The Exponential Revelation of Truth


by Zen Gardner


There are many encouraging manifestations that the truth is currently flooding in to human consciousness.They that have eyes let them see, but this is a subject worth exploring and a wellspring of encouragement to those on the path less traveled trying to help humanity back to its true balanced nature.

What we collectively do with this information is one thing; what we individually do with it is the key. We either activate, or we don’t. The more who do, the greater the mass awakening. With or without the masses, the awakening is coming to pass anyway, come what may. That’s the wonderfully exciting reality being masked by this engineered insanity in the external insanosphere.

What the naysayers and foot draggers do with these exposed truths is their business, as well as their demise if they choose wrongly to ignore what is more obvious by the minute.

The onus is on humanity. Individually, not collectively. And the alternative to waking up and “paying attention” is becoming crystal clear to anyone consciously witnessing what’s going on now, while the gloriously empowering benefits of grabbing hold of the awakening and running with it are exponentially abounding.

The Proof is in the Dot Connected Pudding

First of all, you’re in the wrong mindset if you’re looking only for data or left brained evidence that the psycho-parasitic manipulators are in their death throes, although that too is out there in spades for those who can see. When we come to understand the vibrational workings of our holographic reality everything takes on new dimensions and opens us up to understanding these more esoteric notions.

Those with awakened hearts can feel this. I say hearts because much of what we need to grasp or at least track is intuitive and somewhat metaphysical in nature. Taking all of the information and dot connecting and personal spiritual experience together paints very clear pictures, we just need to trust what we’re seeing and learning. When we explore these realities we’re sensing, we start to notice how they’re manifesting.

Forbidding free speech, shooting civilians with no cause, obviously propagandized news, wars with no possible end, deliberate poisoning, starvation and dumbing down of populations are all completely transparent. Add these next levels of technotronic and genetic morphings and the picture is as plain as day.

They’re as obvious as the desperate, flailing, and dying aberrant parasitical species that they are.

It’s kind of a conscious or spiritual symbiosis we’re experiencing as our awakening dissolves their machinations. They all work together in the grand scheme of the Universal blender. But ignoring the spiritual and metaphysical as “evidence” in conjunction with such obvious manifestations is why this world has devolved into its current state. Previous enlightened civilizations and earth connected tribes took this type of understanding to heart. Our current imposed paradigm does nothing of the sort.

Of course, because it only exposes their perfidy.


Truth Is Being Revealed Exponentially

Despite the furious efforts of the world’s Machiavellian destroyers, humanity is waking up. In our current paradigm, we’re seeing significant progress in exposing the ongoing brutal invasions and exterminations of defenseless populations; the mass revelation of geoengineering and other neo-scientific programs, the disastrous effects of EMFs of every source, genetic manipulation, techtronic surveillance and monitoring, and the front and center clearly induced global war and the carefully sculpted militarized fascist clampdown of society.

We’re in the thick of it now. But it’s revealing itself as we speak.

Don’t let these events and seeming contests of phony ideology throw you. There’s nothing level about this playing field, despite the mass narrative being so strong and persistent. Don’t even listen to it. Rely on your heart and trustworthy alternative sources. Their only weapon is our consent by yielding to their lies and adopting their mindset.

That cannot be done with first of all our awareness of it, but most of all our permission and compliance.


The List Continues – Their Machinations are to No Avail

Just look at what an obvious mockery all this staged political nonsense has become. People are disengaging from this idiocy at an exponential rate, as well as deserting mainstream media. Newspapers are even reporting half of all Americans now literally hate their government.

Here’s one finding, showing that about half of Americans now think the federal government poses an “immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” (source)

On a more positive note, look how many archaeological and other mainstream science discoveries are coming to light with massive ramifications, and the true historical facts and perspectives surfacing that are revolutionizing our perception of how society evolved with immense ramifications. It’s an integrated process moving on humanity from all directions and something very much to be encouraged about, despite the engineered black back drop designed to deliberately distract humanity from these revelations of truth.

Take It from Here!

If you need further encouragement, get involved. You’ll see signs of it everywhere. Major inroads of truth are being made by the minute as these disgusting forces continue to attempt to forge their desired goal of a subservient, complacent and even happily servile work force. Damn them with exposure by standing straight and tall, and do it with gusto.

