The media propaganda campaign begins for Cameron’s new war

by Carlyn Harvey


The media propaganda campaign begins for Cameron’s new war


David Cameron is deciding whether to ask the UK if he can wage another war, this time in Libya. His deliberation over military intervention in the country, comes just a couple of months after the heated vote in parliament on Cameron’s request for airstrikes in Syria.

That deeply contested win for the prime minister – MPs voted 397-223 in favour – had very little support from the UK public. So, the mainstream media have already dutifully begun pushing out pro-military action propaganda to make Cameron’s plea, if he makes it, more palatable this time around.

The debate on military action in Libya has gained momentum following a recent US intelligence assessment. Reportedly, an anonymous defence official has claimed the findings show ISIS (Daesh) is declining in Iraq and Syria, but gaining ground in Libya. On Tuesday, US secretary of state John Kerry said:

We’re still not at the victory that we want to achieve and will achieve in either Syria or Iraq, and we have seen Daesh playing a game of metastasizing out to other countries, particularly Libya…The last thing in the world you want is a false caliphate with access to billions of dollars of oil revenue.

France is also said to be keen to move towards a military solution, and Italy has suggested it would consider being involved. In fact, Algerian newspaper al-Khabar recently reported that the US, UK, and France, have already informed the Algerian government that they are planning airstrikes on Daesh in Libya – although their claim could not be independently verified.

Bomb first, think later

As the last decade and a half have shown, it is not unusual for western governments to use military action as a first resort, rather than last. They also often refuse to learn lessons from past wars. However, with the UK’s Syrian intervention very much a current issue, it’s ‘success’ should be taken into account when considering the prospect of strikes in Libya.

So, have the Syrian strikes been successful? Not at all, actually quite the opposite. As writer Tom Pride has pointed out, the strikes have even been criticised by anti-Daesh groups within the region. A Syrian journalist, working with RBBS – a collective of citizen journalists reporting from the ground – commented:

Increases every day the number of air strikes on the city, and the misfortune of civilians. Most of the strikes targeted the National Hospital, the largest hospital in the city and the lifeline for all; today the National Hospital became completely out of service, and disease has become a calamity.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to know which country carried out the strikes the journalist mentions, because there are so many militarily involved in Syria. In fact, Tom Pride points out that very few UK strikes have actually occurred, because of a lack of available targets in a battle with so many players. Extraordinarily, the UK even targeted oil fields that were already supposedly “obliterated” by Russia – that’s how sparse genuine targets actually are.

What the strikes have been successful in, is giving Daesh the anti-western propaganda they need to flourish. This is true in Syria and Iraq, and would certainly apply to Libya. Dr Arturo Varvelli, Head of Terrorism and Research Fellow at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, spoke to Sputnik news on the matter:

An external intervention could help ISIS [Daesh] in Libya to enlarge the cooperation with other radical groups — IS could then become stronger

Seemingly, such cooperation between radical groups in Libya is already starting to happen, amid the discourse on intervention.

Hungry for more war

Despite the serious questions, and flaws, that need to be addressed before an intervention in Libya is decided, the mainstream media has already begun a propaganda campaign to justify the action. News outlets are pushing the narrative that a Daesh “surge” is occurring in Libya, where top Daesh commanders are “taking refuge“, and “control and crucifixions” dominate daily life. As Media Lens have identified:

The BBC is pulling no punches in their manipulation of the public mind. They have even made clear how readers should feel about their reporting on life in Libya:

Warning: You may find some of the content below disturbing

It is questionable that the media have taken such a strong, and dramatic, interest in exposing the troubles in Libya, at the very point when western leaders are looking to justify intervention. Even more suspicious is the lack of media attention being given to the giant Libyan elephant in the room. Journalist Glenn Greenwald sums this up with perfect ridicule here:

Daesh was handed the opportunity to flourish in Libya by the western military intervention in 2011 that toppled – in the most brutal fashion – its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Political analyst, Hafsa Kara, explained to Sputnik news:

One of the reasons ISIS is in Libya is precisely because of the NATO onslaught of 2011 which led to a power vacuum in which terrorist organizations such as ISIS actually thrive…It was hugely predictable that this would happen given the Iraqi scenario of ten years before.

The suggestion that Daesh will be defeated by the same actions that ensured its rise in the first place is utter insanity. Regardless, the media will bang the war drum in line with their governments tune in typical fashion, as we saw in the reporting leading up to the Syrian strikes. Let’s hope the public sees through this, and presses on their government the total lunacy of military intervention in Libya.




19 Responses to “The media propaganda campaign begins for Cameron’s new war”

  1. salty says:

    Middle East War Games Could Prepare UK For Russian War With NATO

    1,600 British troops head to Jordan for logistics war game

    Posted on February 8, 2016.

