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NY Times: Zika Virus, a Mosquito-Borne Infection, May Threaten Brazil’s Newborns



NY Times: Alarm Spreads in Brazil Over a Virus and a Surge in Malformed Infants

NY Times:  Reports of Zika-Linked Birth Defect Rise in Brazil

 NY Times: C.D.C. May Warn Pregnant Women Against Travel to Countries With Zika Virus (Brazil)

 NY Times: Researchers Weigh Risks of Zika Spreading at Rio Olympics


Zika – Zika – Zika – Zika. It’s a replay of Ebola Mania – this time, in Brazil, and just as the build-up to the 2016 Rio Olympics gets under way. Hmmmmm.

Since the days of the anti-Hitler propaganda surrounding the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, geo-politics has often been injected into the quadrennial spectacles that are the Summer Olympic Games, the Winter Olympic Games, and the World Cup of Football (Soccer). With such a massive global audience glued to their TV’s and radios, attempts to play politics are inevitable.


1936: Berlin Summer Olympics: The hyped-up myth of Hitler “snubbing” Black American champion, Jesse Owens.

1968: Mexico City Summer Olympics: American Black Sprinters Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos raise their fists in a Black Power salute as the National Anthem plays.

1972: Munich Summer Olympics: False flag attack said to have been carried out by Palestinian terrorists kills 11 Israeli athletes.,_Tommie_Smith,_Peter_Norman_1968cr.jpg

1936 – 1968 – 1972


1980: Moscow Summer Olympics: U.S. leads a boycott to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan (provoked by Brzezinski and the CIA).

1984: Los Angeles Summer Olympics: The Soviet Union retaliates for the 1980 boycott by boycotting America’s hosted games.

2006: Football World Cup / Germany: Before each game, European footballers are made to hold banners reading “Say No to Racism”

1980 – 1984 – 2006


2008: Beijing Summer Olympics: With George W. Bush in attendance, the U.S. puppet state of Georgia attacks Russian territories just as the Opening Ceremonies begin. Putin is forced to return home and order a counter-offensive.

2014: Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics: American sportscaster Bob Costas delivers a prime time rant against Russia’s “human rights” record; the German national team attends ceremony wearing rainbow themed outfits, and the Ukrainian President is overthrown by a CIA-engineered coup just as the game are wrapping up.

2014: Football World Cup / Brazil: Pre-tournament “accidents” and “spontaneous” protests already frame the event in a negative light. The host nation of football-crazy Brazil is humiliated by a unprecedented score of 7-1 in the final match against Germany — a debacle that was clearly rigged in advance (here)   

2018: Football World Cup / Russia: Pressure builds on FIFA to remove the 2018 games from host Russia / a “scandal” takes down FIFA President.

2008 – 2014 – 2014 – 2018


The next big event will be the 2016 Summer Olympics, set to take place in August, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — the “B” in Putin’s BRICS and, as such, a frequent whipping boy of Sulzberger’s Slimes. Host nations invest a lot of money and pride in these showcase events – which is why Sulzberger’s Slimes started sniping at the Rio Olympics as early as two years ago. Why has Brazil become a problem for “the usual suspects”, you ask?


