The NFL Wouldn’t Air This Ad For The ‘Super Bowl’, So We’re Showing It To You [Watch]

NFL rules state that no activism ads are allowed during the Super Bowl games, but this message is important and deserves to be shared.

On Sunday, millions of fans tuned into the ‘Super Bowl’ football game to watch the Denver Broncos go head-to-head against the Carolina Panthers.

Even those who aren’t avid football fans joined the party, as the appetizers and infamous advertisements aren’t to be missed. (And no wonder, as each 30-second ad costs approximately $4.5 million…)

There was at least one meaningful commercial, however, that wasn’t aired due to the fact that it shares an important message – one that might upset fans focused on game day.


 As you can view above, the advertisement banned from being aired is pretty darn important. Important enough we felt you should have the opportunity to watch it.

Isn’t it time we stop using the R-word? You know, Redskins

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