    The British Army is to deploy 1,600 troops to Jordan to take part in war games which could be preparation for a potential ‘confrontation’ between Russia and NATO member countries in Eastern Europe.

    Army sources told the Daily Telegraph that the drill dubbed Shamal Storm, will simulate an Iraq invasion for the first time in over a decade, but is not a prelude to sending ground troops to fight ISIS, but rather it could be seen as a dry run for one day having to deal with a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine or Eastern Europe.

    A source said: “This isn’t a counter-Isil exercise. If anything, this is much more about us being prepared to join the US in Ukraine than it is in Syria.

    Over 300 military vehicles are being shipped to Jordan, where logistics, medical, intelligence and bomb disposal experts will practise supporting a massive British military expedition.

  2. beLIEve says:

    As an indigenous Sovereign of the British Isles I deny consent to the presence of illegal alien khazars in the Domains and Dominions of the British Isles.

    I deny consent to each and every act the illegal alien khazars intend to Commit in the Dominions and Domains of the British Isles.

    I deny consent to each and every act the illegal Alien khazars intend to Commit in the name of indigenous British sovereigns.

    I deny consent to each and every act the illegal alien khazars intend to Commit from the Domains and Dominions of the British Isles.

    I deny consent to the erection of a …holocaust …HOAX …monument.

    I deny consent to the Illegal Alien khazars and their Associates EXTORTING …monies/RAT-paper…from indigenous British sovereigns.

    I deny consent to the illegal alien khazars …GENOCIDING ….indigenous British Sovereigns…in …THEIR CRAFTILY ENGINEERED CHAOS situations.

    I deny consent to the illegal alien khazars …abusing and genociding children and adults.

    PAYBACK time for the khazars.

    Let’s do to them what they have done to humanity for 2,000 years.

    Lets kit everyone of them over the age of 16 with “fatigues” and a gun and …..SEND THEM into BATTLE FOR a CHANGE.

    daYID SCAMeRON or whatever his TRUE name is …can lead the charge !

    We will warn Libya of the imminent arrival of the a$hkeNAZI ASSET STRIPPERS.


      The War theyre trying to kick off. The Ashkenazi Khazars who can morph viruslike into countries and take on a benign appearance, simultaneously hijacking the cells machinery, before destroying the cell and replicating and spreading

      I could add many more links including Satanists in Nato
      But my question is: Since NATO will be linked in, networked at various points and in various ways, to the CLASSIFIED SECRET SPACE PROGRAMMES OF THE SECRET GOVERNMENTS CAPABLE OF INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL AND MORE

      Why doesn’t Nato employ some of these devastating SSP technologies on the middle east war Theatre? They could even do it covertly using cloaking type technologies I am sure they must have. So why isn’t any of it being used, and this toing and froing edging for WW3 is being done by conventional arms and technologies? Maybe Gordon Logan has an idea?

      • beLIEve says:


        NATO is just another arm of the a$hkeNAZI Mafia……..Narcotics Arms Terrorism Oppression.

        THEY DESPERATELY want conventional …high attrition rate…..warfare for WW III because THEY need all young PATRIOTS DEAD.

        THEY need to kill the enemy before the ….ENEMY WAKES UP AND GENOCIDES the a$hkeNZI scum.

        I can’t remember if it is NATO or the US Military who use/used the …HOLLOWED OUT CADAVERS of DEAD US SERVICEMEN… transport DRUGS/ Afghan poppy crop into the West.

        There was a US Military Doctor stitched up, I believe, by a$hkeNAZI stooges.
        He threatened to “blow the lid” on the whole shabang.
        He is now serving life for the murder of his family….his wife and children were despatched, it would appear, by “cabal” contractors.

        All new technologies, paid for with funds extorted from the taxpayer, are retained by the Corporations as income enhancing revenue.

        Socialise the costs, privatise the gains.

    • Drug smuggling be=y hollowed out the dead. What can I say. \\\sad, disgusted. Wish we could be in thr more innocent, 1960s 1970s tv show time. Life seemed to be very cosy back then

      You say many powerful things such as denying sovereignty, consent. You have my admiration kingel.

      I am tired yet on the ball, and will return to the battle soon against the Khazars

  3. Lynn says:

    Like a bloody cancer..they eat up everything their bloated egos can muster. Disgusting Traitors to the UK. How do they get away with such bare faced manipulation.time the world was told about this threat to all of them. They are few and we are many.

  4. salty says:

    Report: Russia Defeats NATO in Baltic War Game

    A Russian offensive on NATO territory in the Baltics would overwhelm underarmed alliance forces in a matter of hours, leaving NATO with a harsh dilemma: Launch a long, bloody counteroffensive or concede defeat.

    That is the conclusion of a new report by Rand Corp., which conducted a series of elaborate war games from summer 2014 to spring 2015 with the assistance of numerous American military commands and experts.

