How the US Runs the EU

As the British gear up for a referendum to decide whether or not to remain in the EU, the most important fact about the EU is never mentioned.

This is the overwhelming influence the US exerts on it. Britain’s politicians and media completely ignore this, focusing instead on Germany. Wild claims are even made the EU is a “German empire”.

The EU is not a German empire. Germany is not the EU’s master. Rather its role is that of the US’s leading vassal.

The dominant silent partner in the EU is not Germany but the US.What makes British silence about this so strange is that it is not even a secret.

For example a source has told me US representatives routinely attend the EU’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (“COREPER”), though minutes of its sessions are edited to suppress the fact of their presence.  However their regular attendance at sessions of a key institution of the EU — of which the US is not a member state — has been complained about on the floor of the European Parliament.

Since COREPER prepares the agenda for the EU’s Council of Ministers (the EU’s key law making body) and co-ordinates the work of some 250 EU committees and working parties — in effect the entire EU bureaucracy — US presence at its sessions gives the US a decisive voice in the making of EU policy.

Since the European Council decided to impose sectoral sanctions on Russia by the European Council on 31st July 2014 every single decision to extend the sanctions has been taken not by the European Council but by COREPER, though COREPER’s legal authority to make such decisions is questionable to say the least.

What happens in reality is that US President Obama tells German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Hollande to extend the sanctions, the Commission drafts the decision, COREPER ratifies it, and it is then published without further discussion on the Europa website.Italian Prime Minister Renzi has complained German Chancellor Merkel talks about EU decisions to French President Hollande and EU Commission President Juncker. They are then announced, and it is only then he learns about them.

The EU is not unconditionally subservient to the US. President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have admitted that a key reason the US agreed to the nuclear agreement with Iran was that the leading EU states insisted on it.

However that it is the US which has the dominant voice in the EU is obvious.

German Finance Minister Schauble has for example said that during the Greek crisis last July German Chancellor Merkel reversed her backing for his plan for Greece to be expelled from the eurozone after being told to do so by US President Obama.The US objected to Greece’s expulsion from the eurozone from fear it might increase Russian influence there.

Even in small matters like the escape of the US whistleblower Edward Snowden the EU simply did what the US told it.

No EU state was prepared to grant him refuge. Instead they all came together to force down the plane of the President of Ecuador in the belief he was a passenger, despite this being contrary to international law.

Though all this is well known to EU insiders, the people of the EU are told none of it.

Nor are the people of Britain. Atlanticist sentiment in Britain is very strong, so possibly they would not object to it if they knew about it.

The fact however remains they are being asked to vote about an EU they are not told the most important thing about.

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Alexander Mercouris

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8 Responses to “How the US Runs the EU”

  1. salty says:

    The EU must ditch Israeli dominated America as soon as possible.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Most Russian English language publications don’t like discussing what is really going on either. Talk of Stalin was trained at Tavistock ans was jewish, was a jesuit priest makes them nervous. Same with the little corporal.

    Question 4. How important is the “ultimate benefactor”, the Pope, The HOLY SEE, in the scheme of things? Move through history till modern times and pull Public Law 88-244, which follows Public Law 88-243 – the institution of the law- merchants Uniform Commercial Code. Are you shocked that the Pope is listed in this Public Law?

    Doesn’t the United States have an ambassador in the Vatican? Why? Is it a government like all other nations such as France, Japan, Spain or Brazil? The Vatican runs the world, it controls the British Crown.

    “Organized churches” are given special tax privileges because the Vatican dictates to the sixty United States trustees through the trust document, the U.S. Constitution created by the 1783 treaty between the King, frontman for the Vatican, and Adams, Hartly, Laurens, & Franklin who were operating for the King and not the people of America. Look at Article VI of the Constitution for the United States for your answer as stated in the “New History of America”. (6)

    You see we are still under the Pope who rules over all nations as he declared he did back in 1213.

    The 1783 Treaty did say in the opening statement quoted exactly as it appears in olde English;
    “It having pleafed the Divine Providence to difpofe the hearts of the Moft Serene and Moft Porent Prince, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of the Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender, of the Faith , Duke of Brunfwick and Laurenberg, Arch-Treafurer and PRINCE ELECTOR OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, & C. AND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, . . ..”(Emphasis added in caps).

    “Did you catch the last few words? This is from a King (man) who can supposedly make no claim over the United States of America because he was defeated? The King claims God gave him the almighty power to say that no man can ever own property because it, “goes against the tenets of his church, the Vatican/Holy Roman Empire, because the King is the “Elector of the Holy Roman Empire’”

    The King James version of the Bible is just that. A version concocted by the King under the guidance of the Pope so as to hide the real truth. I was taught by the church I went to, which is government controlled as it has to be by the treaty of 1213 and reiterated in the 1783 Treaty between The Pope’s Elector, King John and the First President of the United States, Sam Huntington and Charles Thompson, Secretary.

    I read the passage, when Jesus was on the cross, from a very old manuscript that said;
    “Forgive them NOT, for they know what they do.”

    This is different than what most people believe he said;
    “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    Who is the “Harlot” in Revelations?

    Does the Vatican come close with a mortal calling himself the “vicar” of Christ?

  3. Dublinmick says:

    So the article is partially true from Sputnik, the US as the military wing of the triumvirate of global control does hold great sway over Germany but only under orders from the “vicar of Christ”.

    You can also search sputnik for any news on agenda 21, what you will find is zero.

    Comments on agenda 21 will be removed from sputnik comments.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Oh I agree with you totally. Still you can pick up better info on various goings on around the world than CNN, FOX and the BBC. They don’t just slant it, they don’t even bother reporting on most of it.

    I think Fort Russ is not bad but the commenters give me an ulcer. They are like software, everything going on Washton is behind it, kind of like Paul Craig “Washington: Roberts.

    I do enjoy pulling their strings from time to time. They guy who does the translating, he is a 17 part tirade right now on how Washington prepared Germany for War. It finally led to me having to tell him Hitler was a Rothschild. LOL

    He said that is very wrong, I said oh really and slapped my magnum opus link up. My comments don’t appear on his particular piece any more.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    This Vtran guy is usually good for US Americans X1000 on every post. He is probably coming at you from Haifa.

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