Kissinger offers Putin a place at the high table of The New World Order

TAP – Russia’s elites are offered a place at the high table of The New World Order in return for agreeing to the recognition that nations are no longer to be the building blocks of world stability.  Surprisingly Putin’s a buyer to this proposal from Kissinger.  He’s now apparently not holding out for a return to Russian independence as he has claimed,  or for Russian national influence to be reestablished, but for Russia’ s powerful elites to assist in the creation of a single global power structure, of which they will become a part, while the Russian people and all the human populations of the world are sold down the river.

Putin praises Kissinger as a great statesman, and apparently wants to accept this offer of a place at the high table of world power.  He might recall visits of Blair to Colonel Gaddafi promising a similar deal a few years ago, which was not exactly complied with.  It plays Putin to play along for now whatever his ultimate aims and beliefs.  He knows that the threat to Russia from NATO is building, but also that also Russia’s military capabilities are growing fast.  Buying time is clearly one of his aims.  Kissinger too wants to buy time for NATO to catch up with the technological superiority of Russian weaponry, and slow or curtail Putin’s and Russia’s ambitions.


Sputnik News reports –

Kissinger said –

“The nature of the turmoil is in itself unprecedented. Until quite recently, global international threats were identified with the accumulation of power by a dominating state. Today threats more frequently arise from the disintegration of state power and the growing number of ungoverned territories.”

“This spreading power vacuum,” Kissinger explains, “cannot be dealt with by any state, no matter how powerful, on an exclusively national basis. It requires sustained cooperation between the United States and Russia, and other major powers. Therefore the elements of competition, in dealing with the traditional conflicts in the interstate system, must be constrained so that the competition remains within bounds and creates conditions which prevent a recurrence.”

Russian-US Disagreements in Ukraine and Syria Must Be Considered From a Broader Standpoint

“There are, as we know, a number of divisive issues before us, Ukraine or Syria as the most immediate. For the past few years, our countries have engaged in episodic discussions of such matters without much notable progress. This is not surprising, because the discussions have taken place outside an agreed strategic framework. Each of the specific issues is an expression of a larger strategic one.”

“Ukraine needs to be embedded in the structure of European and international security architecture in such a way that it serves as a bridge between Russia and the West, rather than as an outpost of either side.”

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov (L) and US Secretary of State John Kerry shake hands
Foreign Minister Lavrov with Kerry.

“Regarding Syria,” the statesman suggested, “it is clear that the local and regional factions cannot find a solution on their own. Compatible US-Russian efforts coordinated with other major powers could create a pattern for peaceful solutions in the Middle East and perhaps elsewhere.”

Ultimately, Kissinger emphasizes, “any effort to improve relations must include a dialogue about the emerging world order. What are the trends that are eroding the old order and shaping the new one? What challenges do the changes pose to both Russian and American national interests? What role does each country want to play in shaping that order, and what position can it reasonably and ultimately hope to occupy in that world order? How do we reconcile the very different concepts of world order that have evolved in Russia and the United States – and in the other major powers – on the basis of historical experience?”

“The goal,” he concludes, “should be to develop a strategic concept for US-Russian relations within which the points of contention may be managed.”

Kissinger, it seems, has Moscow’s ear, if his latest discussion with the Russian president is any indication. Does he have Washington’s?


Henry Kissinger served as Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford between 1973 and 1977. In 1973, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for the ceasefire and withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. Kissinger also pioneered Washington’s policy of détente toward the Soviet Union, and improved US relations with China. In US foreign policy thought, he has long been a proponent of the realist school, suggesting that while the US and Russia are destined to compete strategically, Washington cannot deny Russia its right to exist as a world power and as a state.

