How The Royal Family Is Destroying Britain

How the hell anyone can be proud of the Queen’s squalid, mean-spirited and patronage-ridden monarchy is beyond my imagination…



I don’t understand the Brits. I never have. Although I’m from Scotland and, technically, I suppose, that makes me a Brit (at least until 2014) I just don’t get the national psyche.

They’ll rage furiously at the thought of a hard-working Polish plumber grafting his arse off because he’s “stealing our jobs” yet fawn, grovel, bow and scrape at a collection of German-Greek immigrant benefit-scroungers bleeding the country dry. As long, of course, as they’re wearing crowns while they do so.

Despite all of Cromwell’s efforts, the British remain a people in love with the Monarchy and their fascination with the interminable minutiae of the Royals’ pampered lives remains a source of endless fascination. They’ll tell you better Mrs Windsor than Mr Blair as head of state, any day of the week. Quite how and why Tony Blair would be the mandatory head of state if we didn’t have a monarchy is something only they know. Why they feel we need a head of state at all, in fact, is a topic you’ll debate at the risk of your sanity.

They seem to think, also, that the Windsors are to be thanked for generating every single pound of tourist revenue and that that justifies their existence. In fact, to the British, it seems as if the Windsors are the constitutional equivalent of the bloody Beatles; every single thing of any merit is to be laid at their door, irrespective of any evidence to the contrary. It’s a nonsense argument, of course. Like all the arguments from toadying monarchists are nonsense. It presupposes that somehow, someway, were we to rid ourselves of this decaying, corrupt, anti-democratic, feudal hangover, people would suddenly cease to visit our septic isle. People come to see the sights, the palaces, the artefacts, and the visible reminders of centuries of history. It’s not as if the Queen, or one of her dysfunctional offspring, pop out onto the lawn at Buck House to pose for photos with Japanese tourists, is it?

But let’s talk about the money for a moment. Those crazy Brits have spent the last 18 months or so bitterly complaining that because those of them in the private sector have had their pensions looted so public sector workers should shut up moaning and take it too. Frankly, this absolutely mystifies me; this spiteful, resentful ignorance that drives so much British political opinion. Yet it’s woefully inconsistent, isn’t it? Perish the thought nurses, doctors, cleaners, firemen and teachers should manage to hang on to their derisory pensions, which average out at a miserable £5K a year, by the way, but they’ll smile vapidly and cheer moronically while waving a plastic union flag at just one family raking in somewhere in the region of £340 million a year of public money. That doesn’t even include the indirect payments for security, travel, maintenance and those sumptuous dinner parties where the Queen entertains despots, torturers, dictators and murdering tyrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The nauseating Jubilee jamboree added a few extra zeros to the nation’s outgoings column as well. Oh, and the wedding the year before and soon another Royal mouth to feed (despite the Tories saying benefit claimants should have no further children). As if all that weren’t enough to challenge even the most resilient sycophantic ignorance, the Queen, with breathtaking gall, had the effrontery to ask for a further contribution from the government’s cold weather pot, set up to help poverty-stricken pensioners with rising fuel costs, to help heat her bloody palaces! God forbid this fantastically wealthy scrounger should actually pay for these things herself. Her personal fortune, including stocks, shares, property, art and so on is estimated at somewhere in the region of £3 billion.

All this at a time when public services, public sector jobs, wages, terms and conditions are being slashed in the most savage round of austerity measures yet seen in modern times. We can’t afford them, you see. We all need to do our bit and make sacrifices because “we’re all in it together”, remember.

We throw billions of tax pounds at crooked and incompetent bankers, while allowing them to continue enjoying six and seven-figure salaries, bonuses and stock options and then we have these publicly-funded bean-fests of gluttonous and hideously expensive proportions as well. But we can’t afford to let nurses draw the pension they were promised, as part of their legally agreed terms and conditions of employment. Go figure, as the Crown’s former colonial subjects might say.

Meanwhile, just a few miles across the English Channel the French shake their heads in disbelief. The average Brit sneers at the French while they riot, strike and rebel at every injustice and outrage. The average Brit, on the other hand, prefers instead to whine, bitch and sulk that someone may be slightly less badly-off than he is and when someone finally does take action, he condemns those people for doing that which he lacks the guts and integrity to do himself.

He prefers, instead, to fawn, grovel and scrape at the feet of a corrupt, anti-democratic collective of glorified social security spongers, parasites that the French had the guts to excise centuries ago.

