Israel’s International Conspiracy Nearly every western country has an Israel lobby



Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom recently suggested an inquiry into a surge in Israel’s reported extra-judicial killing of Palestinian demonstrators after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a harsh response and told his police and soldiers that those opposed to the continued occupation of the West Bank were “terrorists.” Almost immediately, the Israeli government denounced Wallstrom as engaging in “political stupidity,” banning her from travel to Israel, while one newspaper close to the government suggested that she might be assassinated, as fellow Swede Count Folke Bernadotte was by Jewish militants in 1948, because anti-Semitism appears to be in the Swedish DNA.

All of that outrage and personal ridicule is pro forma for an Israeli government that reflexively smears and denigrates any and all critics, but the more interesting epilogue was the unanticipated discovery by the Swedish and international media that Wallstrom has not been paying the full rent on the subsidized government apartment that she occupies. The revelation follows a familiar pattern, where critics of Israel suddenly find themselves being discredited for something completely unrelated to the Middle East. President George H. W. Bush (the good Bush) suffered a similar come to Jesus moment in 1991 when he went on national television to denounce the pressure tactics of the Israel lobby. The Israeli government was demanding U.S. Treasury backed loans to construct illegal settlements. President Bush, who was running for reelection and far ahead in the opinion polls, suddenly was confronted by a well-funded and organized opposition raising doubts about him and his record. And President Bush was not reelected, presumably learning along the way that one does not trifle with the Israel Lobby, to be replaced by the enthusiastically Zionist Bill Clinton.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is also wondering about Israel’s alleged commitment to peace. On Tuesday he said “it was human nature to react to occupation,” following up with a comment on Wednesday regarding Israel’s “stifling” occupation of Palestine. Netanyahu reacted with his usual over the top rhetoric, stating that Ban “was encouraging terror.” One might also anticipate, as in the case of Wallstrom, a well-orchestrated media blitz questioning Ban’s motives or explaining how he has always been a closet anti-Semite. It is par for the course and fully expected when one criticizes Israel.

Indeed, it is a global phenomenon. Wherever one goes – Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States – there is a well-organized and funded lobby ready, willing and able to go to war to protect Israel. Most of the organizations involved take at least some direction from officials in Tel Aviv. Many of them even cooperate fully with the Israeli government, its parastatal organizations and faux-NGOs like the lawfare center Shurat HaDin. Their goal is to spread propaganda and influence the public in their respective countries of residence to either hew to the line coming out of Tel Aviv or to confuse the narrative and stifle debate when potential Israeli crimes are being discussed.

Israel’s diaspora allies are backed up by a formidable government organized machine that spews out disinformation and muddies the waters whenever critics surface. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has a corps of paid “volunteers” who monitor websites worldwide and take remedial action and there is a similar group working out of the Prime Minister’s office. That is why any negative story appearing in the U.S. about Israel is immediately inundated with pro-Israel comments, many of which make exactly the same coordinated points while exhibiting the same somewhat less than perfect English. On sites like Yahoo they are actually able to suppress unwelcome comments by flooding the site with “Dislike” responses. If a comment receives a large number of dislikes, it is automatically blocked or removed.

The sayanim, local Jews in their countries of residence, are essential to this process, having been alerted by emails from the Israeli Foreign Ministry about what to do and say. The reality is that Israel has lost the war of public opinion based on its own actions, which are becoming more and more repressive and even inhumane and so are difficult to explain. That means that the narrative has to be shifted by Israel’s friends through subterfuge and the corruption of the information process in each country. In some places the key media and political players who are engaged in the process can simply be bought. In other places they can be intimidated or pressured into taking positions that are neither in their own countries’ interests nor morally acceptable. In large countries like the United States, Britain and France a combination of friendly suasion and coercive elements often come together.

In all cases, the objective is the same: to repress or misrepresent any criticism of Israel and to block any initiatives that might be taken that would do damage either to the Israeli economy or to the country’s perceived standing in the world. In some countries Israel’s advocates work right out in the open and are highly successful in implementing policies that often remain largely hidden but that can be discerned as long as one knows what to look for.

