Iran Plans Huge Arms Deals With Russia

An S-300 surface-to-air missile system

S-300 Was Just the Beginning:

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On February 15-16, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan was on an official visit to Moscow. He held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu as well as Russian presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin and Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin.

During the visit, a number of issues were discussed, including global security, the war on terrorism, the situation in Syria and in the Middle East as well as military and technical cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.Iran has traditionally been a major buyer of Russian-made weapons. Moscow and Tehran avidly cooperated in the military-technical field after the Iranian revolution and until the introduction of anti-Iranian sanctions.

Last year, the final agreement of the Iranian nuclear program was reached and theeasing of sanctions was announced. The landmark deal has given a fresh impetus to military cooperation between Russia and Iran.

In September 2015, a new agreement was signed to deliver S-300PMU-2 air defense systems to Iran. The implementation of the contract is expected to start in early-2016 and be completed in autumn. An S-300 system unit comprises a regiment command point and two divisions with four missile launchers in each. The price tag for two S-300PMU-2 units will be over $1 billion. After the deal was signed the first shipment was sent to Russia’s Kapustin Yar military range. Currently, the systems are undergoing tests of their capabilities, and then they will be delivered by sea to Iran.

In addition, nearly 80 Iranian specialists will undergo S-300PMU-2 training courses in Russia in 2016. The course will last for four months and is included in the contract.

The agreement has paved the way for new perspectives of the Russia-Iran military-technical cooperation. According to experts, Iran needs modern weapons worth $13 billion, and all of them could be supplied by Russia.It was reported that on the sidelines of the recent talks Iranian military officials said they were willing to buy Russian weapons worth $8 billion.

First of all, Iran is interested in Russia’s assistance in creating an integrated echelon air-defense system comprising short-, medium- and long-range components. Such a system could be built with Russian technologies. One of its main parts is Su-30SM Flanker multirole jet fighters.

A contract for the delivery of Flankers to Iran will be signed in 2016, a high-ranking official in the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said Wednesday.

“Iran has actually expressed its interest in the purchase of an order of Su-30SM fighters, but so far the parties are only discussing the issue in negotiations. The contract will be signed this year,” the official told RIA Novosti.

Russia and Iran are also in talks on the deliveries of a wide range of weapons and military hardware, including Bastion coastal missile launchers with Yakhont anti-ship missiles, Yak-130 jet fighters, Mi-8/17 helicopters as well as diesel-electric submarines, frigates and T-90 tanks.

It is interesting that currently Iran is eyeing to import advanced industrial technologies rather than military hardware itself. For many years, Iran was isolated and unable to buymodern weapons and technologies. Everything developed and produced by the Iranian defense industries in recent years was in fact modernized versions of ageing Soviet, US, Chinese or North Korean weapons. Those numerous demonstrations of new weapons during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were nothing but PR-motivated moves.Now Tehran needs a powerful and well-equipped army. Furthermore, its capabilities should be based on Iran’s domestic resources and cutting-edge foreign technologies. This is why there is logic to the Iranian government’s recent push for importing technologies.

“Our priority in this cooperation is, certainly, the things that give us the superiority capability, as well as ensure deterrence against the threats in the region and beyond,” the Iranian minister said.

In fact, Russia could be a reliable partner for Iran. According to Russian specialists, in the foreseeable future, the focus in Russia-Iran military cooperation will be moved to joint projects, using Iranian R&D and industrial capabilities. Weapons for grounds forces, armored vehicles and naval hardware may be among the priorities.

Another promising field of cooperation is training Iranian officers and personnel at Russian military academies. The issue was also discussed during the Dehghan’s visit.

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18 Responses to “Iran Plans Huge Arms Deals With Russia”

    • Kingel beLIEve sent this a few months ago. I don’t understand it but think it could be an important fightback. WeRe bank/promissory notes

      I don’t know much about Bitcoin but im sensing it might be a scam. Last year I hoped things like bitcoin would help us avoid the fiat cashless society. But bitcoin is all electronic and seems to have cabal deception energy emanating from it, somehow

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Sorry for the delay – I got kicked out of WordPress again for the millionth time, they just flip the password and then I have do all kinds of reseting. Maybe it’s something I said lol!

