Of Israeli intransigence and ‘wild beasts’


It is a moral tragedy today that we are witnesses to the slow death of the Palestinian people and yet do not possess the courage or conscience to speak out


By Tariq A. Al Maeena, Special to Gulf News
Published: 16:55 February 13, 2016

In the late 1930s of the last century, Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews of Austria and Germany as “blood sucking beasts”. He then set about committing one of the most heinous crimes against them, along with the other subjects of his conquests, by sending them to the gas chambers. That act of barbarity is referred to as the ‘holocaust’. Loosely defined, it is the systematic and wilful slaughter or destruction of a people on a mass scale, to the point of extermination.

For more than seven decades, another holocaust has transpired on a milder scale, but whose intent is one and the same — the total elimination of a people through imprisonment and murder. That has been the unfortunate fate of Palestinians living in their lands that are slowly being run-over by illegal Israeli colonists, who pour in from different corners of the world on the basis of their Jewish religion and force the lawful owners out through intimidation and force.

The intensity of the Israelis in expediting the holocaust and getting rid of the Palestinians within their midst has taken on and urgency never witnessed before. They want to seize every remaining piece of land that belongs to the Palestinians. And it has also taken a macabre twist. With illegal colonists given an open licence to kill, more Palestinian women and children have been targeted, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers and snipers than ever before in recorded history. The message is clear: Remain here and you will not last. Leave or meet your end.

Last week, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced plans to surround his country with fences to protect it from the “wild beasts” from neighbouring countries. During a visit to the south of the country, near the border with Sinai, Netanyahu stated that the fence project was part of a “multi-year plan to surround Israel with security fences to protect ourselves in the current and projected Middle East. In our neighbourhood, we need to protect ourselves from wild beasts,” he said. “There will be a fence like this one (referring to the one along the Sinai border) surrounding Israel in its entirety. We will surround the entire state of Israel with a fence, a barrier.”

Netanyahu’s “wild beasts” comments are no different from what Hitler had said so many decades back. And Netanyahu is following a parallel plan of destruction, targeting the hapless Palestinians who seem to have been forgotten amidst the ongoing regional clashes. Nazism and Zionism have thus merged into one. Bolstered by the regional concerns of Arab countries that have seemingly relegated Palestine to the lower tiers of immediate alarms and in the face of a lack of any loud international condemnation for their brutality, the Israelis have picked up pace, putting the finishing touches to this holocaust.

Public statements by some of the Israeli leaders reveal that such a plan has been a work-in-progress for many years. It is not confined to the current leadership, but has been the basis for which every peace deal met an inglorious end at the hands of the land-hungry Zionist machinery. In August 2000, the then Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, had referred to the Palestinians as a “predatory reptile”. “The Palestinians are like crocodiles. The more you give them meat, the more they want,” he asserted.

In a 2013 radio interview, the Israeli deputy defence minister, Eli Ben Dahan, and also a devout rabbi known for his outspoken views, said that Palestinians “aren’t human”. “To me, they are like animals, and should be treated accordingly,” he said.

Last May, the Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, shockingly stated that Palestinian mothers raise “little snakes”. She said that all Palestinians should be viewed as “enemy combatants”, and that “the mother of martyrs should follow their sons. Nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there”.

One must not also forget the war criminal and former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, who was directly implicated in the massacres of the innocent in Sabra and Shatilla and had a personal hand in another massacre of an entire village in his intent to exterminate all Palestinians. He had revolted against previous peace agreements, such as the Oslo Accord, and set about diversionary agendas to distract the world community from his dastardly deeds.

Sharon was committed to eradicate the souls of those born and bred on this land — all in the name of Zionism, a despicable alternative to racism.

And just as Hitler’s henchmen had initially convinced Chamberlain of England of their desire for peace, so has the Zionist spin doctors been active in the West, promoting the concept that the “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinian people, into its seventh decade now, is a reaction to suicide bombing or terrorist attacks, shamelessly promoting Israel as the beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

It is a moral tragedy today that we are front-line witnesses to the slow death of a people and yet do not possess the courage or the conscience to speak out against such state-sponsored ruthlessness. Some choose to digest the spin Israel provides to its acts, while others pretend it never happened. But the blood of the Palestinian victim that spills on his land is all too real. Let us not mince words here. It is the Israelis who wear the mantle of the “wild beasts” of the region. Their actions justify it.