Don’t be deceived, it’s all a wicked charade. A ploy, a scam: a counterfeit civilization they’re trying to construct that true conscious humanity is concurrently dissolving by the hour. To spend time entertaining their hypnotic tripe is to yield to it. Turn it off.

Watch for it, it’s there.

Disconnect – disobey – and de-enlist. Break your unconscious and conscious agreements. The parasites will shrivel up and disappear.

The time is now. It’s ours for the taking. And receiving.

Much love always, and do keep on boldly.





14 Responses to “The Exponential Revelation of Truth”

  1. Very uplifting inspiring morale boosting post thanks, for all the Warriors for Truth in the trenches in this spiritual interdimensional guerrilla war

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    • dkblue says:

      Hi Adam,
      sorry taken a few days to reply re your blog.
      I have thought a bit about it and despite the limits imposed on me by the Lyme, I have some suggestions that could set it apart from the bulk of other alternative news/info blogs and also a sense as to what I could contribute. Initially I thought I would just comment on your pieces but perhaps I could do a little more.
      Perhaps email is best if you are interested…
      Cheers, Abi

      • Hello Abi
        Crazy times were now in, but I really sense its actually all good, so we must remain steadfast and strong
        Your suggestions sound very intriguing.
        Anything you can suggest/contribute will be gratefully appreciated.
        The blog, I really want it to have an alternative medicine major presence/focus. However analysing the Bible and Christianity is taking off too.
        But this can easily be handled and managed.
        So (since I am lazy) it will be very good to have your interest and support however you can manage it. So we can create an easy to read, identify, Hub. For newly diagnosed cancer patients for example. So they don’t blindly get sucked down the chemo/radio Big oil Big Pharma Freemason Rockefeller etc pathway of Fear and Despair and Pain and no hope

        I will ask Tap for your email and ask him to give you mine

      • Hi again
        Im sure youre already well in control. But ill just contribute this

        I think Wilson could be onto something, when he discusses our bodies, environment, all the EMFs etc, and toxins, as being very Yin. And all the Yang therpaies soultions that are tailored for, 2016. For example, ive read somewhere, on his site I think. All the EMFs everywhere for example (leaving aside the diet and water), encourage, foster, fungus growth within the body. Bacterial and viral too? I wouldn’t doubt it.

        Therefore I recommend you consider, stopping kombucha. yes Lawrence Wilson might be wrong, or even worse, an intentional disinformationist. However so far, his recommendations have dramatically helped my skin, and health
        Even though I am very far from doing the full nb programme And maybe I never will.

        However Wilson makes sense. Eg in years past for example 2011. I bought and took loads of antioxidants, indiscriminately, plus herbs, and pycnogenol, and blueberry capsules, and minerals etc. I didn’t look or feel well
        Wilsons advice on NB does make sense. I still have more to analyse on who he is and his motivations. But evidence I have on myself , so far. The mans on the ball and what he says is helpful.


        A properly designed nutritional balancing program will usually reduce the severity of Lyme disease without a need for antibiotics or other specific remedies. In most cases, people can return to a normal life. If one continues the program for a number of years, the disease can be eradicated completely, in many cases.

        Here is a short case history – one of many we have seen
        Janet, age 41, was diagnosed with Lyme disease several years ago. She had a long list of horrendous symptoms including chronic fatigue syndrome, ME or myalgic encephalitis, secondary infections, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, neuritis, heart palpitations, anorexia, and anxiety.

        She had taken antibiotics and other remedies such as herbs to combat the Lyme disease, but these only helped temporarily and not too much. However, after only 3 months on a nutritional balancing program, she noticed a significant reduction in her symptoms, to the point that she is able to work again and resume a more normal life. She knows that to fully get rid of the condition, it will require more time on a program, but the progress is notable and did not involve any toxic drugs.


        1. Many people have Lyme disease who are never diagnosed with it. This is just my observation. Accurate testing for Lyme disease is not always easy. With nutritional balancing as a corrective method, testing is not needed. I just assume that most people have Lyme disease. It may not be causing symptoms, but the infection is often present, especially if one lives in a damper, wooded areas of the United States, and perhaps elsewhere.