        Thanks for the link and heads up Adam, I am glad for this as first up, I am with you on Bitcoin, its origins are too obscure esp considering its prominence, a bit like google, which just shouts CIA to me.
        I think a guy who they now say set it up was arrested the other day in NZ ?
        Was this just to bolster his reputation.

        Personally I am not even sure about Gary McKinnon, as in I believe that he believes he is genuine, but rather fear that he might have been used all along for disinfo purposes as a patsy. Who knows, best to be cynical these days.

        WereBank. I followed the link. Immediately my thoughts were:
        1) feels like “Anonymous” crossed with TPUC but for money/banking reform
        2) ominous Black Cube symbol stuck on to the title for no apparent reason.

        Conclusion treat with suspicion. It does have a grass roots amateur feel to it which is good but this can be emulated and the ‘Anon’ / TPUC / Freeman Sovereign disinfo whiff is very very strong.I think that Hill guy topped himself

        The High Adepts are very pleased with how effective the whole V for Vendetta, Anonymouse faked resistance movement has been among the great unwashed, under educated, disaffected akward squad who think by joining it they are “going to break the system” lolololol

        That and the Snowdonia/Assmange clown act are the Salt and Pepper of the controlled opposition disinformation networks. It really is piss easy for these guys to mislead the masses. No wonder they spend most days laughing at them and at their apparent superiority over them which has some basis in truth if you examine the facts as the people fall for the same thing time and again.

        It is not enough anymore just to know what is wrong with the system, people need to know and accept what is wrong with themselves and the only way to do that is to work out how they should be living differently and simple “peace and love” is going to play into the NWO hand

      • Men Scryfa says:

        For the record I am in favour of banking and money reform that goes without saying.

      • beLIEve says:


        The WeRe bank/promissory notes…link

        I picked up that link from another commentor.

        I have had a quick look at the article but, would treat it with extreme caution as I think it may be a trap, hiding consequences that could be severely disadvantageous.

        Bitcoin, being an electronic transaction, makes it subject to the manipulations and, sequestration by the EVIL ones.

        You are right to distrust it.

        China is moving to a GOLD-Yuan peg in the first week of April 2016 and anyone holding paper at that date……..might just as well have a…LOO ROLL….in their wallet !

        This ….LOO ROLL…statement also applies to so-called “governments” who are in reality ….worthless and unlawful ….CORP-orations

      • beLIEve says:


        The ILL-loonati are screwing with my internet access.
        Posting is a laborious feat at the moment.
        I am having to post in small segments.
        My computer is being deliberately and unlawfully …OVERHEATED….by the unlawful …goons.

        Reference money China Gold-peg.
        When the gold currency peg is activated in April all……FIAT…….RAT-PAPER……will……IN REALITY….be worthless.

        I believe the only …….LAWFUL MONEY….in the British Isles is……GOLD & SILVER.

        Paper money is……NOT LAWFUL.
        Rothschilds FIAT has all been an ….EXTORTIONATE SCAM.

        Imposing a so-called……..CASHLESS….so-called…..SOCIETY …inn the British Isles would be an …UNLAWFUL…..imposition on …Indigenous British Sovereigns.

        I deny consent
        I deny consent
        I deny consent

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Thanks for the pointer beLIEve re.April and the Yuan. As you say that is going to leave a lot of loo roll and poop floating about.

    • Wednesday, 17 February 2016

      What is the evil agenda of elite evil?

      There are a lot of people who are concerned about the evil of the Western elites, its nature and purpose. Since this evil is covert and heavily defended, there are massive divergences of opinion about its nature and purpose – so we have multiple theories of motivations: Caligulas, capitalists, illuminati, aliens, lizard people…

      There is a lot of crazy talk coming from people of different levels of craziness – but then it turns out that there has indeed been some crazily massive and systematic evil going on in Britain: by any historical standards.

