No One Escapes the Shift


by Zen Gardner


It’s such a remarkable time we’re living in right now. All of this going on both within and without us is happening almost before we can even begin to identify what it is we’re going through or where we’re headed. It’s very much like we’re flying over and around new rocks in the stream of life and shooting down even more unexpected and sometimes seriously daunting rapids.

There’s not much else to think about while body surfing this incredible current.

I’m hearing from so many this sense of being in limbo and having to deal with unforeseen and quite immediate obstacles and issues that seem to be draining their time, attention and energy. Things arise in all of our lives that have to be dealt with, but so often the next move or decision seems to escape our awareness and it can make us feel confused and powerless.

It’s certainly not a time to make rash decisions. In fact, it’s important to stand back, observe and wait for the answers to manifest as much as possible. In the words of Ponka Chief White Eagle:

“When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage. So long as mists envelop you, be still; be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists — as it surely will. Then act with courage.”

Our Strange Convergence

 We all like to know where we’re headed at any given time. In less turbulent times this is usually possible to some degree and we’re used to having that luxury. But it’s becoming a lot more difficult. We’re being swept into new and exciting places with some sort of cosmic urgency.

We’ve long seen this coming and now we’re in it. It’s really two converging worlds – the vibrational changes our spaceship earth is passing through, as well as the stepped up insanity of the would-be controllers to block these energies and jam the beneficial signals available to us by instilling fear and insecurity, all while bombarding us with a toxic cocktail of electromagnetic, chemical, genetic, nuclear and techno-transhuman humanity-debilitating influences.

Hence this strange confluence of energies we’re experiencing, one source empowering and the other disempowering. This has always been humanity’s dilemma to varying degrees, but we’ve now entered the apex of our struggle for survival and eventual overcoming in a culmination of epochs such as the world has never seen before. And remember, no one is spared from these converging changes, even these wicked conspirators against mankind. Hence their desperate and chaotic behavior.

It’s we who they fear. And they should.

The fact that we are fully aware of our situation as outlined in my Manifesto of the Awakened and continue to thrive despite these onslaughts attests to the fact that we are a far superior race and fully capable of transcending this madness and taking our planet back. It only remains for each of us to do our part in this struggle.

Therein is the challenge. That we each activate. There’s no more stalling if any of us are to truly fulfill our sacred mission here.  After all, why are we here at this crucial time in history? Why not face reality head on and let your heart go free and spirit fly in the face of it all?

Feeling Our Way Through Converging Currents

While there’s a time to let go, there’s also a time to hold on. This is certainly true navigating a raging torrent or a sweeping tide. We can ride any wave to our advantage, but it’s also important to not take wrong turns and go with the wrong flows and get flushed down the gutter into the maws of the matrix.

Navigate these vibrational changes wisely – flow with it when necessary while still steering as best you can.

The beauty of losing control in a torrent such as this is that our heads and minds can’t get in the way. It’s too late and too immediate for that. We might have a few instinctive reflexes to try to keep our balance and heads above water but our old footing is gone during these times.

It’s nothing to fear. In fact it’s a good thing – a real good thing for a true conscious cosmonaut.

The irony is that some are clinging to the shore if they can find something to hang on to, but that too is giving way to the groundswell and growing deluge of change as even the shores cave in and into the maelstrom they too will soon be drawn. As everyone knows, panicking in a rip current or trying to swim directly to shore in a strong undertow is not only futile, but a deadly option. It’s a time to keep our wits about us and use the natural currents to our advantage, even though we may find the shore again at some distant unknown destination.

This is where the heart comes in. Fear is the killer – and the antidote is trust.

We’ll all be swept up into the fast moving tides of change as this shift proceeds so why not take the initiative and call the shots as much as you can while you can? You can feel something drawing you, something magical even. That’s the right river, the right current to follow. When you catch that current go ahead and venture out into the deep and let go and see where it takes you.

Desperately clinging to false realities can cost life and limb. Just remain conscious and steer your vessel with courage.

Too Fast and Too Furious – For Whom?

Our self identity is so intensely tested in times of change such as these – or any other for that matter. It’s just that this is as intense as it gets and will only get stronger as this phase unfolds.

We’re each on a quest, as reluctant as we may be at times. What beckons each and every human being is an illusive calling to fulfill something greater than ourselves.

Such is the underlying nature of humanity at large. The search for meaning and truth is a massively important influence that insistently attempts to direct our minds, our attention and our energy, despite the worldly influences that pound and surround us. Yet our hearts are astoundingly more powerful. Circumstances such as these are a perfect opportunity whereby we’re virtually coerced to release the old in order to flow into the new.

Much of it isn’t pleasant, that’s for sure. But heart directed intention as well as innate faith in the underlying truth that upholds us unconditionally are more than sufficient to keep us buoyed like corks in these wild cataracts of change we’re experiencing. Just stay clear of the crazies who don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. They’ll drag you down with them if you’re not careful.

Peace Amidst the Storm

This kind of deep knowing and trust supersedes circumstances. We can have the principle down and perhaps have had it tested on occasion, but when the big waves hit and waters appear violent and chaotic what responds is at a much deeper level. Navigating the maelstrong by dead reckoning becomes our compass as we listen to that inner voice of the heart founded in peace and deep faith. Everything else can only get in the way of a conscious response.

