Jihadi John is a fake working for British Secret Service. Yesterday morning, Turkish intelligence delivered a tactical nuclear weapon to the city of Aleppo.

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I’ve written an intro to this important new article from Veterans Today.
The Israelis trained Saudis on how to use the device.
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Yesterday morning, Turkish intelligence delivered a tactical nuclear weapon to the city of


By Gordon Logan

Gordon Logan is the renegade agent who brought down the Soviet Union in 1991 (see

http://nvo.ng.ru/spforces/2001­08­17/7_step.html). (TAP – that link’s code 404, Gordon)

After a three year feud with MI6, he forced the resignation of MI6 DG Sir Richard Dearlove with

this article: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:The_MI6_Bombings_in_Saudi_Arabia

Attempts have been made to kill Logan by both the former KGB in 1991 and MI6 in 2000 and


The British government has imposed an effective news blackout on the war in Syria.

Suffice it to say that the RAF is doing very little from Cyprus, in spite of all the bluster in the

Commons debate on December 6th. The evidence suggests that the Jihadi John videos were

faked, and that he is/was working for the British secret services.

Mohammed Emwazi or 'Jihadi John' student ID photograph. Mohammed EmwaziÕs former headteacher today warned parents to keep a close eye on their children, after the boy she knew as a quiet pupil turned into bloodthirsty terrorist ÒJihadi JohnÓ. Rex Features Ltd. do not claim any Copyright or License of the attached image Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (4466932a)

Mohammed Emwazi or ‘Jihadi John’ student ID photograph.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (4466932a)

The following article is from the Veterans Today website, which represents the Pentagon

opposition to the Rothschild­Khazar­Mafia that carried out the 9/11 attacks. The RKM has

bankrupted the United States in Cheney’s ‘long war’ for Israel. Several terrorist organizations

have been created by the US/UK/Israeli secret services to further RKM objectives. These

organizations have wrecked several countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and

are now working to wreck the EU.

According to Lord Howe of the MoD, the British Army is training terrorists in Turkey and

Turkey is now pouring them into north­west Syria. Unfortunately, all the major British political

parties are subordinated to the RKM. This is reflected in Britain’s deplorable (and very dangerous)

foreign policy on the one hand, and the gross irresponsibility of George Osborne on the other.

Osborne has doubled the British national debt ­ something unprecedented in peacetime. This of

course has been concealed by the British press, which now publishes as little political news as

possible. Cameron’s government is looking to be the worst British government in living memory.

In the Middle East, things are heading rapidly towards the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

These have already been deployed and are ready for use.

Yesterday morning, Turkish intelligence delivered a tactical nuclear weapon to the city of


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Two issues have brought to light the extent Saudi Arabia and Turkey will go to in Syria,

but there is more. While the US is visibly working with Russia on the upcoming cease fire,

supposedly to come online in less than 36 hours, the US is also involved in bizarre plots with not

only Saudi and the Turks but as Ian Greenhalgh points out, “the moderate head choppers” as


Here is what we are seeing and why John Kerry “has some splain’in to do.” The battles

along the Aleppo road clearly demonstrate that ISIS has cut military supplies to forces fighting

inside Aleppo city in partnership with Free Syria Army units as a coordinated and highly

sophisticated military operation. The idea of giving the FSA a pass during the upcoming cease

fire is absurd.

They were long ago taken over by ISIS and al Nusra, their command structure ceased to

exist and returned to their “day jobs” with Turkish intelligence and the “rank and file” of the FSA

are now all mercenaries.

The US is totally aware of this and fully complicit. Saudi fighters arrived at Incirlik air

base in Turkey, a base they share with the US. Last week Saudi Arabia brought up to 5 tactical

nuclear weapons into Incirlik to use against Russian and Syrian forces as part of what John Kerry

has coined “Plan B.”

