to keep us down and sick and unawake.


    • ian says:

      All these food and water additives are a fairly recent addition to our diet. Why were we not all flying through stargates then instead of dying from plague.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Good info there. People who want to break free would do well reading carefully what Adam is saying here. Just try to stay grounded at the same time as the process he describes can be dangerous.
      Good Luck!


        Interstellar was wrong, funded by Hollywood, and perpetuated lies in the publics Mind. However some truths too are in Interstellar. The TESSERAC is a powerful wake up call what might be going on in our lives

        Interstellar is propaganda. No mention of chemtrails or GMOs or other assaults

        However. The Anne Hathaway storyline, I feel the Hollywood illuminati allowed this truth through.

        Her instinctive feeling of love, guiding her, She proved to be right on the choice of planet

        The Mind, psychic energy, OUR MINDS EVERYDAY. OUR EVERYDAY THOUGHTS. EXISTENCES. Just how much does the System were born into, fool us and direct our minds, in directions that suit them?

        Leaving aside all this its mindbending entertainment, and I like Mathew mcconaghey. I think the TESSERAC is very relevant to us all, every nanosecond. Our Higher Selves speaking to us, and perhaps other entities, in Higher Realms.

        Whats going on?


        ”Spoiler alert. One of the most jaw-dropping moments of Christopher Nolan’s 2014 film Interstellar is the climactic moment when Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) enters a visually stunning environment that allows him to physically communicate through time using gravity. In the movie, the scene is manifested as a small library in his home that appears to infinitely repeat with versions of every moment that has ever occurred there. Essentially it’s a cube in four dimensions. Here’s a pretty good explanation of how it works:

        The Tesseract is a means of communication for the bulk beings to express action through gravity with NASA. The bulk beings can perceive five dimensions as opposed to four, able to see every moment in the past, present, and future as well as influence gravity within any of those time frames. […] The tesseract allowed Cooper to communicate with Murphy Cooper [his daughter] in various time periods, presenting time itself as a dimension rather than linear. Everything is linked by the strings of time, which Cooper can manipulate. The beings made this comprehensible to Cooper by allowing him to physically interact with the Tesseract. ”

      • PAUL LAVIOLETTEs reply to my comment on this topic on

        Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        June 3, 2015 at 10:06 am

        I think, theres a lot of truth in Interstellar, Mathew McConaughey looking behind bookcases, flitting to different time points. Just like the Angels and Spirits do, as they try to help us

        it raises the question in my mind. Am I, are we, being helped and guided by higher dimensional beings, who are actually ourselves?

        Am I , is my Spirit, looking at me now? Because once I die, my Spirit will be roaming round the etheric dimension, able to visit any point in space and time, I choose.

        So does this mean my Higher Self has a presence in my life now? Giving me prompts and clues and help? Am I actually an Angel?

        •Paul LaViolette says:

        June 29, 2015 at 8:46 am

        I think you’re right about this.

      • 10 months ago DMT changed me. I can’t change back.
        Here’s where words fail, I suppose. Every atom in my body exploded away from my core, although, exploded isn’t the right word… It was blisteringly fast, I was almost instantly scattered evenly across the Universe, but it wasn’t “violent”, it was like chalk-dust rushing away from clapped erasers.

        What perception was left could “see” everything in an infinitely high resolution, and I plunged through that resolution, “knowing” more the deeper I went. I didn’t feel alone, there were glittering lattice-works of pure celestial creation everywhere, but there wasn’t a sense that we’d comprehend each other. Eventually, “years” later, I came to the Source. That’s the best word I can think of for it. The bottom turtle. But what I “remember” does not coincide with what I “understood”: this Source was simply an infinite, perfectly flat plane that rippled and shimmered on whims; these ripples being what births realities. And that’s all that I can really describe.
        The next few weeks to a month were sparklingly beautiful. Follies and fallacies had been swept away and all was new. Everything that had a shape or a texture, a taste or a smell was gorgeous, and I felt at peace. Birds swirling overhead made my eyes well up and I despaired that I couldn’t share this with the people busy fingering their plastic rectangles.

        Where can you buy DMT online?

        [I wont do it yet, my Higher Selfs telling me nows not the time. It will find me when the times right. However if things really kick off in this Realm were in now. I might take action, since I think the fearlessness DMTs supposed to give, could be much needed for coming battles. Id take it during a Full Moon]

      • Monday, 1 February 2016
        Death – why is it necessary?

        It is my primary assumption that death is necessary for spiritual progression toward a higher and fuller state of divinity – but how does this work?

        If the purpose of mortal life is incarnation (to get a body) then why? One answer may be that the body brings us irresistibly into contact with ‘the world’ – because the body is unavoidably part of the world.

        (Whereas, as pre-mortal spirits, we were not in direct contact with the world, and our spiritual body – if we had one – was not subject to the world.)

      • I am fastening up the full Armour of God, ensuring.i can engage in spiritual, psychological, and if need be physical battle. Like a samurai

        It is interesting to contemplate Men Scryfa. The therapeutic use of DMT in controlled, safe circumstances. In cases of
        – approaching death due to illness, removing fear
        – overcoming grief of loss of a loved one. Seeing the Veil and the multidimensional enormity, complexity, a glimpse. Should surely help
        – a sense of coming annhilation and chaos. Planet X?

        I do not see the point of all the lockdown measures, gmos, emfs, vqccines, chemtrails. In the face of planet X the Destroyer . Why do they bother?

        Also MS. Why does Paul Laviolette not worry and discuss planet X? It never gets mentioned on and Laviolette has his finger on the true pulse. He does concern himself with an incoming Superwave from the galactic central core. Yet this could have pineal gland and DNA activating effects in us all, ratger than annhilation. Is this why chemtrails etc are being employed instead? Is Nibiru a long in the making carefully laid psyop?

