Galloway battles with BBC bitch interviewer

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He turns her childish tabloid questions around on her, and tells her to conduct a serious interview.  She is forced to comply.  Interestingly, he says Corbyn has been hobbled on the EU Referendum issue.

As reported –

Former Respect MP George Galloway objects to questions put to him over his role in the EU referendum.

The London mayoral candidate said the questioning by Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics was indicative of a “childish discourse” in the EU referendum campaign, focusing on personalities rather than policies.

Querying when the interview would move on to substantial differences of opinion between the camps, he said: “Every question you have asked has been about me.”


Anti-EU student campaigns in universities are setting up across the UK. In a recent poll, 21 per cent of 18-24 year olds said they could still be persuaded to vote to Leave the EU, the highest percentage of all the age ranges.

A further 10 per cent said they are more likely to vote to Remain – but again they could still change their minds. This is a huge 31 per cent of all young people who may still vote to Leave the EU. Add these to the 18 per cent who already plan to vote to Leave and there is clear potential for a possible majority in this age range who might vote for Brexit.

13 per cent of young people still openly admit to not having any idea which way they are going to vote!

Young Britons are not as pro-EU as you might expect – but they simply haven’t had enough information to understand what it’s all about yet to make this vital decision about their future and the future of the United Kingdom. This is clearly shown by the statistics from the poll. If we are to win this important referendum, it is vital all voters are made aware of all the facts. Young people could be the key to victory – and to ensuring we Get Britain Out of the EU.


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