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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Hi Gordon. Good work here and from Henry.

    Anti-Tyranny Data Dump:





    RANDOM COMMENT found on YouTube:-
    James Mac 3 months ago
    As a White American who has awaken from the Zionist brainwashing. The first thing I started to do was tell my children you will not join the military. My family history has had a tradition of military service. Not anymore. My kids will not fight and die for ZIONISTS. We as Americans need to unplug from the Zio-Matrix. It’s a difficult thing because Americans a every level is bombarded with Jewish lies. You can receive a degree in any Form on History without ever being told of Jewish involvement in society. If that’s not brainwashing I don’t know why?

  2. Lynn says:

    They are cunning in every way. They have manipulated mankind from the shadows. Infiltrating and stealing from him. This is now closing in on this wretched supremacist tribe. There will be a turning point in history now. We all know what they have engineered. Time to ignore their ideals and stay with traditions. Believe in the family and love thy neighbour. We all are in this together,

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