Now we have information that Turkish intelligence, yesterday morning, delivered one

tactical nuclear weapon to the city of Aleppo, where it is being used to blackmail the Syrian

government into stopping military operations inside the city and leaving a phony moderate

“American backed” and again as Ian says, “moderate head chopper” force in place in Aleppo.

Turkey is actively involved in military operations in Latakia, having moved artillery up to

the border in support of Turkish military dressed as “moderate head choppers” who have retaken

villages as seen in the Southfront video.

It has become increasingly clear that the United States is providing intelligence and

combined warfare assistance to ISIS in both Syria and Iraq with American commanders “on the

ground” in al Raqqah, Deir Ezzor, Mosul and until recently Ramadi and Fallujah, where they had

to be extracted by helicopter in broad daylight.

Key to all of this are events in Erbil, the capitol of the KRG in Iraq. There plans are being

made to pull away from the Baghdad government with military support from the Turkish

government which has already sent troops into Iraq despite protests by the government there. It

is the intent of Turkey to empower a “Barzani Caliphate” from the border of Iran, even into Turkey

and taking a wide swathe of Northern Syria. Barzani has signed a secret agreement with Turkey

to allow them to purge “communists” from this region, which in actuality would represent an ethnic

cleansing of Kurds much as Turkey had done with Armenians in 1915. The deal is this; Barzani

will finally get his Kurdish nation except that Turkey has the right to march in, jail or kill who they

want when they want while Barzani secretly or not so secretly works with his Israeli friends who

hope Mr. Erdogan will fall down a flight of stairs in a “not so accidental” accident. What they have

planned for the Saudis is well along the way, a move that will soon turn Saudi Arabia into a full

and total Israeli client state, something Israel may well need if ISIS, now totally out of control, ever

conquers Syria.



February 26, 2016 at 11:22 am

So the US plan B is to nuclear­bomb the Russian troops? Wow, that’s really a super bulletproof

great plan, maybe there should be an Erdogan portrait placed right next to Harry Truman’s in the

White House, and an honorary Harvard doctorate for humble Bilal’s Dad.

Cold Wind

February 26, 2016 at 9:28 am

I see no up­side for Syria in this new ‘cease­fire’ agreement with the US . As far as Allepo goes,

the “nuke” proves the all too gullible Russians have once again been out maneuvered. The only

possible outcome of this latest ludicrous arrangement is escalation or a Russian pullback, selling

out Assad.


February 26, 2016 at 9:16 amWho are those treasonous American s.o.b. commanders in charge

over there? Are they the pedophile, religious nutcase psychopaths doing there out most best to

fulfill a so­called biblical prophesy?

Jim Allen

February 26, 2016 at 10:04 am

Im not so sure the Russians are so “gullible” as it appears. There’s no way it doesn’t know the

situation worldwide. It’s also been pretty

quiet mediawise.

There’s no surprise on the US, Saudi, Turkey, Israeli, etc. side. Their cards are on the table, it’s

put up, or shut up on this front. How China will react is far from clear, but it will be when it says so.

Remember the Korean war, the 38th parallel ? Turkey, the UN, and it’s no ­help ploy, I’m thinking

is just that.

All are set to pounce on Russia.

Probably gonna’ be a lot of surprised leaders shortly…


February 26, 2016 at 8:14 am

So the title got me, I thought it meant it was already dropped. In Americas book, this warrants a

pre­emptive strike. I wonder what will happen. We live in interesting times indeed.

Pink Rabbit

February 26, 2016 at 7:58 am

The Sampson option given here makes sense to explain recent events. The cease fire as

originally proposed didn’t make sense to me. Who were they allegedly ceasing to fight against



February 26, 2016 at 7:48 am

It sounds like the Turks have gone completely bonkers, lost in la­la land, coo­coo for cocoa puffs.

Playing nuclear ****­around games with the Russian bear? Have they forgotten who President

Putin used to work for?

