David Icke can’t decide about Brexit



Snake oil salesman David Cameron’s desperate to keep Britain inside the EU.  He only promised the referendum as an electoral strategy to head off UKIP.  Now he’s running round like a headless chicken trying to persuade people to stay inside the fascist communist totalitarian EU, using scare stories and fear strategies.

The publicly funded Civil Service will back the IN campaign, while refusing to fund the OUT.

Blair wants IN.  The corporations and former defence chiefs want IN.

That means it’s surely bad for the rest of us.

Jeremy Corbyn?  Why’s he in favour of IN?  That’s sad.  He’s betraying a complete lack of understanding as to what the underlying EU agenda really is.  (TAP – his speeches show that he’s actually an opponent of IN while claiming to be the opposite).

Heath agreed right at the beginning to hand over Britain’s fishing, mining, farming and manufacturing industries. The EU is just a building bloc as part of the world government structure, sucking more and more power away from the nations.  They want more power at the centre not less.

Immigration is being used to destroy the coherence of nations, their identities, their cultures.  They want conflict. They want upheaval so they can justify more Police State powers.  They want to dismantle the countries and break them up into regions.

Monet in 1952 – ‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their peoples knowing it.  The steps towards it can all be disguised as economic measures…’  great quote which explains what’s going on.



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  1. NPP says:

    Why are you tyring to confuse TAP?
    Why is there such persistent anti-Icke stuff within the alternative media?

    Icke is clear to my ears: OUT.
    He has not shown any indecision that I have observed.
    TAP, this is not helpful. Perhaps you should join fores with Thomas Sheridan and form the slag-off Icke club.

    EU? OUT!

    • Tapestry says:

      You’re not concentrating, Ned. Listen to the intro of the video in which Icke teases his listeners. It’s what’s called a hook. It’s working, but you’re not concentrating sufficiently, so you missed the twist. The word ‘much’ truly belongs in the title, but instead, I started the text with ‘much’. Do you get it yet?

  2. NPP says:

    Churchill Advocated A United Europe & World Super-Government.
    From… Terry Boardman – Britain’s Responsibility in 1914 for World War One:

    At around 1.24 mins find…

    Churchill London 1947
    “We do not of course pretend that United Europe provides the final and complete solution to all the problems of international relationships. The creation of an authoritative, all powerful world order is the ultimate aim towards which we must strive. Unless some World Super-Government can be set up and brought quickly into action, the prospect for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful.

    But let there be no mistake upon the main issue. Without a United Europe there is no sure prospect of world government. It is the urgent and indispensable step towards the realisation of that ideal. After the First Great War, the League of Nations tried to build, without the aid of the USA, an international order upon a weak and divided Europe. It cost us dear.”

    • Tapestry says:

      Churchill the spokesperson of the NWO. Threaten the people with more war unless they yield more control. The apparent choice, in fact is a threat. Do what we say and give us power over you, or we’ll manipulate endless wars. He knew the score. There has to be another way. More freedom and less war would work.

  3. Tom74 says:

    “Blair wants IN. The corporations and former defence chiefs want IN.
    That means it’s surely bad for the rest of us.”

    Until you look at the people who want OUT! Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Michael Howard, probably most of the newspapers…

  4. NPP says:

    Yes, even teflon coated Michael toe rag Howard… the leaders for OUT are to be watched as they are all ghastly individuals prone to misleading.

    Your headline is also misleading.

    • Tapestry says:

      It’s meant to be a teaser Ned, mirroring Icke in his introduction. The first word ‘much’ should give you the line. You’re not concentrating!

      • NPP says:

        I watched this before you posted it. The message was clear to me: OUT. Icke still gets bashed on all sides, yet for me remains among the clearer of commentators out there.

        I guess the EU project is too serious to tease about. Point taken though. 95% of your posts make up for it!

        As for below: Icke is controlled opposition – so is TAP, so am I, so are you… the alternative media is a psy-op, didn’t you know?! Ask Thomas Sheridan. Joking aside, it is bizarre to find myself welcoming the likes of Howard, Ian Duncan Smith & others from the twerp show to the OUT campaign. I guess they deflect from Farage and it does seem Farage still irritates the mainstream. Boris is a safe pair of hands while Farage is still regarded as a loose cannon?

        In the last couple of weeks I have detected a surge of support for OUT. I’ll believe it when it happens.

        Anyway, Arsenal have gone pear shaped again, so who gives a fig for such banal issues as the EU when Theo can’t score on £100K / week?! Now, that is a profound concern. Do you think Walcott is controlled opposition, an agent for the Yids? Oops, I think I may have just offended David Baddiel.

  5. bow says:

    Icke believe it or not is controlled opposition. Though I’m yet to watch the above. Weather he is aweare or not, I don’t know. Also why did he run away and hide, when Hampstead cult was revealed.

  6. peugeott says:

    What are thease laws we’re going to be making ourselves, that will make it better for working people? We’ve seen some of them by these evil bastard tories.

    • Lynn says:

      Yes that is the big giveaway. Minimum wage and 0 hour contracts. We will have no Uman rights. We will just face Bozo and his water cannons.

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