Freeing Julian Assange: The Last Chapter


By John Pilger

February 04, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – Assange is now closer to justice and vindication, and perhaps freedom, than at any time since he was arrested.

One of the epic miscarriages of justice of our time is unravelling. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention  – an international tribunal that adjudicates and decides whether governments comply with their human rights obligations –  has ruled that Julian Assange has been detained unlawfully by Britain and Sweden.

After five years of fighting to clear his name – having been smeared relentlessly yet charged with no crime – Assange is closer to justice and vindication, and perhaps freedom, than at any time since he was arrested and held in London under a European Extradition Warrant, itself now discredited by Parliament.

The U.N. Working Group bases its judgements on the European Convention on Human Rights and three other treaties that are binding on all its signatories. Both Britain and Sweden participated in the 16-month long U.N. investigation and submitted evidence and defended their position before the tribunal. It would fly contemptuously in the face of international law if they did not comply with the judgement and allow Assange to leave the refuge granted him by the Ecuadorean government in its London embassy.

Previous celebrated cases ruled upon by the Working Group include: Aung Sang Suu Kyi in Burma, imprisoned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia, detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian in Iran, for which both Britain and Sweden have given support to the tribunal. The difference now is that Assange’s persecution and confinement endures in the heart of London.

The Assange case has never been primarily about allegations of sexual misconduct in Sweden – where the Stockholm Chief Prosecutor, Eva Finne, dismissed the case, saying, “I don’t believe there is any reason to suspect that he has committed rape.” Also, one of the women involved accused the police of fabricating evidence and “railroading” her, protested that she “did not want to accuse JA of anything.” And a second prosecutor mysteriously re-opened the case after political intervention, then stalled it.

The Assange case is rooted across the Atlantic in Pentagon-dominated Washington, obsessed with pursuing and prosecuting whistleblowers, especially Assange for having exposed, in WikiLeaks, U.S. capital crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq: the wholesale killing of civilians and a contempt for sovereignty and international law. None of this truth-telling is illegal under the U.S. Constitution. As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama, a professor of constitutional law, lauded whistleblowers as “part of a healthy democracy [and they] must be protected from reprisal.”

Obama, the betrayer, has since prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the US presidents combined. The courageous Chelsea Manning is serving 35 years in prison, having been tortured during her long pre-trial detention.

Telling us this truth alone earns Assange his freedom, whereas justice is his right.

The prospect of a similar fate has hung over Assange like a Damocles sword. According to documents released by Edward Snowden, Assange is on a “Manhunt target list.” Vice President Joe Biden has called him a “cyber terrorist.” In Alexandria, Virginia, a secret grand jury has attempted to concoct a crime for which Assange can be prosecuted in a court. Even though he is not an American, he is currently being fitted up with an espionage law dredged up from a century ago when it was used to silence conscientious objectors during World War I; the Espionage Act has provisions of both life imprisonment and the death penalty.

Assange’s ability to defend himself in this Kafkaesque world has been handicapped by the U.S. declaring his case a state secret. A federal court has blocked the release of all information about what is known as the “national security” investigation of WikiLeaks.

The supporting act in this charade has been played by the second Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny. Until recently, Ny had refused to comply with a routine European procedure that required her to travel to London to question Assange and so advance the case that James Catlin, one of Assange’s barristers, called “a laughing stock … it’s as if they make it up as they go along.”

Indeed, even before Assange had left Sweden for London in 2010, Ny made no attempt to question him. In the years since, she has never properly explained, even to her own judicial authorities, why she has not completed the case she so enthusiastically re-ignited – just as she has never explained why she has refused to give Assange a guarantee that he will not be extradited on to the U.S. under a secret arrangement agreed between Stockholm and Washington. In 2010, the Independent in London revealed that the two governments had discussed Assange’s potential extradition.

Then there is tiny, brave Ecuador.

One of the reasons Ecuador granted Julian Assange political asylum was that his own government, in Australia, had offered him none of the help to which he had a legal right and so abandoned him. Australia’s collusion with the United States against its own citizen is evident in leaked documents; no more faithful vassals has America than the obeisant politicians of the Antipodes.

Four years ago, in Sydney, I spent several hours with the Liberal Member of the Federal Parliament, Malcolm Turnbull. We discussed the threats to Assange and their wider implications for freedom of speech and justice, and why Australia was obliged to stand by him. Turnbull is now the Prime Minister of Australia and, as I write, is attending an international conference on Syria hosted the Cameron government – about 15 minutes cab ride from the room that Assange has occupied for three and a half years in the small Ecuadorean embassy just along from Harrod’s. The Syria connection is relevant if unreported; it was WikiLeaks that revealed that the United States had long planned to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. Today, as he meets and greets, Prime Minister Turnbull has an opportunity to contribute a modicum of purpose and truth to the conference by speaking up for his unjustly imprisoned compatriot, for whom he showed such concern when we met. All he need do is quote the judgement of the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Will he reclaim this shred of Australia’s reputation in the decent world?