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15 Responses to “Kissinger offers Putin a place at the high table of The New World Order”


    A lot of the flat earth stuff is so convincing. Such as the statue of liberty visible 60 miles away by ships captains

    Suez canal 100 miles with no locks

    After the 6 mile ‘horizon’, a cruise ship vanishes. Yet pull out a telescope, the ships still there. Its the law of perspective at work

    Genoa, the islands of Corsica and elba and others, visible at sea level when they should be well hidden below the earths curvature.

    Henry curteis and I , I provided the driving motivation, he did the maths. Analysed all this intriguing stuff. The people peddling this flat earth stuff are using incorrect maths.

    To split the awakening truth community, getting them distracted believing in a flat earth

    Henry showed, the earths curvature is much more gentle, much, than they tell us in schoolbooks

    What does this mean?

    it means the earth is far more massive. Its Supermassive, than we are told. My best estimation tonight is, there are lands beyond Antarctica. I do not want to speculate on Admiral Byrd and inner earth , as this might be a sophisticated distraction lie too. But I know in my heart, the earth is supermassive. There are lands beyond Antarctica
    By the way the new x files. We are Scully. Mulder is the PTB telling us Disclosure, waking us up.

    But theres a problem.

    The 1947 Roswell ‘alien crash’ and ‘back engineered’ technology is a deception, a Government hoax. A hoax decades in the making.

    I don’t know if aliens exist when we look out at the stars at night. To hide the truth, the PTB have flooded the internet with fake stories, such as flat earth. Making it hard to pick out the truth

    I don’t know if there are aliens, whether there are humanoid species sprinkled round the galaxy and universe. or species with 2 heads coloured pink.

    I do know though. Whether in the bigger picture, the universe is like this. For our purposes, we miust not believe in ‘aliens’ the 2016 disclosure process is trying to make us think. Roswell gets talked about. But no mention about Nikola Tesla in 1908 and Thomas Townsend Browns electrogravitics?

    No, we are fed a diet of aliens. Enjoy the new Mulder and Scully X files, but please bear in mind my words above while you watch

  2. Hmmm Tap. Hard to know who Putin is and what hes upto. Im sad to say I think, hes an illuminati stooge. I may be wrong though. Putin might be cleverly chatting to Kissinger, and taking things right to the wire. Ive no doubt, Putins a highly intelligent tactician. Unless he and Kissinger are laughing at us behind gilded impressive Moscow doors.

    Put me in a room, just me and Kissinger, watch what happens
    Let’s cut the crap: Vladimir Putin is helping usher in the globalist New World Order (Addendum 2 – Alex Jones and David Icke’s role: bash the West, praise the East, sell the dialectic)

    It is such a good example of East/West dialectic propaganda and the “Putin as Savior” con that I decided it would be a good teaching tool for helping people to get real. And given all the confusing narratives that swirl around Putin and the current world situation, I think the best approach is to focus on two fundamental, telling things…

    1) Putin’s cooperation in the globalists’ 9/11 operation, and

    2) Putin’s promotion of the globalists’ UN as the solution to our current woes.

    So let’s get started…

    PUTIN AND 9/11 ……………

    • Tapestry says:

      It’s clear Putin is not the US’ stooge as is Medvedev and the others inside the Kremlin destroying Russia’s economy from within. He has established a reasonably strong position from nowhere, politically and militarily. If he was about a sell-out of Russia to the NWO, would he have bothered? NATO needs an enemy I would agree to justify their moves to suppress the whole planet, and Putin could be a puppet of the cabal. However he has nuclear weapons, unlike HItler. He could put up one helluva fight. The show’s not over til the fat lady sings.

      • Interesting. I have been in my pre RedPill mentality, prior to may 2013. Assuming Putin and Medvedev are thick as thieves, one and the same. This is what the programming media told me then, and the program stuck.

