NATO & European leaders whip up hysteria over ‘myth’ of nuclear threat from Russia – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov © Maxim Shemetov
The 28-member trans-Atlantic military block, along with a number of European countries, is intentionally hyping up the “myth” that Russia allegedly poses a so-called “threat” to Sweden and the Baltic states, Russia’s Foreign Minister said.

“The leaders of NATO member states and a number of European countries, especially Britain, the Nordic countries, the Baltic counties neighboring us, Poland, Romania and some others, are whipping up ‘Russia’s threat’ myth, as well as the idea that we are planning to use our nuclear weapons to intimidate Sweden and the Baltic countries,” Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily.

“There is the impression that Russia is nearly the main stumbling block in international relations, because today the dominant media sources spread news from only the Western point of view,” he added.

Despite the aggressive stance of the western media, the overwhelming majority of the countries in the world still support Russia, Lavrov noted.

The interview came after NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg had claimed that, despite the harsh rhetoric, NATO is not trying to launch a Cold War with Russia.

“We do not seek confrontation with Russia and we want to prevent the possibility of a new Cold War,” the secretary-general said at a press-conference in Brussels.

However, oddly enough, the statement was followed by the announcement that the block intends to deploy more troops and military hardware to the Baltic countries and Poland, thus further beefing up NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe. The plan is yet to be approved by NATO’s defense ministers, who are set to consider the proposal on February, 10.

NATO’s Response Force was already strengthened from 13,000 troops to 40,000 in 2015.

NATO has been persistently increasing its military presence in Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic states since Russia’s reunification with Crimea in 2014 and the outbreak of conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In late August and September of 2015, NATO staged its biggest airborne military drills since the end of the Cold War, which involved about 5,000 soldiers from 11 member states. The drills took place in Germany, but were closely watched by the Russian military.

In addition, naval drills in the Black sea hosted by Ukraine took place in September that included warships and aircraft, as well as 2,500 troops and some 150 military vehicles, from 11 NATO and NATO-friendly countries.

Probably the biggest drills since 2002, known as “Trident Juncture 2015,” were conducted in October of 2015. The exercises, which spanned Portugal, Spain and Italy, included 36,000 international troops, as well as more than 60 warships and about 200 aircraft from 30 states.

NATO expansion towards Russia’s borders was named one of the key security threats in Russia’s security strategy for 2016.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    Nuclear threat from Russia ? ? ! !

    The nuclear… THREAT ….LIES….in the hands of the ….LOONATIC a$hkeNAZIs.

    There was a story a few months ago reference an …OBAMA order to NUKE Russia.
    A female Naval Officer ….saved us all….by refusing to comply with the command.

    She is now “apparently” missing.

    I am wondering if the …AWAKENING…is counterbalanced by a ……Neurological DETERIORATION……manifesting in the SCUM at the top ?

    The LYING RUBBISH they spout is embarrassing.

  2. Lynn says:

    The Nukes belong to the rogue state in the middle East..pretending to be deeply religious and protective. It is a terrorist state. They have used their nukes on several occasions. Cameron knows all about Nukes.

    • Aldous says:

      “Cameron knows all about Nukes.”

      Yes Lynn, and hopelessly inbred Cameron, the Despicable Etonian Bullingdon Club C*** can count(sic) too, but only up to three:

      Cameron lost 3 nukes in secret ARMSCOR Tory funding deal?

      Palestine Telegraph revealed the truth behind David Cameron

      Monday, 24 May 2010 10:51 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb raph-revealed-the-truth-behind-david-cameron [DEAD link – I wonder why?]

      “I can distinctly remember people questioning me on the authenticity of the information that was passed onto me from a third party and also the fact that all this was done under the radar of the United Nations, the US and UK Governments. It not only proves the incredible risks that governments were prepared to take but also the corrupt way this particular episode in our sordid history was carried out. What was even more alarming was the fact that because no rigid security was imposed by the Thatcher Government (with the help of our current Prime Minister David Cameron) the three British acquired bombs were stolen.”

      • Hi Aldous.
        Yes Thatcher 1980s 10 xmases with Savile at Chequers shoes off by the fire. Skye McAlpine. Now looking back, Thatchers odd, stilted, distant, personality. makes me wonder if she was somehow Mind Controlled too. To be manoeuvred into power like she was in 1979. So yes, the Thatcher years (im sure before too) and the young Cameron c**t and trips to S Africa.

        We can see from all this Aldous the Zionist Ashkenazi, Khazar origin race. Withbeing a separate, Neanderthal species altogether distinct from the White Aryan man. Blood haplotype evidence proves this, the Neanderthal Ashkenazi link (Dublinmick).

        They have a massive inferiority complex and a huge chip on their fake jew, Ashkenazi, Black Sun worshipping, Talmud reading, Kabballah practicing, child abusing and murdering and sacrificng, shoulders.

        They have such an inferiority complex, they have sought to dominate the world . This is a huge topic and I could go on.

        But my point here is. ” What was even more alarming was the fact that because no rigid security was imposed by the Thatcher Government (with the help of our current Prime Minister David Cameron) the three British acquired bombs were stolen.” This comment intrigues me Aldous.
        Yes we know the Ashkenazi Neanderthal Satan worshipping thugs were in control seeking nuclear weaponry and we see this situation played out around us todaytoo.

        But 3 bombs? Stolen from whom? Does this mean stolen from some kind of Good entity, holding nuclear weapons that aren’t evil? Or stolen from another faction that are evil. Zionists stealing things makes me wonder about the nature of the people theyre stealing from. Good people I hope. Not another faction of thugs

  3. siwmae_mind says:

    Thsi is a very worrying development. I’ve been quietly watching things on tap for a few years and becoming very concerned for mankind. These Tw*ts in alleged power are completely off the rails and we are paying for all of this nonsense.

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