      The revelations over the past few years of the wholesale, decades-long activities of Jimmy Savile are beyond the imagination of most people, and he was one of the most well-connected people in Britain: an intimate, advisor and facilitator of senior royalty, senior politicians, senior BBC officials, lawd and health service bureaucrats… the elite of the elite. After this came the revelations of multiple examples of organized paedophilia being concealed/ tolerated/ protected by these same authorities – and again at a scale apparently unique in history.

      These situations were known to many thousands of the most powerful people for a long time – and the necessary inference is that what was going-on was, overall, what they wanted to be going-on.

      So we have an evil elite, and they are evil in ways and to a degree which is crazy – so what are they trying to achieve?

      It is here that the theorists ideas seem grossly inadequate. If the evil elite are as powerful as they seem to be, then why the secrecy – and why is it so unclear about what they are aiming-at?

      The answer is that the source and ultimate organization of evil is neither human nor alien but demonic. And the demonic perspective is not strategic – it does not name at any particular end state – its modus operandi is destruction: destruction of The Good.

      The demonic tactically undermines, subverts, attacks and ultimately inverts all that is Good, wherever that may be found. There is maybe a vague notion of creating a state of disorder that they intend to exploit – but not much detail beyond that. They simply succeed in one destruction, then move onto the next.

      It is, in a sense, no more than a series of ‘petty triumphs’; of prideful impositions of domination and manipulation; of delighting in the grotesque smashing of innocence and beauty; of getting-away-with outrageous lies and cruelties – indeed, knowing their own covert evil and not merely getting-away-with-it but being publicly and multiply honoured as exemplars of good; of infiltrating, hollowing-out and filling with corruption the finest and noblest institutions…

      And all for no better or deeper or more coherent reason that the gleeful mockery of it, the sense of their own superiority — the conviction that all this (their own successful destruction and deceit) is conclusive proof of the stupidity and hypocritical-wickedness of the masses (and the weak minority of the genuinely religious), and thereby justifies the activity.

      In the end, everybody knows (more or less) what is going-on, but everybody pretends it isn’t: and this situation just gets more and more extreme, thorough, and crazy. And this is exactly what the demons want.

      There is no Master Plan, there is nothing more-than more-of-the-same: more extreme in degree, more insane in content, more widespread… And (best of all, from the demonic perspective) all the time, all this grotesque and viscerally disgusting stuff is going behind a facade of pomp, ceremony and prestige.

      The demons are already regarded as angels; they intend to be worshipped as gods.

      And then, when good is defeated in the piblic and visible reealm, and the evil god will rule in the role of Goodness; a new phase will begin (or rather will become dominant – since it has always been there): the struggle for domination between the triumphant demons, their destruction of one another.

      But it never stops (until everything stops). So long as there is any residual good, there is work for evil.

      Note: I am talking above of varieties of demonic illusion, influence, control, and at the extreme possession — demons cannot incarnate, cannot have bodies (according to Mormon theology). The above ideas are my most recent reflections along a line begun by reading Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, by Fr. Seraphim Rose. I think there was a core of truth in what Seraphim Rose argued – although I believe he was wrong to state that all New Age/ Occult/ Spiritual/ Paganistic/ Eastern Religion (etc) phenomena are demonic; by contrast, I think there is much good in some of them.

    • A quickfire random question, not to derail our other threads of discussion;
      – using a ouija board. Yes tales abound, incl the Exorcist in 1973. That bad things result, bad interactions, visitations, posessions can occur, from demonic entities and others upto no good. Just to clarify
      – this is not the Force is it? This is a realm the ouija accesses, that contains entities. Perhaps a realm before or at the Veil?
      – Again using a ouija, is it conceivable benevolent helpful forces entities communicate? Or is the whole thing evil and needs to go in the bin?
      – or is it that playing with things like the ouija, unless one is skilled, demonic entities overwhelm the situation?

