Conspiracy talk takes over US nomination battles.

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Trump accuses the Bushes of being the agents behind 9/11.   Sanders is doing the same in the Democratic camp, bringing in talk of a background conspiracy controlling America.  Here’s Dick Van Dyke in his 90s telling everyone in the Democratic side to support Sanders, and that the conspiracy has been going on a long time.   The interviewer isn’t sure if he’s dealing with show business or reality.  That’s America for you.

FILE – JANUARY 22:  Dick Van Dyke will be honored with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 27, 2013.  Van Dyke was the star of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis: Murder, and has been awarded 5 Emmys, a Tony Award and a GRAMMY during his six decade career. NBC PRESENTS THE AFI COMEDY SPECIAL -- Pictured: Host Dick Van Dyke -- Photo by: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank



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  1. Aldous says:

    DvD has only just turned 90 (Dec 13 last) so ‘in his 90s’ is somewhat misleading – but he looks and sounds so very much younger in the video. I’m not convinced it’s the same DvD I used to watch back in the 60s or in Mary Poppins.

    Clones are now everywhere apparently, especially in Hollywood. I read recently that there are a few Jennifer Anistons knocking about.

    The unfortunate nurse (Indian?) who was suicided when Sephardi Kate was in hospital for ‘Morning Sickness’ (yeah sure) seems to have stumbled in on an ‘Edit’ taking place in Theater, to clone Prince Wills. When one looks at the hapless Wills, it is obvious to a blind person that the kid is not right.

    There are some very nasty things going on in the world that are being hidden from us. I believe a Pandora’s Box has been opened with cloning and Hope may be the only Virtue left, worth clinging onto.

    According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman ever created by the head god Zeus as a punishment for humankind after Prometheus stole fire for human use. Pandora held a box (actually a jar =pithos), known today as Pandora’s Box, which contained all the world’s evils. She was told to never open the jar; however, she could not resist peeking into the container, and upon opening it, allegedly unleashed all evil into the world.[1] Afterwards, she tried to close the lid but it was too late; however, Hope remained inside the jar/box, providing humanity with a degree of solace.'s_Box

    • Hi Aldous I know ive talked on a few comments about cloning, since ive felt it important , unpleasant as it is, so we can get some kind of handle on, the truth of the world around us, know what were dealing with.
      However im still shocked reading yr comment just now. Perhaps because, as no one really comments on the topic, maybe part of my mind hoped it doesn’t really exist, and it was just me banging on about a far out topic.
      The indian nurse, as time goes on, really does seem sinister. And to think at the time it happened, I just believed the official story.
      I never imagined cloning might have been part of the situation though.
      I suppose the question arising in my mind is
      – Why would they clone wills. What purpose does it serve them? The only thing I can think, is so the clone can do boring press appearances and stuff, while the real wills is……..I don’t know. Hiding safely deep underground?
      – I cannot think of another reason for a Wills clone
      – Unless another reason is…..which toes into the point above, people we see around us in oublic life, guilty ones, we are seeing their copies. This could be either for the real ones to hide safely away from any incoming planet x or other type calamity. Or it could perhaps be, when there are several clones walking about, and society reaches a certain point of arresting and trying and puniching individuals. Doesn’t it splinter and weaken and make a mockerty of the whole process, if these people are clones?
      – Stumbled in on an edit. That’s very interesting, I cant think what you mean by that. Do you mean in that masonic hospital, they must have extensive technologies to clone people? What does editing mean

      – Higher shawdowy hands pulling the strings. Might hve created a Truman SHow, where what we see around us , are cloned actors.
      – I don’t doubt it. Im just wondering, what is the point of the controllers making a cloned DvD? Unless they are useful controllable celeb mouthpieces for Zion?

      I try and take some comfort Aldous even thpugh Pandoras box seems to have been opened. The Conspiracys elements and facets seem so much deeper and more complex than we can ever imagine. This includes the SSP.

      – You mention Hope. Well my hope is, the SSP octopus has grown so much over decades, positive factions exist. These are tremendous technologies were talking about. There really might be a cat and mouse game playing with the cabal. Positive SSP/Military factions might as we speak, have all the nuclear plants round thr world under surveillance. Ready to swoop in with advanced crafts to stop 50 fukushimas happening.

      – So if cloning is real, other stuff is real too. The fact that evil hasn’t totally overwhelmed us, that theres still Good in the world oitherwise things would be far far worse, and you and I wouldn’t evenb be talking now. I think this is some kind of evidence, that what I say above might be the case.

      – And BTW . If Planet X really is coming soon. Why on earth are they wasting time on this Syria WW3 mid east theatre crap?