        Also men scryfa why is laura walker at so optimistic, and challenges the planet X domesday stuff so powerfully with her Gnostic Sabian Vedic astrological daily energetics report?

        Is Laura Walker a Jesuit blqck sun worshipping shill?
        Or might she be calling the illuminati out on their Domesday bullsh*t?


        A last point/question. Could two people side by side lying flat taking DMT together. Actually enter the Higher Realms together, experiencing it together?

        With regards planet X, im hoping i wont need DMT for that.
        See my comment to believe today in Kissinger about planet X Mehran Keshe

  2. ian says:

    It seems to me, ok I’m only a harmless peasant, that as the author of the piece openly admits to being a non drug or alcohol user, that he would hardly be in a position to comment on them.
    The drug he chooses to use, might well just be a drug which allows you to trip into your wildest dreams, fantasies are fulfilled and hopes realised.
    It smacks of, only the drug I choose does this, the rest are no good, in the same way that believers do with their gods, and racists do with their cultures. In fact it’s narcotist, Fly agaric used to be the in thing, now this.

  3. ian says:

    Surely it is possible that this is the effect this stuff has on your brain.

    • Dee says:

      I guess the difference with DMT and other drugs is that our brain produces it naturally in small amounts, apparently. This is not the case with other drugs as far as I am aware. I certainly find the idea of the experience very appealing and I do believe that love is the point of everything really, if people would only realise it. The thing I cannot get my head around is, if there is such a wonderful, beautiful all encompassing mass of love/wisdom/knowledge/power etc, WHY do they leave innocents to suffer so horrifically in this world??? If someone could explain that to me I would be very grateful.

      • I think Dee, the answer has to do with Satan, and Deception, and hiding the truth however Satans soldiers and minions can

        I am affiliated with people, that speaks to the spirits of the Dead’
        Roger Morneau – Satan’s Master Plan to Deceive the World and His Focus is Christians

        I think we are engaged in nanosecond by nanosecond, Spiritual War. Entities in the other dimension are competing, trying to get access, a foothold, to our skulls, hijack us. I think the concept of Spiritual protection is very very real.

        Hypnotism, and of course MKUltra trauma based mind control, aren’t just messing about with chemicals in the brain inducing mental changes. No.

        ‘ Stars are never sleeping
        Dead ones and the living ”

        ” We live closer to the Earth
        Never to the Heavens
        The stars are never far away
        The stars are out tonight ”

      • ian says:

        Dee, some will try to answer this and add unnecessary complications. The answer is simple. We are led by psychopaths, who have no empathy or understanding of the concept of other people mattering.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        That’s it. That’s it!

        “I think we are engaged in nanosecond by nanosecond, Spiritual War. Entities in the other dimension are competing, trying to get access, a foothold, to our skulls, hijack us. I think the concept of Spiritual protection is very very real.”

        They are contending, contending. Contending every moment.

        The Veil I observed, NO He showed me, was placed to protect Man, to protect Man, boastful, prideful arrogant lustful man like me (i.e. worms), to protect Man from himself. If man looked on God with unshielded eyes he would burn and be consumed.
        That is THE GLORY OF GOD

        The message is not to pass through the Veil. The message is not desire or ambition it is that it exists and exists for a reason. God the all powerful all knowing God, knew from the beginning of time every wicked desire and every weakness of Man’s heart and knew what would transpire in the latter days. The world beyond the physical was therefore contained until THE TIME.

        there is TIME and then there is THE TIME

        The Apocalypse is literally the Unveiling. When the Veil is pulled back…

        Submit to Him. Make Peace with God. Repent your Sins.
        Put on the Whole Armour of God

  4. Lynn says:

    Correct Dee…how have these filthy scum got away with massacring millions of innocents. Why are they not afraid to die and face their punishment. Think we have been had here. Religion has been proven to be a giant fairy story. A control system. If death is all releasing and beautiful why is life so precious.

    • A good reply to your Bowie comment Lynn, I must have clicked delete and it vanished. No energy to type it again, and remember the train of thought

      I have read somewhere, that even the Angels and entities on the Higher Realms, envy us here. |existing in this life apparently , is very precious and desirable. That doesn’t mean what DMT experiencer above tells us, isn’t mindblowing and wonderful.

      But theres something special about this realm too. I have an interesting comment coming through to Dee, unmoderated

    • Without wishing to get too detailed.
      Im sensing inside its a very wonderful urgent pleasure I must experience. Of course ive wanted it for years, the proper experience. |Since 16

      \But there’ve been many since. I suppose this has all been part of my life plan and Soul lessons for this lifetime.

      Nevertheless, my point is Lynn. I have an instinctive sense. As wonderful as the DMT afterlife is, what wonders and questions answered, it provides. And fearlesslessness it bestows on those whove gone ‘up there’

      Sublime and wonderful as im sure it all must be.

      being in this 3D realm, and falling in love with someone wonderful, and experiencing intense love and respect from her in return. And yes, the pleasures of sex too. But much more, emotional bonding. Somethings telling me this is a unique pleasure and experience here in this realm, in this life.

      I have read too, from Capt Ajit Vayadakayil, who is very wise. Orgasm for a man when its just lust. Compared to when being deeply in love with someone. Have very different effects physiologically, and also with the chakras. Including electrical charge of the sperm.
      TChis might mean etheric charge, etheric energy. Capt Ajits articles are great and im going to share them on here, excerpts of interest.

      ” Stars are never sleeping
      Dead ones and the living ”

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