The Mysterious Flu That’s Now Causing Mass Deaths In Syria

Mysterious virus have been reported in a city north of Raqa

By: Sophia Akram  |@mssophiaakram on 13th February 2016
the virus has left many unwell residents in the northern city and trickled down to western raqaa as well
© press.The virus has left many unwell residents in the northern city and trickled down to Western Raqaa as well.

Reports of a ‘mysterious’ virus have been reported in a city north of Raqaa known as Tel Abyad city.

The virus has left many unwell residents in the northern city and trickled down to Western Raqaa as well.

As of 3 February 2016, 20 people had died from the virus, the symptoms appeared at fist to be similar to influenza.

Activist group, Raqaa is Being Slaughtered Silently reported that distress signals were sent to various medical and humanitarian agencies but had not been answered.

Other reports have cited that bird flu and swine flu are on the rise in Syria, which explains the virus and its flu like symptoms.

Swine flu deaths in Tartus, Murhardh and Latakia were recorded, the first being a 26 year old doctor by the name of Tony Saba at the Tishreen Hospital in Latakia.

Government acknowledgement of the disease however has not been forthcoming and what is more worrying is that in addition bird flu has also been found in parts of Syria such as the Northeastern town of Qamishli and across the border in Turkish towns such as Urfa, including the death of many birds in South Qamishli bird farms.

In Canada, newly arrived Syrian refugees showed signs of flu when 11 of them reached the Edmonton Catholic Social Services, although apparently with no pre-existing conditions.

Even while the Government play down numbers, this has not stopped panic amongst Syrian residents and parents have resorted to keeping their kids home from school and taking over-priced flu vaccines they believe are specifically for Swine flu but are not.

IS fighters are apparently in a panic as they fear the virus may wipe out its fighter so are handing out leaflets and appealing for doctors to come to the region.

Swine flu is very similar to ordinary strands of flu but have more severe side effects, however it tends to affect more vulnerable persons: children, elderly, pregnant women and those with pre-existing health conditions, to the point of fatality.

Bird or avian flu rarely affects human as it is passed bird to bird but of course there have been cases of humans being infected even leading to death.



TAP – Wars provide great opportunities for mass killing of civilians or military forces  by means of vaccine and other medical interventions.  Gulf War Syndrome was a recent example.  Spanish flu in 1918/1919 was an earlier operation of the depopulationists.  Those who stayed home, survived.  Those who sought medical assistance, or went to hospital didn’t.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    Putin made a comment in the last 2 or so weeks about …CHEMTRAIL….spraying in Syria.

    Putin, I believe, ordered an immediate cessation of CHEMTRAIL spraying in the region.

    This appears to be ….GENOCIDE….perpetrated by …..FILTHY a$hkeNAZI ….SCUM.

    If THEY think for one minute that THEY will gain the lands of Syria by….. Genociding….. the ….SOVEREIGN OWNERS……they have got another think coming.

    • That’s nice. Why doesn’t putin order immediate cessation of CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING over Moscow and other areas of Russia?
      Moscow chemtrials is one of the main reasons I am very suspicious of Putin

      Unless, he is not as all powerful within Russia as we in the west are made to think. Maybe there are Russian airforce factions that can spray chemtrails and Putin can do nothing.

  2. ian says:

    It’s came a long way since smallpox contaminated blankets. Still a dirty trick though.

  3. Lynn says:

    We too have to see a halt on this mass chemtrailing. Genocidal cocktail of poison spilling over us daily is criminal intent. Sprayed like bugs.and dropping like flies. Arrest them all.

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