Marrano Jews: Hidden Jews, often Sephardic like Kate Middleton, Jimmy Savile or Cliff Richard who pretend to belong to the religion of the nation to which they belong but remain secretly Jewish and in full pursuit of the Jewish agenda.



Almost as important as this revelation is the fact that perhaps for the first time since the war a German has come full out and named the Jew!

angela merkel white genocide anti white

The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) branch of the German movement Pegida (Patrioten gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes/Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident), in a breakaway action which condemned by it’s Jewish-controlled central office, recently conducted a discussion on its Facebook page confirming that Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is Jewish.

angela merkel jew jewish

The discussion was initiated by a user who asked, “How can we prove that Merkel is a Jew? How do we proceed?” going on to demand that Merkel and “her whole crew” be arrested for their crimes against dem Deutches Volks. The user went on to state that she intended to search the internet for Merkel’s birth certificate, in order to obtain the “next piece of evidence” of Merkel’s Jewishness.

angela merkel jew jewish zionist juden


Pegida NRW responded to the comment by stating, “Maybe you are hearing this news for the first time. But the majority of the population is already aware that Merkel had communist Jewish parents and that this woman’s parents weren’t quite right in the head.”

merkel jew

Pegida NRW went on to conclude in its response that “Merkel was definitely Hoenecker’s [Erich Honecker, leader of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), 1971-1989] last revenge against capitalism,” and that Merkel has been “striving to plunge Germany into ruin since the fall of the GDR.”

Confirmation Merkel is Jewish came out of her own mouth when addressing the Israeli parliament the Knesset in Hebrew. In her opening words in German before the speech she thanked the Knesset for allowing her to speak quote “in her mother tongue” which in that speech is not German but Hebrew, the language Jews alone speak to one another.

These are the exact German words which she used to introduce her hebrew speech: “Ich danke allen dass ich in meiner Muttersprache heute zu Ihnen sprechen darf.” It translates to: “I thank you all that I am allowed today to speak to you in my mother tongue.”


Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, the daughter of Horst Kasner (1926–2011), a native of Berlin, and his wife Herlind, born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland) as Herlind Jentzsch, a teacher of English and Latin. Her mother was the daughter of the Danzig politician Willi Jentzsch and maternal granddaughter of the city clerk of Elbing (now Elbląg, Poland) Emil Drange.

Herlind Jentzsch was once a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and briefly served as a member of the municipal council in Templin following the German reunification. Merkel has Polish ancestry through her paternal grandfather, Ludwig Kasner, a German national of Polish origin from Posen (now Poznań).

The family’s original name Kaźmierczak was Germanized to Kasner in 1930 Kazmierczak is a Jewish surname: … lement.htm . Kazmierczak derives from Kazimierz, a major Jewish city in Poland, made especially for Jews outside of Cracow. Kazimierz (Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish Kuzmir) is a historical district of Kraków (Poland), best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 14th cent. Kazmierrczak is a name for a Jewish Cantor:

This Jewish surname of KAZMIERCZAK was an occupational name for a cantor in a synagogue. The name was derived from the Hebrew CHAZAN, and it also spelt CHASAN, HAZZAN, KHAZAN, CHASINOFF, KHAZONIVCH and CHASINS, to name but a few. Many of the modern family names throughout Europe reflect the profession or occupation of their forbears in the Middle Ages and derive from the position held by their ancestors in the village, noble household or religious community in which they lived and worked.

The addition of their profession to their birth name made it easier to identify individual tradesmen and craftsmen. As generations passed and families moved around, so the original identifying names developed into the corrupted but simpler versions that we recognize today. A notable member of the name was Elia KAZAN originally KAZANJOGLOUS, born in 1909, the Turkish-born American stage and film director.

Kazmierczak also means: “Son of Kazimeriz”. As this Polish site states Kazimeirz is the name of the ethnic Jewish quarter and community: … kov-poland The old Jewish Quarter is located in Kazimierz district, about 15 minutes of walking from the Main Square (following Starowiślna or Stradom Street). Kazimierz was established as the separate city nearby Krakow in 1335 by the king Kazimierz the Great. In 1495 a Jewish town was founded in the neighbourhood , where all the Krakow’s Jews moved after the routs that took place in the city. Jewish Kazimierz started developing as the trade and religious center, what led to its heyday in the 16th-17th.

Then the Polish Kingdom was the shelter for thousands of the Jews escaping from the persecutions and prejudice in different European countries. Krakow became the vivid international center of Jewish culture with numerous schools, Talmudic academy, famous rabbis, cabbalists, thinkers. In 1812 the Jews were allowed to settle down in all the districts of Krakow, several years later Kazimierz was incorporated into the city. Before World War II Krakow was inhabited by 65 thousands of Jews. It is worth reminding that before 1939 Poland with 3,5 million Jews, was the biggest Jewish community in Europe. Today the Jewish Community of Krakow has no more than 300 members.

