Murdered holistic doctors were undermining the sickness business

Many were attacking the vaccine industry.  Assassination is an extreme form of censorship, said G Bernard Shaw.  There were multiple deaths of microbiologists, who knew what the shadow government were doing to develop ways of eliminating people who were getting in their way.  There have been 60 to 70 suspicious deaths since 2000.

As many as 70 bankers have been assassinated.  These were insiders who knew what was going on in rigging the gold market, LIBOR, currencies.

As many as 2000 journalists have been assassinated, says Dr Mercola.

Energy inventors have been assassinated, those who knew about cold fusion, made automobiles run on water.

7 clear assassinations connected to vote rigging.

Whistleblowers from within the Police and the judiciary, revealing paedophile abuse rings, are being assassinated.

The cars can be crashed by remotely getting control of vehicles.  Sometimes explosives are used in car crashes.

Share information.  Share strategies.  Dump the knowledge on the internet so you’re no longer worth assassinating, says Dr M.   Not speaking out is equally dangerous as speaking out.  Everyone is at serious risk.  You can’t live in fear.  You have to be loyal to your mission.  If you get everything you know out there, you’re no longer valuable.

Once you know what’s going on with health makes you angry once you know what’s really going on.  The first thing is get informed, then share it with others, then use the media.  If you have financial resources, offer them to health practitioners who want to get private investigators to check out assassinations.  The whole patent process is corrupt.  Open source is going to be hugely important.

Get aware of the surveillance systems  and the encryption you need to bypass it.

Nagalase was being worked on and the assassinated Doctor Bradstreet found that autism victims had high nagalase levels.  Has nagalase been covertly been put into vaccines to lower our immune system’s effectiveness?

Sterilants are being added to vaccines to depopulate the world.



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  1. Dublinmick says:

    OT I apologize but Adam, MS, you need to get in on this one. High comedy.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Seriously boys, Mike Rivero is there, you don’t pass up these type shots! 🙂

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