Exposed: The EU’s shocking plan to criminalise people who help refugees (VIDEOS)

TAP – Refugees are being brought into Europe to create tensions.  By treating each other as human beings the potential for tension is dissipated.  That’s not the plan of the Satanists who brought them in.

by James Wright


Exposed: The EU’s shocking plan to criminalise people who help refugees (VIDEOS)

The Council of the European Union has proposed legislation that could criminalise volunteers trying to help refugees arriving into Europe.

As revealed by the civil liberties group Statewatch, the Draft Council conclusions on migrant smuggling equates the definition of migrant ‘smuggling’ with ‘trafficking’. This could lead to the arrest or marginalisation of NGOs, volunteers or local people who are endeavouring to help struggling people fleeing war-torn countries.

Tony Bunyan, the director of Statewatch, said:

The Council proposals would criminalise NGOs, local people and volunteers who have worked heroically to welcome refugees when the EU institutions did nothing, while other plans would require them to “register” with the police and work within state structures. In a humane and caring EU it should not be necessary to “register” to offer help and care to people who have suffered so much already.

Indeed, the following video – showing the devastation in the Syrian city of Homs – should stop dead in the tracks anyone who thinks refugees do not desperately need our help.

The above video shows the widespread destruction of what was once Syria’s third largest city and home to 650,000 people. Here’s what it used to look like:

Yet, the EU is proposing to criminalise people trying to help those who’ve had their lives turned upside-down by war.

A law professor at the University of Essex, Steve Peers, said:

This document fails to acknowledge the crucial role played by Greek islanders and volunteers in rescuing and caring for migrants who cross the Mediterranean in unsafe vessels. The EU should amend its anti-smuggling laws as soon as possible to confirm that no-one giving such vital humanitarian assistance should ever be penalised for it.

Greek anti-trafficking legislation already applies to both volunteers and traffickers alike. In mid-January, volunteers and members of NGOs were arrested for reining in plastic dinghies carrying desperate refugees.

Later in the same month, 31 refugees drowned in the Aegean Sea because of ‘anti-smuggling’ laws. Rescuers were restricted from helping the refugees until the ship had left Turkish waters.

Governments should be doing much more themselves to solve such a humanitarian crisis, aside from the voluntary rescue missions carried out independently by their citizens. Take, for example, Denmark, who just passed legislation allowing the police to seize refugee’s valuables and money. Rather than helping people unjustly dealt the card of war, Denmark is deciding to rob them for the little they have left.

Role reversal. Imagine barely escaping a war-torn London, erupting in untold violence that took the lives of people you know, which destroyed your home and community, only to have your last tenner robbed by Danish police officers.

States are viewing refugees, not as humans needing help, but as inconveniences to be managed.

It’s a topsy-turvy world when, instead of being assisted by the government, solidarity-motivated individuals trying to save human lives are treated as criminals. Instead of at the very least aiding volunteers, the EU is proposing to criminalise them for trying to help.

Get involved!

Volunteer to help in Calais, or support others doing so.

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Write to your MP to ask why the government is not doing more to help.

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13 Responses to “Exposed: The EU’s shocking plan to criminalise people who help refugees (VIDEOS)”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    It is doubtful they will prosecute Soros who is helping with the financing of the wars and moving the refugees to Germany.

    However a couple of the Scandinavian countries is looking at a plan to finance facilities to house them in Afghanistan with approval of the Afghan government.

    Some of the European governments also need help due to the violent rape epidemic, 662 women reporting being raped in Cologne in one night, refugees masterbating and defecating in swimming pools that had to be shut down.

    • Am I missing something here.
      If anything, I thought the Satanist riddled EU Commission would be wanting to incentivise the general public, through whatever sly twisted media means, to be welcoming to migrants. We see the media manipulations everywhere, and their agents, like this fine MEP

      So what does this mean? Whats the motive? Could this story actually emanate from the situation where there are actually sane people operating in the EU that think like us?

      The same goes for the Afghan housing facilities. That’s just what ive thought and said all along. A leased Greek island. Or Afghanistan yes.