      I imagine its like accessing the extradimensional Superhighway the shamans access Dublinmick told us about.
      It makes me wonder if a ouija was used during a genuine Christian mass, the spirit of Christ or another would communicate. And likewise, maybe our elite friends use a ouija during their sacrifice rituals

      Thats 4 not 1 apologies MS. 😉

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Woah. Quick answers: Ouija definitely bad
        Communicating with Spirits whether by ouija or by a medium is dangerous and is distinct from Chi or life force energy, that is the animating energy.
        I am not exactly myself sure what George Lucas means or meant by ‘The Force’ but I suppose it is a reference to a Satanic or Demonic force. Whatever precisely is referred to by it, I am sure that it is totally separate from if not the diametric opposite to the Holy Spirit.
        Many people who are involved in occult activities will say that it all depends on the ‘spirit guide’ so if the spirit guide is an ‘ascended master’ then great but if it is an evil spirit then its dangerous. But the sensible response to that is how do you know who or what you are dealing with? Frankly meditation and certainly the ouija can be very dangerous. The forces of evil are always looking for a chink in the defences, a weakness to exploit, normally this will relate to our ego or something similar so they tempt based on our personal will or desire when what we need to focus on is the Will of God and serving Him.

    • A further brief note to the Ouija line of discussion – another question it raises is
      – The Veil.
      Maybe the entities communicating via the Ouija, aren’t up in those exotic realms. This raises an interesting point im getting to MS
      – Could the Ouija entities actually be , well yes. Around us, in the room. less dense of course, but here.
      Could the Veil not just be an extradimensional time/space point. BUT COULD THE VEIL ONE SEES ON DMT ACTUALLY BE PHYSICALLY, HIGH UP ABOVE OUR HEADS? 100 miles?
      200 miles? Is this part of the nasa spacetravel secrecy and conundrum, lying to us about the nature of space?

      – Yes the Israeli boy recently, the NDE as Nicky said appears to be an Ashkenazi psyop. Yet I think ive heard from other NDEs too.
      They go higher and higher, rising up. Seeing the earth beneath them, then the planet. The 15 yr old said he then …..etcetc saw other realm type things, including a Veil type thing
      – Could it be MS that flying above earths orbit isn’t just an experience of distance, but could space have properties of being an interdimensional ocean too.

      So this was to correct my previous point. Maybe entities close to a Ouija aren’t near or at the Veil. Maybe theyre physically down here on this earth, hanging about.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Planes of existence.
        Or maybe described as different frequencies. It is like this: our eyes can only see and discern a small part of the spectrum of light according to orthodox science. So just as there is a vast amount of ‘light’ that is unseen going to the infra red extreme of the spectrum on one side and to the ultra violet on the other, so it is with us and the planes of existence.

        To a certain large extent these concepts have been beyond our level of understanding as human beings in the present context. This is probably for a reason. Certainly the Bible indicates this and our experience confirms it that we cannot readily discern these other realities but many of us sense them.
        Angels and Demons, or spiritual entities, around us, I would go with that.

        The spirit world, as it were, is separate but also somehow overlaps or can over lap or border our world. Hence there is the possibility for cross over. This is most likely achieved by us through going inwards, that is exploring our inner spaces by meditation or prayer.

        So the physical and the spiritual are separate yet intertwined or connected. So trying to physically locate a part of the spiritual or ‘etheric’ plane is perhaps misunderstanding the nature of those planes of existence. Does this make sense?

