Do not fall for the Ghandi psy op

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written by Jim Stone

Do not fall for the Ghandi psy op

I do not believe in Ghandi, or that loving tyrants and dealing with them peacefully will cause them to blush and surrender. If Britain left India it was for reasons other than Ghandi.

The Ghandi psy op has done a lot of damage to the free world, where Ghandi was used as an example of “if you will it, it will be” and “nice guys always win”. The truth is in fact the opposite, when dealing with tyrants the only thing that matters is the amount of force you can exhibit to keep them at bay, and the will to use that force. Unfortunately for America, things should have boiled to that point after JFK. That would have been on time. And I guess, at the soul of the issue, if everyone woke up NOW and took action, tyranny might be overwhelmed but what are the chances of that?.

The last few days have been sad days for me because we got the answer from those who rule America – more so than their trumped up Islamic enemies and Isis, it is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that are their declared number one terror threat, which means that America’s own government (or what is supposed to be the government) is a declared enemy of the people. You cannot label your own population “terrorist” without being the enemy of the people, and now that the American government has taken that stand, the line is drawn.

The line should have been drawn with 911, but the scamming usurpers used their usurped media to spin the public into hatred towards those who had nothing to do with it, rather than the synagogues of New York.

The line should have been drawn when autism stats went above 1 in 5,000, but because too many people still trust those who seek to destroy them, the numbers, via tainted vaccines have hit 1 in 50, with the balance being seriously damaged but not showing full blown autism.

And I believe the line should have been drawn when abortion was legalized, when rigged electronic elections became the norm, when the closed loop nuclear cycle was banned, when the income tax went into place; America has crossed so many lines that it is impossible to guage where it is anymore, it certainly is not America and America’s usurpers have now become impatient with keeping on their veil of legitimacy and are dropping it now, leaving the monster beneath bare and naked for all to see.

Disaster is on the horizon, at least a disaster far beyond what we have known so far. If the American people are now declared enemy number 1, there is no telling what these tyrants will do. I believe the following will happen:

They will black out the country. They will virus attack the nuclear facilities. They will go around door to door and kill every registered gun owner. They will destroy all gene pools with GMO DNA the American public has clearly said NO to, but communists never consider the will of the people if the people do not have the wit to hang them. They will rip up all land marks and erase all history. They have already destroyed the libraries. The rest of our history will be a cinch. These usurpers will attempt to destroy America with a weather war. Look at California – they drained the dams on purpose there, and except for a few like me no one said a word all the while the weather war continues unchallenged and unabated.

I believe they are likely to release a plague, real or fabricated and imaginary, and use it to force vaccinate the public. The vaccination will be the death blow, and many gun owners will accept the vaccine because they may have guns but still trust certain aspects of the system.

Our usurpers will use guilt as a weapon, and try to guilt trip people into compliance with their tyrannical measures. And they will guilt trip exactly the right people to cause mass starvations and famine, I believe America is headed the way of Ukraine, and people had better learn about how communists operate NOW, not later, because they are here. They are here, and it is easily proven because:

Only a communist would call white America enemy number 1. Only a communist would ban the sale of the Confederate flag and be able to enforce it, even on Chinese product outlet within a day of issuing the order. Only communists conduct military exercises such as Jade Helm in secret and out with the public. Only communists seek programs such as nationalized health care with an important twist: at the same time they make private health care illegal. You cannot call countries with state medical communist until that critical step is taken: banning the private sector. America crossed that line.

Only a communist would force people to register a lemonade stand. Only a communist would track the sale of used items, and regulate those sales. Only a communist would put an end to value backed currency and run it all fiat. Only a communist would force a medical procedure such as vaccination. Only a communist would ever put in place public schools that teach the children to hate and snitch on their parents. Only a communist would run the DHS. Only a communist would have a huge intelligence apparatus such as the NSA keep tabs on the people to identify those who are a “threat”. America has fallen to communism and the monster is now dropping the veil.

What are you going to do now that the monster is getting brave enough to step out into the light?

The Ghandi solution is NOT the answer.

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  1. Lynn says:

    This guy knows the score…he was on the Ebola scam in days, he was onto the Zika virus scam before it broke the network Commie news. If people don’t recognise warnings then I give up. The enemy is so deep within and embedded into and morphed into acting and looking like us. We are all doomed to a life that won’t be recognised as human.

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