        I never looked into Medvedev though my initial senses do indicate, hes a Khazar. it might be the skin contrasted with the hair colour, and overall aura of the man, and impression I get. Khazars Ashkenazis, Neanderthals, Haplotype blood groups, Inferiorirty complexes. I will leave that train of thought for another day.
        Ive not carefully done this analysis Tap. But we should/could look for differences variances, between Hitlers behaviour in late 1930s, and Putin now. That might reveal interesting things

        If Putin has nuclear weapomns and could put up a huge fight. yet hes a Rothschild freemason cabal? Then he wouldn’t use the nuclear weapons would he. Since its all theatre

        Hopefully some glitch in the NWO plan has occurred. And somethings wrong with Putin, as far as the NWO is concerned

        Could Kissinger be armed with new Handler codes? Could Kissinger, be there and Putin is unwittingly having a new Alter brought forth , long left dormant in his personality split mind? Who knows, Putin might have been personality split by different factions, at different times. Im sad to say it, but maybe we should view it all through this MKUltra lens

        Cloning I think we must leave out of this discussion, for now, as it opens a huge can of worms. but im aware how if clonings true like they say. We can tear up the rulebook/guidebook. Since nothing is as it seems if clonings in full swing . it truly is a Truman Show out there if Clonings true
        Hopefully a lot about cloning is a deception

  3. beLIEve says:

    The body language in the picture looks like 3 men ….HUMOURING… CON-man Kissinger.

    Kissinger is using hand movements to….
    1) emphasise his words……….or
    2) to enhance clarity.

    If Kissinger needs the addition of hand movements to make himself understood…..HE is PROBABLY SPOUTING a LOAD of DUPLICITOUS BS.

    “Russian elites are offered a place at the high table of the NWO”.

    In terms of intellect, Russian “elites” are a world apart from DUMB-ASS a$hkeNAZI politicians and banksters.

    I really do not see Russia wanting to DUMB DOWN to “western” standards.

    If Russia joined a NWO… RUSSIA would be KING.
    The old RAT order are “passed their sell by date”……..ROTTING…rather than ….Rocking !

    It is embarrassing seeing “western” politicians being put in their place by Putin.
    The trounced politicians often, seem oblivious to the intellectual imbalance.

    “Agreeing to the recognition that Nations are no longer to be the building blocks of world stability”

    IN YOUR DREAMS……….jew-suits.

    Russia is big on …NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY…………
    and due to the…. CON-trived Immigration SCAM……European Nation States may well consider…..RECOVERING their SOVEREIGN status.

    THE a$hkeNAZIs are desperate to destroy National Sovereignty.
    I imagine THEY are assuming the ….UNALIENABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS….a gift to mankind from God and constituting Natural/Common Law…will fly out the window…with the engineered demise of the Nation state.

    DON’T BANK on it SCUM.

    I retain all Unalienable Sovereign Rights for me and my own in perpetuity and retrospectively.
    So, stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

    RAT-child & Co: sell themselves to the world as GLOBaLISTS.

    That could be interpreted as a …EUPHEMISM….for …STATELESS.

    THEY have been EXPELLED from almost …EVERY NATION in EUROPE.

    If European Sovereigns wake up to that ….HISTORICAL FACT…….the EL-iteS… SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM…may well need the lands beyond the Ice Wall as a… REFUGE….for eternity !

    “Russia is not holding out for a return to Russian independence”.

    This quote is contradicted by the fact that Putin recently said….something along the lines of…. ……..
    Russia will not “comply” with “International” Law when those Laws are at variance with Russian domestic law.
    This intention indicates that Putin is all for a ….Russia independent of ….EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE……Independent Russia.

    “Putin…… apparently wants to accept this offer of a place at the high table of world power”.

    As you say Tapestry…..BUYING TIME….may be the agenda of both Putin and Kissinger.

    The likely OUTCOME………which of these 2 men has ….
    1) The biggest TRICK up his sleeve…..or…
    2) A TRUMP card ?
    For us it means this s*ite will carry on until, some “event” alters or, ends it.

    Kissinger’s comments are the statements of an AMNESIAC.

    He omits to mention a$hkeNAZI duplicity is the basis of all World CHAOS.