How the hell anyone can wave a Union flag and be proud of this squalid, mean-spirited and patronage-ridden feudal-backwater we call the UK is beyond even my impressive powers of creativity.

But it’s not even the money, the inequality, the nauseating display of riches, power and privilege we continue to fund simply due to accidents of birth. It’s the affront to democracy that represents the biggest sin. The Queen and her fellow ermine-clad panhandlers aren’t just some quaint, loveable, eccentric legacy from medieval times. They aren’t powerless and they aren’t harmless. As fellow Saboteur, Nick Margerrison, has noted, they represent and also wield considerable powers, which can be utilised in times of national crisis (for crisis read rebellion, protest, civil disturbance and an uppity peasantry). Via the Royal Prerogative a panoply of special powers exist which can be wheeled out to suspend parliament, implement martial law and snuff out any forces deemed to threaten the existing order. Please don’t delude yourself these powers are merely symbolic; just ask Gough Whitlam…

Oh, and get this; the Monarch is exempt from prosecution for any offence at all. Ever. Outrageous, disgraceful and absolutely impossible to justify.

A constitutional, hereditary monarchy, along with an unelected upper chamber which can overrule decisions made by those whom the public has elected, has no place in any country claiming to be a democracy. No place at all; into the dustbin of history with these reactionary worthies and their entire apparatus of class-privilege, patronage and inequality.

As April looms and the Coalition’s vicious ‘Bedroom Tax’ starts to bite, merely the latest salvo in their ongoing class offensive against the nation’s poorest, will we see the Windsors forced to cough up the extra cash for their unused rooms in their opulent palaces and houses? I’m afraid there’s more chance of waking up tomorrow and discovering unicorns urinating rainbows on your front lawn.

Apart from anything else, what the hell is wrong with a people who individually and collectively have such little self-respect they’ll happily debase themselves before a collection of maladjusted misfits who only occupy the position they do thanks to centuries of incest, tyranny, murder, thievery and bloodshed?

And so you can do one of two things; you can continue to be a party to the triumphalist orgy of sickening, sycophantic fawning that celebrates the anti-democratic concept of inherited, unelected, wealth, privilege and power, paid for by us.

Or you could fight for a future where no one dies alone, cold, starving and homeless on our streets, while a single family of leeches is subsidized to the tune of hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of pounds every year. A world where the poor are not booted from their homes for the crime of having a spare room and the real benefit scroungers are targeted with the same gleeful spite and callousness as that experienced by the most desperate among us.

Here’s to a better, more humane, more egalitarian, world. A brighter, monarchy-free, future.

Vive la republique.

+5 #5Pete Lynch 2016-02-09 22:23

The British are the only race that will eat shit and go back fro a second helping!


+3 #4Emily Windsor 2016-02-09 20:55

What Queen Victoria did after Prince Albert died was plan an empire to take British culture down. She turned away from Christian Vows and Covenant, away from Coronation Vows and she embraced Albert Pike’s Occult Masonic 1871 directive to capture a global empire by 3 world wars. King Geo V who staged WWI by agreeing to Rothschild Banks’ financing of War, who set up Tavistock for propaganda, who agreed to depose Czar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm, his first cousins.

Edward VIII fought on the ground, a Troop Guard, for 3.5 years in WWI, so he had no interest in more Wars; so George V had to get rid of him, which he did. George further had directed Edward to accept an arranged marriage, or to never expect marry. Wallis Simpson, Edward’s love-trap was an MI-6 agent who worked for George V, 1917 to 1921, so George knew >exactly< with whom Edward was in love. The history we get is pure bilge. World Wars and national perfidy and treachery never happened as we were told.


+2 #3Tony Bennett 2016-02-09 02:51

I have always stated the royal family need to go for decades and been ostracised for it many times. They are leeches on society that stand by the illuminate and corporations. Especially Andrew. We seem to want to keep them at any costs, whilst we struggle to look after our elderly and others who struggle, along with the NHS who is tearing apart from the corporations that are friends with Cameron. World is crap and needs change. Destroy the cabals and the military industrial complex and we will have change with disclosure


+2 #2Maat Men Nefer 2016-02-08 16:04

Bedroom tax? Wow..that reminds me of the old ‘window’ tax of Victorian/JackT heRripper London…why not bring back the Corn Laws? the Monarchy is good for one thing: natal astrologers love them as their birth dates and times are known and they live their lives in public or scandal sheets…they make great astrological copy!


+2 #1martha 2016-02-05 04:24

hear, hear

9 Responses to “How The Royal Family Is Destroying Britain”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Her personal fortune, including stocks, shares, property, art and so on is estimated at somewhere in the region of £3 billion.”

