‘I’m back from Syria. The media are lying to you.’ Eva Bartlett


Deselect Danczuk MP
Feb 13
@TheTapBlog it would be good it Bartlett would name the journalists – and their lies under #allegedly #syria


TAP – she names journalists in the video.

The corporate media are part of the propaganda machine that sells NATO wars of intervention.  Syria gets more coverage than Yemen which gets no coverage whatsoever.  People in the West don’t understand the extent of the suffering people are living with.  Yet they carry on with their lives, having children, getting married.  The defiance is amazing, despite the losses of friends and loved ones.  It is inspiring to see how defiant they are.

The atrocities are usually blamed on the Syrian government by the media.  Then the truth comes out when journalists dig into the details, and find the stories are fabricated.  The British Bullshit Corporation is chiefly responsible.  Particular journalists are identified who are outright lying and deceiving their audiences.


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  1. NPP says:

    Lyse Doucet
    BBC Chief international correspondent
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet
    Lyse Doucet…. got it?!

    Then there is Frank Gardner
    …. and a whole list of presstitues regularly serving up propaganda on my radio.

  2. Lynn says:

    This should be called out now…these people are paid by us to report unbiased news.

    Do they really hope they aren’t found out.
    This is treason on an international scale.
    Aiding and abetting the enemy and literally propaganda.
    Time to complain and shout these liars down.

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