Russia buys 200 tons of gold in a year

Against the Dollar? What Russia’s Increase of Bullion Reserves Could Mean

Russia seems to be launching a silent attack on the supremacy of the dollar and the Western countries, as President Putin is buying gold with “little fanfare, but on a large scale”; as there is no evident economic reason for such an increase, the move will provide Russia with an insurance against crises, according to German media.

“It is a silent attack on the supremacy of the dollar,” states German newspaper Die Welt, referring to Russia’s recent increased resupply of its gold reserves.

The outlet notes that “it is a declaration of independence, proclaimed in secret.”

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is buying gold at the moment — with little fanfare, but on a large scale,” it says, noting that in January alone Russia’s gold reserves increased by 20 metric tons.Russia’s stock now stands at more than 1,300 tons, it adds (according to statistics portal Statista, as of February 2016, it is already almost 1,400 tons — 1,392,9).

“While politicians fear a new Cold War between Moscow and the West, it has already begun in the financial sector,” the newspaper further states.

It also explains that there are no evident economic reasons for such an increase, therefore it might be also an attack on the supremacy of the reserve currencies of America and Europe.

“One who buys gold reduces the dominance of the Western currencies,” the newspaper states.

Since 2005, Russia’s gold reserves have nearly quadrupled, it says, adding that in the last twelve months they had grown by more than 200 tons.Ian Bremmer, an American political scientist specializing in US foreign policy and the president of Eurasia Group, a political risk research and consulting firm told the newspaper that money is often used as a financial weapon and in fact, Washington has used the dollar in the past to put pressure on Russia.

Therefore the Russian head of state apparently wants to avoid such dependency in the future by using bullion reserves to insure against crises.
The metal is recognized and is sought after worldwide, and its stockpile can’t be increased artificially.

The newspaper also notes that there is only one country that is buying gold even more actively, and that is China.

Its reserves now total nearly 1,600 tons (according to Statista — 1,762,3) – it ranks fifth globally, after the US, Germany, Italy and France. Russia comes sixth.

Apparently, China also hopes to get rid of the dominance of Western reserve currencies.

© Sputnik/ Pavel Lisitsyn


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12 Responses to “Russia buys 200 tons of gold in a year”

  1. beLIEve says:

    Russian gold buying policy is simply INSURANCE….against the …redesignation of the US dollar to …..LOO ROLL ….status.

    • beLIEve says:

      China is introducing a… GOLD-Yuan…. peg in the first week of April 2016.

      AND…Bloombergs has suggested GOLD may REVALUE to $64,000.00 per ounce from its current level of around $1,200.00 per ounce.

      RAT-PAPER is dead.
      The RAT-child method of UNLAWFULLY extorting wealth by means of ……PRINTED PAPER…is over.
      No doubt THEY will….ATTEMPT….to shift to a new method of …..THEFT ! $$!££

      • Should i now try and put all my cash into low demonitstional gold and silver?
        I wont pretend. Its all distressing what you say. But truth is what counts

      • beLIEve says:


        The situation is distressing and may grow increasingly so.
        Advising people what to do with their hard earned and precious savings, is a mine field and best avoided.
        Having said that the writing appears to be on the wall.

        On 12th Feb …the Hawaiian born “president” of the “CORP-oration” known as the USof A…apparently…….penned……as in…….INK on PAPER…UNLAWFUL “legalese”…..a so-called “executive order”…….stating his intent to……STEAL….gold and silver rich lands….in one or more US states.
        I think he called it ….NATIONALIZATION……omitting the obvious a……PRIVATE CORP-ORATION….and ……NATIONALization….are…..OXMORONIC…..a contradiction……MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

        The article is on the…… …

        It may have been written by Bix Weir

        Jean, incidentally is closing her blog for the moment due to ….SCUM-bag…..interference.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Silver coinage and bullion is probably the best bet at this stage in the game. Only problem is that silver takes up a lot of space although the potential for price increase is even greater than for silver certainly until you get to the late stages of a hyper-inflationary cycle.

