McDonald’s Franchisees Say That The Business Is In Its “Final Days”

February 9 2016 | From: Ewao

It’s no secret that McDonald’s menu is not the healthiest food out there.  

It seems that after Morgan Spurlock’s independent film called Super Size Me was released back in 2004, which documented his mental and physical health after eating only Mcdonald’s food after a 30-day period, McDonald’s started to see a decline in the amount of people interested in eating at their establishment.  

In more recent months, McDonalds have been losing favor from their customer base, as more of us are becoming aware of what types of food we allow into our bodies. There has been an abundance of hype now about GMO food in general and more people are quickly losing interest in consuming food that contains GMO’s.


When interviewed about the condition and potential future of McDonald’s, one of their employees made mention that the company is in a “deep depression” and could be seeing its “final days.” Yet another employee stated that:

“We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing,” and when on to say that “probably 30% of operators are insolvent.”

We have come such a long way in seeking out healthier food alternatives.  As more of us are becoming aware of how unhealthy our food options are, we have insisted that we have healthier food, and in doing so businesses like McDonald’s are seeing a large decline in revenue. Why is that you might ask?

It’s because they have chosen to stick with unhealthy food options while the rest of us strive for healthier options.

When asked why they thought the company was in the state that it was currently in, another employee had this to say on the matter;

“The CEO is sowing the seeds of our demise. We are a quick-serve fast-food restaurant, not a fast casual like Five Guys or Chipotle. The system may be facing its final days.”

A couple of McDonald’s executives also chose to come to the table about the condition of their company and share with us their concerns and views of their company, and said:

“The lack of consistent leadership from Oak Brook is frightening, we continue to jump from one failed initiative to another.”

Another executive also made a comment about McDonald’s;

“I have been in this business since the early 1970s but have not seen us this leaderless in all my time. The system is very lost at the moment. Our menu boards are still bloated, and we are still trying to be too many things to too many people. Things are broken from the franchisee perspective.”

It’s not too hard to see that McDonald’s is in a decline with no signs of getting better. I remember at one point, no matter where I went, McDonald’s establishments were always packed. From long lines at the drive-thru to packed eating areas on the insides. Also, the play areas always had birthday parties going on. Yet now, as I go through town Mcdonald’s is lucky to have the few sparse customers that they have, even when they are positioned in high traffic areas, there is hardly anyone there, even during busy hours.

To start off the year 2015, McDonald’s would have to start by closing a whopping 700 of its locations, due to all of us simply requesting that instead of super fancy building and sleekly designed menu boards, we just want healthier food.  Due to the leadership of McDonald’s and its failed attempts to keep us consumers coming back, not only their local sales were seeing a decline but their global ones as well.

In the beginning months of 2015, McDonald’s had already seen a 28% drop in their overall operating revenue, and additionally they saw a 2.3% decrease in their sales. For years, McDonald’s has been experiencing a trending loss of their overall revenue, and the way future looks for McDonald’s, they may never recover.

At this rate McDonald’s will be added to the list of entities that chose to continue to poison everyone with cheaply made or synthesized food, and are now nonexistent, because instead of pushing to stay with the consciousness of its consumers, as they seek for better food quality, chose the latter path and would rather become extinct instead of grow to something amazing.




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  1. Lynn says:

    People know what this evil corporation is doing. To target children and fooling parents into treating their kids to this poison is criminal. They stand guilty as Sin.

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