    • Hi, this is re youre 5.01 comment

      Well, I cant imagine what it is you might have said
      ” too obscure esp considering its prominence” er Tony Blair?
      yes bitcoin wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Its on RT Max Keiser that’s all we need to know. RT Doesn’t tell us about chemtrails, and 101other burning things. We know whats going on. Keisers a jewish name isn’t it?
      We must awaken to the fact that, the Deception is very very sly, and subtle. Like Lucifer
      One might say ok, but why do they have Ken O Keefe on Peter Lavelle show? Well simple. He adds ‘alt med’ credibility to the Zionist controlled opposition run RT. Plus I gsther O Keefe sailed close to the wind, but not too close, he was warned.
      neverhtheless O Keefe I like, my impression is brave tremendous guy
      Gary McKinnon, I know what you mean. These thoughts have come to me the past 6 odd months. McKinnon Cameolt back garden, the guys genuine
      But hes been used I think. TPTB knew for a year he was roaming around the Nasa computers. They let him. This was a set up. For a theatre psyop. The question is MS, whats the psyop?

      – Mckinnons tale, doesn’t mention aliens.
      – Therefore does this mean the whole SSP Free Energy suppressed movement, is a HOAX? Free Energy doesn’t exist?
      – Could McKinnon have been a useful 2000s awakening psyop, to waken people up. Who cares if the masses know theres an SSP? We will just tell them it was reverse engineered fro aliens in 1947. And we didn’t want to scare you , weve been so busy protecting you, since 1947. 🙂
      Like ive said MS. TPTB are trying to create adecades long in the planning, Truman SHow, a new one, for us tostep into.

      – Good observations, I wont bother with WeRe bank

      – !!? Anonymous? Are you telling me Russel Brand and Anonymous aren’t on our side?? This cannot be


      – Snowdonia Assmange act, I was taken in in 2013/2014. Now Assmange on MSM and RT says it all
      Bitcoin MS. Ok we cant trust it. But whats the solution to the cashless society? bartering surely not.
      Im not software or maths or statistical whizz, im clueless. So lets see.
      – Could a Fightback to the Zionist Cashless Society Rollout Show be
      – some kind of P2P set up?

      – lets say MS right now. I want to buy you car. But we detest severely the Rothschild Fiat system. Lets just pretend. And that we hate the cashless nonsense too. What could we do?
      – Between ourselves, set up some kind of unique P2P encryption for the transaction?
      – yes thhats all very well. But how does this fit into the everyday economu going to the shops for food and milk?
      – I haven’t got the answers and I knpw better minds than mine, Freedom seeking minds can solve this. (fightback to the cashless society train of thought poorly done but im tired)
      – ”It is not enough anymore just to know what is wrong with the system, people need to know and accept what is wrong with themselves and the only way to do that is to work out how they should be living differently and simple “peace and love” is going to play into the NWO hand ”

      Accept what is wrong with themselves and how they should be living differently. That is very insightful. I just cant think of an effective train of reply at 00.55 when need to goto bed. But I know what you mean by it yes. Goodnight

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Excellent stuff. Making me smile with all these darts hitting the truth.
        RT, Keiser/Kaizar/Khazar?? and Brand nothing more to say!

        The fightback would have to be military and targeted at specific weak spots as well as involve massive non-compliance by the civilian population.

        So far there is not the will in the people but this might change. The technological advantage that the Enemy has is massive and daunting. Yet I believe they fear having any independent sovereign government left to oppose them so do understand many of their own weaknesses. Hence the need to pick off the few countries that do not have a central bank under IMF control. The response starts and ends with the people. Yes there is a lot one person can do but if there are not enough people taking action or responding positively to those that do then we are doomed to slavery so in that sense our enemy is ourself.

        I like your idea of the p2p and barter or a completely reformed independent, fixed supply, money system with integrity. That would be a massive counter punch to the Enemy BUT we are too far gone in my opinion. If that was done in 1900 or 1912 then fair enough the NWO would have been screwed. My assessment is that they are too far ahead now technologically and are too advanced with their agenda. Frankly they probably do not need money any more or even to have complete control on the money supply. They are just mopping up and being sure to do things thoroughly.