    Kissinger’s words are ….
    1) Disingenous
    2) AGENDA
    3) BS


    “Ukraine needs to serve as a bridge between Russia and the West”

    That is the last thing Russia wants.
    The ex Russian “satellites” were to be a BUFFER between Russia and Europe.
    I believe, there was a promise made to Russia that these states would remain as a type of buffer zone.
    That promise was broken and, Russia has drawn attention to the ..Political DISHONESTY.

    Quote……..reference Syria…..

    “Compatible US-Russian efforts….. could create….. peaceful solutions… the Middle East…and elsewhere.”

    HA HA HA

    Peace is the last thing the….. a$hkeNAZI Empire of CHAOS….wants.

    Chaos provides a cover for their …..DRUG RUNNING…..OIL THEFT…..PEOPLE TRAFFICKING……MONEY LAUNDERING.

    Are THEY offering Putin a….SHARE of the SPOILS ?
    That is all the SCUM can offer !

    I do not believe for one minute Putin would be interested.
    I believe Putin has…….BIGGER FISH to FRY.
    I believe a fabulously bright future, including considerable prosperity, awaits Putin and Russia.

    Mafia Don….why would Putin bother ?

    • Hi Kingel great comment

      I have a burning point to make that mightbe revealing.

      As Tap said to dm sitchin was a freemason. I am hoping, that at some point through all dublinmicks tremendous research and thought processes, hes swallowed a deception somewhere. It only takes one, to send the truthseeker off changing course. This is how they play us.

      Mehran Keshe
      We have all talked on here back in august etc, how he does not ring true. Somethings not right with keshe. His plasma usb stunts and live streaming youtube lectures, and the clear evidence of PTB.allowing this to be happening. Has all the hallmarks of a Soros etc Freemasonic Psyop.

      Keshes plasma energy, his site. The backstory. Plasma free energy may well exist. But i notice an almost concerted attempt by the Keshe Roadshow to not tell us all about Tesla, and Electrogravitics TTBrown. Instead we have strange oddly presented Plasma technologies.

      It feels clear to me Keshe is the PTB attempt to acknowledge free energy possibilities to the world. But steering attention away from electrogravitics for example. Thereby preserving maintaining the Scottish Rite Freemasons black magic 20th century deception, in the Roswell/Alien/Reverse Engineering Ashkenazi Neanderthal haplotype blood Khazar attempt to mske us believe in Aliens. When demonic forces instead are at work

      Whats my point?

      Back in august 2015 theres a Tap Gordon video somewhere of Keshe with his pen and whiteboard. Warning us about a Second sun/ planet X type scenario!!!

      Keshe is dodgy. This might give us a planet X insight in feveptions being played.
      Lets give Laura Walkers powerful statements on Planet X and the illuminati deception, a chance.

      • beLIEve says:


        I agree Keshe does not appear to be a person of integrity.

        I believe I read that his technology was for use ….in SPACE….OFF the PLAINS of EARTH ? ?

        It was as if he was TELLING us, it would be SAFE to LEAVE the PLAINS of EARTH because he; Keshe had created power units for us ? ?

        I am going to have to re-check the information.

        IF ? ? ?…..I am correct in saying Keshe’s “power packs” are for “off world” use….THEY…. could be employing…….SCARE TACTICS in the form of FEAR PORN….we are all going to be…WIPED OUT by NIBURU… collect your Keshe “power packs” pronto and…….BOOK YOUR SEAT for TRAVEL OFF PLANET ? ? ?

        i.e….. GET mankind OFF EARTH …because……WE SCUM-BAG a$hkeNAZIs …. WANT IT ?

        AND….they would ship out the …..AWAKE…”OPINIONATED” ones FIRST….the ….TROUBLE MAKERS.

