Pound falling. It’s all Brexit Boris’ fault!!

As expected, the Brexit referendum and the divide opening up in Parliament is being blamed for the fall in the Pound that’s building as the currency heads towards the $1.40 handle.  It’s all nonsense of course.  Sterling has had an earlier dive towards $1.40 a few weeks ago, from which it has barely recovered.  In fact Sterling always falls to a low every eight years regular as clockwork.  2016 is the eighth year, and a test of the floor this year was being forecast ages ago.


I’m not sure which comes first.  The market manipulations or the political ones.  Sterling could well tumble in the next ten months, but will then sharply recover from the new floor wherever that floor will be.  Look at any fifty year chart, and count the years between market floors.  It’s always eight years.  It’s nothing to do with Boris Johnson or Brexit.  The manipulators need an excuse to cover over their market games. Boris fighting the system day after day on TV and all over the media, will be a good one.

Longer term if Britain were to get out of the EU, and recover her sovereignty the Pound Sterling could become a strong currency, in our own control once more.  Our debts could be paid off as they were under Thatcher, and the good times roll, growth return.  Vote OUT.

Typical City type report from this morning –

Pound Sterling

Sterling sank against the dollar yesterday as the defection of London mayor Boris Johnson to the ‘Brexit’ camp added to concerns that a British departure from the EU is a real risk. After a positive reaction to Prime Minister David Cameron’s sealing of an EU deal on Friday with which to fight a referendum on June 23, the move by Johnson along with a handful of other senior ruling Conservatives drove a wave of selling in Asia. Bets on sterling weakness over the next six months reached their highest in more than four years.


GBP/USD Chart:






5 Responses to “Pound falling. It’s all Brexit Boris’ fault!!”

  1. peugeott says:

    Yes good old Boris, he’s really concerned about saving the taxpayer money, I wonder what he has planned doing with it? mabe giving ‘hard working families’ a good pay rise, or maybe tax breaks for the millionaires.

  2. Tapestry says:

    You know the crush of freedom is getting bad when the likes of Johnson, Trump and others start fighting back. By the time the people at their level in the hierarchy can see it’s time to fight back, things are getting bloody serious.

    • Tap, I don’t understand the meaning of your comment. Johnson, Trump, fighting back against what? The crush of freedom. Is that a good thing? Are they getting nervous and its good in our favour?
      My impression was its going nicely to plan for them, the migration wave into Germany etc. Things are getting serious, and theyre having a change of heart?


      On Friday, February 26, the Black Moon will make exact opposition with the Eris Point (21 Aries and the former favored degree of the Illuminati to exert terror and attempt control) at 8:30 pm ET/1:30 am UT. Earlier in the day, at 11:15 am ET/4:15 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct the Black Moon before it exactly opposes the Eris Point. This will empower the astrological transit. Since we have “Archons Gone Wild” in effect, we may see some acting out. The cabal has not been able to pivot anything off of activation of this degree since April 15, 2015. The “music of the spheres” has driven them out of their minds, with many seeing the light and seeking refuge as a result.

  3. Tom74 says:

    I take your points about the political element and the fluctuating exchange rates.
    But I think the real issue here is that $1.40 is a historically very low value against the pound – suggesting there are huge problems in the UK economy. That’s probably why they’re trying to get the referendum out of the way.

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