By combining with the since-departed (poisoned?) Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and also with Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to kill the Globalists’ dream of establishing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas); Brazilian President Lula DaSilva and his hand-picked successor, Dilma Rousseff, defied the New World Order in a big way.
Big Brazil (along with Venezuela and Argentina) killed the FTAA – a cherished Globalist project that was intended to grow into the Western Hemisphere’s version of the European Union.
Adding insult to injury, the South American giant then joined Vladimir Putin‘s trade bloc, BRIC (now BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). And to top it all off, Brazil’s condemnation of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and its steadfast refusal to impose trade sanctions on Iran, with which Brazil does a lot of business, really ‘pisses off’ the Zionist wing of the Globalist PRC (Predatory Ruling Class).
Let there be no doubt, and even the Western ‘mainstream media’ confirms this, relations between the U.S./Israel Axis and Brazil are not good!  Indeed, many Brazilians were offended when President Rousseff was treated coldly during her 2012 visit to the White House. Obongo didn’t even give her the customary State Dinner! (here)
ad5f13d910.jpg dilma-obama.jpg
President Dilma Rousseff’s involvement with Putin’s BRICS trade bloc has incurred the wrath of the Globalists. During a White House visit, she was deliberately disrespected by Puppet-Boy Obongo. This did not go unnoticed in Brazil.
Brazil’s excellent relations with Iran, in open defiance of U.S. & Israeli demands, is another reason why “the powers that be” want “regime change” in Brazil.
Brazil is really beginning to ‘feel its oats’ — and the Globo-Zionist Axis of Tyranny doesn’t like it. Recent pieces published by the International Russian News Service ‘Sputnik’ carry some very telling headlines:
  • New Israeli Ambassador is Not Welcome in Brazil (here)
  • Looking ‘Beyond South America’: Brazil Hopes to Become True Global Power (here)

  • Russia Maintains Good Relations With All Political Forces in Brazil (here)


And now, with a major showcase event approaching this summer, a deadly (so they say) mosquito-born disease emerges out of nowhere. Cue Church Lady of 1990’s Saturday Night Live fame in 3…2…1…

How conveeeneint that a new mosquito-born disease should suddenly pop-up to “threaten Brazil” and its upcoming Olympics. 


The case for conspiracy is not just based upon the odd timing and sudden appearance of Zika. Now comes word from “mainstream media” that the disease was created in a laboratory! From ‘The Daily Mirror’ (London):

“Was Zika outbreak caused by release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil?”

“The Zika virus outbreak currently gripping the Americas could have been sparked by the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012, critics say.

The insects were engineered by biotechnology experts to combat the spread of dengue fever and other diseases and released into the general population of Brazil in 2012.

But with the World Health Organisation (WHO) now meeting in Geneva to desperately discuss cures for the Zika virus, speculation has mounted as to the cause of this sudden outbreak.

The Zika virus was first discovered in the 1950s but the recent outbreak has escalated alarmingly, causing birth defects and a range of health problems in South and Central America.

The first cases were reported in Brazil last May with up to 1.5 million people now thought to be affected by the virus which is spread by mosquitoes endemic to Latin America.”   (here)


Do not doubt, even for one minute, that these psychopathic Globo-Zionists would not be capable of pulling off a stunt like this. Their advanced technology is known to exists as is their demonic spirit. World War III has actually been raging against the BRICS nations for years now, and it is not just a “Cold War”. Actual physical casualties continue to mount in the form of attacks on Chines citizens (knife-wielding CIA-Uighur terrorists and mysterious chemical plant explosions); attacks on Russian citizens (Chechen terrorists, downed airliners; and “meteor strikes”); and now, mosquito-born bio-warfare against uppity Brazil.

If history is any indicator, the run-up to Brazil’s Olympics promises to be full of more surprises — and some of them may be deadly.

Whether Zika turns out to be another Ebola-type exaggeration, or a truly deadly virus, remains to be seen. But we can say with absolute certainty is that Zika will be used to destabilize Brazil and damage its Olympic Party.

   Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in The New York Times today about that Zika virus. Brazil might have real problems with this.


(That was funny, Sugar. And clean too!)


  1. salty says:

    Zika Vaccine Was Patented By Indian Biotech Company 9 Months Ago

    February 5, 2016.

    It would seem that the pharmaceutical industry was preparing for the Zika virus almost a year ago as two vaccines have reportedly been developed already in India.

    Bharat Biotech International in Hyderabad, India, was the first company to file a patent for a Zika vaccine and they are about to start pre-clinical testing.

  2. dkblue says:

    Condom makers Ansell not to be left out of the hysteria based profit potential

    I am inclined to go with Jimstone’s position that it was the new Dtap vaccine given to pregnant mothers in Brazil.

    However, didn’t Brazil also offend Israel recently by terminating an Israeli security company’s services for the Olympics?

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