Doctors to be replaced by toilets

The dark future of medicine: Why your human doctor will be replaced by a pill-pushing robotic toilet that’s tag-teamed with a Google Terminator compliance hunter-killer drone

Robot doctors

(NaturalNews) Before long, your pill-pushing doctor will be replaced by a pill-pushing AI toilet that’s tag-teamed with a Terminator-style compliance android or drone.

Why? Because today’s pharma-bribed doctors do almost nothing that can’t be done by a sophisticated drug vending machine owned and operated by the pharmaceutical industry. Modern doctors, in other words, are little more than robotic pill pimps who offer absolutely nothing to patients that can’t be done more cheaply and efficiently by automated systems. (And believe me, Big Pharma can’t wait to take human doctors out of the loop entirely. It’s one less group of people they have to bribe…)

By turning “medicine” into a pill-pushing scheme for profit, Big Pharma, the FDA and the U.S. government have all taken the art out of healing, eliminating any value of having a human being engaged in the practice of real medicine. Now, it’s all just symptom diagnosis and drug prescriptions. And that process can be easily handled by automated systems.

Your chemical-sending robotic toilet will turn you into an obedient pharma slave

In fact, much of the so-called “diagnosis” of disease and the prescribing of pharmaceuticals can be accomplished by an INTELLIGENT TOILET!

Every time you urinate into the toilet, chemical sensors analyze biomarkers for “disease” (which means whatever the drug companies define as “disease” so they can sell you more drugs). The Intelligent Toilet compares your biomarkers to a database of disease markers that are approved by the corrupt, pharma-controlled government, then writes prescriptions for drugs that claim to “treat” those conditions.

Your toilet — which has been licensed as an M.D. by your state medical board — then uploads your prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy, which dispenses your drugs while billing Obamacare to rake in the profits. The pharmacy automatically sends an order to the drug companies to refresh the pills at a 50,000% profit because the whole industry is run by Martin Shkreli douchebags. Everybody gets rich in the new “sick care” economy, right?

Meanwhile, your COMPLIANCE with the drugs is also analyzed by your M.D. toilet, which looks for chemical markers in your urine to confirm you’re consuming the drugs. If you don’t comply with the drug prescription, you will have your government food stamps restricted or other government benefits reduced until you comply. Now, your toilet is not only your doctor… it’s also your slave master.

All the humans who used to be actual doctors, meanwhile, are given jobs cleaning the toilets… or turned into soylent green to feed the hungry population of chemically obedient slave citizens whose only purpose is now to VOTE in elections, since nearly all their jobs have already been replaced by Google robots (that spy on everyone while carrying out all the menial labor jobs in society).

Those humans who refuse to participate in this whole system will be hunted down by Google / DARPA Terminator robots or Pentagon kamikaze drones to eliminate them “for the public good.” Can’t have “anti-government” people disrupting this health care system, can we?

Totalitarian medicine is already on the rise… and human doctors won’t be needed for long

Welcome to totalitarian medicine which has already begun in California with SB 277 and the vaccine obedience laws. With medical kidnappings now taking place across America — where hospitals kidnap children to make money by forcing them into toxic cancer treatments — there’s no limit to the horrors against humanity that will take place when Big Pharma meets AI robots and armed government drones.

Remember, all the vaccine-pushing doctors across America have already established their belief that citizens should have no CHOICE in their medical interventions. If the state wants to force an intervention upon you or your child (vaccine, chemotherapy, SSRI drugs, etc.), you have no choice in the matter!

Even the American Medical Association has utterly abandoned all principles of medical ethics, refusing to speak out against totalitarian medical interventions like SB 277 or forced chemotherapy on children whose parents are thrown in jail and charged with “kidnapping” their own children by removing them from malicious oncology clinics.

What’s especially noteworthy in all this is that compared to robots, humans should be bringing humanity to medicine via compassion, empathy and intuition combined with knowledge. Yet today’s doctors abandon compassion and empathy, functioning as nothing more than biological robots working for Big Pharma which is precisely why they will soon be obsolete. (When you take the art out of medicine, it all collapses into the formulaic dispensing of high-profit medications and chemotherapy agents.)

A huge wakeup call is coming soon for human doctors: You are about to become OBSOLETE!

All the doctors who are pushing pills today and thinking they’re set for life with a cushy job and wealthy income are about to find out just how expendable they really are in the totalitarian medicine economy.

What a typical doctor learns in six years of med school can be downloaded to your electronic toilet in ten seconds as a database. When there is no art in medicine, human doctors soon become obsolete. And when they are obsolete, the pharma-industrial complex will rapidly find a way to eliminate them from the system.

Thursday, February 18, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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