Terry Wogan: “Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along”

By Edward Richard 08/07/2014 10:55:03

heathFormer Prime Minister, Ted Heath

NORFOLK – England – Former TV presenter Terry Wogan has made an impassioned plea of clemency to author and researcher, David Icke.

A repentant Terry Wogan has spoken of his distress at ridiculing researcher and writer David Icke all those years ago.

“I ridiculed someone who was in the process of waking up. You see I was asleep myself just as so many others were. Well, I apologise to Mr Icke unreservedly for being a snivelling arse that night on the Wogan show. David Icke was correct on Jimmy Savile and all the others, especially those in the halls of power,” Mr Wogan told the BBC news service.

David Icke has been the foremost researcher into the dealings of the higher echelons of the British establishment for over a decade.


TAP – If this was true then Wogan’s services would not be required by the BBC any longer.


20 Responses to “Terry Wogan: “Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along””

  1. ian says:

    The BBC should be demolished, lock stock and barrel. It is so corrupt, disgusting and controlled by Zionist people and their holocaust loving child killing cronies. It is also a stereotypical example of state broadcasting at it’s most bucket reaching for, obvious. The licence fee, too, induces vomitting.

    • emm jay says:

      Yes, totally agree Ian, they are toxic.
      It’s lovely to see you back. it really is and so glad that you’re ok ?

      • ian says:

        Thank you emm jay, so kind of you.

      • Is it my imagination. Or does this last songhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xaar2JOycDQ
        Have hypnotic like , trance like, repeating chords. That tap into whatever frequencies. Just like the organist employed in Kubricks EWS, to play chords.
        Bowies song seems to be based along these lines. Ive not analysed the lyrics yet. But the name BLACKSTAR , im sure he didn’t just pluck that out the air randomly.

    • Lynn says:

      Very true Ian…we would be better off without this propaganda machine totally. But they were found guilty of the 911 slip up…accused of being terrorists. Not far off the truth to this Royal Mouthpiece.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    The BBC, a byword for bullshit and buggery

    • Peter Cook had the BBC sussed long ago. I do not sense he was part of it. I think he was more like Rik Mayall in his stance. In Derek and Clive he describes saying to his friend Ephraim ‘ Theres a load of C***s down there at the BBC, that need sorting out. , Go round to there to Televison Centre, go berserk, tear the f**king place apart, burn it to the ground. ‘ Cooks words are more relevant today than ever.

      As for this post above, I sense it has all the hallmarks, being a sophisticated leading strategy, pied piper like, leading the awakening ones to Icke. Whatever it is you’ve alluded to MS about Icke, yes I get it I sense it, he doesn’t ring true. Wogans words are fake above. This is an |Establishment psyop. Icke could be peddling many deceptions
      If the Awakening masses can be shepherded into a cul de sac of LIES….our mental powers, our Qi, our etheric batteries, this etheric Qi energy can still be drawn off and whatever manifestation powers every human might have, will still be exploited in the New World that’s coming. Whatever that is
      Perhaps even telling lies about what to expect in the after life might be a powerful weapon of Deception they use. Dr Eben Alexander whos appeared on Oprah. All very interesting and nice. But something doesn’t ring true, Oprahs involvement

      To end, ive read David Bowie on Aangirfan. Im not sure what the real situation is. But Bowie must have known lots. Was he evil? Did he have many split ‘Alter ‘ personalities? I did like him in Extras. Very subtle clever guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUXp59NaNig

      But what was Bowie trying to tell us in his last songs?

      ” Waiting for the first move
      Satyrs and their child wives
      Waiting for the last move
      Soaking up our primitive world ”

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I read your comment about what Capt Vijay said over at the other article on DMT. That was very interesting. The affectionate love or lack of it of the man toward the female having a direct effect on the etheric charge of the sperm.

        That quote from Bowie is a good find too. The film Labyrinth is fascinating. He actually was quite a good actor which is unusual for a singer/musician. Certainly he was quite versatile and had more genuine talent than Savile who was basically just a TV personality & pervert.