        2. Lyme disease is opportunistic. This means that the parasite is spread very

      • dkblue says:

        Thanks Adam. That’s synchronistic as acupuncturist said I have very little yang energy at the moment hence the exhaustion so have been eating more yang foods and did stop kombucha a while back. Also we got rid of our wifi and my phone is on aeroplane mode constantly! I also know diet plays a huge role – can reduce acidity, lower inflammation and detox through a good diet – besides I love healthy food!
        There is so much we can do on a personal level to empower ourselves healthwise.

      • Hi Abi
        again, please realise, I look at Lawrence Wilson with a cautious, critical eye. Just like I do and should, like we all should, with everything. Theres so much disinfo everywhere. Plus, Lucifer is very very present in this world
        we are in an Age of Deception Abi, and Lucifer, which as I understand it, is the slightly, softer end of black magic, but no less evil, but not as hard line as Satan
        Lucifers more sublte and can present himself as a being of Light, or as the most wonderful angelic person, or someone you think is wonderful , or whatever.
        However, we are aware and guard against Lucifers tricks.
        Ok that said.
        As far as I can tell thru personal experience. Wilson and his NB science, works. he makes a point to say, now in 21st century, macrobiotic classification of yin yang, works much better, than traditional TCM. The thing I like about Wilson and his hair analysis NB science. it seems very very responsive, tailored, to the times were living in now. Mineral depleted soils, and toxic metals everywhere (chemtrails). Id say the guys on the ball and until I get other clues, I vouch for him. Compared to someone like Byron Richards, take every antioxidant under the sun indiscriminately. CThis isn’t to disrespect Byron Richards , bcoz on a certain level, his remedy based, orthomolecular type vitamin mineral type approach, still has some merit. This is a complex topic I don’t propely understand, im feeling my way. Anyway trhis macrobiotic
        classification of yin yang might not paste ok, but ill try. I asked tap to give me yr email and give you mine

        excellent, some parts of it must be changed, in my opinion, based upon hair mineral analysis research. For more on this subject, read Macrobiotics, And Modifications For Nutritional Balancing Science.

        Macrobiotics is based on ancient Japanese and Chinese Taoist philosophy. It divides foods into those that are more yin in nature, versus those of a yang nature. The chart below depicts the way foods tend to be classified on a scale from yang to yin:

        Salt Eggs Red Meat Poultry Fish Grains Vegetables Fruit Sugar Drugs/Alcohol


        Yang foods. The most yang foods are sea salt, meat, eggs, poultry, fish and cooked vegetables. Plants that grow beneath the ground are more yang, while those that grow up in the air such as most fruit, are more yin. Cooked grains, cooked beans and cooked vegetables are in the middle.

        Yin foods. Raw vegetables, and even more so fruits, juices, sugars, alcohol and drugs are more yin (watery and expansive). Also, anything made with water is much more yin such as soups, smoothies, and watery foods such as eggplant and all fruits. Dried fruits are less watery, but are still extremely yin due to their sugar content. Most raw plants and herbs are also very yin. Also, chopping a food into tiny parts, grinding it up, blending it, pureeing it, or juicing it also causes the substance to become much more yin in nature. In contrast, whole foods that are not chopped up are more yang. Let us discuss specific types of foods:

        PS even the standard 1970s macrobiotics diet is no good now, as our environment incl |EMFs has changed things and our bodies so much in the last 40 yrs.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        dk – Try the following and ask Adam for advice on anything you get stuck on:
        1) place haematite tumblestone under the pillow to increase the yang you attract at night
        2) place yellow jasper under the pillow or carry with you – it takes time to work. It will help to balance the auric etheric field
        3) eat more lamb and also maybe onions (if that is acceptable to your constitution) this will increase the absorption of the environmental chi energy that you need to rebalance.
        4) draw in the chi in the yang form that you need by visualizing it coming from above when you draw in breath and take it in through the olfactory nerves of the nasal passage and also the lungs. After time you will be able just to draw it in without breathing.
        Be careful not to go too Yang. You are a Girl and so need a little more Yin than Yang whereas a boy needs a little more Yang than Yin. I am sorry I am a little tired today. Please ask Adam for more details. Best wishes!