        So….Keshe is …..CONTROLLED OPPOSITION ?
        He is advertising….”off planet “…POWER PACKS ?
        Keshe is …PEDALLING ….NIBURU …catastrophe….his whiteboard illustrations reference Niburu ?
        Keshe is assisting the …Lucy-furians….in their quest to PERSUADE us…the “gobby” ones to get off “Planet Earth” ? ?

        I have read Laura’s Oracle Report.
        The salient point I picked up is, there is a bright future on the horizon ?

        I walk each day with hope and conviction in my heart that the SCUM will FAIL.
        I have nothing to fear but, everything to gain.
        It is my belief that mankind reincarnates.

        I do not want to return to Earth and find the a$hkeNAZI thieves still UNLAWFULLY OCCUPYING their STOLEN positions of “power”.

        I might as well FIGHT NOW and GET the JOB FINISHED.

        As an Indigenous Sovereign of the British Isles I retain ….All Unalienable Sovereign Rights.

        Reference the multiplicity of SCUM infesting Earth…..
        I deny consent to each and every atom of their perfidy and intended perfidy…..

        I deny consent…I deny consent ….I deny consent.

    • Hi Kingel I deny consent also. I need to ask your advice sometime about CAPITAL LETTERS on official mail, another comment

      keshe, scare tactics, fear porn. Yes

      We will have to wait to get a definitive answer on matters.

      Kenneth at redefinggod blog, yes a very astute, humble man. he hits so many targets. there is one thing though (unless he is and ive missed it). he is secular, he does not believe in God or an Afterlife, Creator. I might be wrong on this.
      Si im hoping Kenneth overshoots the mark and is too cynical. Even though hes great in my view

      the chakras and determination by the Askenazi ill thieve everything Khazarian scum. Khazarians , inferior Neanderthals, Kingel. The blood haplotypes prove it. They are a distinct, separate species from Aryan White man. and have been determined to interbreed whilst retining their bloodline, but interbreed for cover and infiltration. And envy too I think of the Aryans superior genes.

      But I think, ultimately, the Ashkenazi Khazar is a very bitter person, huge chip on shoulder, inferiority complex.

      Back to my point. The determination of the scum above. To close down our chakras, esp the 6th and 7th however they can. Since that would make us formidable Agents of God. And they , th Ashkanazi Khazar Satanists hiding, viruslike, in plain sight would stand no chance


      I believe too Kingel, Laura Walker is right. And Lucifer and Satan are throwing Deceptions at us left, right and centre. Things are going to be ok.

      Royal airfarce lol

      I am fastening up the full Armour of God, ensuring.i can engage in spiritual, psychological, and if need be physical battle. Like a samurai

  4. ian says:

    Ask any woman if she would marry for money and they’ll say no. It’s easy saying no when you know that you are unlikely to have the option, and the proposal sound underhanded, yet all the old wrinkled millionaires are surrounded by youth and beauty. For the vast majority of people, earning money is their main priority, and being offered all the riches that you could ever want, in exchange for not trying your best, would be very tempting for most. Most can be bought, and as the Rothschilds own the world, money is no problem. I would like to think that Putin wouldn’t sell his soul, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

  5. Lynn says:

    I said back in the day ” they can’t buy everyone” I really think this is disinformation. They know full well we don’t believe the attacks and slurs on Putin. Their readership is telling them that we are backing Putin for his total morals. Never seen in Western Governments. They are fakes and he is the real Statesman. They want him out of the picture, well real heroes cannot be bought, Fact !!!!

    • Gordon says:

      Lets not forget that Putin the ex-KGB was at one time part of the NWO cabal and as I understand now was a rouse to get elitist inside information and once their plans were made know he told them where to go. From then on end it’s always been let’s get Putin day.

      It’s quite plausible that Putin may have been offered the bribe and it’s quite plausible that he my have taken it but only to double-cross them in the end.

