The mysterious multiple deaths of holistic doctors in the USA

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We must spread this info all over the nation. This must be looked into. Erin has been covering the death of these holistic doctors since June 2015. Here is the timeline of all the doctors:…/ and…/

Breaking: Dr Bradstreet’s close colleague (& my friend/neighbor) found dead here in Florida- just miles away. Paige Adams FNP-BC. Holistic practitioner. There is video of them in article. I am still in total shock as she just wanted to stop by and see me and my better half (a holistic doctor) just days ago at the house. frown emoticon I talk about alleged cause of death in the article (She had Lyme and we are told just died over a day ago and it was announced publicly) So I pray an autopsy is performed on this young beautiful brilliant practitioner. I too was diagnosed with Lyme through a positive blood test (wrote a book on it) and know it can be bad, but think autopsies are a must I’ve learned this past year from the families. Second friend to die here locally in days. Last was a holistic doctor found dead just miles from us. RIP and heart goes out to her friends and family. As hard as it is- I know I have to write these articles and appreciate the doctors and community who support me in doing soheart emoticon It isn’t easy. May they all Rest in Peace.


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  1. Dr Bradstreets close colleague also found dead in Florida recently. Dr Gonsalez in NYC was a huge loss, his pancreatin/coffee enema etc protocol. But Gonzalez ideas live on. Gonsalez was very successful with pancreatic cancer for example. One of the very hard ones to treat with ‘conventional therapy’


      ” Society today often tries to block the seventh center because a person with an open seventh center cannot be manipulated and controlled easily by any government or leader. One is independent of the earth, and free, even if one is in prison. It is a wonderful state of mind that governments across the world really do not favor for their people. America is supposed to be the land of the free and the brave, but even here, government has grown so large that it tries to control every aspect of life, and this has a dampening effect upon the seventh center.

      Religions are supposed to develop this center, but even here, most do not want it because the people become too independent. Jesus expressed how to develop this center when he said “Be in the world, but not of it.” ”

      [And BTW Tapblog, lets investigate this below. When I can im going to buy some. I think it might do some strange special Redox effect with electrons – it might be a very special powerful antioxidant. Or it might be a hoax. I suspect not though]

      A remedy that is very helpful for some cases of cancer and some infections is Cantron. A very similar, if not identical product, is called Protocel. The product is not too costly, and it can work well in selected cases.

      Below are articles with more details on specific remedies that may be helpful


      1. The Budwig Protocol

      2. Cantron or Protocel

      3. The Kelley Metabolic Cancer Therapy

      4. Black salve for skin cancers

      5. Laetrile or apricot pits (see below).

      Laetrile. This is a vitamin-like substance (vitamin B17) discovered by Ernst Krebs, Jr. It is very helpful for colon cancer, and less helpful for other cancers, though it can help a little.

      Laetrile has been studied by the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, which found it did have benefit with colon cancer, and is quite non-toxic. However, they kept that information to themselves instead of telling the public the truth about it. [Bastards – Adam]

      When combined with the dietary changes and the detoxification procedures recommended earlier in this article, laetrile or apricot kernals (the source of the chemical) are quite excellent for colon cancer.

  2. Could it be, that perhaps the main. Or one of the main. Reasons for all these chemtrails interacting with HAARP and other scalar etheric weaponry where the very fabric of space can be rippled/ripped. Gravity weapons.
    But this lot interacting with chemtrails, might not just be to play with the ionosphere to mess about with the weather

    Could the real reason be, that due to whatever galactic cosmological precession and other factors are taking place NOW. This is now the time, when DNA is being activated. Pineal glands are tingling and getting excited in more and more of us.

    Could it be what Worldwide Freemasonry knows, is that an unstoppable Great Shift is happening where more and more of us are starting to develop our Metaphysical gifts, birthright? Tap into that?

    Could this be what Satan and Lucifer and the UN Lucis Trust are trying to contain and channel as best they can? With chemtrails and HAARP creating a kind of electromagnetic barrier prison stopping our pineal glands letting us see The Veil and interact telepathically and Metaphysically and Supernaturally? All humans have this Divine machinery in their biology. Not just 33rd degree Freemasons.

    I read on the jhaines website in 2015. That an identical corresponding leyline grid exists 60 miles above our heads, in the ionosphere i think. I really think HAARP and chemtrails are interacting with this somehow. This topic needs more investigation

    Yesterday i saw the strangest thing. Rainbow clouds. They were on the news. Something strange is going on

    • The jhainrs article i read discussing 2 Qi/Etheric energy leyline grids parallel to each other, one on Earths surface the other mirroring one 60 miles high.