    Hi Gordon, I don’t know where that figure comes from but it is vastly far more than £3 billion as I understand it.
    I can’t find the source link at the moment but her estimated wealth on that website was credibly put at being in excess of £130 TRILLION.

    I suppose it depends on what one means by ‘personal wealth’.
    The £130 trillion figure could mean the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (aka Windsor since mid-WW1 when German Gotha planes dropped some ineffective bombs on England) dynasty’s wealth (ill-gotten of course) in the same sense that the House of Rothschild’s wealth is commonly put at £500 trillion.

    Whatever, I think we can safely assume that the £3 billion is merely loose royal change she keeps in her bottom drawer to purchase what we peasants would call the luxuries in life like bread and shoes.

    Queen Elizabeth Worth $33 Trillion
    Queen Elizabeth is also the world’s number [one] landowner…

    • Hi comments in uptin antifracking and Kissinger unmoderated to look out for Aldous

      it is interesting
      How, in our world here now. Time is linear. I break this glass, it smashes. It wasn’t smashed 10 seconds before

      However in the Higher Realms, planes of existence, of which there are 10 or 12 layers I gather. And people who have NDEs see these. Time is non linear in these realms. its a fascinating concept. You can travel to fly to visit different time points.

      Id rather be here in this realm thankyou very much. I don’t think you can enjoy good food, and the love and pleasure of a mindblowing beautiful woman, in the higher realms. if that makes me a low vibrational peasant, so be it.

      However I do not turn away from Truth, and exploring physics. Because this is all it is, physics. not religion. Physics, and one day the word metaphysics will be a redundant word

      I find it very very interesting because. There is very clearly, 2 way back and forth communication going on, influencing, helping. Between the non linear time Realm. And our linear time Realm. Messaging. How on earth does this work? Some ancient traditions say, a Silver Cord out the top of our heads, leading up into the higher dimensions, working like coaxial cable, very fine silver.
      Who knows.

      I am fastening up the full Armour of God, ensuring.i can engage in spiritual, psychological, and if need be physical battle. Like a samurai

  2. Dublinmick says:

    The khazar royals have already stated the original peoples of the isles are to be replaced with those of Africa and the Caribbean. What else do you need to know.

    They are masters of genetic engineering.. They hate you, and you are job one.

    They claim in Constantine’s book to have burned 6 million Ammonites (They were the European white tribes in the area) in ovens.

    It is quite a story line. Today the Roman masters are turning western nations into the coliseum, burned for sport by rapefugees. All in the name of jawweh.

  3. ian says:

    Possibly one of the best articles I’ve read for a while. I feel TV is a big problem in Britain. Due to our appalling weather “mostly”, and our latitude, we have more tendency for indoor entertainment, and for most it’s TV. Get yourself into your average non political punters head, and his ideas are what TV says they are. Whilst we on the Tap are free to agree with you, it is different in a Tap free zone. I have recently found out to my surprise, just how many on FB still go for the oh so obvious shite that’s on TV.

  4. Dee says:

    It’s hard to fight the conditioning of a lifetime, especially when exposed to it from birth, I’ll admit I used to be a little bit of a Monarchist – I think the Diana episode woke a lot of people up. Now, all I see are obscenely rich, parasites who look at the common man with absolute contempt. That balcony picture above, you can literally FEEL them exuding ‘how much longer does one have to stand here and put on this act??’ The Vatican too, sat on a massive pile of wealth whilst telling people with starving children that it is immoral to use contraception. This world is hideous, I get so frustated with people who seem unable to wake up but then I remember, not so long ago I was one of those sheeple!

  5. sepeltura says:

    We need to organise a day when a million or more of us march down to London and evict these evil Nazi scum from OUR palace put them on trial and execute each and everyone of them for war crimes and crimes against humanity

  6. Lynn says:

    We were all brainwashed..we believed she was C of E. How we have woken up and seen the pure vile that they are is quite astonishing. What they have got away with is truly mind blowing. And yes if she was to suck a lemon you would see the lemon go ewww. Contempt for us is putting it nicley. She finds us Abhorrant. We have everything they want…freedom to love and nurture. Adam don’t confuse lust with comes from within. A nice girl used to be everyman’s dream. Now it is page 3 girls. They will devour you and break your heart.

  7. Dublinmick says:

    It is the same here, all we need is to get us one of those conservatives in there to fix things. My cousin thinks Donald is going save the country. LOL he and Hillary are cousins.

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