Female child abusers are cleverer at hiding their abuse than men.


The public don’t really want to know about female child abusers.  Yet they exist.  This video describes the topic.  Women tend to use objects – designed to cause pain – in pursuit of their own sexual gratification.  They have generally been victims of abuse themselves during their childhood.  As with male abusers.  As the public become more aware of child sexual abuse, the scale of female sexual abuse is coming to light.  Women who sexually abuse children like to have jobs around children – nuns, daycare, nurses etc.  It’s like an alcoholic in a bar.  They can act out a motherly role, and pretend they’re highly maternal to kids.  Most people who report abuse say it was their own mother that did it.  The mother can disguise what she’s doing very easily.

Women who abuse teenage boys in their care are described in the media as having an affair with them.  The boy is blamed.  If a girl is abused, it is described as a lesbian affair.  Sexual abuse can feel good if it’s not violent or nasty.  The boys abused by elder woman are confused at the time, but ten years later, when they can articulate, that their childhood was disrupted and lost.

Women who abuse are often alone with the kids in the home.  The boys get used as if they’re the husband.   Single parent families are more likely to have female parental abuse going on.  A lot of people cover up for the mothers.  Women can get away with child sexual abuse a lot easier than men can.


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  1. The Exorcist 1977 Richard Burton to the sceptical psychiatrist
    ” You have to help me get rid of the Demon inside Regan, that’s preventing her realise her full Spiritual Power ”

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Don’t worry just blame the White Man that is what young women and ‘minorities’ have been trained and programmed to do for years now…


    The chickens are coming home to roost

    • What a beautiful girl how horrible how sad.
      Men Scryfa particularly because this is in America, and im not acting as Mr Apologist for this scum at all.
      But Florida is not Somalia or elsewhere in Africa and Asia where they are completely hideously depraved unrestrained.
      This fellow in florida will not be much higher than scum in Somalia . Yes MS I know too the Bush and DHS and Zio scum are relentlessly trying t reduce reduce reduice the morals and behaviours of men in the USA

      Whats my point what am I getting at? I think this man could have had a DEW directed at him. I have read, that thoughts can be implanted in a brain.

      As you said on a previous point what does it matter?
      Look at the state of that beautiful girl. Give me 5 mins in a room with that guy, see what happens
      I watched your youtube clips on the muslim migrant thread today. The multicultirual centre, where youd ting the bastard would be grateful to be here. The ferocity he attacked the teacher with the broken arm. Men Scryfa I wish id been there. I did not like the aura and arrogance given off from that twat one bit. If was there, his head would have been caved in with a chair
      Joe Pesci with the pen on casino at the bar with deniro comes to mind. I was disgusted with the scene in 1995 and Scorseces violence. However the Joe Pesci pen experience I think could have been used in the Holland multicultiural centre.

      The migrants bashing the car. Showing their gratitude for being granted asylum. Well it shows their unstrained attitude to cars, life, women, rape . They need to all be shot, and failing that, deported but severely punished first. I could go n and on and on and on and on on this matter . But I wont

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yep as I mentioned before some while back I entirely believe that a lot is being engineered by this method. Everyone is being played. The only winner is the Enemy. It is designed that way.

        Of course they want you and me to call for them all to be shot that is the intention, they want us to be depressed and distracted from the really central issue which is who is in actual control. I am not in any way saying that people should not defend themselves. As we all agree we must take immediate steps for self-defence and many of the problems have arisen because self defence and self protection has been discarded on the national level.

        I doubt that historical, racial and societal differences in collective behaviour towards women (just as one example) can be explained away on the basis of advanced weaponry as these differences have existed for much longer than direct energy weapons. However, individual perpetrators of ‘one off’ incidents that then gain media notoriety may have done what they did due to specific targetting by D.E.W.

        That is a theory that I raised last year when we were discussing some of these issues. Certainly if one looks at some of the murders committed in the last 20-25 years in the UK then is a serious case for asserting that DEWs have been used on a wide scale to engineer the commission of these offences in order to advance a wider agenda.

