Does college prepare you for the real world? No. It doesn’t.

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Does school prepare children for the real world? “Study hard and get good grades and you will find a high-paying job with great benefits,” my parents used to say. Their goal in life was to provide a college education for my older sister and me, so that we would have the greatest chance for success in life. When T finally earned my diploma in 1976-graduating with honors, and near the top of my class, in accounting from Florida State University-my parents had realized their goal. It was the crowning achievement of their lives. In accordance with the “Master Plan,” I was hired by a “Big 8” accounting firm, and I looked forward to a long career and retirement at an early age.

The text has changed quite a bit since the .pdf version was published.  If you want to read the updated version, buy the book on ebay.  The message is fundamentally the same.



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  1. Lynn says:

    The only chance was to start at the bottom and watch and learn. Life is the only teacher my Old Dad used to say. Hard work doesn’t pay. We would all be rich if it did. We were conned again.Tony Blair’s catch trade Education !! Education!! Fooled us all for a bit longer.And got him a top job.

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