11 Responses to “It’s not just the Bushes and the Clintons. Many presidents have been relatives. Here is an infographic of the full family tree.”

  1. That’s interesting above
    Im starting to wonder whether the 1947 roswell crash really was aliens arrived here? And the US government has been doing its best all these years for us, to protect us from them? All the while reverse engineering what they could.
    So as to protect us from aliens. I think the aliens are in our midst. Theyre the real enemy

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “Every man contains within himself the seeds of his own destruction”

      Michael Murrin, 2012

      • Yes perhaps. Ill have to read Michael Murrin when I can, absorb what he says. Theres so much to do!

        Yet this comment above MS suggests……God and Satan doesn’t exist. Its all within man, the whole thing. Yes there might and MUST be a superior Consciousness force, such as the Princeton very interesting EGGS experiments show, the random number gerntarors in response to World Events. Theres a Mass Conbsciousness Field all around us, like sime kind iof consciousness cloud.

        Ill leave aside smartmeters, haarp, chemtrails, vaccines, from this discussion to not complicate matters.

        I must look up Michael murrin no idea who he is.

        if you and Rabbit and Henry and others can pray for me, give me spiritual protection. So the awful thing discussed today, never materialises as I couldn’t copewith it all. If you and Rabbit and God and Higher Spiritual Fiorces can please protect me from this. Then I promise from the depth of my being, I will work tirelessly,m even harder than I do now. to MAKE CHANGE And be an AGENT OF GOD.

        Btw MS my recent email has been typed from the heart , id say quantum entanglememnt a part of me is in that email, please consider its content and reply when you can

      • Men Scryfa goto channel 36 on freeview. Deal or No Deal is on. Bargain Hunt is on BBC at 23.30. You must get your fibger out and start recording these! We are wasting our timeon Tapblog.!
        Freeview is where its at. I hear Noel Edmonds ins calling the banker tonight with 25,000 pounds in the balance!
        And we are discussing this shite whilethats going on?

      • I think we most definitely, and continue to, hit nerves.
        As long as you and Rabbit pray for me combined with my own prayers, I am protected from the Evil visited on me that you mentioned today. I could cope even though it would be a difficult horrible path id rather nott go down. it woukd destroy my parents, no doubt it woukd destroy everything. So please pray and ask and channel THE PROTECTION OF LORD JESUS CHRIST AND GOD ONTO ME, AND UNTO US ALL, AT THIS TIME.

        The intergenerational scum im not sure, but im optimistic. but hitting nerves definitely

        I read in Wilsons website on an article analuysing who God is and how He works, I reas, that the Angels just praise God continueously. I found that to be a very beautiful statement
        Rather than praying for 5 mind a day. Praise God Continuoesly! And be in His protection!

  2. Lynn says:

    Adam have you been drinking!!

    These seeds of the Rothschild Dynasty are pure evil.

    All related to the greedy most perverse Gene pool on earth.

    They have asset stripped us all of everything. Their I’ll gotten gains are disturbing. Ilegal , and downright cheating. They have toiled away with their inbred tortured minds and souls to making us a prison planet. Fact!

    • No Lynn
      a previous conversation with MS

      • Men Scryfa says:

        And what a great and uplifting conversation it was with like minded intelligent and challenging fellow truth seeking individuals!

        Do you think we are getting through to the intergenerational scum yet? What do you think Adam? What do you say Lynn, do you think we have hit a nerve?

  3. Dublinmick says:

    And most of them have been the queen’s cousins. Did you know that Trump and Hillary are 19th cousins.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Dubz what’s worse having the Hilarity or Trumpty on family tree?
      And is that worse than having Obummer turn up somewhere on it lol?
      No imagine having a Bush/Schiff or even a Rumsfeld – man that is dark.

  4. Lynn says:

    Kissing Cousins all of them….keep it in the Adams family. Murder squad Inc.

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