      Does this mean sane decent outraged non Satanist people operate in the EU?

    • [Email to Henry this evening]

      Henry this years Great North Run will be held on Sep 11th. Last years was held on the Shemitah

      We know that Savile was a Black Magician. He will have been adept at leading thousands of unwitting runners down leylines and.draining off their Qi etheric energy. This is discussed on youtube. Does the route go past a vortex point too. Do corporate logos the runners see, such as Bupa, or starbucks, on the route. Have significance?
      Holding this years on 9/11 is peculiar to my mind and needs questioning

      • Aldous says:

        Adam, it’s all getting more ‘in your goy face’. The cancer charity ads are incessant. They’ve got all these pointless celebs fronting them begging for money. For what?
        Is actor Tom Cunti-Conti (Shirley Valentine) now doing one for Oxfam? I’m sure I read it in an earlier email. I get so many about this shit, I can’t keep up.
        Help us beat cancer earlier – say by 2084 which seems like a good all-round Orwellian take-the-piss figure.
        They really are parasitical and hateful inbreds.

        I’ll take my chances with ‘cancer’ and natural treatments/remedies like whiskey and sirloin steak any day rather than their quack cut/burn/poison treatments that are meant to harm and kill to benefit no one but Big Pharma and the usual suspects.

        Regards and have a nice day Adam because I’m really fed up with stupid goyim, all these Jew lies and their BS. Out!

      • Aldous says:

        Lo and behold, I just got an email about a Flash floor cleaner ad where they use the black and white masonic checkered floor. WhoTF has a black and white checkered floor in their kitchen? The Queen? The Rothschilds? Satan? Every BBC exec?
        It really is getting ridiculous and one cannot help but think that we are nearing the endgame.
        Thank God for that because Mankind/Humanity can’t carry on like this.

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      ” Deficiency of B-complex vitamins, for example, can lead to dementia. This is well-known in the medical literature. However, most doctors do not insist on tests or B-vitamin shots, though they are very inexpensive and simple to give. These alone can cure an early case of dementia if this is the cause.

      Vitamin B-12, in particular, is required for proper mental function. Deficiency symptoms include confusion, memory loss and other brain-related symptoms. It is a crime that this is not recognized more in the medical field, now totally dominated by drug use ”


      1. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program. This type of program can help for dozens of reasons, literally.
      For more advanced cases, following a nutritional balancing program may be difficult or impossible unless you have excellent care. To do a nutritional balancing program properly, a person with dementia will almost always require a lot of care, at least until cognitive function can be restored.

      [Daily or as often as possible, coffee enemas could have powerful detoxifying effects from toxic metals and boosting of liver function. The liver, and the brain, are linked.
      Nonalcoholic fatty liver/metabolic syndrome X/insulin resistance diabetes DM. have a connection to the brain Alzheimers plaques.

      Coffee enemas and Wilsons 4 lamp NIR sauna when you can, might help. I know with all you, do, taking on board all of Wilsons NB writings too, is a lot. So if you want please ask henry for my email, or ask him to give me yours. And I will help you navigate and get to essential information and strategy easily, and advice however I can.

      Mashed sardines

      Vitamin E mixed tocopherols, Byron Richards from Minnesota does a top brand. This helps for us all but yes too with regards Alzheimers I read. Not just single alpha tocopherol.

      This is a massive topic and I know theres things ive forgotton and don’t know and need to research. In tandem with the coffee enema and sauna if this is possible. Remineralising with zinc selenium etc Calcium magnesium plus the B vitamins issue. Could cause a jolt, and a surprising improvement.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    One possibility is that local Europeans may be buying boats and getting in on the ground floor where migrants are being charged to be hauled in. It could be cutting profits to Soros.

    Migrants in Murmansk go too far with Russian girls: Some in hospital, some in jail

    Still and all, judging by the identical reactions, the agents of law enforcement did not differ in tolerance level and while exhorting not to resort to lynching, secretly assisted in the educational process, reported.