Recent Israel Lobby activity in the United States has included legislation at state levels to make illegal divestment from Israel or to promote boycott of Israeli products. A trade pact with Europe will reportedly include language requiring the United States to take retaliatory action if any European country tries to boycott Israel, to include the West Bank settlements, which the empowering legislation regards as part of Israel proper.

Israel is also working to create a mechanism for global censorship of the internet to ban “incitement,” which clearly is a euphemism for material that is critical of its policies. Recently Facebook has begun to delete from its site any “hate speech” and “terrorism” related material but what has not been widely noted is that the apparent restrictions also have involved sites critical of Israel including Christians United for Peace.

Many prominent critics of the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) are unaware that AIPAC exists in various forms in a number of other countries. BICOM , the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, is located in London. The French equivalent is the Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF). In Canada there is a Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) , in Australia a Zionist Federation of Australia and in New Zealand a Zionist Federation of New Zealand .

While AIPAC is specifically focused on the U.S.-Israel relationship, its counterparts in Europe often deal with a whole range of issues that they define as Jewish, but protecting Israel is always part of their agenda, particularly for those groups that label themselves as Zionist. The political power and financial muscle of the groups gives them access to government far beyond the actual numbers of their supporters. In France this has led to the legislation of hate crimes that de facto exist to protect Jews that have been also been interpreted as limitations on one’s ability to criticize Israel. In its most recent test, a French court declared that a peaceful protest promoting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) directed against Israel was illegal.

Many believe that France now has less free speech than any other European country. Recently, the alleged humor magazine Charlie Hebdo, ran a revolting cartoon showing the little Syrian boy Alan Kurdi who drowned in Turkey last summer as all grown up and sexually assaulting a woman in Germany. There was considerable outrage throughout the world but no sign that the French government will do anything to prosecute the magazines since it was Muslims who were being ridiculed. Charlie Hebdo frequently insults Muslims (and also Christians) but rarely lampoons Jews.

In Britain, Jewish organizations uniquely are allowed to patrol heavily Jewish neighborhoods in police-like uniforms while driving police type vehicles and there have been reports of their threatening Muslims who enter the areas. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government, which is responsive to a Conservative Friends of Israel lobbying group, has also done its part to create official barriers to any spread of the BDS movement. It is proposing legislation that will enable it to overrule decisions by local government councils that seek to cut business or investment ties with Israel and, more particularly, Israeli settlements, under the pretext that such action interferes with the conduct of foreign affairs. The British government is also considering its own brand of hate speech legislation, banning from social media any commentary that is considered to be anti-Semitic, which will almost certainly extend to criticism of Israel.

Canada’s government has also threatened to use hate speech laws to block criticism of Israel and forbid BDS related activity. Australia meanwhile, has ceased referring to east Jerusalem as “occupied” and is apparently leaning towards similar “non-pejorative” language relating to the militarized occupation of the West Bank, preferring the neocon favored dodge “disputed.” New Zealand has proposed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that specifically demands that participants “refrain from referring a situation…to the International Criminal Court,” which would effectively decriminalize war crimes committed by both sides during the two recent invasions of Gaza. As a United Nations investigation determined that Israel was disproportionately responsible for what did occur, the proposal eliminates accountability and is effectively a get out of jail free card for some Israeli government officials.

And so it goes. Criticize Israel and there will be a comeuppance by virtue of a highly developed international system that relies on government direction as well as volunteer supporters who are able to shape both the media message and the political response. Accepting that as a given, I suppose one should be proud of being called an anti-Semite every time the label is misapplied to stifle dissent, but it all sadly reflects a lowering of the discussion to a dirt level. This might just be because there is no justification for Israeli behavior. The fact is that in terms of systematic human rights violations Israel is something beyond an apartheid state, frequently engaging in open racism and, in the opinion of many observers, crimes against humanity. It is furthermore a persistent source of instability in the Middle East and even beyond.

