Saudi Arabia’s Defeat in Yemen: The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

The most dangerous crisis in the world today is not the confrontation in the South China Sea, the war in Syria, the crisis in Ukraine or the North Korean nuclear test.

All these crises have their share of irrational actors, and there is a risk any one of them might spiral out of control.However the main parties in these quarrels — the US, China, Russia and Germany — have long histories of squaring off against each other. They have worked out rules with each other about how to handle such conflicts, which for the moment are just about working.

The most dangerous crisis in the world, the one where the potential risks are greatest and where the actions of the players are least predictable, is the war in Yemen.

Last year Saudi Arabia backed by a coalition of conservative Sunni Arab states intervened militarily in Yemen, which has been in a state of prolonged political crisis since 2011.

Saudi Arabia’s declared reason for doing so was to restore the country’s legitimate President. Its actual reason was to prevent the takeover of the country by political and militia groups it believes are aligned with Iran.

As is always the case with anything involving Saudi Arabia, it is very difficult to say how its intervention in Yemen is going. Such reports as there are however suggest it is going badly.

Despite heavy bombing and the deployment of large numbers of Saudi troops the opposition in Yemen appears to be undefeated.More alarming still, the Yemeni opposition appears to be going onto the offensive, launching attacks on Saudi territory, capturing Saudi towns and settlements along the border.

That is an astonishing development which must be causing growing alarm within the Saudi government.

The fact foreign forces have captured Saudi territory despite all the Saudis have thrown at them must be causing alarm about the competence of the Saudi army and its ability to win the war.

Worse, it may be jeopardising the stability of the Saudi state itself.

Saudi Arabia competes with North Korea in its success in keeping its internal political situation secret.

For example, it nows seems that in the 2000s Saudi Arabia had to fight on its own territory an al-Qaeda led jihadi insurgency. Though it was defeated, outside Saudi Arabia hardly anyone knows about it.

That there are people in Saudi Arabia who oppose the government is hardly disputed, though their number, militancy and state of organisation is unknown.How these people will react to the Saudi army’s defeats in Yemen is anyone’s guess.

There must however be at least a possibility that like the revolutionaries in Russia in 1905 and 1917 they will use the impression of weakness created by the defeats to step up their opposition to the Saudi government.

As for the Saudi government, I have little doubt the war in Yemen is by far its biggest worry, eclipsing concern about oil prices.

It is probably nervousness about the effect of the defeats in Yemen on Saudi Arabia’s internal situation which explains the recent wave of executions — including that of a Shia cleric — as the Saudi government tries to intimidate its enemies and put on a show of strength.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading oil producer and geographic heart of Islam. It lies on an extraordinary multiplicity of geopolitical, economic and religious fault-lines.  A crisis that risked the survival of the Saudi monarchy would throw the entire international system into chaos.

It would be the biggest and most dangerous crisis the world has seen since the end of the Second World War.

That however could be what we might be looking at before long.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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6 Responses to “Saudi Arabia’s Defeat in Yemen: The Stakes Could Not Be Higher”

  1. ian says:

    I know that the head chopping clowns are crypto jews, which explains the bowing and ass kissing by our porkophile leader. I’m sure someone can tell me why they are important to him, because I sure as hell don’t care for them.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    “porkophile”, funny. Maybe Sam though secretly wants and needs some real beef?

    • I think Sam is a fake to the hiphop modern woman she likes to present. I think there are many many skeletons and dark corners. And I sensed the energy looking at her a few yrs ago. Didn’t know what I was seeing. But I sensed, I don’t like that woman. Shes a fake
      Lately its started to feel like, Whether looking at a colleague, or a person on the street, or woman I fancy on the bus. It tends to happen with positive vibrations and energies. But its like I can read their emotional aura around them. I cant see it physically , no colours. But I can see an aura. Almost almost like the air shimmering in the desert distance, but not so obvious
      Now to the real stuff.
      Im sorry to message so much MS with so many thoughts and threads, I wont be offended if you say reduce them a bit. But I get burning trains of thought id like to share.

      Ill get to my point. Im a very honest person and cant keep something inside for long.
      After recent events, I have lost my bottle somewhat
      I would LIKE (especially now im seeing and understanding the TRUE NATURE OF THIS WORLD WE ARE IN. ) (WHO THEY ARE)

      As you must know me by now. When im armed with the right knowledge, I fire and fire and fire all the guns of Truth. There is much I could say, I know what id like to say, as I know wheres what, with recent events. I could spell things out, since im good at that. I could work out methods to deliver. I can go for the jugular now I know where it is.
      yet I wont pretend, ive lost my bottle. However, heres an offering

      It is very interesting. One talks a lot about the Khazars, the fake jews. Pharisees. Dublinmick educates us about the Khazar Neadnerthal blood haplotype that’s inferior to thw White Aryan mans blod haplotype. And it seems they’ve had an inferiroirty complex chip on their shoulder ever since. DM tells us they even fled into japan and Shintoism is actually Khazar, has the star of David on its temples.

      But heres my point. A confusing fundamental point in commentators discussions is this: The ‘Conspiracy’, is against the European Aryan Christian White Man. We know this is whats going on.
      The point id like to make is, many, most of the Neanderthals look White themselves? That does confuse matters slightly.
      Though in the case of Cam, Lawsons, others, there perhaps are giveaway signs, a slightly too white skin and slightly too dark hair, the contrast. That’s a bit of a giveaway, that and the noses of course

    • And that actually literally does mean ‘ the jugular’
      gets frozen and restart


      IS ‘fighters’ who are actually ipcress file type mind controlled people, to have no morals, and view western women as dogs to be raped, etc. And view the west as owing them everything.

      ‘ Shadowy Forces’ are creating these types of men,and inserting them in with the natural migrant waves from the preengineered Syria War that partially had this intention, the migrant waves. The intention is to change Europe

      That’s all ill say. I wouldn’t have emailed on this topic but the situation in Germany is bad. How long do I wait before speaking? When we cant walk down G**** or *****th high st without fear? Cairo tourist harassment would be a f**king picnic compared to whats happening in germany

  3. Lynn says:

    Our fine upstanding establishment sold them 1 billion in arms to do this. It always comes back to the filth in Londonistan. The money laundering scum reside in Old London Town.

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