    Results: 18 in the hospital, 33 in the local detention center, and a great desire to go back home. Official confirmation by law enforcement authorities is not forthcoming, as they have no desire to feed the West with any more fodder for the “Wild Russia” line.

    “Welcome to Russia. We’re delighted to have visitors, but you mustn’t forget, you are guests here.”

    This report was prepared from material on social network sites.

    • I know its cold in Murmansk, but that’s the type of place id like to live if the UK goes further down the tubes than it already is. In Murmansk, theres a presence and force, that stands up, and looks after, decent Russians. I might move there, theyd have no trouble from me as a migrant.

      Murmansk. Links in with the Kursk, where it was built I think. Your Vanga article, the clairvoyant. Her predictions about the Kursk sinking were mindblowing. Was the Kursk sinking some kind of sick Illuminati sacrifice/psyop? By illuminati within Russia? I do not believe it was either an accident, or some cold war east vs west bullshit. We know East vs West Cold War is nonsense

      Regarding migrants I like Murmansks style

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I don’t know Adam there are all kinds of stories floating out there about it. Some think nato grabbed some nukes off the thing. Who knows.

    That is a wild story on Russia though!

    Welcome to Russia, now go back home!

    • Any thoughts on my Great North run comment above?
      What do you think, what phenomena, might be taking place, scheduling marathons on the Shemitah, and then the next year, on 9/11 (2016)

      – I assume Dublinmick though I haven’t studied checked maps and even then leyline info im sure is locked away in a 33rd degree freemason safe in some office in a Lodge somewhere

      I assume on these sacred numerology days plus the Shemtiah. The roads selected for the marathons run along leylines? What happens any thoughts? I think corporate sponsorship logos as part of the marathon might play a |Satanic part.

      – Could at a secret loction, where the runners run past. Maybe where leylines intersect to make a vortex point, that makes oue realm and the spirit realm come closer together. Could secret sacrifices be happening at vortex points, where marathon runners are running past, and all their etheric Qi energy feeds in? To….give energy to demonic forces in the Underworld?

      I haven’t researched yet if capt Ajit is interested in leylines.
      – Laura walker at said on 911, the Illuminati loaded in a tremdous amount of low vibrational fear energy, low vibrational Qi etheric energy. Into a very big north east USA leyline that day. If I can find the exact daily report she said this ill send it to you.
      I think various events on our earth are being done by the BASTARDS WHO CALL THEMSELVES ELITES to somehow feed into, work, manipulate, Then etheric energy grid

    • Could HMs Golden Jubilee. Was it 2003. Cant remember. I pay little attention to the royal twa*s
      But my point is, the massive Billionsof TV viewers. Plus the persons accidentlly present tht day down Whitehall, and Buckingham Palace road, etc, Thronged with brainwashed people dublinmick. Yet their betheric batteries, Qi energy are being drained

      I am very suspicious of any GNR. Festival. Government initiative

      Need I say more

  4. Lynn says:

    No white lines on UK roads…Carnage !! Our roads are carrying 30 million plus cars now. They want to remove the white lines and hard shoulder. What do they think we are.

    • Aldous says:

      Link to that story:
      Are roads safer with no central white lines?
      3 February 2016

      Lynn, news on the jungle drums is they’re gonna be doing the same thing near, as well as actually at regional airports themselves, even ‘piloting’ a mad dog scheme to remove runway center lines and turning off the runway and approach lights at night and in bad weather to slow down the planes and cut down on cost – and no doubt useless eaters and flyers.
      Just kidding of course but you never know in this inverse logic, Frankfurt Marxist Orwellian vale of sorrow called Mother Earth.

      But seriously and keeping in mind that the three most useless things in aviation are the fuel in the tanker, the sky above you and the runway behind you… due to total automation, they are proposing to get rid of the co-pilot and replace him/her with a mad dog. Think I’m joking? The Captain’s job (and only job I hasten to add) will be to feed the mad dog; the mad dog’s job is to ensure that the Captain touches absolutely nothing.

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