        The truth about Bowie is hard to fathom was/is he a military mind controlled prototype as I think Aangirfan and others have suggested or was he born into it?

    • Ted ‘The Grocer’ [that’s what I heard a youtube isle of wight DJ refer to him as in 2010 when talking with Icke]
      Heath. Ted Heath

      His skin got very red in later years, ruddy complexion. One would think, all this blood drinking to gain the sacrificed Forces of Life at the Rituals. Would confer eternal youth and beauty.

      Not so. look at Savile.

      of course, Heaths complexion could also have been caused from being so overweight, and his intestinal gut lining breaking down, causing leaky gut. But I sense Heath will have been advised against foods with hidden GMOs and Glyphosate Roundup residues

      Just like Jeremy Corbyn will be advised, when he eats at Gabys Deli (Promoted on BBCNews24) Corbyn will get the non GMO food not on display

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I spoke to Michael Shrimpton a few times on the blower before he got sent down and was struck by how matter of fact he was about his situation. He did not last long before getting his collar felt after he did the radio interview about Heath though. But there are so many suspicions flying around it is hard to know the reliability of his sources. The allegations against Heath fit with many others that surround HDLG, Jersey and Savile (though he first tried to deny being at HDLG). But in terms of publicly available evidence on Heath other than one alleged victim of a child rape in 1961 and the Madam who now lives in Kilburn, there is a witness who saw too few children return from a trip on Morning Cloud. It might be I am wrong on this but Shrimpton is still the main public accuser of Heath and of course he is a convict.

    • Its interesting. I might have been a naïve clueless person for many years. Not in my heart, because often ive been very happy.

      But whenever have had to be compared against society. The TSHTF. Can you imagbine the hitting the wall tauman, joining Establishment medical sch at age 31. I was an extremely irregular shaped toy trying to fit into the Establishment hole. In manyb respects even socially. It took me a while to find my way back once I left in 2009. Various helpers I met after 2009, helped. id say spiritual help manifested in human form, I met

      The comment you sent many months ago, praxis article, being aware slightly before our time, Yes.

      I believe intensely in the power of love. Even though ive been clueless and made mistakes. I sense good things are coming , soon. The Mind. Psychic sense power. What does this say the power between a man and a woman? I realise sex must be put on the back burner at first. So oxytocin desire bonding can happen. Dopamine driven lust doesn’t last and depression soon follows. Once theres love though, intimacy, warmth, caring. I suppose sex takes on a whole new dimension, and being together.

      I agree. David Bowie was (is?) a very intriguing intelligent character. Compared to low class sub human twat Savile
      Ive never watched labyrinth properly but I will.
      I used to be in love with Jennifer connely, and I suppose I still am. But in her 1991 film Career Opportunites where shes locked in overnight to a Target dept store, with a hapless store worker. Connelly in Labyrinth in 1984 is underage, though I suppose one wouldn’t know it in a nightclub

      In 1991s career opportunites she was roller skating round the closed target dept store in a tight white top. Lovely girl and great film

      however MS the point I wanted to make. Bowie was a quite good actor. Ive noticed, in Christian movieson TBN. Christian actors, are surprisingly natural, though I know theyre amateurs. Theres a surprisning naturalness observable in all the actors in TBN Christian films. One exampleis Fireproof. Erin Behtea is a beautiful woman, Christian actress. The genuiness, is apparent

      Ive nowlost ,y point due to tiredness but I hope you can sense whart my point is . Goodnight

      • beLIEve says:


        Haute De La Garrene…….

        I think my spelling is incorrect.

        Children’s home in the Channel Islands.
        Heath et al …used to collect their victims from there.

        Men Scryfa

        Hope you don’t mind my replying to the question Adam addressed to you ?

        It is not my intention to offend.