Israel is a liability to the United States and to the European nations that it has successfully manipulated into acquiescence regarding its bad behavior. When AIPAC and its overseas clones act for Israel the host nations in which these organizations exist should recognize exactly what is taking place. If Israel is truly first in their hearts and minds that is perfectly acceptable but its advocates should perhaps consider moving there and letting the rest of us be. Would that be too much to ask?





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  1. Aldous says:

    “Accepting that as a given, I suppose one should be proud of being called an anti-Semite every time the label is misapplied to stifle dissent, but it all sadly reflects a lowering of the discussion to a dirt level.”

    Philip Giraldi (article author) is only half right when he talks of the anti-Semitic label/slur being misapplied to stifle dissent. The irrefutable fact is that 90+% of these so-called ‘Jews’ aren’t Semitic at all. A dog born in a stable doesn’t make it a horse.
    How is it possible to be anti-Semitic to anyone who hasn’t a drop of Semitic blood in them?
    This is the stark reality of these Khazars who are effectively mutant Gentiles with serious genetic deficiencies and defects, both physical and mental.

    “Israel is a liability to the United States and to the European nations that it has successfully manipulated into acquiescence regarding its bad behavior.”

    Israel(sic) is a liability to Mankind and Planet Earth, not only to America and Europe. Zionist Israel – spawned on a Holohoax Lie – never had any right to exist and its inhumane actions since 1948 (and before with Menachem Begin’s Irgun and the Stern Gang) have put it well and firmly beyond the Human Pale, where its dismantling/destruction is the only way forward. Sacrifice one pariah and bandit state, save the ROTW.

    • ” How is it possible to be anti-Semitic to anyone who hasn’t a drop of Semitic blood in them? ” powerful words. Just the sort of hooks we need, when doing battle with people in subtle Trojan horse type conversation then coming in with a left hook. Your words are a kind of textbook we should all refer back to , as we fight the battle pulling down the Lies of whats around us, the jew sacred cow elephant in the room lie, the Tavistock effects on us since birth. Its a long road but I like how you spell things out Aldous, I need stuff spelled out on complex issues. I like things in basic form. Then, once with this bbasic understanding pattern in my head, I can then dive down deep and research with confidence, knowing what im looking for

      Btw 90% I think you said are Ashkenazi Khazars, inferior Neanderthal haplotype with serious deficiencies and inferiority complex. They somehow manage to look White and almost blend in. I observe clues though which ill do a comment on another time.
      Who are the good 10%? An isolated tribe somewhere in Asia?
      Or Ethiopia?
      Or are they littered within existing Jewish communities in the West? This is another big topic.
      My manager in his early 60s, very decent respectful kind man. I learned recently hes jewish. I wouldn’t dream of mentioning to him what we talk about
      And equally. I simply cannot imagine, he is aware and loves the Talmud. And attends ritual sacrifice depravity every week and on blood moons and Shemitahs. There is some disconnect here.
      So im wondering whether the Ashkenazi virus has superimposed itself on to decent hardworking unaware real non ashkenazis? Or maybe they use some Ashkenazis in their communities, as low down levels as fodder, unaware, to play the part of good jews? there must be some hierarchy here, built on ignorance. Like the freemasonic degrees?

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    We have heard this asked question before, what is the Final Solution to this problem?

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Men Scryfa, they’ve called for the White Race’s genocide and are working hard and 6 million hours overtime at it by way of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
      When someone is trying to kill me off, I try to get them back because it seems only fair, right and proper. I mean, I’m not made of stone and feel 1 to 6 million bad turns by them towards the white Race deserves at least an equal number of good turns for Humanity by moi.

      The EU Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe, Agenda 21 and the EU Charlemagne Prize

      The EU want to change all the cultures of the Europeans to a single European Culture. Lenin changed the Russian culture by starving to death millions of Kulaks. The EU are trying to do similar but by mass immigration from Africa and Middle East to ethnically dilute the White Tribes out of existence. By White tribes they mean Caucasians.