Source: http://gulfnews.com/opinion/thinkers/of-israeli-intransigence-and-wild-beasts-1.1671534



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41 Responses to “Of Israeli intransigence and ‘wild beasts’”

  1. Lynn says:

    This Country stands guilty of Genocide around the world.

    It is nothing more than a death cult Maffia.

    A headquarter to the most evil intent. Racist and unrepentant. A most vile regime that has put the world in a headlock.

    Monstrous and Barbaric. They are the Synagogue of Ashkanazi Evil. They have persecuted the Palestinians to near extinction. They have overun the powers of every nation..Putin stands to reveal the true perpetrators and enemy of all who are not one of them.,

  2. ian says:

    The official holocaust, not the Armenian one, not the American Indians, not the Russians under Stalin, nor Pol Pot’s killing fields, not the Allied bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or Dresden. Not Eisenhower’s Rhine meadow death camps, none of these, but the supposed gassing of six million that changed to below two million but is still six million, where the coke fired crematoriums outdid modern computer controlled crematoriums, by a factor of twenty or so. Where the gas chambers were built after the war. Where it is an offence to question what happened. Where confessions were kicked out of people. The real holocaust?

    Palestine is the real holocaust !

  3. bluefeather says:

    Richard Boyd Barret on you tube
    Israel is not a normal state …
    What is it with the Irish politicians, they have so much more courage when speaking truth against these creatures. No matter how much fluoride they put in the water, it will not make them comply to evil dictators.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    “Israelis are always exterminationists.”

    Eustace Mullins.


    Anyone who makes it on to the ADL website for “anit-semitism” deserves immediate and immense respect.

    Here my great friend and patriot, the heroic, Carol A. Valentine:

    “Valentine, Carol. Added 11/28/01. Carol Valentine, long time maintainer of the “Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum” Web site, published an essay titled “Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots,” in which she claims that the planes hijacked on 9/11 were not actually hijacked but were controlled by “advanced robotics and remote-control technology.” Valentine suggests that “US allies [meaning Israel, to judge by her examples] and people within the US military establishment are not opposed to killing American servicemen and civilians, given the right goal.” Valentine asserts that the government wants Americans to believe “that a man who dresses in sheets [and] lives in a tent or a cave in the middle of nowhere-Osama bin Laden-was the mastermind.”


    May their names be held high forever more in the hallowed halls of GOD!

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    More Nuggets of golden wisdom and truth from St. Eustace (Mullins):

    May 8, 2004

    “It [the Holocaust] wasn’t really an issue until the late ’50’s. All of the sudden, they remembered that six million Jews died in WWII. I’ve often said that after six million Jews died, most of them went on to own apartments in Manhattan and Tel Aviv. It’s not really a topic that interests me much beyond how it’s used as propaganda and mind control.”

    (From interview posted on rense.com)

    • Tisha B’av holiday this August
      Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 1 – Did the Georgia Guidestones cube reveal the date of the Olympic terror attack?

      Tisha B’Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy

      But why would an ISIS attack on the Olympics in Brazil be a Jewish tragedy? The answer to this question can be found in what I wrote in Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 5…

      What will happen between now and the September attack on Israel to provide Obama with justification for turning US forces against them? 2 possibilities

      The public revelation of conclusive information tying Israel to 9/11, and

      > The public revelation of conclusive information tying Israel to the “ISIS” attacks at the Rio Olympics this August (if Israel gets tied to ISIS, the geographically unrestricted ISIS war authorization will apply to Israel, permitting Obama to attack the nation he supposedly hates)
      As I’ve documented in previous entries, an Israel security firm called ISDS was hired to install, integrate, and manage all of the Rio Olympics’ security systems

      ” Rio de Janeiro is 74% Christian, and is full of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches that are just begging to be blown up or have their flocks slaughtered. So don’t be surprised if the attack comes on a Sunday.”