    “As presently postured, NATO cannot successfully defend the territory of its most exposed members,” the Rand Corp. study says.

    The findings are likely to come as no surprise to the military’s top officers in Europe, who have been warning that sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft systems could deny allies quick military access to the Baltics. Russia has superior numbers of air and ground forces across the border from the vulnerable Baltic states, which were once part of the Soviet Union. However, Russia has repeatedly stressed that it has no territorial designs on the Baltics.

    Policymakers must determine whether the risks of potential Russian aggression are strong enough to demand the kind of reinforcements that could thwart a Russian assault. The costs of placing such a force in the region would be substantial but manageable for a NATO alliance with a collective gross domestic product of more than $35 trillion, Rand says.

    The report was issued just days before the release next week of the Pentagon’s 2017 budget, which includes plans to add a brigade’s worth of pre-positioned tanks and other heavy equipment in Europe, where the Pentagon now rotates one heavy brigade. The U.S. maintains only two infantry brigades permanently in Europe and no heavy units.

    There are about 65,000 troops in total forward stationed. A plan to quadruple investment in the European Reassurance Initiative to $3.4 billion will add several thousand more rotational troops in a plan to increase operations along NATO’s eastern flank, but falls far short of Rand’s recommendations.

    The minimum force requirement, according to Rand: seven NATO brigades, including three heavy armored brigades — adequately supported by air power, land-based fire support and troops ready to fight at the onset of hostilities, Rand says. Adding three U.S. Army armored brigades, with associated artillery and enabling units, would come with an up-front price tag of about $13 billion. Annual operating cost would be roughly $2.7 billion, Rand says.

    The force could not mount a sustained defense of the region, but it would buy allies time to assemble a larger force. The presence of multiple brigades and air power also would “fundamentally change the strategic picture as seen from Moscow,” according to Rand.

    “While this deterrent posture would not be inexpensive in absolute terms, it is not unaffordable, especially in comparison with the potential costs of failing to defend NATO’s most exposed and vulnerable allies,” Rand says.

    Still, many NATO allies would likely balk at such a plan. Germany, for example, has long opposed any placement of permanent NATO forces in the Baltics or eastern Europe, which Berlin contends would be an unnecessary provocation to Russia. Moscow contends such a move would violate a 1997 NATO agreement that it says limits the types of forces that can be placed near its border.

    Also, there is little evidence that Russia intends to launch any kind of formal attack on a NATO state, which could trigger a collective alliance military response under NATO’s Article 5 provision that an attack on one member demands a response from all.

    “I think it’s highly unlikely that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would contemplate an invasion of the Baltics, be it a traditional conventional invasion or a more covert hybrid invasion of the sort executed in Ukraine,” said Robert Person, a Russia expert at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. “It is hard to see what Russia would gain by doing so, as I do not believe that Putin is trying to reassemble the original territory of the Soviet Union.”

    NATO’s collective security pact on its own should give Moscow pause before launching an attack on the U.S.-led NATO alliance, whose $1 trillion in defense spending dwarfs Russia’s.

    “My sense is that Putin understands the strategic implications of such an adventure, an understanding that would make him think long and hard about launching a war that he cannot afford and cannot win in the long run,” Person said. “In the short run, however, it is absolutely worth reminding him of the credibility of NATO’s deterrent threat.”

    If NATO sought to establish a force capable of countering a Russian offensive, Moscow could elect to further build up its own regional forces, setting off a race for the upper hand.

    At NATO headquarters, officials said they have taken note of the Rand report and pointed to recent alliance actions aimed at improving overall readiness, such as doubling the number of NATO’s crisis response forces to 40,000 troops.

    “NATO is well-prepared to defend all allies. Our commitment to Article 5 is rock-solid,” a NATO official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    Strengthening NATO’s position in the east will be on the agenda of a defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels next week.

    “We are now assessing the right balance between a forward presence and our ability to reinforce in a crisis,” the NATO official said.

    During Rand’s war game scenario, allies had one week to assemble forces to counter an onslaught on the Baltics. The Russian attackers, comprised of troops from the Western Military District and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, deploy 27 maneuver battalions in a short-warning attack to occupy Estonia and Latvia. In the scenario, allies were able to mobilize light infantry units in time, but the force proved inadequate, presenting NATO with “a rapid fait accompli.”

    “The outcome was, bluntly, a disaster for NATO,” the Rand report says. “Across

  5. Lynn says:

    They just want to kill the Goyim boys. It isn’t about winning. These creeps want death on any level. A long war will pay them dividends…and hide what they have been doing. They fund both side two faced tw@#&.

  6. beLIEve says:

    Unlawful GENOCIDE of the Indigenous young men and women of Europe.

    Sent to Libya …AGAIN….to UNLAWFULLY fight a$hkeNAZI and TAX PAYER funded…PrOXIES.


    To stop these same young men and women genociding the khazars.