      • Now theres a thought. Putin and advisors monitor alt med and might even be reading the Tap. Our comments. And Aanirfans

        Yes its all very up and down and confusing about Putin, especially the Royal Arch Freemason stuff, it bends the mind. And Putin being used as some kind of breeder? And then the women were horribly killed after? Not sure if that was after pregnancy or they just harvested the embryo then did their Evil deeds, the Evildoers
        However maybe the Royal Arch Freemason story and all its Macchiavellian intrigue is a bluff? We don’t know

        All in all Gordon the simple question I keep returning to is:
        – How similar is Putin to Hitler in the 1930s, what parallels are there, what differences? Im not too skilled to do deep analysis of all that, but I try and get a sense where in can
        Kenneth at redefinggod blog is very sceptical. he makes many observant points on Putin, Obama, . His Jewdar is very active. Freemasonry, the NWO Second coming deception, the 100+ yr strategy even before the creation of Israel, to infiltrate Christianity with Judaism , creating judeo-christiantity, an infiltration.

        ‘ Do NOT forgive them, for they KNOW what they do ” got twisted into ” Forgive them, for they know NOT what they do ” Jesus Christs words.

        I think that has been a disempowerment strategy to weaken the 6th and 7th chakra energy centres, to weaken and disempower the independent fighter spirit against Tyranny

        Hitler built up Germany miraculously in the 1930s using Bush, Rothschild, Rockefeller and whoever elses money. The only explanation in my mind for that is, the Ashkenazi Satanists , like to build a fake enemy up, all shining and gleaming, in order to effectively grease the Theatre they have planned. so they needed a strong efficient Germany to I suppose, justify war.

        Putin has I think a similar reputation, building up Russia. In many ways ive liked him, and had high hopes. Yes the Hitler parallels are there. But why does one sense Putin is different? The great comments on here give me optimism, I do think something interesting and strange and positive could be in the works
        Putin and Alina Kabaeva: Maybe with such loveliness, positive spiritual forces have entered him, and hes no longer an Illuminati cabal stooge?

        Yes. My inner sense, its becoming clear. Anything coming out of Jacob rothschilds mouth for the public, is the exact opposite. Putins an illuminati stooge, like hitler, and chrichill stalin complicit players. I don’t know how Putin Clones would play into this situation. Good clone and bad clone?

        I don’t send this as a note of despair. Ok fair enough Putins an illuminati stooge.

        The grand bigger pictures far more complex and huge, than to be tipped on a single factor such as is Putin illuminati , or not. There must be other secret society influences, maybe even coming from inner earth doing their best to help. That said Henry. I hope Putins playing a double game against them, I hope positive spiritual forces have made their way into his heart.

        With being with such a beautiful young gymnast, and (rumour), having a child. Surely Putin has awakened to the beauty of goodness and life and humanity and what its all about, around us?,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNE0NEb-w8Mw9R1dgA9KpiionnxA6A&ust=1453413648967859

  6. Lynn says:

    I really hope so Gordon. The man has really upset their plan.. Let’s hope he gets his chance to show the world how deceitful these scum Elites truly are.

  7. Mark says:

    Thanks for this Tap. Stirs my concerns and prayers. Please keep up this close analysis. It’s not always comforting but it keeps us awake and active info-ing, as far as…

    I agree, Putin’s history is hard to read but to be ‘going along with’, for more noble-ish aspirations. Some…

    I understand/believe/reliable anecdotal evidence, he/advisers pay particularly close watch alt. coverage. Tap is one of,,, far too few. I assume the best-side of Putin and any life-loving colleagues, want the deeper lies of the media challenged and as many as, to rise-up for less slavery. Darn it… “liberty” -or- at least not, Planet Gulag.

    Or, they’d be/are, playing a charade, that makes little sense in recent context. They’re complicit in all sorts of deceit and corruption – and crimes horrendous, but there’s levels… and lesser evils, as the saying goes.

    I agree some men/women, likely Putin, may well fight rather than flight. And it’s not-all-over until… we do or don’t / do what we can – and might.

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