        Only a military response can take them out and at present that would be like a small group of Kalahari Bushmen taking on the whole of the Red Army armed to the teeth with machine guns, Tanks, artillery. This might begin to change if there is a growth in will and resolve and an upsurge in numbers who are speaking out but it is still far off. The control grid is massively strong and the people are still almost completely subservient to their fears and weakness

        It requires military men who are ready to go into battle with supersoldiers and cyborgs and robots and God only knows what, and that is even if there was the right targeting and strategy.

        As Bill Cooper said, we are currenlty losing and losing badly.

        When we see mass demonstrations etc that might suggest a different picture but I suspect by the time that happens if not already then it may be too late. As prophecy suggests we cannot do it by ourselves which is what Gordon said. Though it might be very unwise for the rest of us to just give up. Maybe that is the true test, perhaps?

        Despite all the above weirdly We Are Going to Win!

  1. Dublinmick says:

    Men Scryfa

    One I did think of”


    • Men Scryfa says:

      Ah Doh!
      Darn I missed that one

      Beware the Moon will soon come out
      And the Loons head over to DarkMoon!

      Talking of loony tunes (or is it looney tunes?) did you hear the one about time travel and did someone change the cartoons?

      Should really start to avoid those ‘conspiracy theorists’ the government has been warning me all about them, dangerous people asking about the truth. What a bunch of sickos, perverts
      and extremists…

      • Loads of interesting stuff in 12.44 which ill pick up on some other time.
        Ill just refer back to bruce charltons quote today. If we cant see the Good, how do we know its there? Things would be way way worse if this evil was unopposed. We wouldnt even be able to have this conversation. Bill Cooper was a noble great man and saw the Disclosure Deception on whistleblowers who truly believed what they saw. Maybe Bill Cooper has some of it wrong.

        Maybe we are not losing and losing badly MS. As Charlton says, Good has to be hidden otherwise it would be destroyed, but its there. Im talking about the secret spqce programmes and all the technology supremacy you describe.

        Powerful counterbalances against the cabal of an as yet undefined nature, might exist in.the SSPs.

        Like Putin, we will have to wait to see whats what.

        Not false optimism, but i hope some genuine lines of thinking for real optimism

      • Hi re your 12.13.
        – Our eyes and senses can only sense a narrow part of the electromagnetic.spectrum.Yes. But of course, the other frequencies in the spectrum are very real, even though most of us cant see hear sense or interact with them. Some can though. Maybe those with a better nourished less toxic body. Maybe with a less calcified pineal for whatever reason. And maybe those, whos chakras, esp the 6th and 7th, are more open.
        – Maybe a strong unshakeable belief in God and the Holy Spirit keeps us safe and prevents demonic attachments looking for a chink, when our chakras open. Which i feel deep in my.bones, can be a positive thing. Government wants our higher chakras closed however it can.

        – All that said about eyes viewing narrow band of spectrum. Yes we know kirlian cameras exist.
        What im driving at men Scryfa is we know thetes untold tremendous technologies, breakaway and secret governments have, not least free energy.
        Maybe they possess cameras, viewing devices where the ENTIRE spectrum can be viewed? Maybe eben interacted with? Now theres a thought!!
        – Could it be MS, that the cabal or others, possess technology whete speaking with entities in the other realms is like you and I picking up the phone, or talking on skype? Another mindblowing thought. And in view of supptrssed technologies, why couldnt it possibly be true?
        – yes the Bible indicates its for a reason mans senses have been narrowed and dulled. But how much of that is actually the High Priests and Adepts and evil elites selfishly hoarding this knowledge for themselves, and using tactics to confuse and deny the everyday man its wonders. Because they get off on the power and superiority they feel? I think we see some element of that in high freemasonry today. Caveat yes i know they worship Baphomet Lucifer Satan,
        The physical and spiritual are connected and somehow overlap.
        Yes ive read laura walker on say this. At certain astrological times. Moon phases etc. The veils between the two worlds becomes thinnest.

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