      Before the PC brigade get worked up reading this these are the words of the EU not mine.

      Published on Jun 16, 2013

      In October 2005, Professor Kamao Kambon (aka Leroy Jefferson) advocated the extermination of the white race at Howard University Law School.

      It is the intention of the EU to destroy English culture and the English nation.

      Mitterrand told his confidante Migouli when he was Premier of France.

      “I will have the last word,” Mitterrand replied. “Her island, it’s me who will destroy it. Her island, I swear that soon it will no longer be one. I will take my revenge on the upstart English. I will tie England to Europe, despite its natural tendency for isolation. Yes. I will succeed where Napoleon III failed.”

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Aldous your excellent words have put a smile on my face. Completely correct by the rules of warfare. A fight to the death!

        And we know the ultimate outcome. They cannot fight GOD. No one can fight GOD:-


        GOD is just playing with them. Giving them the false deluded hope that they are in with a chance, that they are in with a shot. In reality GOD is just using them to shake out the wheat from the chaff. To sift his people. To prepare.

        That mongrelized Coudenhove Kalergi weirdo is a perfect case in point. Scum

        They are an accursed people and always were, these crypto infiltrators, already exposing themselves and this is the ‘plan’ hundreds of years in the making – give me a break! Laugh out loud. It is a disaster. So many holes in it that only the fools at the top like Hilary and Obummer and AssKissinger have no idea yet how bad the situation is and carry on oblivious

        Their foot soldiers that I see look more and more worried every day that goes by, hence the desperate shoring up of morale. Exhibit A the blatant cover-up on CSA in the UK and the need to dog whistle announce “Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic – Situation Under Control” to all co-conspirators. It is laughable, no-one says ‘don’t panic’ unless there is panic


        “Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!” He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them. Then He will speak to them in His anger And terrify them in His fury”
        PSALM 2:4


      Antony kidman got the childrens MKUltra programming trauma based mind control, so that the chidren, get their personalities split. So ne personality ‘Alter’ can be Sataniclly abused by the elites. Another ‘Alter’ when in front of a tribunal childcare court. The other ‘Alter’ has had no abuse

      Antony Kidman did a sloppy job as a child psychologist and had to pay the price of death , to protect the Sydney and international paedophile rings that do UNSPEAKABLE HORRENDOUS, SADDENING, TEARFUL, EVIL things. We must ask GODS, and the ANGELS help in these matters. PLEASE HELP GOD, LORD JESUS CHRIST, HELP US DEFEAT THIS EVIL



    • Thankyou Men Scryfa


      Anonymous11 February 2016 at 14:35

      It isn’t the Jewishness that’s the problem – there is a fine tradition of liberal, anti-establishment Jews.
      The problem is Israel and its lure for both some Jews and some non-Jews, who are prepared to be corrupted with power and money to serve it.
      Hillary Clinton clearly belongs in that category, whereas a Jew like Sanders, as far as I can see, does not.

      Anonymous11 February 2016 at 21:44

      There are different factions of Jews. Trump’s Jews are outside of the Jewish neoconservatives grouping. They don’t always agree, or know what the neocon Jews are planning.

      Trump’s Jews were unaware of the 911 plot carried out by neocons and top Jews.

      Thereby, Jews who back Trump smell a rat! This is why they have urged Trump, who is Aryan, to run.

      You cannot win the presidency without top Jews backing your campaign.

      Trump’s Jews are the lesser of evil Jews. Therefore Trump, despite his hostile rhetoric, is our best chance to slow the slaughter of humanity.

      Which ultimately, left unchecked, will include Trump’s Jews (per source).

      [And linked into my Aldous question yesterday, about Ashkenazis and whos the 10%, whos who, my manager etc]

  3. ian says:

    Aldous and MS both are aware of the situation. The answer is control of media. The masses must get control of the media.

    • Aldous says:

      Ian, I’m not sure how we can do that in the order that you state. “The masses must get control of the media.”