      ” As I’ve covered in recent entries, there is evidence to suggest that the globalists will fake Putin’s assassination and resurrection during September’s Gog/Magog War. Will September 25 be the day he is resurrected to smash the evil Western NWO? This would mean that his assassination would occur three days earlier on September 22, which is a perfect Masonic date for such a thing. ”


      In a surprisingly under-reported story, one of Jerusalem’s chief rabbis, Rabbi Shlomo Amar issued a ruling on Monday that God must bring the messiah and expedite the ultimate redemption. The ruling was delivered during an all-night spiritual gathering of rabbis from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and a recording of the moment was posted to YouTube (in Hebrew).
      On a personal note, I’m planning to take the next two days off to take my son to Starbucks and catch up on my backlog of dish washing. So barring hot news that can’t wait, expect to see the next update on Sunday. I’ll be writing about some interesting connections among the Russian oligarchs, the Chabad-Lubavitchers, the Jewish Messiah, and Vladimir Putin.

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    More glorious truth from Mullins:

    July 2003

    “It’s [the Ruling Class] more Gentile than Jewish, but the policies are ultimately Zionist-Jewish, through the Rothschild family. They don’t give a damn about Jew or Christian, however. They’ll organize a massacre of Jews or Christians if it serves their purposes. Most of the pogroms in Europe were organized by Jews as a matter of policy. They do the same thing in this country. Attacks on govt. buildings, OKC bombing, Waco, etc. are threats of terror in order to control people…I’ve said to people for years that America is at the dawn of its Republic now, because we never had a Republic. We’ve been under control of the bankers the whole time. We’ll get our own government and America will begin to have a history. We have no history. All we have is a history of Zionist intrigue.”

    (From an interview posted on rense.com)

    From The Biological Jew, published in 1968

    “The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an apostle of sexual perversion, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community.” (page 21)

    “This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host.” (page 25)

    “Treason, fraud, perversion, all the hallmarks of Jewish life among the gentiles in the Diaspora. And it is parasitism.” (page 28)

    “…the existence of the Jewish parasite upon the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and the life of the host. Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence.” (page 28)

    “The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this – a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews….And how futile it all was, because today, Jewish bankers own sixty per cent of German industry, and their holdings are protected by the occupation army of America.” (page 32)

    Early 1950s

    “It is the Jewish Garden of Eden. Kikes to the right of me, kikes to the left of me, the work is done in an enchanting Israeli blue. . . and stocks of Yiddish propaganda. . . being gobbled up by. . . white school children. … I suggest to anyone who is not anti-Semitic, that he visit the Jewnited Nations.”

    (from The Broom, a publication of the period, in which Mullins recounted a visit he had made to the United Nations headquarters)

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Remember Folks all the above comes from the ADL’s very own website!

      I just love it when they help to destroy themselves!!

      Cannot help it. Happens every time.
      1290AD, 1106AD, 1215AD, 1306AD…

      Does anyone remember the headline in the Jewish Chronicle at the height of the Fightback in 2014 against the Ritual and Wholesale Rape of White British Children by the so-called “Elite”…

      Yes suddenly in a panic the JC was calling for Jews to consider leaving UK

      Funny that.

      We are dealing with cowards + concealers and murderers of the truth

    • Powerful startling words. What is the difference between this and Satanism?

      He has it wrong though surely? The Nazis are no angels at all. In fact Nazis and Zionists theres considerable overlap, or one and the same . Did I read somewhere Ashkenazi is where Nazi word comes from

      This evil described above. Really does seem like an aleinlike virus like parasitic infection that’s entered our earth, our countries, communities.

      One has to ask and wonder. And start bringing this up more prominently to consider Since we live in an occult world, its how the world is really run. And black magics been at the helm running things for a long time. (maybe in Vedic times and times previously. Atlantis/Lemuria or whatever, the world wasn’t run on this?)

      I think we must start integrating more into our thought processes understanding this world, about the metaphysical aspect. I mean, there are rumours that the US military in Iraq, one of if not the reason the cabal went in there was because a very important stargate/interdimensional vortex point (where leylines cross apparently) was in Iraq.

      What would be the importance of this kind of thing, why am I mentioning it?
      Because even though Cobra 2012 Portal blog as one example, im sure has a massive agenda of a new Truman Show being constructed.

