Ken O’Keefe on The Janssen Report: People Must Unite, We Have No Other Choice

Published on Feb 27, 2016

In this Special Edition of The Janssen Report I have with me Ken O’Keefe, one of the most passionate and determined freedom fighters I know.

We are living in a state of induced collective insanity which threatens our very existence.
We must turn this around.
And we CAN.

Ken’s incredible goal is to truly make our world a better place. “We are ingenious creatures, we are very creative and inquisitive by nature… we are a very special species”.

In this Power Interview format we tackle three questions:
1. What is the problem mankind is facing?
2. How can people verify that this problem is real?
3. What can (in fact: SHOULD) we do about it?

We have to steer mankind away from its current destructive course. And it takes many of us to do that.
How? There are three basic and simple principles we must adhere to.

Join Ken and many other supporters (including yours truly) in the World Citizen Solutions movement that is currently being rolled out. More info:

This interview was recorded at the Grand Hotel in Acapulco during the Anarchapulco conference in late February 2016.

Please share this video far and wide so we will “plant a seed and hope it grows somewhere” (Ken O’Keefe, 2016).

More about Ken O’Keefe:
– Ken’s World Citizen Solutions initiative:
– Ken’s YouTue channel:…
– Ken’s Facebook Page:



3 Responses to “Ken O’Keefe on The Janssen Report: People Must Unite, We Have No Other Choice”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    Teflon Tony Blair accused of a conspiracy. Who da thunk it? Not Miranda the college cross dress who was usually drunk or on drugs. Say it ain’t so.

    • Half brother to Nat son of Jacob Rothschild? Agent of Israel and Zion? Man whos done immense whatever England was? Lover of Sir Cliff Richard? Raper of his dauhter acc to Lynn? Depraved debauched evil.individual about who ive barely scratched the surface?. A Satanist, demon possrssed literally?
      PM for 10 yrs furthering the Rothschild agenda?

      Evil all round unpleasant.mass murdering guy who thinks nothing of leaving thosands of decent hard working parents left with dead Iraq soldier children?

      Yes, say it isnt so

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