    • yes, if Dr Masaru Emoto who recently died. Showed
      In quite clear terms, convincing way. Despite the predictable denials of my family members

      Emoto showed how, Prayer, the power of intention and positive thought. Qiintention I suppose. Emoto oberbably demonstratd, frozen water samples. positive human thought , intention, wishes, prayers. The crystal shapes on frozen water crsytals

      Notonly this Men Scryfa. Jars of rice, with labels on them. Swear words, hostile curses. Or loving writing on the label on the jar.
      See how the different rice in the jars, lasted, avoided mould and degradartion. Masaru |Emoto


      The absolute beauty, emotionally overwhelming wonderfulness. When a beautiful woman, a man is in love with, loves him back. Bearing in mind \Dr Emotos research

      What does the Psychic Power of falling in love with a beautiful wonderful woman. And being with her. Do to the water in a mans sperm?

      How powerful is the power of the |Mind?

    • I think interesting valuable non offensive realisations and questions about David Icke that should be asked are:

      – If he is very very clever controlled opposition (maybe without him even knowing it) (or maybe onbe of his Alters does, but others don’t)
      – If he is, whats his mission. It on first glance looks hard to discern. icke gives loads of truth and is even a good awakening tool for family members, he also has an MSM allure
      – Ickes interaction with gorilla99 in hyde park made me realise, theres sides to Icke, I did not realise when enjoying project Camelot
      – Whats the deception Ickes peddling? Might it be….esoteric, telling us falsehoods on the afterlife and physics
      – Might it be instead, to lead us astray and distracted, form some imminent Superwave event?
      – Might it be, icke acts a controlled demolition agent, to at key points in time, helpto demolish the existing order. Are the elites demolishing themselves? Because they have a new Truman Show set up to morph into?
      – Woven into things he says, slipped in might be key ESOTERIC THINGS that subtly act as mind control, on a black magic level.
      – Might Coleman be the ultimate psyop, 100% truth. Might it be an intentional, key point in time, demolition if all we know. Why was Coleman absent for so long then reappeared back end of last year? I might and could well be and hope im wrong on all this. I like him
      – The Icke Wogan spat. Now looks to me totally set up, over many years planning. From an MKUltrad possibly bloodline former BBC weatherman.

      So im just floating these types of questions for us all. About David Icke

    • Sorry BBC sports presenter. I forgot to mention cloning. Cloning exists , its real.
      The controlled demolition of society I sense and suspect, incrementally, using people like Icke as facilrtators and tools
      Could the people whos blood we are baying for, and eventually get a few into trial, are clones?
      Might we all be playing into a Truman SHow?
      While the real perpetrators are either
      – deep underground living it up with free energy
      – or high up on motherships or safely on colonies elsewhere in the solar system. Again with free energy and exquisite technologies men scryfa

      – makes me wonder what the point of it all is. if they have all that. Why do they bother themselves with us here, in this physical space of earth? Why don’t they just F**k off and leave us and go and enjoy their free energy toys and colloidal gold chloride elixirs and nutrient dense soils and their child wives?

      – And leave us in peace

  3. Lynn says:

    He was a Zionist act..pushed to lure the young into bysexual acts and depravity. The celebrity world has been carefully manufactured to start trends and fashions. Icons propelled into the minds of the young. The record industry was always a Zionist Mafia. His last album is full of symbolic signs. Hidden in plain site. A truly black and evil agenda is being played out in full view.

    • Lynn says:

      That is David Bowie Adam. Not Like. Plus Wigan had a 50year career at the Beeb. He was no stranger to the sordid truth..50 years of a fantastic salary..he would never blow that away.

    • ian says:

      Hi Lynn, You are probably correct about both Bowie and Wogan Lynn. I must admit to being a fan of Bowie’s music especially in the Ziggy Stardust days. Wogan like Paxman and all the other big earners know which side their bread is buttered on. As I say to others if Paxman did an expose on 9/11 for example, he would cease to exist, one way or another. They are all one story from disaster.

  4. Lynn says:

    Ian so did I and many others…we fell for the trends just like the kids today. Idols to follow and copy. Brainwashing is marketing. A 30 second advert costs millions – who would pay that if it didn’t work. !!

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