      I don’t know how we make that happen because most of us Truthers are a little low on big money and muscle to buy out the BBC and CNN etc.

      I would put it thus: “In order to get control of the media, we must [first] win over the hearts and minds of the masses.”

      The BBC, CNN and the like could well end up being their own worst enemy. As Napoleon said: “When the enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them.”

      We haven’t the means to take down the BBC/CNN etc, but we do have the means to defeat them one suspecting/questioning mind at a time, which can quickly become millions of minds at a time.

      These bastard, murderous and traitorous puppet politicians and monstrously wealthy handlers will ultimately be denied what they want and get what they deserve – an old political adage. Never forgetting that ‘a week is a long time in politics’.
      ~ att: Harold Wilson

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Television is dying (wish it would hurry up). The print media is dead, though this is undeclared. The war is on the internet.

        Get as many people you know onto the genuine independent blogs as you can. I don’t mean Aldous I mean other non-active readers of these comments.

        Get on your emails sending them out links to blogs (even places like Infowars and other shill sites still help to wake people up initially! Anything but CNN and Fox and BBC etc)

        Then when the post mortem begins it will be the time to bring forward the actual documentary proof that puts beyond doubt how why and by whom these ‘institutions’ were subverted and used in an attempt to Genocide the White Race and attack Christ.

        What are they all going to do hide in Israel and hope that we all just forget?

      • Gordon says:

        Aldous: All of the above which you have stated is truth which I’m inclined to believe you are well read on the subject of who and what is a Jew.

        For others reading these comments and are less acquainted in this matter, may I suggest you read Esau, Edomites, Phoenicians, Canaanites & Jews at

        “Canaanite, Khazar and Edomite are all names that accurately refer to the majority of people who call themselves “Jews.” The name Jew originally meant a resident of Judea regardless of religion or race, and has long since lost any association with a true Judahite. Jesus made this clear in Revelation 2:9, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not but are a synagogue of Satan.” And 3:9, “I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie; indeed I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you””.

        I would like for those of you with more knowledge to consider this thought. – It would be a mighty strange thing that those who called themselves Jews at the time of the second world war, but were not, and that the German race had more Judahite blood in their veins and it was they who were the true holocaust victims and not those infidel Jews who are the true sons of Cain, son of Satan.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Excellent Excellent from Gordon there.

        Reading and individual research really is the key to understanding this thorny subject, which has been deliberately made confusing in order to hide the shocking truth from those that ‘Jewry’ seeks to deceive.

        In a nutshell those who today call themselves ‘Jews’ are a people who speak a language that is not their own, use the name of another people to describe themselves, worship an entity that is the opposite of that which they portray, and claim a land that is not their own. Everything about them is a LIE.

        Everyone needs to Read:

        ESAU AND EDOM by Weizmann
        THE 13TH TRIBE by Koestler
        CURSE OF CANNAAN by E Mullins

  4. beLIEve says:


    Judaism = = = I’m Judas.

  5. Aldous says:

    I argued the toss with a police detective tonight about the chances of Israel’s criminals EVER being brought before the courts and was asked:

    1. Would you be willing to plant corroborative evidence on an IDF mass murdering war criminal you knew to be guilty in order to ensure an indictment?

    2. Would you be willing to rig IDF crime scene evidence to support a prosecuting attorney’s working hypothesis?

    3. Would you be willing to beat confessions out of psychopathic IDF suspects you knew to be guilty?

    4. Would you be willing to shoot hardened IDF criminals in the back to offset the slightest chance of them getting off?

    When I hesitated to answer any and all of those questions, he implored me to NEVER take Israeli war criminals to any court but to simply:

    1. Plant corroborative evidence
    2. Rig crime scene evidence
    3. Beat confessions out of psychopathic IDF suspects
    4. Shoot hardened IDF criminals in the back – trying to escape.