What is certain is that the decent world owes much to Julian Assange. He told us how indecent power behaves in secret, how it lies and manipulates and engages in great acts of violence, sustaining wars that kill and maim and turn millions into the refugees now in the news. Telling us this truth alone earns Assange his freedom, whereas justice is his right. – the films and journalism of John Pilger

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Gordon says:-


Truth Hurts and The Whole Truth, Wholly Hurts!





9 Responses to “Freeing Julian Assange: The Last Chapter”

  1. I might be misguided and throwing the baby out with the bathwater, when I should spend more attention on things like this.

    But Ian and Aldous’ comments have reminded me and hit home. And watching the BBCNews24 propaganda after work (just to see what the Enemys upto) . All the wall to wall Assange stuff, Skynews too. I am really fed up.

    Aldous comment the other day jolted me out of complacency. So much is fake, virtually all.

    – To get stuff off the front pages, they manufacture situations to take the heat
    – Fear porn Shoreham air show for example. Tonights boxer shooting, a warning for Tyson Fury from the NWO?
    – I wonder and think its the case, if there really is a Metaphysical situation too going on here. And in this realm, we are being manipulated to give up our Qi, feeding negative entities in the Underworld that our friends in this realm sell their souls to for profit, status, wealth, success


    It isnt

  2. dkblue says:

    I had the same thought Adam, its a distraction, sleight of hand trick again. I think a great number of these lures are put out to draw attention off the global ‘elite’ pedophile rings being run and utilised by all major governments today.
    A lot of info compiled on him on this website indicates he has a far deeper and more dangerous role in the behind the scenes manipulation of events.

  3. beLIEve says:

    Adam and dkblue

    I too have wondered what are the scum might be trying to distract us from.

    As someone with a passing interest in finance, I thought the Chinese might be announcing the introduction of the Gold Yuan in the first week of April.
    The announcement did not materialise…

    However, I have come across a little “gem” on ……

    Apparently… RAT-childs and other ASSOCIATED SCUM……operating under one of ….THEIR NUMEROUS LABELS… this case…. IMF….are labouring under the misapprehension that THEY are going to KEEP all the STOLEN SPOILS…. THEIR UNLAWFUL PERFIDY….has accrued for them.

    THEY have made a …..WORTHLESS……ANNOUN–CEMENT…….to that effect………YAWN.

    More duplicitous UNLAWFUL THEATRE from the EL-iteS…SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM.

    POOR deluded fools, they are obviously not acquainted with…… Common Law.

    If a THIEF refuses to ….RETURN STOLEN GOODS….one simply pops round to his gaff….and effects …A RECOVERY.

    • Hi Kingel
      Great detective work above and in hitler post
      David Bowies Blackstar youtube video. I flagged it up to Emmjay but didnt watch it properly until last night.
      Shes right, its very disturbing. I would wonder, whether listening watching it, is taking part in a personalised one on one internet version of a….mini satanic ritual

      I wonder if demonic entities floating around us in the Interdimensional Superhighway thats all around us. That the Shamans access. I wonder if Blackstar is intended by Bowie and Zionist Satanist Kabbala handlers. As a way to exert metaphysical control over listeners.

      Note too Kingel, Bowie shows a Black Sun in his video. Or is it a black moon. Sun i think

      I do not think at all our phases of the moon the visible dark curve, is our earths.curvature blocking the sun.
      Need to do more research. I think a black sun and moon exist. Dont know what theyd be made of, or what type of energy

      See my message to Paul Laviolette at the fluoride consciousness post

      • beLIEve says:

        Hi Adam

        I have never been a fan of David Bowie, there was something about him that made me feel uncomfortable so, I have not seen the Blackstar video.

        Demonic entities floating about us…..
        Two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it but, now I am convinced they are there.
        Evil attempting to corrupt the good.

        It might have been Men Scryfa who said we are in a Spiritual war….I share that opinion.

        The Heavens and lands beyond Antarctica….something colossal is being denied us…Imho.

        Hereford Cathedral houses the Mapa Mundi.
        It is said to have been created in 700 AD.
        I have a suspicion it may have been drawn earlier.

        The World is shown as flat, with linking “bars” to the outer ring, the ice wall.

        Obviously the flatness could be simply be because the animal hide used is flat and, cartographers were not acquainted with perspective etc.

        Fluoride, I believe the BMJ have marked it as a ….NEURO TOXIN.

      • Yes Kingel, it is factions, factions , factions. That’s how this world operates. Factions in Moscow, in London, in Washington. Im just hoping some of them are thinking like us, fighting for us, the same things we hold dear. Gordon Logan is of this type I am sure, can he be the only one? No

        Safe House with Denzel Washingto and Ryan Reynolds is cause for some guarded optimism I think

        Russia seems as strange as all the rest. Kenneth at Redefininggod blog has helped me not to put blind faith and hope in a Putin saviour or a dialectic – he shows well the right and left hand statues outside of freemasonic lodges. How one hands pointing towards the other. Distraction with one hand, when the others making a move.. A bit like the Magic Circle sleights of hand.