    • Why does Terry Wogans death just not feel right to me? Pillar of the bbc. Was that a clone too?
      – Is there an ongoing psyop to keep the cancer and chemothetapy lies and mindset, using prominent celbrities, public figures, cloned or real, perpetuated in the mass mentality, to keep the multi trillion dollar cancer gravy train and suppression system on the tracks?
      – was it a Bowie clone that ‘died’?
      – Saatchis dead wife with cancer. Insider saatchi. A Tavistock psyop like the above? Could saatchis very public Guardian reported ‘ battle ‘ and ‘ campaign’. to chamge legislation about alternative treatment research have been a well planned J psyop?

      – I saw it late december, didnt even bother to watch the youtube. I assumed the article was psyop fearmongering. Wasnt a large bit of the queens speech, cut out and she had to redo? Wernt there reports of ‘ shocked’ on members hearing queenies comments that this Christmas ‘ will be our last?’
      – i am sure those watching are glad im reporting this. Because im sure this too is a psyop to gently cause awakening……to something.

      – why do i have a sinkng feeling.this morning Aldous?
      – why is the thought of ten nicole kidmans on an australian ranch, deeply dsturbing to me?

      – Yes, Hope. Its always there. I try to logically arrive at it rather than just blindly hold it

      – Is it any wonder after being an uninterested, secular atheist in 2013. I am now making attempts to develop my relationship with God, and looking into spiritual warfare. To put on the Armour of God, like a samurai warrior? Reading the 4 Gospels is my starting point. As well as calling on the protection of Jesus Christ

    • And while im at it. Lets not get excited about J descended from kings and allsorts bloodline, related to hilary too, Trump.

      What good does it do raising questions and blame onto Bushes for 911 when
      – they will be bush clones anyway
      – again it all acts as a well oiled diversion when we know what is the real Satanic, J, conspiracy in our midst.

      However not meaning to depress. I do still offer logical reasons to have Hope above

    • Breaking News Alert
      Military insider illuminati whistleblowers reveal the satanist cabals most devastating weaponry to date.

      Reports are surfacing from inside military bases, that upto 85 Fatty Abbott and as many as 100 Cherie Blair clones exist.

      Reports suggest these have been organised as sexual predator ‘hit squads’, that operate in groups of 5, to terrorise and demoralise and cause surrender in the awake defiant male populations.

      Reports suggest this terror can go on for a whole weekend at undisclosed hotel locations.

      Unconfirmed reports exist of underway development of a Margaret Beckett ‘ Superweapon’, to be deployed in a quick responseive role, to special targets ( watch out men scryfa)

      Yes this really feels like thje end of the world

      • Initial fears over reported sightings of cabal ‘Honey Trap’ cloning scientist squads at the recent Haifa beauty pageant have turned out to be unfounded.

        – The existence of Clare Short clones has also been rubbished by an inside source

        – In a disturbing development, HRH Pr Anne clone honeytrap squads cannot be ruled out at this stage

      • dkblue says:

        how many shots of coffee did you have? Irish?
        Too funny 🙂

      • ian says:

        Is this a fantasy of yours Adam? four or five Theresa Mays in French maid outfits.

    • Ian that womans more sinister Satanist witch material, and arouses nothing in the loins of man at all. In fact shes a very odd affair all round, ive read people say its Terry May

      Ann Widdecombe on the other hand Ian, is another kettle of fish entirely. A few clones of her in maid outfits…….

      Anonymous sources at Chatham House as well as Janes Defence Weekly unwilling to go on record, say if rumours of Anne Widdecombe honeytrap clone squads, schooled in the lovemaking arts are true. This would represent a new era in Secret Government covert weaponry dominance over the world. They claim the outcome of the Syria war theatre, and Russian intervention could be decisively shifted, if as few as 500 Ann Widdecombe clones are released amongst Russian ground forces accomodation blocks.

      I think we need to awaken and not deny any longer the existence of all this Ian, for all our sakes

    • ” UK Safer in the EU’ ” : ex defence chief Lord Bramall
      The BBC is wasting no time in the next phase of their Bramall rehabilitation management action plan in bolstering him up by giving him a business as usual leading headline

      Or is this a Bramall clone

      Signatories of the letter:
      ◾Field Marshal Lord Erwin Bramall, former Chief of Defence Staff
      ◾Field Marshal Lord Charles Guthrie, former Chief of Defence Staff
      ◾Admiral of the Fleet Lord Michael Boyce, former Chief of Defence Staff
      ◾Marshal of the RAF Jock Stirrup, former Chief of Defence Staff
      ◾Admiral Lord Alan West, former First Sea Lord
      ◾Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, former First Sea Lord
      ◾General Sir Mike Jackson, former Chief of the General Staff
      ◾General Lord Richard Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff
      ◾General Sir Michael Rose, former Director of Special Forces
      ◾General Sir Rupert Smith, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
      ◾General Sir Richard Shirreff, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
      ◾Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszeley, former Director General of the Defence Academy
      ◾Lieutenant General Sir Rob Fry, former Deputy Chief of Defence Staff

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