Tap water exposed. Video.

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Filtration is best.  And I mean through multiple filters down to half a micron.  Bottled water has preservatives, and legally is permitted to be more toxic than tap water.

Water is the prime depopulation weapon.


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  1. baron says:

    Distilled water is better than filtered.
    Filtered water still contains inorganic minerals that cannot be absorbed by the body and are eventually deposited in joints, arteries, liver etc.

    • Tapestry says:

      Distilled water? You need only remove the toxic metals and compounds from water. Distilled water removes the good metals and minerals from you.

      • baron says:

        The only minerals that distilled water removes are the inorganic ones that the body cannot use. The only minerals your body can use are the organic minerals that are produced by plants. The plants extect the minerals from the soil and then are produced into something your body can use.

  2. Mag Blue says:

    I would totally agree with what baron says tap 🙂

    Actually i would press further, and say, in my humble, that (and speaking generally), the only safe drinking water left on this planet is that which is distilled, and that not only is drinking distilled water not only the safer option, but far and away the healthiest option. and imo baron is quite correct in saying we get the trace minerals and elements we require from plants (imo, aproximatly some 95% of it)

    There are many things which we can do, to “juice up” our distilled water, and one method i use regularily is to pop the distilled drinking water into a blender for 10 seconds or more. This will help to regenerate the levels of oxygen in the treated water. Another method is to stand the distilled water in a magnetic charger for 5 days or so, (simply take a small water bottle and place it inside a good sized (empty) paint pot (for example) and fill the space inbetween the water container and the sides of the paint pot with magnetite dust. which will add a very healthy magnetic zing to the water. Water treated in this way can have extremly positive health giving properties. Even without “zinging” up the distilled water, i can assure you, both my wife and i have drunk only distilled water for some considerable time now and find it far more enjoyable and a far healthier option to any other “drinking” water we have found.

    Further more, purchasing a water distiller is fairly inexpensive (ebay for example) but i find making them more fun and very cheap to do.

    Here is a link to create one’s own magnetic charger at home ;


    Here is a link from a very nice gentleman called BCtruck, who is demonstrating how to build a do it yourself water distiller, (there is a part two to this video where he swaps out his “wife’s” pan for a pressure cooker, which works very well indeed.


    In the video there from bctruck he even makes a reference to being able to safely drink water that has been distilled from toxic radioactive water. Not that i can confirm this, nor do i wish too.

    By the way, i am of the opinion that if a persons tap (fawcet) water has been contaminated by the effects of fracking then the chances of that water then being radioactive are fairly high.

    There is a term and an understanding i employ which i think applies here.

    “Organic Water” (sacred water). Prey tell me how come if a plant is 95 % water and is labelled as “organic” then how does that description apply to that plant, unless the water is certified organic as well ?

    By the way, i only ever use distilled water treated in the way i have described for all my plants whether i smoke them or eat them, or merley look at them (this includes the grass on my lawn!). What is good and proper practise means exactly that, right across the whole food and water spectrum.

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