I remember the morning I woke up and learned the USA had invaded Afghanistan. For me, as a

student of history, that was the ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moment’ of a lifetime, but this is a close


The tragedy of humankind is this – there are over 7 billion people on Earth who just desperately

want to get on with their lives, and a tiny handful of lunatics running things who seem to be doing

their best to blow up the planet.


Here is Gordon Duff speaking in Syria about the RKM:


For anybody who thinks that Russia doesn’t have a free press, watch this.

Despite Putin’s great popularity in Russia, sections of Russia’s media are still controlled by NATO.



5 Responses to “Jihadi John is a fake working for British Secret Service. Yesterday morning, Turkish intelligence delivered a tactical nuclear weapon to the city of Aleppo.”

  1. Gordon Logan says:

    I clicked on the above Moscow Coup link and sure enough it gives a 404. Try using this:

    The link to the Putin video at the end is missing. He’s addressing one of the many Russian journalists who work for for the American fifth column:

  2. Mark says:

    Wow I hadn’t seen this. Shocking news in the post, I need time to consider (and take a deep breath about) but the clip is a rev. Putin? Could he really be another full-on faker when seen like this? Motive, mannerism, language, content..? He sounds so real? There’s actors and there’s ‘not-poss’. He has some degree of disconnect? And deceives. Sure. All in these posts have to. Is he – having to be – dog among dogs? ‘Course. But there’s heart and soul there, unless I’m …magically, mistaken. The off-hand comments he makes at the end speak as loud as central comment. No surprise Russians, comparing-West, have some pride, or at least hope, in their ‘boss’.

  3. beLIEve says:

    ‘Russia Will Use Tactical Nukes If Turkey And Saudi Send Troops Into Syria’


  4. Gordon Logan says:

    George Soros has been calling for war on Russia since 2014. Recently he’s done a U turn and calls for the EU to ally itself with Russia. Clearly he doesn’t want history to blame him for World War III, although he and the Neocons have done their damnedest to provoke Putin. The Russians have been careful not to rise to any of these provocations. Their responses have been restrained but effective and within international law, unlike the Americans and the British, who don’t give two hoots about the law. The Russians are also truthful, unlike the West, which appears to operate under Kol Nidre, the Jewish prayer for liars and swindlers – you couldn’t make this up! To sum up; it’s seems clear that Soros and Rothschild actually want a world war. The West is after all dominated by the ideology of over-population and ‘useless mouths’. Anybody surplus to labour requirements doesn’t deserve to live, while at the same time the astronomical debt resulting from the Jewish system of counterfeiting is concentrating the world’s mountain of fraudulent debt in fewer and fewer hands. The vast majority of the USA and the UK own nothing at all although they’ve worked all the lives (as unwitting slaves). My conclusion is that Putin has not permitted them to start a world war, and in that sense is not playing their game, unlike Hitler, who was provoked into invading Poland in violation of international law. Whereas in the 90s, Russia was in the pocket of the American jews – even the new Russian constitution was largely dictated to Glazyev – things began to come unstuck after Pristina. The Russian generals were furious (even British Gen. Jackson told Wesley Clark to cool it) and Putin was made Prime Minister. One of Russia’s first steps was to seize control of the price of oil from Washngton by cutting a deal with the Saudis in November 1999. Then they withdrew their support for the Iraq war in the UNSC. Finally, Putin jailed Khodorkovsky,who controlled 3/4 of the Russian economy on behalf of Jacob Rothschild, who rushed to Moscow to save his protege but was sent back empty-handed. That was the last straw. There have been several attempts to assassinate or remove Putin. Last March there was a coup attempt backed up by a limited nuclear strike and preceded by the false flag murder of Nemtsov. Jacob Rothschild preceded all this by making a thinly veiled threat of nuclear war. Fortunately, the officer responsible for transmitting the missile launch codes didn’t obey orders, using a procedure introduced by Chuck Hagel, of which psychopath Ash Carter was unaware.

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