Therein lies the opportunity, the cleansing. Fears assail while attachments are instinctively dropped. Survival becomes the issue. Not just the left brained fight or flight instinct, but the conscious response that overrides those baser although essential reactions. It’s during such tests that we find out who we truly are, and can be.

Peace is never so beautiful as in the midst of a storm. We see that continually in our journey here. No matter how much we maneuver to avoid problems and tragedies, they happen. To all of us. If you know anyone who’s led an active and fulfilling life it’s no doubt been one of adventure and taking risks with many bumps and bruises along the way. Many interpret that as only looking for trouble, but in fact you’ll find consistently that they’ve escaped worse lives of boredom, frustration, monotony and disappointing, unfulfilled conformity.

Take the Mountain!

Such is the life of the security driven valley dweller. As for me, I’m climbing that mountain, and the one behind it and on up I’ll go, do or die…or both! As far as I’m concerned there is no other option. Besides, the valley dwellers are about to face a deluge they never dreamed would reach their little protected, secure village.

That just happens to be our current reality.

So why not get a head start up the hill? Leave the old life behind and get activated. Commit to being a whole-hearted part of the solution and no longer a part of the problem, whatever the cost. It’s a very simple switch to throw.

There are warm campfires of many who’ve chosen the path less traveled all the way up and through the mountain range that you can share. We’re lighting the way – why not come and help us?

The storm is hitting us all and it’s a time of decision. Let go into your higher self and calling, or fasten tighter to what is dissolving anyway.

It’s pretty clear cut if you ask me, but I know it doesn’t appear that way in the midst of all this. The true option has always been there. See this as a time of opportunity and simply go for it.

You’ll never regret it.

Love always,


[Image credit: Adam Scott Miller]




7 Responses to “No One Escapes the Shift”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    Nope they don’t

    All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

    This demonstrates how astrology is very similar to the mysterious ways of karma and destiny. You know the seeds of samskara are there ready to sprout at any time, you just don’t know the time and the place. For very good reason, by the way, as most of us would never show up if we knew what we were walking into. Remember, 99% of what really matters in life is just showing up.

    For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.[1]

    • ” most of us would never show up if we knew what we were walking into. ”

      This , and the rest of what you have said. makes me feel bad and sad inside,very sad. I wish I was unawake

      On many levels though. Especially when talking to Men Scryfa who seems to project a supernatural inspiration into me during discussions. I have noticed I feel LESS fear, I am becoming more fearless, the closer we get to the wire. The casino stakes are getting higher.

      In many ways I feel I, we, have been dealth a bad hand. We have suffered for no reason. We should have been as unawake as the rest, to not go through agony

      Therefore if we have awakened early? What Universe, Divine reason has intended this?

      Could there be a chink in the armour, a chance moves could be made, some of us will come out alright

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Adam you are true soldier of the cosmic revolution.

    All I can tell you is what a wise man once told me, in order to live you have to be willing to die. This planet earth is not a place for long term success. Don’t get too caught up in it. It is a slave planet.

    My advice is learn all you can, that is what you will be when you and the rest of us leave this planet. Leave with calling card to the PTB to kiss your ass. You don’t answer to them, only the creator.

    The only safe place is in your heart.

    By the way I am still waiting for Men Sryfa to give me a breakdown on his thoughts about El Fuhrer being a Rothschild, he is one of the brighter guys I have encountered on the net.

    • Hi hope you get well soon. Stabilising stopping it worsening might be possible, and hopefully reversal too, by simple measures Wilson discusses you might not have considered DM if you have the time and money and its possible logistically, you could goto Oregon for a week to have everything done for you, to do a Nutritional Balancing programme. Or you and your wife together.

      However failing that, I wonder if theres things in here, simple stuff and adjustments you could apply at home, to help the thyroid situation
      thyroid disease and its correction High TSH and its correction
      Iodine interesting info you might not have read

      I realise Dublinmick its all a lot to read through. If you let me know what kind of thyroid situation you have I can focus in on this in Wilsons articles and send you excerpts and a focussed strategy that might help. He does other articles not listed here, discussing hypo, and hyperthyroidism

  3. Dublinmick says:

    The only thing to ever be afraid of is the creator and felt you are a coward. We will face our creator, all will, have some good news for her. At least tell her you told them to kiss your royal arse.

    • Thanks for this advice which ill try to keep in mind when times get tough

      I don’t want to cause offence to your commenter who im sure means well. But I wondered if shes a flat earth troll encouraging me to expend much more attention and energy exploring it much deeper. Thereby taking my focus off more important matters.

      Your recent flat earth psyop article, plus Henrys maths, to my mind puts flat earth psyop to bed. Unless Henry reconsiders his maths calculkations, im going with Supermassive oblate spheroid

      telena helotova says:

      February 7, 2016 at 2:46 am

      the flat earth theory was never proven wrong and at the time it was agreed that the two THEORIES would be held as they are both theories being unable to prove. this still holds today although the flat earth or plane earth as in plane geometry is never they are not in reality equal one is never mentioned.

      If you like to unsettle yourself take a serious look at the supporting evidence for a plane earth.,as of now I am in a fuddle.but dismissing it out of hand and not looking into the real proofs (same type proofs for sphere theory) is just being willfully biased for lack of knowledge or simply willfully ignorant. dont say anything unless you have seriously researched both of the very least it will enable you to thouroghly trash the flat earthers with their own arguments..

      • dkblue says:

        Hi Adam
        Can you please re-post your blog link as can’t find it!
        Cheers 🙂

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