        Based on the Weimar charts gold could easily exceed 57k an ounce but that is an extreme scenario which if it were to come true might lead to more of a total breakdown thus rendering gold beyond price or an accessible effective market, in the West at least. This is the problem in the sense that guns and ammunition will become more valuable along with food and the means to produce it than gold and silver or other precious metals

        The gold to silver ratio has been well off for some years now but there is no point in investing in anything which is not physical. Saying that though the gold and silver markets are as controlled as the rest of them so making any big move risky. For instance they had a rush of gold bug fever some years back when the price topped which was all just a very sly and controlled shake down to clear out all the small time profiteers who saw an opportunity. You see the rich club do not want any ‘bottom feeding scum’ crashing their party. I know a couple of these who sold their house to become gold and silver traders then the market tanked and they flunked off with their tale between the legs.

        Never underestimate the nerve it takes to see a bull run to the finish.

    • beLIEve says:

      Bix Weir article……………
      on the theft of gold and silver rich lands by the …PRIVATE CORPoration….presided over by Hawaiian….Barry Soetero or, whatever his authentic name is.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    I had 10 ounces of gold some years ago and sold it off for 360, what I paid for it. I could still kick myself in the arse for doing that. Course I had some bills to take care of.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Gold is a bit dangerous for private individuals to hold. It’s easy to steal being light in weight per value, and people will use violence to get it. People should buy silver instead, which historically is far more volatile in price than gold is.

    • Well i will try and ask my bank next week to sell me low denomibational silver then. I dont want a paper certificate.
      Buts its all highly inconvenient. As if theres not enough to be thinking about. Another things is should i try and put ninety percent of my meagre savings into physical silver
      As well Tap if thisis is real and its coming. Then tptb are taking the initiative to orchestrate a major, key fundamental change in society. I dont think russia and china yuan gold move is a move being done by free good people, i hope im wrong.
      Ive not had chance to read all comments properly here yet. I wonder what our worlds going to be like this time next year?

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Hey Adam
    Gold and silver are great as long as there is something to spend it on!

    • Yes good point Dublinmick.
      Knowing what i know now, i wish id pushed much harder to create a hydroponic food enterprise. And hoarded guns and ammunition. As it is i have neither. It seems the people to weather all this will be well defended small or medium farm holders.
      I cant conjure up whats needed in the next month. So feel like a bit of a sitting duck. Dont know what to tell, or advise my dad, or if hed even listen. Were not farmers or own a farm unfortunately.
      But yes. Guns and ammunition and the safe ability to grow nutritious food, is what will matter.
      Perhaps the cabal have waited for this time they knew was going to come, their backs against the wall. And this their last stand? If the cabal are pulling the plug in this major way………whats causing their backs to be against the wall?

      Or maybe as Men scryfa said, theyre mopping up, have mopped enough. Nows the time for phase 2.

      What a bizarre conversation to be having. I never dreamed id be looking at such bizarre topics going on.affecting my life.

      To any tapblog readers who are prepared, wel defended and maybe even farmers. If tshtf then i would be grateful if you could offer me sanctuary. In return i could offer my hard physical labour. Ingenuity and problem solving skills. And whatever assets i can offer. As well as being positive company with darkness all around.

      So it appears we are playing a waiting game until the official Yuan gold peg. And then……….?

      • beLIEve says:


        We are playing a …..WAITING GAME……yes I agree with that……..

        BUT you might like to entertain the…THOUGHT…..that the…. SCUM…. are ….STUCK… the same …… GAME……..
        1) What does Vlad have ….lined up for them ?
        2) What are 7 billion Sovereigns going to do to them ?
        3) Will….. THEIR stooges…..stay loyal and …..PROTECT them ?
        4) Will THEY be STRIPPED of all “their” STOLEN assets ?

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