      There seem to be inescapable truths in there too. Cobra says the cabal use the vortex points to bring in demonic entities/archons/whatever word you want to use. Almost like extradimnensional beings. Apparently they bring them in here and I suppose they might either
      – immediately enter human bodies
      – or just hang around, waiting to.
      – but the point being, maybe the cabal are using these vortex point places to bring in more evil entities to do bad things here?
      – Maybe the ongoing battles and situations we face and talk about today. maybe there really is a real time, parallel, interacting situation going on. Of cabal directed demonic entity attachment and mischief and troublemaking.

      – maybe earth got infected in Khazaria by the Black Sea all those centuries ago, by an extradmimensional demonic virus, that was brought in, and infected the people there?
      – Maybe theres a huge vortex point/etheric node point in Khazaria ? like acupuncture node points on the human body?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        hI ya Adam. Nice point about Satanism too. The Pagans always had much less difficulty with Esau/Edomite/Canaanite/ Khazarian Judaism than Christianity and Christian nations. Probably because as we see in the West today ZOG can easily control Godless and Non-Christian nations (with the sole purpose to eventually destroy Christianity and White People, who’s religion it primarily is). That is why they always push race mixing.

        There were many instances where the Jews were happy with a country and had good relations with it and then suddenly as soon as the nation concerned converted to Christianity the Jews turned on it and attacked or rather financed and plotted to get someone else to do it!

        That is how the Normans invaded England and the Battle of Senlac Hill 1066 occurred.

        Basically King Alfred and the Saxons and his descendants were a lot more Christian (after the conversion of the Saxons) than the Crypto-Satanist Normans who were then financed by the usurers in their invasion. Once King William the Conqueror was installed he admitted Jews to England immediately.

        Another example is the Goths. They had friendly relations with Jews then as soon as they converted they were attacked by the Jews and still are today with the Migrant Wave being sent to Germany.

        This is why a firm knowledge of the Bible and Bible Truth (not happy clappy shite) and in particular the British Israel Truth is essential to any head on fight with World Jewry. Only the Yahweh Man can defeat them head or side on.

        Unfortunately in that field there is no substitute for individual reading and careful long research. Reading Wiki will not do as we know all those sources are corrupted and designed to spread lies and confusion. John 8:44

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Don’t worry so much about distracting details like whether Hitler was a Jew or a Rothschild or where the Nazi in Ashkenazi or vice versa comes from. Frankly who cares when your sister is getting raped and your country destroyed and are forced into penury

        The Battle is on here right in front of our eyes. Either God and Good exists as our ancestors knew and taught or he and it doesn’t in which case we might as well all switch sides.

        We are under attack. Are we really to believe that we are under attack from a Good God because we are irredeemably evil?
        Or is it not more likely that He is Good but he has removed some of our protection because we have not respected Him and listened to Him and so the forces of Evil are unleashed.

        Think of Eternity as my fellow fanatic and nutter the Rabbi T says.

        A great Preacher stated: Missing in the Pulpit is,


        They hate Christ. They hate Him and remember They were the ones who murdered Him and destroy the truth

        SO === Love Christ. Love the Truth.
        Read the Bible and spread the Truth

        That will piss the Enemy off the most!!!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I will let Tap Blog Readers into a little secret

        For many years, probably all of my life, I was engaged in a struggle with our Enemy. Sometimes I was more conscious of it and sometimes I was just in the heat of battle and then sometimes less so.

        But I was much of the time on the back foot. Not finally defeated and not ever off my feet for long, but I was bleeding and taking some heavy blows. I was swinging and even making the odd connection with the Enemy but inflicting no real damage. If I carried on with the same approach and the same mentality I would still be the same treading water and making no progress other than fighting just to stay alive and prevent imprisonment / bankruptcy / etc etc

        Then in my historical and archaelogical research, after becoming well aware of the pernicious role of satanism and jewry, I came across the fact that the True Ancient History of Britain has been completely hidden and almost destroyed. It was by this means that I came across the British Israel Truth.

        After I then fell in with the last remnant of the B.I. Truth Movement in Britain that I was immediately REGENERATED.