    The a$hkeNAZIs are in …FEAR of THEIR OWN LIVES.
    The a$hkeNAZIs are …SCARED…of the awakening.
    Once the youth wake up to what has been done to Europe over the past 2,000 years………things could get “sticky” for the VILE perpetrators.

    Better ensure the safety of the SHEKEL CHASERS by ….UNLAWFULLY…SENDING the YOUNG PEOPLE to their ….DEATHS…in a FAKE khazar WAR…ANOTHER ONE !

  7. Lynn says:

    Yes that’s the plan…get rid of them !! If the armed forces recruit anymore innocent young lives by way of clever marketing. Or conscription. Get ready for mass murder. The old boys need to warn them of this heinous crime.

  8. Aldous says:

    This unhinged and hopelessly inbred warmongering fifth cousin (twice removed) to his C-in-C Witch Queen QE2, has never seen a single day in the military – I was going to say ‘in uniform’ but just remembered that he was an Etonian Bullingdon Brat – AND has probably never even handled or fired a tiny peashooter, apart that is from when participating in lurid sex games and water sports – or even piggy-piggy.

    The very sight and sound of him disgusts me in the extreme. He’s just a Rothschild puppet (relation possibly) of course, be it a willing and complicit puppet in the mass murder, of what now runs into the millions of dead.
    I wonder if he’ll be erecting an £100 million building and monument to those ‘real dead’ adjacent to Parliament’s Pig House any time soon?

    The upper class likes of Cameron will participate in sending the lower classes to fight and die and get horribly maimed in their engineered conflicts but they make damn sure their own offspring don’t ever get too close to the REAL action. That would never do. They might break a finger nail or stub their toe.

    • By the maternal line his mother, he is a Levita I gather. This is how the fake jew Ashkenazi Khazar blood haplotypes, who it seems according to Dublinmick, have origin in the separate, totally separate Neanderthal species from us.
      This might explain why the Khazar Ashkenazis have been so desperate to psyop the world with Darwin. The interchangeablity of species.
      When this isn’t the case. Yes some environmental pressures might shape a few genes, adaptations fair enough
      THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT THE ASHKANAZI FAKE JEWS WANT US TO BELIEVE. And we can see why. They are desperate we believe, one species can evolve into another. A lizard can evolve into a bird
      We are all from bacteria in the amino acid soup eons ago.

      – Alexander the Great
      – Attilla the Hun
      – Genghis Khan ( I think)

      I think these people have been demonised, and history twisted. Because they tried to exterminate the Khazarian scum round the Black Sea.

      So Cameron is of Khazar haplotype no doubt. With a very small penis. Still he managed to do this

      Davey-boy is being blackmailed up to his eyeballs by Intel agencies.

      He was recently subject to rumours that he performed a sex-act on a dead pig.

      We have it on good authority that it took place on a

    • Aldous I will just say
      I had a brilliant follow up annihilating comment to you just now. An inspired comment. Annhiliating. I was proud of it if I say so myself.
      I even copied it.
      I sent it to you 5 mins ago, my whole computer went funny, pages reloading. When I tried to paste it to you, the paste function wouldn’t work.
      its just so hard to recreate the inspired train of thought I had just now
      next time I feel that way, ill copy and paste to a gmail first. Im sad because I felt exhilarated the great feeling, people reading it

  9. Lynn says:

    He is drugged up and high as a kite. They all are why do you think heroin and the likes is getting in. This pig faced sweaty clammy look he has is a dead giveaway. He is piling weight on. He is a snot nosed whimp. Acting the great I am. Reading his lines ( script) let’s see if Harry gets a calling card. Hmm think not.!! Like you Aldous, I can’t bare to look at them.

  10. Aldous says:

    Ian Cameron, 77, was born with both legs deformed, and endured repeated operations in an attempt to straighten them and ease his pain.

    The couple’s first child Ivan, who was born profoundly disabled and needed round the clock care, died(sic) in February 2009.

    You can only fcuk your cousins for so long before looking like this…

  11. Lynn says:

    And now the are bestowing their inbred twisted disablements on to us. They are screwing us for all of their inadequencies. Inbred mad dogs who are all easily led by the leash. Jealous of our free loving souls where beauty is bestowed on us. Innocent humans garnered and dragged into this evil nightmare. Ruled by the fearporn they are spewing at us. Diabolical race that needs exterminating.!!

  12. TonyC says:

    ‘ The couple’s first child Ivan, who was born profoundly disabled and needed round the clock care, ‘

    Payed for by the welfare state which he denies to others.Just like Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, the Queen’s cousins who were born with learning disabilities and spent most of their lives all but forgotten in an institution… payed for by the welfare state.

  13. Lynn says:

    And they all live in Council houses. They are the welfare state abusers. They have never paid for anything. WE HAVE……mongrels through and through.

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