        The rule of thumb appears to be… nothing the MSM shoves in our face, even when dressed up as ‘whistleblower’. I think that also goes for the ‘Anonymous’ guy fawkes mask shite. That has Soros etc written all over it I sense

        Im not too much of a Bowie fan either. |Even if you find the Blackstar music too creepy/satanic. With the sound down the video gives us clues
        – a Black Sun, the Jesuits worship that
        – An astronaut. WTF
        – I do not think our eclipses of the moon, or phases, are seeing the earths curvature, covering the moon. No I think it is a Black Moon, or Black Sun. I think this is the secret stuff they know.

        – Why are the planets named after Gods Kingel? There might be more to it. Another time another post I will expand and hope we can explore this.
        – But I will just say. I sensed on my way to the shops before….looking upto space we might be seeing an impenetrable extradimensional realm. And I think the Apollo 14 insignia with the portal to fly through might be a clue to this.
        – Travelling from here to the Moon, the space in between. Might not be like travelling through space from my home to the shops in my car
        – It might be an interdimensional/extradimensional ocean, the space between earth and the moon etc.
        – I could be wrong but I truly sense a reason why the planets are named after Gods
        We need a powerful antiviral that works against the Khazar infection. What will that be. Unmoderated comment to come

    • Unfortunately bad as it is, and creepy, it also has an addictive nature, the sounds, frequencies. Youtube commenters say the same. I must stop listening. Clues are here though for us to run with. I will say this. Just as Evil forces in this world can use music and chords frequencies chanting against us Kingel. I am sure this means, forces of Good can also use this sword. And so positive music and chords with no creepy frequencies. But good frequencies. and lyrics. Must have an anti Satanic effect.

      I now really would not be surprised if David Bowie was a Satanic high priest. One of his Alters anyway. Hes an excellent messenger for the NWO

      Let me know any thoughts as well



      ” Kidman tied me to a chair and beat me in front of his daughter NICOLE KIDMAN who stood there and smirked at me, with her arms crossed ”


      brabantian7 February 2016 at 08:12

      On something else involving the UK police that is a bit amusing in aspects

      In the opinion of officials on the European continent

      Julian Assange of Wikileaks has almost certainly NOT been living as claimed at the Ecuador Embassy in London, but moved in & out by Britain’s MI5 – MI6 agents for his photo ops & meetings, with the UK police ‘watching’ the embassy so as to know when to move him … and Ecuador and its London staff getting a few bribes & favours for playing along.

      Leading CIA-war monger advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, & Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have both admitted at times that Julian Assange is a fake run by the USA intelligence agencies … his Wikileaks are ‘limited hang-out’, edited & controlled … & particularly indulgent of the State of Israel … also anti-truth on 11 Sep 2001 etc

      E.g., Wikileaks claims that with thousands of documents they have from Saudi Arabia etc … Israel is basically ‘not in there’ – ha!

      It is said Assange has been living in the gracious UK home of a friend of the Rothschild family, when not present for his ‘Ecuador Embassy’ photos & meetings

      Assange was denied asylum in France after his cheesy manipulation of staging an alleged pro-French ‘leak’ before the request, because all major EU governments & global intelligence agencies, know that Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden, are all CIA liars, frauds & hoaxers.

      Switzerland also denied Snowden’s similar request to relocate, as the Swiss saw the intel report showing that Snowden is clearly a fraud

      Note that the pumpers of Julian Assange & Edward Snowden – UK Guardian & NY Times – are the same CIA newspapers telling endless lies about Syria, Ukraine & etc. The same 2 CIA newspapers who had criminal charge complaints against them in Europe, for publishing lies about real exiles from the USA not promoted by CIA media

      How funny people trust CIA media – to tell them who is a ‘hero’ … such as the neo-con-serving Julian Assange. Or Edward Snowden whose first ‘journalist’ for his ‘leaks’ was the biographer of US Vice-President & war-monger Dick Cheney, ha!

      Assange & Snowden avoid networking with genuine dissidents … even ones with information proving corruption of the US federal courts in the region where Assange & Snowden would allegedly face ‘US trials’, information that could successfully block any extradition of themselves … Because Assange & Snowden are not ‘dissidents’ but both are agents of the US security services, neither is interested in exposing what the US regime does not want exposed

      • beLIEve says:

        Ace…. Adam…..

        Superb bit of detective work.

        I was thinking of Friday, when RT did wall to wall coverage …there was an …a$hkeNAZI RAT….at …PLAY.

        Greenwald and Snowden were marked a while ago as disinfo.

        I wonder what PART Russia is PLAYING in this GAME.

        They could’n have given the STORY more EXPOSURE than they did on Friday.

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