        I went straight back out into Battle and have never looked back

        NEVER, EVER, EVER deny the Strength of


        When England awakes and Revives, that is Bible Truth Anglo-Saxon-Celtic based Christian Revival our Enemy will shit its pants. That is when they will nuke or neutron bomb everybody and then the BIG MAN arrives.
        Result We Win! We Always Win!

        We = White = WINNERS.

        They = Losers.

      • RabbiT says:

        Thanks M.S.

        I may be a fan but am not “fanatic” as such suggests “excess”.

        Neither am I a “nutter” my former church having me checked out by the Head of Psychiatry who insisted there was nothing wrong with me. As a middle class Baptists they simply refused to see they were Laodicea – The Complacent Church. It is what Love does – it reflects “a dim image in a mirror”.

        Nor am I “the Rabbi T” ‘case thee think me a Jew.

        Just as in all the above and as RabbiT I am merely – case sensitive.

        Mullins claims in 1923? the National Socialists joined with the Zionist Party to give us the NAZI party.


        Just as many UK politicians could not care a dam for fellow UK citizens why should a Jewish elite care a jot for ordinary Jews and I think it was Mullins (possibly Chris. Jon Bjerkness) who suggested those who were holocausted were Jews who were opposed to the setting up of a Jewish State which is a clever (though extremely evil) dialectic.

        I read many of the camp guards were themselves Jews and am becoming satisfied gas was only used for delousing it being lousy for the mass extermination of humans.

        Watched an interesting video a few days ago suggesting many high ranking Nazi’s were Jewish which makes sense when you get beyond black and white and into the cunning ways of these Jewish supremacists.


        Having listened to some of Hitler’s speeches he knew he was likely taking Germany into a state of virtual destruction but demanding “rights”…

      • Men Scryfa says:

        RabbiT you know it is my only way of expressing friendship. Never was very good at it somehow.

        To me you are my Friend.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        RabbiT re Hitler I think I am with you on that. i don’t want to sound anti-German but you have to wonder what happened?

        A guy turns up, puts a red arm band on and suddenly they are invading half of europe. A bit excessive despite the many good things that happened domestically.

      • RabbiT says:

        My dear Men Scryfa,

        Absolutely no offence taken my good friend. As you poked a little fun at me I merely retorted knowing you would take such in good stead – mere banter!

        I know almost all think me a nutter (except those who know me) but I once stood before a judge who stated “I can see you are an intelligent man.”

        On another occasion I stood before 3 QC’s representing a young woman as a sort of McKenzie Friend and they bowed to me. Unusual as I have no formal legal qualifications.

        I choose my words carefully and I tell the truth especially in my dealings with the Almighty whom I can share has a plan and I know what it is…

  7. Men Scryfa says:


    Just noticed this on the ADL website, the “Defenders of Liberty and Truth” that is World Jewry (cough, cough) have Trade Marked their slogan,

    Imagine a World Without Hate®

    Oh the irony, the bitter irony. I wonder how the Palestinians feel? And here in Europe World Jewry and the ADL are busily engaged in the Genocide of the Britons, the Swedes, the French the Germans, they have the deceitful utterly sheer evil to assert that they are the ones who seek “A World Without Hate”


    This is so OVER. Tell your friends. Speak up and speak out. Spread the word. Engage even your jewish and zionist acquaintances (if they will talk. lol) as it is time to explain THIS IS NOW OVER.

    • ian says:

      Unbelievable MS, that these arses would come up with that. Then again what’s the mossad motto again?, by deception shalt you do war. or similar.

    • HolocaustTM. If it is over. if there is fear in the lower ground level troops minions eyes.
      Then something big is breaking and we are on the verge. Attack onwards. If a certain percentage of humanity Awakens is it 12 or 14%, the exponential increases
      (could it be the hundredth monkey effect as well, but not only). SImple net spreading too.
      TPTB in the Doughnut etc, simply couldn’t keep track and monitor and emply methods like have been discussed today ON ALL OF US?

      • Men Scryfa says:


        Hahaha – I can just see the steam coming out of the crook nose short arse reading it

    • ” i don’t want to sound anti-German but you have to wonder what happened?

