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  1. Lynn says:

    Kiss of Death…this man is disgusting and depraved beyond belief..how is he still walking around. He is enemy no 1.

  2. beLIEve says:

    Control of Food ……………..
    Produced on ……LANDS STOLEN from the PEOPLE.

    STOLEN items …..retain their mark of…….UNLAWFUL SEQUESTRATION.

    Stolen ….”SPOILS”…..cannot be…… LAWFULLY sold….to others.

    The SCUM at the “top” have not done an honest days work in their lives.

    They are parasites who live vicariously on the sweat and labour expended by others.

    Everything they “possess” is……STOLEN.

    STOLEN……through criminal banking …CYSTems……unlAWFUL taxation……legalese land grabs…….GENOCIDE of populations and theft of “unclaimed” assets.

    WE………under ….Natural Law…Common Law…Molmutine Law…….are within our rights, our God given rights, to simply …..REQUISITION….what has been stolen from us.

    I am aware there is a battle to be fought to ….REGAIN….what is OURS…..but …RIGHT is on our side.

    I suspect THEY are aware of this and live in fear of a …….DESTITUTE and STATELESS……existence.

    • ian says:

      In the beginning, if you’ll pardon the expression, we were all living off the land. Then bully boys killed people to get more land. These greedy people saw the potential in stealing and killing, and gathered like minded people to join them. With more resources, they could gather small armies, and on and on. They are still stealing land, resources, places of strategic control, means of control. etc etc.
      I have sometimes thought what it would be like without any control, and it wouldn’t work in a society. You need rules and someone to administer them. You need leaders too, but they should represent the people. Our current system is a sham. A fixed choice between two pre-selected puppets of the rulers. The whole pantomime being choreographed for mass consumption by arselickers, bribed and blackmailed by the crazies in charge. I feel that satanism Bohemian grove pedophilia and all the other weird stuff is purely a control mechanism, whereby useful stooges are promised greatness only to find it involves ritual pedophilia and or murder. Once they are into it that far, then they are well and truly held in a vice like grip by the balls. A husband, brother or son can be used to ensnare a woman.
      Satanism is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and I believe that it will never stop until they achieve their goal. We’re not going to do it, nor is any fictional biblical character going to rescue us.

    • Hi Kingel
      That is interesting to explore sometime. I do know that the effects of coffee are very different via enema, compared to drinking it. All the nerves in the lower colon rectum go up to the liver, and affect different parts of the body. One or two cups of coffee a day are ok. More I think is an irritant and effects aren’t good. But coffee enemas completely different.

      sorry my minds not on it, I am very shaken and upset.

      Thankyou for taking the trouble helping me understand the gravity wave and other things yesterday. Im still toread properly and reply

      • beLIEve says:


        Sorry to hear you are not your “warrior” self.
        Don’t let the bug-ers grind you down.


        Gravity waves……
        I do not , in reality know anything about them.
        I have simply noticed ….they seem to be popping up in different media arenas at the moment.
        I have simply amalgamated what I have encountered.

        What I do know is the SCUM and their stooges are……. SCUM………and we need to protect ourselves….as a…cohesive group.

    • I am considering matters Kingel, and taking counsel from MS
      I am treading carefully.
      Yes in many ways I am brave and fearless, and have the ability to propel and catapult myself out almost touching the other Realm, the places my mind sometimes goes and inspirations I get.
      But I am not stupid and still have the ability to feel scared, I don’t want to destroy loved ones lives, which it would.
      if things kick off badly, whether a Superwave, planet X chaos, or Cologne news year even commonplace here in the UK, then what I say above doesn’t apply.
      I do not like the sick feeling I have had in my stomach today. Feeling somewhat better tonight with a beer

    • Hello there Kingel, i still have other replies to make, incl a possible development on PART SPHERE earth.
      But i must ask. I am not well up on finance. Does this april gold backed Yuan mean……..that our meagre savings in the bank and cash in our pocket. Sterling. Is going to become worthless where i will not be able to buy things?
      Must i use all my savings to buy physical gold? That would be tricky going out for milk or food, how to pay.
      Are our lives going to turn.upside down from April? What advice should i give my dad?

  3. Lynn says:

    Well said beLIEve…they are the most cunning evil Bastards man ever encountered. We know them for what they are and what they have done. Feeding off the poor whilst they scheme against us. This world will never find tranquility whilst they stalk the corridors of power. Time is upon us to take this vile fake treasonous dangerous breed out.

  4. beLIEve says:

    LAND THEFT……….
    The sovereigns at the bottom of the heap.

    RT has aired documentaries over the years reference land grabs inflicted on the poorest in society.

    I particularly remember families and villages in Africa and Asia….. it may have been Thailand if I remember correctly.

    Their lands were….STOLEN….by the VILE ..UNLAWFUL …Corporations.

    I couldn’t describe these people as subsistence farmers as, their land holdings were often so small, the produce was just enough to feed the family and maybe a bit left over, to swap or trade.

    The lands, a small parcel per family had been in the family for as long as they could remember.
    The land was all they had to feed the family.

    The big Corporations sequestrated the lands and, pooled the stolen “lots” to farm as a whole.
    In Asia the families were given a worthless amount of money and told to get a job……..in a local Corporation !

    The families…FOOD SECURITY….was stolen from them and, the future of their hereditary line now depended on the vagaries of commerce.

    In Africa, the dispossessed were given unworkable land for a 3 year buffer period, incurring debts to hire machinery, they had not previously needed.
    After 3 years, I believe they lost the “borrowed” land as they could not repay the debts on the machinery they had been forced to hire.

    There are countless stories of these land grabs and, in some cases massacres of indigenous people who try to resist the thefts.

    What the Corporations are doing is…..GENOCIDE.

    Talking of…..DEATH…..what exactly is a Corporation ?

    A SCUM-bag ….INFESTATION….in my opinion.
    Does a Corporation possess any integrity lawful or, otherwise ?

    I have no polite answer to that one.

    What does the word Corporation ….CORP-ORATION….mean ?

    As far as I am aware ………
    Corp is related to the word ….corpse…..and signifies a …..BODY.

    I believe a…….DEAD BODY.

    ORATION is related to ORATORY and means ….speech …..words.

    So corporation appears to signify………
    WORDS of the DEAD !

    This indicates to me a Corporation is a …WORTHLESS….entity a…..DEAD BODY…… SPEAKING ?

    Since when has anyone been obligated to pay heed to ……….wurds…….emanating from a……CORPSE ?

    • ian says:

      hi beLIEve, true what you say. Once upon a time they took our land. I even read on Tap I think, that the city of london was stolen by dodgy dealings, laws in french that gave a limited time to reclaim property lost, etc. The pile is inverted, those who think that they are at the top, are really at the very bottom.

      • beLIEve says:

        Yup …….ian…….

        SCUM floats at the top and pollutes what is below.
        We need to invert the…… TRY-angle !

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