  6. Lynn says:

    They are filth and unfit to reside on a beautiful planet Earth. Destroyers of hope and prosperity. Sneakily poisoning our lands. Two faced evil scum. If they had any morals they would be shouting about it…but no all hidden and shrouded in secrecy. Well the gloves are coming off..
    I heard a football fan from Liverpool today talking on the radio news saying they are waking up and safety in numbers. If these young men can rip up a stadium, and scare them to death. What will happen when the penny finally drops is a clue.

  7. Aldous says:

    The Shomrim police that you see in the image have had their genitals mutilated in a bizarre ceremony called circumcision, which could explain their unhinged behavior and demeanor.

    If I had been tortured as a child and had my manhood’s foreskin removed without anesthetic and without my childhood consent, I would not be happy.
    These bastards are monsters make no mistake.

    They circumcise and mutilate one’s penis (for all time) for a very bad reason. It is so the recipient is never able to forget or discard or reject their Jewish(sic) roots. The mutilated penis is always there. It has an everlasting and negative effect on their minds from such child trauma.

    Moreover, it makes lovemaking particularly painful and harmful for women.



    This article exposes the little known, but huge sexual harm of male circumcision on women.
    Therefore, the content of this article is of adult nature.

  8. ian says:

    All excellent comments. I must admit that I can’t see any way to get control of TV. I just know how much controlling power it has. All the above suggestions are excellent though. I tried to educate people as humbly as I could. I know my own limitations, and rather than hard facts, I appeal to peoples sense of right and wrong, common decency and fairness. I suggested researching Rachel Corrie, instead of ranting about Zionist thugs. I did find though, that with a few exceptions, you get the same support that you do in a place of work. Plenty who will make the arrows but not many prepared to fire them or even rock the boat a little. Delusional perhaps to believe that we have a great and free life, yet fear complaining about the way it’s ran. How much is education and brainwashing, I don’t know, but there is definitely a sense of Stockholm Syndrome between the masses and their owners.

    • Gordon says:

      I think we all feel despondent when we look at our corrupt world and the feeling of hopelessness in confronting the Goliath beast with all its mighty power.

      TRUTH is, we can’t and wont defeat the beast. It’s going to take one greater than us to do the job for and on behalf of us.

      Why do you think Jesus Christ is going to return? He’s not going to play second fiddle to any world government. When He returns it’s going to be kick-ass time and as I say, look out when God’s about cause all hell breaks loose.

      But hey, be encouraged and of good cheer knowing that your in the right place to find truth to the best of our understanding.

      Have hope, have faith and just you wait and see.

      • Yes Gordon. hope. Faith. and Belief in Him

        Since I have so many plates spinning contemplating this and that. Rome wasn’t built in a day and certain things go on the back burner for a while, whilst other issues get looked at that might actually get added to the dish in the pot on the back burner. The it comes to the front again to have life animated into it.

        The one on one, personal, unshakeable, 2 way communication, relationship with Him. On the bus today I got the feeling again, like a deep thirst in me, wanting it and knowing its whats right and what I need and will help.

        I will probably expand more on this under a religious tap post sometime.

        But I feel each one of us is at the eye of a hurricane maelstrom. That emanates out from us in every direction. This being not only the complexities of this world. But also the higher dimensions, and all the interdimensional interactions that are clearly going on, nanosecond by nanosecond. I do not agree with the thinking that anything in Spirit, in these realms, is all demonic and satanic. There are no good forces. I don’t agree at all

        However I think a major major trick that Lucifer and Satan try to play, is try and get any awakening person into the New Age Deceptions ( . And start dabbling about for the sake of it with spirits, spiritual matters, even though they mean well and think no harm comes of it. YES I AGREE LUCIFER APPEARS IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, THESE ARE THE TRAPS

        Whats my point? That help is there for us, trillions of souls, angels, Gods helpers interacting with us in this realm. It is not satanic to say so. AS LONG AS WE NEVER LOSE SIGHT AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE AND PRAISE OUR FATHER, CREATOR, KNOW HE IS IN CHARGE, BE HUMBLE TO HIM AND WANT TO HELP IN ALL WAYS WE CAN. All the spiritual thinking comes secondary. But still useful.
        And this , I visualise this 2 way powerful one on one relationship with Him, to be like a SOLID UNSHAKEABLE….BEAM OF LIGHT COMING DOWN INTO MY HEAD, GOING RIGHT UP TO THE HEAVENS. Some silence and inner contemplation without distraction each day helps this I think. Walking round town or in the countryside, without a care, and doing the downward energy roy masters pushing exercise, helps. I don’t do it enough though
        Yes second coming.