      A guy turns up, puts a red arm band on and suddenly they are invading half of europe. A bit excessive despite the many good things that happened domestically ”

      Well said. All the endless comment and confusion that may well have truths in it. plus the decades of propaganda, then truths get added. Then more lies. Then the alternative media come along and we are still debating

      Sometimes, most of the time, things are best kept simple and can be distilled down simply. Life and nature,a nd the universe and its laws, are simple. It is all the rest that cloud and complicate matters. But well put in a nutshell about hitler and his rise and Germanys gleaming appearnance in the 1930s men scryfa

  8. Lynn says:

    A world without joos would be a world without hate.

    They hate the world!! FACT.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Thumbs up!

      • Men Scryfa
        this interesting comment from the very perceptive Nicky, who detrmined the recent 15 yr old Israeli boy NDE, was a supernatural implantation ofideas, psyop. he said the boy was looking to the side, to the rabbi, for prompts. I didn’t notice this. And why MS did the boy say at the halfway house in the afterlife, with the great smell that was so wonderfullthey were all reading the Torah? The boy didn’t want to walk in, because he sensed, if he returned to this world to do good works, he would be allowed even deeper and further in, higher up, to a most wondrous place, in the Afterlife? Men Scryfa wheres the deception going on? Any relation to Eben Alexanders tale? On Oprah? But yet MS look at this. See Nickys comment just now
        ps. Oprah practices the same technique so I wouldn’t swallow any of the crud being levelled at her of late, It was kept quiet by her till free of the network’s that controlled her.
        Over the years I have watched many a celeb get hung out for persecution after making appearances at say the Fairfield Domes or coming out in the open about there love of the same technique. Including the Beatles, and of late Russel Brand. It is gaining acceptance stateside as so many top directors have pitched in with there love of the same. Scorcesee, David lynch etc etc etc.
        Even Clint Eastwood I recall had run ins with born agains at one stage.
        Shame thay have no knowledge of our shared heritage. Brahm/ Abraham.



        (Not Nicky I know he means well)

  9. Aldous says:

    Why on Earth is it that people like Tariq A. Al Maeena, Gulf News, need to compare the utter evil of Israel with (and only with) National Socialist Germany? It’s not even the same bloody ball park. The usual bloody suspects have to keep Hitler ‘stinking like a dead fish’ so I’m assuming that this article was penned by some Zionist shill in a classic case of ‘limited and perverted hangout’ of truth or whatever you want to call it.

    “And just as Hitler’s henchmen had initially convinced Chamberlain of England of their desire for peace…”

    That just about sums up the duplicity of this article and whoever penned it couldn’t GAF about any Palestinians.

    Gulf News is without doubt a Zionist funded rag and all the western puppet regimes of the ‘Gulf’ – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen – are represented there. Take a look at this headline:

    Saudi border guard killed in shelling from Yemen
    More than 90 civilians and soldiers have died from Al Houthi shelling on the border
    Published: 14:04 February 15, 2016


    You couldn’t make this stuff up – well actually they do!

    Here’s some inconvenient truth for the male child genitalia mutilation and torture brigade:

    Leo Max Frank (April 17, 1884 – August 17, 1915) was an American factory superintendent who was convicted of the murder of a 13-year-old employee, Mary Phagan, in Atlanta, Georgia. His legal case, and lynching two years later, attracted national attention and became the focus of social, regional, political, and racial concerns, particularly regarding antisemitism.


    “Turn back time, more than 90 years, to a cold case that won’t gather dust.
    It’s a classic whodunit, starting with the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl and ending in a lynching. It was grist for a prosecutor’s political aspirations, a case that was appealed all the way to the country’s highest court and a story hotly debated in the national press.

    At the center of it all was Leo Frank, a northern Jew who’d moved to Atlanta to supervise the National Pencil Company factory. When the body of Mary Phagan, a white child laborer, was found in the basement, law enforcement homed in on Frank. He was tried and convicted, based on what most historians say was the perjured testimony of a black man, and sentenced to death. But when the governor commuted his sentence in 1915, about 25 men abducted Frank, 31, from the state prison and hung him from a tree in Marietta, Georgia.