      • dkblue says:

        Thankyou so much Adam and MScryfa – I felt very cared for when I read your comments 🙂 I am taking it on board with the diet and will get hold of those stones you recommended for under the pillow. Great stuff.
        PS Adam haven’t got your email addy yet…

      • You need a digestive aid. We all do in fact. I hesitate to say this bcoz I don’t want a rush on it and it all to be permanently sold out. But GB3, or one like it, there are similar types too.
        THIS IS THE REALITY OF 21ST CENTURY WE ARE NOW IN ABI. Perhaps aside from a very minor few, possibly insiders. (yet Kissinger, or others, hardly look the picture of health. lets leacve that aside) (But are we simply seeing a Kissinger clone? Cloning has the potential to TOTALLY RIP DOWN AND CHANGE THE GAME, AND OUR UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY. It truly would become one massive Truman SHow we are in. Achilles Heels always exist though.

        Sorry for digressing. Lamb and onions, very good foods
        My understanding the wonderful Lamb, lambs, are picky and the Freemasons cant get away with feeding them GM rubbish, lambs need and want grass. An important concept, that I don’t adhere to myself. But im trying. And I have stints when I do, when im not working split shifts.
        A rule of thumb. Eat 5 times or more, as much cooked vegetables, than meat protein. Yet proteins very important for liver detoxification in the 21st century onslaught
        There are many benefits to lots of cooked vegetables, one is the gut regenerating effects, and the gentle fibre, all the phytonutrients communicating with the cells of the gut wall. Protein putrefaction, too much protein not enough cooked veg, causes this issue, and protein kind of digests, but lots of toxic chemicals leave the gut and posion the liver. Its all simple, and more to say. But not the energy for me to rtype tonight but Wilsons articles explain elegantly. A few raw veg per day can be good. But overwhelmingly I would cook your veg and onions.
        I emailed Tap about email, perhaps you could let me know yr email on my blog message to me, then I will instantly delete it to preserve your anonymity

      • ” Infrared energy heats the body from the inside, up to several inches deep. The heat and other frequencies the lamps offer improve the circulation, hydration and oxygenation, and often disable or weaken harmful microorganisms, including those that cause Lyme disease and many other conditions. Near infrared also has other healing effects, according to some research.

        Apparently, the frequencies emitted by this particular lamp are extremely beneficial. ”

      • dkblue says:

        Hello Adam,
        that is very doable isn’t it? I’m going to try this at home. Near infrared, worth investigating!
        All the best

  2. Lynn says:

    It is building Adam…you can feel the change coming. Some pretty important people are seeing the truth dawning. It has to come to a boiling point now. People are working for nothing…once they have nothing to lose they will have nothing to fear. We have been trapped into thinking we have freedom. It is a plantation complete with the company store. Corporations have the Monopoly on cities and Towns with their brands. Every single one looking the same. Boycott them and chose local.

  3. ian says:

    Yes I agree, the truth is coming out, hence the mass surveillance. There are no freelance terrorists, only those employed by the crazies who rule us, and they don’t need to watch them as they control them. We are being watched and this is being read, and as I’ve said before, it is only our lack of charisma and potential to cause problems that saves us from being Robin Cooked. We are annoying yes, but don’t have any ability to be more. Try it, put up a facebook page calling for revolt, and if it gathered any momentum, it would be used to facilitate it’s and your undoing. Likewise mobile phones. The crazies have the latest high tech communications, TV, radio, security services and the MOD at their beck and call. We’d have paper cups and string.
    Non violent non cooperation is our only option and even that could be monitored and subverted.
    They still have control, all we have and are gaining knowledge of is their MO. That may have advantages yet to be seen, or be membership to a club that stinks.

  4. Lynn says:

    Yes they have us hemmed in…watching for the grass roots of a rising up. Social media is not a good place to start anything. The only way is in groups and in quiet corners. As sneaky as they were. Secret society was their cover. We have to use their tactics now. Under the radar and away from the listening devices. They know its coming and so do we.

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