        But lets realise according to ken at redefininggod blog, a huge NWO Second coming Hollywood extravaganza, is on the cards. using psychotronic weaponry, holograms, ufos, the works.

        I suppose a good question Gordon why doesn’t God intervene now?

        Maybe God and his Angelic helpers might assist, facilitate, some good factions of the secret space programme that might exist to join the fight at the crucial moment? Maybe a waiting games being played
        Interesting tongue sticking out link. Will read if I get time. Good Kingel point on Einstein on RT. All this MSM gravity wave stuff Einstein take with a pinch of salt. PAUL LAVIOLETTE will be making an article on this soon.

        Though from what I gather, the cabal has had gravity weapons that can cause ripples in space time , for decades. So I gather. Must read your gravity link too. When I get time. Comment to Rabbit under world religion to come soon, pasted comments to men scryfa this morning on religious matters

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Listen for the small still voice Adam.
        GOD Bless You. GOD Bless You.

        HOLY, HOLY, HOLY,
        The Lord God Almighty


        WITNESSES Go Forth. Go Forth!

      • Gordon says:

        Why doesn’t God intervene now?

        Quite simply, When Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan they made a conscious choice to reject the tree of life and accept the tree of good and evil.

        By rejecting the tree of life they in effect cut themselves and all of humanity thereafter off from God.

        God being all wise, knowing the beginning from the end had a contingency plan in the event that Adam should fail which would ultimately atone and lead to mankind’s reconciliation with God.

        Ultimately, God would win man back but first mankind was going to learn some very hard lessons for the consequence of Adam and Eve’s action.

        God in effect told them that from now on they were on their own with only occasional interference as and when needed.

        Mankind has since learned these hard lessons. We have had to learn to govern ourselves which has been a failure. Learn all the ism’s which have been a failure. What we have learned of looking after our home planet has been a failure along with knowledge etc, etc.

        Cutting to the ice, man is a destroyer. Everything he touches he destroys and he’s got to come to realize it and stop it before he can reconciled to his creator God after-which the tree of true knowledge will be parted to him.

        The truth in all of this is that Satan knew God’s plan for mankind from the time of his rebellion which was that mankind was to takeover through His Son were he, (Satan,) and his cohort angels failed which was to beautify and bring life to this galaxy and ultimately the universe.

        There is no way that God is going to allow man to go out into the universe with Satan’s rebellious attitude and cause chaos and destruction.

        Good days are coming but not yet. We still have hard lessons to learn. Hard lessons God wants us to learn and turn aside from. Only then will He personally intervene.

        Psa 8:1 To the chief Musician upon Gittith, A Psalm of David. O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.
        Psa 8:2 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.
        Psa 8:3 When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
        Psa 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
        Psa 8:5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
        Psa 8:6 Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:

  9. Nollidge says:

    “The real reason why Germany must be destroyed.
    Scroll down a bit until you come to the graphic with that title.

  10. salty says:

    Netanyahu praises UK for ban on anti-Israel boycotts

    British minister tells PM:

    London supports directive because ‘we believe discrimination is not appropriate and should be stood up to’

    February 17, 2016.

  11. salty says:

    Corbyn’s Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory

    April 27, 2016.


    On Thursday, Jonathan Arkush, president of UK’s Jewish Lobby, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, accused Piers Corbyn of supporting Israel’s enemies, such as, Hamas and Hizbullah.

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