        If we look back in history we find that it was well known to Europeans before the 1950s that non-European countries and peoples behaved in a completely different way and that it was unsafe for a white female to be unaccompanied in many of those cultures (not all, obviously, but many places and peoples were and are unsafe to visit). That is completely separate from the use of microwave weaponry on specific individuals.

        The answer is to calmly respond in a strong, assertive and effective way without descending to mob violence. This is done by having an informed enforcement authority that is resourced with the will and ability to establish and maintain order while at the same time having the integrity to act solely in the interests of the indigenous population.

        This requires real leadership which is completely missing from UK politics. Only a mass wake up is going to change this now we got to here.

    • Although the unpalatable non PC truth (which I don’t subscribe to anyway) conclusion IN THE ABSENCE OF THE USE OF A DEW is that.

      There is a clear racial difference going on. And your point the other day to Rabbit was well made.
      – There are differences between the races
      – The white man overwhelmingly, does not act live like this
      -But lets not forget the possibility of either MKUltra mind control , or a DEW or both

      BTW. Have you noticed Jew Sacha Baron Cohens lates Grimsby fillm advertised everywhere?

      – This is very clear. Baron Cohen is furthering the Jew agenda on England today, to ridicule, diminish, the white indigenus Aryan haplotype English male

      This is all part of the inferior Neanderthal blood haplotype khazarian pretending to be jews, Ashekenazi, attempt to take over the UK

      Not going to happen

      • ian says:

        You’re in a violent mood today Adam. You are correct with what you say though.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yes! Don’t hold your breath waiting for the film about Lord Greville Janner….

        Or what about a Sasha Baron Cohen film about a Rabbi giving out sweets… and quoting from the Talmud??

        The eternal victims can never be the perpetrators repeat, repeat the manta!


  3. Yes not my natural default state of mind Ian, it was just in response to seeing the teacher with the broken arm being attacked upset me. But I don’t hold onto these feelings I let them go, I refuse to have my frequency vibration lowered. This is what they want. The Highest Vibrational Resonance lies with loving God, and acting in His name. I know youre not religious. ive not been religiously educated at all, im new to the scene
    The reason I am embracing it Ian (after doing my best to test the truth, such as look at who Jesus was, examine Gnosticsm he might have practiced, as well as examine whats going on with Christianity)
    Whats pushing me into the arms of it ian is it is off the scale true, if anymore were needed.
    These people are literally in touch with and many possessed, by demons.
    I look around. And there is such evil going on. I am therefore moved to conclude and tell myself, there is such evil. It HAS to be demonic. And conversely, there HAS to be Good as well.
    So through analysing the world this is whats put me from being an uninterested secular atheist in 2013, bringing me to this point now

    And I think the recent Charles antichrist article drove this point even further, what he got upto in Romania on holiday and in Greece at the monastery retreat
    id say my comments last night were wrong. Even if what got said, has to happen (not done by me!), but generally in defence of our women and nation. Then we should act from a calm, loving position of loving God and not through blind rage – I think that’s the low vibrational state they want to create in us, and negative entities and demons can get access to us.
    I speak not here Ian in a religious sense, but in a science sense. As entity possessions seem to be just science and physics

    • ian says:

      Indeed Adam, there is certainly a lot of evil about. You correctly say that I’m not into religion, but I try to follow the same principals that a true Christian would. Peace of mind is difficult to achieve, but is easier if you behave well.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      It is that natural reaction to defend the home, family and nation which is or should be automatic and instinctive to men, but which has been attacked and undermined by the Enemy. You have nothing to apologize for

  4. Mark says:

    In the mid-90’s I was told of this. Recently, I repeated this in conversation with a full-on, and rightly-so, CSA-exposing mate. He questioned this. I though I should commend this being posted and hope any further material/research/updates that corroborate this, and the extent, are published here. The CSA ‘fight to expose’ has a number of potential back-firing vulnerabilities. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but… the danger is we think we garner support for our desired standpoint by omission. For instance, I’m not sure I’ve seen similar reports to this the places, websites, truthing it. More of the necessary… what’s what please.

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