    Considered one of the most sensational trials of the early 20th century, the Frank case seemed to press every hot-button issue of the time: North vs. South, black vs. white, Jew vs. Christian, industrial vs. agrarian.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYNeAJPMX58 4:55

    The first hand reports from this case told a very different story of how Leo Frank had sacrificed a White “goy” child using Jewish ritual practices, then tried to blame an innocent [Black] janitor, made corrupt pay offs to the Governor, etc.

    The Zionist Wiki is obviously trying to portray the convicted murdering Jew Leo Frank as a ‘victim’ in all of this and shift the blame onto a Black ‘goy’. Some things never change. Even the image Wiki uses is an attempt to make Frank look ‘angelic and innocent’ whereas the You Tube image paints a very different story – the eyes being the window into the mind. Pure evil if you ask me and a correct and well deserved conviction if not lynching.

  10. Lynn says:

    They will all be lynched in the end. The truth is bursting through the BS now…too much has happened to keep the masses asleep.

    They know its coming and they are truly terrified of us..we sleep tight for now you filthy Scum …. Time is running out for raping murderous scum.

    Benefit cheats the lot of them. Cheek!!

    • Aldous says:

      Lynn, the Leo Frank case illustrates perfectly why the likes of Leon Brittan(isky) and Greville Janner are/were virtually untouchable in the present day.
      Had he not been lynched, Leo Frank would likely have had his conviction quashed – after his death sentence had already been commuted to life imprisonment – and the black janitor witness ‘fitted up’ for the heinous crime instead.

      According to their hideous scripture, Jews can do pretty much what they like where the ‘goy’ are concerned and I’m convinced that Leo Frank would have got away with it had justice not been meted out by a justifiably outraged public.


      Ethnic Fouling In England

      Ethnic fouling is a variant of Ethnic Cleansing. The latter is driving people out of a land by murder, rape, thieving, threats & so on. Fouling is displacing people in their own land by flooding them with Third World undesirables. Jews are doing it to England, America, Canada, France, Holland,
      Ethnic Fouling In Ireland etc.

      A lot of the references and names in this source are checkable and valid.

      PS Another view comes from Dark Lake Synectics. It is entitled Genocide – Eliminating The English.


  11. Aldous says:

    @ adamspiritualwarrior 15 Feb 2016 10:56 pm

    Hi Adam and apologies for a ‘tardy’ reply – your (and those of others) reply icon is auto-disabled to prevent replies getting pushed/squeezed too far to the right and becoming too thin and long, as the comment thread increases.

    I love the word ‘tardy’ and so rarely get a chance to use it. I first heard it in a superb Shakespeare play Richard lll, when the conniving deformed Richard ensures the death of his brother, the ‘Gentle Duke’ Clarence, by delaying Clarence’s reprieve (by King Edward) of his Death Warrant – which Richard has conspired to have served on his innocent sibling:

    From memory…

    Richard: Why Ma’am have I offered love for this? Who knows not that the Gentle Duke is dead? [The King and his wife, those assembled ‘start’ in utter surprise and shock]

    King Edward: Who knows not he is dead? Who knows he is? Is Clarence dead? BUT the Order was reversed!

    Richard: But He poor man by Your FIRST Order died, and That a Winged Mercury did bear… some TARDY cripple bore the Countermand. [Sickly and guilt ridden King Edward goes into seizure and dies – as Richard intended]

    Anyway, that’s where I first heard the word tardy. Did you know that Shakespeare first used the word Spacehopper?

    There are so many informative articles, both on Tap and elsewhere, that it has become increasingly difficult to comment/reply due to the complexity and ‘information density’ of those articles.

    We have the Zionist Jews and their complicit Fifth Columnists reeling and on the back-foot, make no mistake. My wife just shouted over to me, “Peter the Great said Never trust a Turk!” Amen to that and a suitable note to finish this tardy reply. Kind regards Fellow Warrior.

