EU Plan To Abolish British Army If UK Vote To Stay In Europe

EU unveil plans to abolish British army if Britain remains in Europe

The EU plan on merging all of Europe’s militaries into one giant Euro Army, and have said they will dismantle the British Army if Britain votes to stay in the EU in the upcoming referendum in June.

If Britons vote to stay a part of the European Union then the UK military will be forced to share sensitive weapons technology with the rest of Europe under a new agreement. reports:

Britain would also be expected to contribute around £375million to the scheme – enough to rehire all of the 20,000 soldiers the Government sacked in its last defence spending review.

Last night critics branded the plans “scandalous” and said only a vote for Brexit in the upcoming referendum can guarantee the future of the 356-year-old British army.
One former servicewoman, who asked not to be named, told the proposals would require the the military to change the centuries old Oath of Allegiance for new soldiers, because they would no longer be “bearing true allegiance” to the Queen.

She raged: “It’ll be like ashes in the mouths of service personnel.”
The plans have been unveiled by bureaucrats who are preparing to revive proposals to draw up a legally binding “white book” which would vastly expand the military role of the EU.

Britain has by far the biggest and best equipped army in Europe and is to plough some £2.2bn into developing new weapons this year alone.

But under the new EU plans we could in future be blocked from researching new military technology which would benefit the British Army, instead being forced to plough money into projects for the wider benefit of the whole EU project.

Brussels bureaucrats are now calling for a “systematic and long-term policy framework” across Europe which would establish “a genuine harmonisation and coordination of operational and military requirements”.

The bombshell proposal adds new laws should force member states to “fight off the temptation to add national specifications” to weapons development projects.

It is contained in an official EU report setting out recommendations for a new EU-wide defence R&D scheme with an astonishing 3.6bn euro budget to develop weapons for a future Brussels army.

The dossier has been put together by a “group of personalities” including politicians and businessmen hand-picked by the EU to deliver its dream of becoming a full military power.

Establishing a standing EU army is seen by Brussels as one of the final steps in the creation of a United States of Europe, with the continent already hurtling towards full fiscal and political union.

Both current EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and former British prime minister Tony Blair, who wants to be his successor, have called for the bloc to have its own military.

The report is based on the presumption that the EU project will acquire its own army within decades and states that more cooperation between member states will be needed to “satisfy procurement needs”.

It proposes an initial Preparatory Action (PA) plan, to be launched immediately with a budget of 100 million euros, which will pave the way for a fully-fledged EU-funded Defence Research Programme (EDRP) to begin in 2021.

The report states: “The PA and the EDRP should act as a catalyst for European cooperation in key capability areas, breaking down the barriers and overcoming the disincentives to cooperation that exist today.

“Effective coordination must ensure that the PA as well as the ensuing EDRP complements and supplements other research activities at the European, national or NATO levels, and does not lead to duplicated efforts at any level.”

The authors argue setting up an EU defence project is of “critical importance for Europe’s long-term security” and add that it needs a gargantuan 3.5 billion euro budget “in order to be credible and make a substantial difference”.

They recommend setting up a European Defence Advisory Board, of which they would all be members, adding that they want “direct access to the highest level of the EU institutions” so they can “play an active part in the definition of a long-term European military capabilities blueprint, building on the ongoing debate about a possible European defence ‘White Book’”.

The report adds: “Since no European country can afford to maintain a full-spectrum defence industrial base on its own, the logical solution is to work with like-minded partners and improve defence cooperation by making the most effective use of the tools available to the Union.

“Shaping a shared European perspective as the best way to make use of both the budgetary resources and the economies of scale required to reinforce Europe¹s ability to keep up with the US and remain competitive worldwide.

“Europe’s strategic autonomy depends on a more collaborative approach towards defence-related capability planning.”

It concludes: “The European Union is a global player with global interests and responsibilities.

“Being an effective player, however, requires capabilities in critical military areas and an appropriate level of strategic autonomy, freedom of action and security of supply.

“Adequate strategic autonomy can only be obtained and preserved through sustained investment in research and development to ensure that European countries’ armed forces have access to the kind of in-depth, system-level know-how that can only be acquired when cutting-edge military capabilities are developed domestically.

“Achieving an appropriate balance of strategic autonomy is therefore vital to ensuring security for all European citizens.”

The plans were put together by the EU’s Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and released just hours after a group of generals signed a letter written by the Government claiming Britain is safer in the EU.

But UKIP’s defence spokesman Mike Hookem – himself a former serviceman in the RAF – warned an EU army would leave the UK unable to defend its own interests in the world, including the Falklands.

He said: “When you sign up you pledge allegiance to her Majesty the Queen. Who are you going to swear allegiance to in the future, Jean-Claude Juncker?

“Are we going to be pulling the Union Jack off our uniforms and stitching on the EU flag? It’s scandalous.

