In the Downpour of the Rain


by Zen Gardner

I see it in the faces
I feel it in the earth
The yearning ever deeper
Like the pains before a birth

The living sense, the sadness
Their eyes are filled with tears
As our lonely, longing people
Are fending off their fears

The heart of man grows tender
Caring more for those in pain
We’re covering our loved ones
In the downpour of the rain

The night is soon approaching
But it must, as will the day
Be brave and always steadfast
Love will wipe the tears away


Learning, ever learning

Seeing consciousness arise
While ever dissipating
Is the veil of woven lies

We cannot come to fathom
Or think to just arrive
This life is for the living
Yet we onward choose to strive

For answers to our questions
The thirst cannot be slaked
Our hunger knows no bound’ries
We’re born to be awake’d

It seems we’re in a process
Conscious evolution’s own
To realize just who we are
And my, the way we’ve grown



2 Responses to “In the Downpour of the Rain”

  1. Lynn says:

    We have grown very fast indeed. In the grand scheme of things the Internet has joined up all the dots. We are waking up in droves now. Able to see the enemy after all this time. Satan’s days are numbered now. He is outed and in full view. He and his little helpers will be excorsised into oblivian.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite old sayings.

    Some people walk in the rain, and some just get wet.

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