      The article said what you do to the leyline grid down here. Identical changes happen 60 miles high. Whether that means using CERN. Or simply doing their Satanist Sacrificing Rituals at vortex points where leylines cross ( its said some old churches are built on vortex points and sacrificial chambers exist underground. Sydney cathedral?) Or i dont know whether mass killings in war also affect the leyline grid system, too. The Vaticans sunday Mass,
      Might be a huge covert Pagan Satanic Ritual hiding in plain sight from that Apostate church which has turned its back on God.

      My point is, we need to get to the bottom of how this etheric.grid works, how we can use our Qi etheric energy, thoughts, prayers, intentions, utilising the grid for Good. Rather than Evil like it is now.

      The leyline grid naturally turns our thoughts to the Earth its self. Is it Flat? Is it a Supermassive Oblate Spheroid with inner realms and parallel civilisations?
      Whats beyond Antarctica? And the North Pole. What relevance do the two leyline grids have to all these things?

      I will consider qnd investigate and look at Rabbits Qantas article soon, building on our findings using maths last december

      • RabbiT says:

        Thanks for your kind words the other day Adam.

        While there may be lay lines below the surface and in the first heave,n all this is about the creation. The answer is to focus upon the Creator and approach Him as a friend, as a child would.

        You are allowing people (with agendas) to complicate things.

        Yes the apostate church has turned its back on God, too busy building church.

        Those who don’t know God can only give an opinion – what they think. I however know God so what I give is what I know.

        Keep looking and as I would suggest to all, keep your minds open but not open to deceit.

  3. Aldous says:

    Is there a reason why the image in this article on the Home Page is so blurred?

    • RabbiT says:

      Hi Aldous,

      Possibly enlarged from a thumbnail?


    • Yes come to think of it, NO advert ever sticks in my mind, having a black and white chequered floor. But, Flash, and the black white floor, are associated in my mind, seen since childhood, early 80s.
      Whotf has a chequered kitchen floor good point.

      Im wondering, is it just the black and white floor, the unaware millions of viewers viewing it, is what they get off on. or are there words said in the ad, or chords played too. That make it all come together for them, where…….Im not sure what the point is of it all Aldous?
      – To imprint a chequered floor into our minds? For what reason. make us subconsciously more acceptingof Freemasonry?
      – is there direct black magic programming going on, with people who watch the Flash adverts? if so what. It might be so subtle, and mid might be to do with the viewer, letting their etheric guard down, and an entity can slip in and attach to the etheric body aura of the viewer. I know im out on a limb here. Biut this might be the length and breadth and depth and complexity of the conspiracy we are up against. That 33rd degree Freemasons know and plot

      – BTW ive read theres a real link, between our immune system, and nutritional status and mineral ratios body chemistry. Not only to resist infections. but also to resist entity attachment. It seems the immune system, has some bearing on protecting against invasions from other realms

      I think we are under attack from many quarters. And not just in this realm. We are like a fish deep down in an ocean. An interdimensional ocean. Any swim forward by the fish is a move forward not just in space distance, but change in time too

      That’s what I sense is the Interdimensional Superhighway all around us Aldous. The high Freemasons know all this and much more accurate than my best estimates.

      But there are positive forces too, powerful positive forces. And we must never give up hope. We are helped and supported and theres a powerful nework operating fighting helping us from the Spiritual Realm, nanosecond by nanosecond in our lives here now. That’s my understanding

      Nice to chat to you

    • Sorry Aldous that was wrong, let me clarify my metaphysical supernatirual other realm ocean fish analogy

      We here now in this realm, having this conversation, may or may not, be in a timeless non linear time, existence. In this realm, what ive just said is nonsense and complicates matters. In this 3Drealm, time is linear

      So my fish ocean analogy above, was meant to say, what its like going on , in the Higher Realms. Im no expert t all, don’t pretend to be. Maybe our Higher Selves, is the first point of contact, between us, here now, and us, up there, in the mindblowing network realm Above. maybe our Higher Selves Aldous, are the access point to Higher Realms Above. Ive read about the silver cord on Lawrence wilsons website, based on coaxial cable, tremendous, 2 way data exchange between this realm and up there.

      I digress. Whats my point
      Ok so the fish ocean analogy doesn’t apply in this realm. its the Extradiensional Realm.


      And I sense and fully expect you know this anyway. There is interdimensional 2 way traffic happening. Between there and here. many other comments ive left add to this discussion. Ill say goodnight now though, goodnight!

    • ” We live closer to the Earth, never to the Heavens
      ” the Stars are never far away. The Stars are out tonight ”

      ” Stars are never sleeping.
      Dead ones and the living ”

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