    Lawrence of Arabia (8/8) Movie CLIP – No Prisoners (1962) HD 2:39


    • Hello Aldous thanks for your interesting comment.
      I didn’t know he used Spacehopper, it sounds a futuristic word for that time.
      I do not know English literature and history too well, but I did read somewhere Shakespeare, might have been someone else, such as Francis Bacon or have I got that wrong. Or several people. Im unsure if Shakespeare was a real man or not, but in the main this is due to my lack of research im sure

      On a random tack Aldous. The Ian McKellen version of Richard 111 I saw some years ago left an uneasy feeling, and this is before id taken the red pill. I don’t like those dystopian films. V for Vendetta is another one, Zionist funded wachovski I assume. I don’t think its healthy for minds to view these things, a dystopia in 2027 or whenever. Im very distrustful of it all, and the mind control agendas

      This is not a Tardy reply

      Agreed. The Tap is increasingly becoming a tremendous library to dip into with use of the search bar. yes some posts might well be disinfo, as Henry acknowledges. Such as ICBMs and nuclear weapons don’t exist, theyre a hoax. Im unsure on that one. Hard to know.

      At uni accommodation in ….2005-06, I didn’t get on with Turks in the shared corridor large flat. Thuggish with an attitude. One or two were ok, but in my naivety on how to navigate situations, I ended up clashing terribly with them. Uni security got called, they sided with me

      After an upside down few days Aldous, I see things clearly again, but I do see the invisible wall , that’s there. I have the ability to speak from the heart on matters, but its more complex than that Aldous
      best wishes Fellow Warrior

      • Aldous says:

        Adam, a quick reply:
        When I said ‘information density’ [my original term I think] I was meaning there is so much to read and take in, that it often leaves one virtually exhausted and with little time to comment before ‘timing out’ and going off to the pub as in Cheers.

        BTW, I hope our Boys and Girls both sides of the Atlantic aren’t going to do the usual thing and usual suspect’s thing of fighting and dying in yet more engineered Jew Wars. I know a lot of these guys are ‘Economic Draftees/Conscripts’ but if they knew that 22 US Vets a day are topping themselves, they might think more than twice before pulling that trigger or pushing that button.

        War these days is usually a very distant affair apart from those who are on the receiving end of it. Those who stick it in the post at the behest of their satanic Jewish masters are often so hopelessly guilt ridden to the point where death is the only salvation and way out.

        And so Life and Death is written, when a line is crossed that should never have been approached in the first place.

    • I remember you saying not too long ago, you are more optimistic now in 2016, than you ever were this time last year in 2015. I keep that in mind with all the depressing overwhelming stories around. I know its not the whole story, I believe tremendous good and light exists, but the bad ones do their best to make us think it doesn’t exist, its not there, extinguished, and lose hope. it isnt

      Mustering the Emotional and Spiritual Maturity to Face the Satanic Cult


      If we want to heal the world, humanity has to muster the courage & spiritual maturity to confront the Satanic cult and get the Satanists out of power.

      Spiritual maturity is what is needed most right now by humanity en masse to deal with the predicament we are in. We are in the midst of an unspeakable and horrific evil, but rather than evil, I suggest we use the term unconsciousness (as Eckhart Tolle author of Power of Now advises). We have allowed deeply unconscious individuals and groups to infiltrate and seize the power centers of our societies.

      The “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that JFK referred to is, in fact, a Satanic cult that rules through black magic. Many whistleblowers have affirmed this such as the most recent one from Australia, Fiona Barrett. This international Satanic cult is composed of some of the most famous and respected people in the world. It is the dark heart of the New World Order. There is only one way out of this for mankind: to muster up the courage, in terms of both emotional maturitynand spiritual maturity, to face this Satanic cult head on, expose its crimes and get these Satanists out of power, so they can no longer continue their lying, thieving, raping and killing ways.
      Continued at hyperlink must read

  12. salty says:

    Netanyahu’s Racist Incitement, Dehumanizing “Non-Israelis”, Palestinians Designated as “Wild Beasts”

    February 18, 2016.


    The second week of February 2016 was a banner week for racism in Israel, with shockingly racist rhetoric from Prime Minister Netanyahu, genocidal references from his backbenchers and fulsome attacks on Palestinian leaders from his entire government.

    These attacks appear not only to lack legitimate basis, they reveal the government’s own hypocritical alliances with convicted terrorists.

    1. Netanyahu’s racist incitement.

    On February 9, Netanyahu dehumanized non-Israeli Middle Eastern peoples, calling them “wild beasts.” He made the comments in the cont

  13. salty says:

    Israeli Forces Seize Over 2,300 Acres near Jericho

    Tuesday March 15, 2016.


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