“During the Falklands war France was selling weapons to the Argentinians. If they try to take back the Falklands again will France let us use this EU army to defend them? I doubt it.

“There’s only one people who can defend the British, and that’s the British themselves.”

Asked about the 13 senior military figures who signed the pro-EU letter, Mr Hookem blasted: “They are looking for an EU army and I wonder if any of these generals actually know this.

“We’re not scaremongering, this is true, this is what’s happening and we’re seeing it.

“We’re not safer, we’ve seen barbed wire going up all across Europe, ISIS are coming through Greece and getting into Europe quite easily with no checks whatsoever.

“The world’s the most dangerous it’s been for a hell of a long while and that’s why we need our own army.”

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  2. salty says:

    The American/Israeli neocons want the UK to stay in the EU.
    They value their ties to Israel ten times as much as they value their ties to the UK.

    Tell the American/Israeli neocons to take a hike.

    The UK can easily be pals with Russia.
    And the American/Israeli air base in the UK can be used by the Russians.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Britain’s military has been led by cowards and traitors.

      Your evidence. All signed & sealed as by the prime oathtaker and commander in chief as it were. Was she open to blackmail ? Ask Jimmy !


      • Cowards traitors people who call themselves men but fall wel well well well well well well well well well well well short of the proper definition what it is to be a Man. They sexually interfere with children. The punch them in the head (nixon private jet Fiona Bartlett). They get pleasure out of murdering. I dont know it all and glad i dont. But what areas ive dared to read up about, breaks anyones heart. Thres far far worse than discussed here. These ‘men’ have done more than sold their souls to Satan for riches.
        In view of wgat i speak about. Can anyone have any doubt, that demons, Satan are roaming this world, and possessing men? This is very clear.
        Traitors? Id use untypable descriptions for the Tap. Who, you ask?
        Michael Fallon. Admiral Boyle. Potatoe faced ugly git who could never pull a woman unless he had money Nato head after Dunblane …scot…forgotton his potato faced name, catapulted from the labour party to NATO head? Anyone? Charles? Damn i forgot his name. No wiki access on my phone
        Any tap awake reader feel free to add potato faced blacmailed evil ex nato heads name. A Scot

  3. ian says:

    I’ve never been much of a one for military stuff. If they are a defence force, I’m fine with that, but they’re not and are exploited for elite gain at any chance. Talking of military, I noticed on the Beeb, I think, whilst doing something else, that the presenter was announcing some upcoming show which was about the brave men who gave their lives in WW1. I thought then that only the regular army gave their lives, the vast majority, disproportionally Scots and Irish, were conscripted and thus had their lives taken. The media of the day coerced and bullied many into joining too. Any that survived then had to run the gauntlet of the “suspicious”, Spanish flu epidemic that wiped out many young people, convalescing soldiers amongst them.

    • I kind of knew this, but shocking all over again to read and realise. Conscripted lives taken for what? By bastard freemasons who ended it in
      1918 as a signal to other freemasons on the 11th minute on 11th day of the 11th month. Or was it 11th hour. The spanish flu vaccine link is sinister as well.

      What happened to the sunken city off cuba ( just off guantanamo bay! With pyramids and i think a sphinx too)?

      Just over a decade ago, a team of explorers were working on an exploration and survey mission off the western coast of Cuba when their sonar equipment picked up a perplexing series of stone structures lying some 650 metres below the surface. The structures appeared completely analogous against the barren ‘desert’ of the ocean floor and seemed to show symmetrically organized stones reminiscent of an urban development.

      A media flurry soon ensued with news sites sporting headlines such as ‘Atlantis Discovered in Cuba’ and ‘Lost City of the Caribbean Found’. However, the finding also attracted the attention of the government, national museum, and national geographic, who all made promises to investigate the strange sonar images. Now, ten years on, the story has disappeared into obscurity. What ever happened to the sunken ‘ruins’ of Cuba? Were they ever fully investigated? And why has the media fallen silent on this unusual discovery?

      The discovery was first made in 2001 when Pauline Zalitzki, a marine engineer, and her husband Paul Weinzweig, owners of a Canadian company called Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), were working on a survey mission in conjunction with the Cuban government off the tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba. ADC was one of four firms working in a joint venture with President Fidel Castro’s government to explore Cuban waters, which hold hundreds of treasure-laden ships from the Spanish colonial era. The team was using advanced sonar equipment to scan a 2 square kilometre area of the sea floor when they noticed a series of symmetrical and geometric stone structures resembling an urban complex.

  4. Lynn says:

    NATO and the UN were set up for this very reason. Their own forces of destruction. All the EU money into one fighting force. Mercenaries paid for and training camps. Sure we don’t need an army. That’s why they are killing us silently.

  5. Lynn says:

    Jim Stone has an interesting story …. If true we really are in the brown sticky stuff.

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