Merkel’s grandfather came from Poznan which had one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe: City in Wielkopolska province, Poland; known in Hebrew and Yiddish as Pozna and in German as Posen. Poznań’s Jewish community was one of the earliest to be established on Polish soil; the first reference to Jews living in the town comes from 1379. While tradition dates the town’s synagogue to 1367, there is no documented evidence of its existence until 1449 (the cemetery, however, was first mentioned in 1438). In the second half of the fifteenth century, a legend declared that in 1399 some Jews in Poznań had committed a Host profanation. The same period also saw the establishment of Poznań’s famed yeshiva, known as Lomde Pozna Most importantly because Judaism is inherited through the matriarchal line Merkel also is Jewish from her mothers side of the family: Emil Drange (born 18 March 1866, died 8 April 1913 in Elbing) was a German municipal official who served as the city clerk (Oberstadtsekretär) and deputy mayor of Elbing and thus as one of the top municipal officials of the city. He was the great-grandfather of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and has received media attention in Poland in recent years. He was born in East Prussia. His father was a miller who had been born in Lower Silesia, and his mother was a native of the Posen (Poznań) area. His wife Emma Wachs.

As this shows her family and herself had important positions in the Communist Party State Of East Germany. Run by International Jews out of Moscow: … la-merkel/ Born Angela Dorothea Kasner on 17 July 1954, her father, Horst Kasner was a Communist sympathizer and mother, Herlind Jentzsch, a Communist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Merkel was educated in East Germany and leader of the official, Communist-led youth movement Free German Youth (FDJ) thus well-schooled in Jewish Bolsheviks Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. The biography of Merkel shows that she was “a supreme and very visible Young Communist official in East Germany, responsible for propaganda and agitation.” Beyond leading the Young Communist League, Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (SED), which was the leading Marxist–Leninist party of East Germany.

Members of this party enjoyed ‘special privileges’ denied to ethnic Germans in East Germany after WWII. For example only closely trusted members of the Communist party (SED) were allowed to travel to western countries and Merkel often travelled to West Germany and other Western Nations. Merkel has visited Israel four times. On 16 March 2008, she arrived in Israel to mark the 60th anniversary of its occupation of Palestinian land.

Merkel has supported all Israeli terror initiatives opposing the Palestinian bid for membership at the UN. In March of 2008 the B’nai B’rith of Europe presented Merkel with their Award of Merit for ‘services’ to their community. Angela Merkel disgusted by the German flag Merkel has also received the Leo Baeck Medal, awarded by the Leo Baeck Institute of New York City devoted to the history of German-speaking Jewry.

It is interesting to note that while Merkel finds it “especially sad that some commentators seem to have lost any inhibitions in telling the Jewish community what is good for them”. She Boycotted German goods when in east Germany, never commented on the eternal lack of inhibition the Jewish Community has for letting Germany and the rest of Europe know what they think is good for them.

On the 70th anniversary of the incursion into Poland in 2009 Merkel publically apologised and blamed Germany alone for starting WWII when it was international Jewry that sowed the seeds of this war in 1933 by inciting America and Europe to boycott German goods.

It was thus very unusual for pegida a Nazi-hating, Jew-loving Jew front to have one of it’s district members dare to accuse Merkel publically of being a Jew.

Pegida, is a German anti-Islamic political movement founded in Dresden, Germany in October 2014. It is widely criticised for not being far-right enough. In January 2015, its Chair, Lutz Bachmann resigned after coming under fire for a number of Facebook posts classified as hate speech in Germany. Bachmann was reinstated the following month. Pegida has over 180,000 supporters on Facebook. Its demonstrations are reported to draw crowds of up to 25,000 people.



Pegida is in fact a phony Jew front which protects the Jews while pointing the finger at the Muslims that they are bringing in to genocide the European people. Pegida does not name the Jew and spreads the phony message that it is the Muslims who are the greatest threat to Europe and not the parasitic Jew vermin who are bringing them in. So hell to pay for the dissidents who posted those messages.




donald trump adolf hitler crowds
“Only the Nazis can save Germany because only the Nazis will expel the Jews and their 3rd world imports. Judao social democracy will never do that.”

pegida jewish



Pegida is a scam like the Front Nationale and a very successful one because it brainwashes the people with Holohoax guilt, supports the Jews and their lying narrative of history and engenders hate for national socialism. Muslims are not the problem they are the symptom. The problem is the Jews. If you don’t solve the Jewish problem you can’t solve the Muslim problem because Germany is under Jewish occupation and Jews control immigration.

The Pegida Logo: Someone forgot to throw the Star of David into the trash. I wonder why?




“The founder of the Pegida anti-immigrant movement has provoked outrage in Germany after he compared the country’s justice minister to Joseph Goebbels. “


edl english defence league jewish

standing on an improvised stage and wrapped in the black, red and gold German occupation flag, Rotem Ahituv stared out at thousands of protesters spread below him and offered the guilty demonstrators a kind of absolution that only someone like him could give.

“I am Jewish,” he told the crowd. “My family has lived here in Germany for 700 years, and I can tell you that I see here no Nazis.”

In a short and passionate speech that quickly went viral on the Internet among Germans tortured by the brainwashing since birth that they drowned six million Jews in buckets or gassed them in invisible gas chambers none of which were ever described in any document or ever found, Ahituv, an Israeli immigrant to Germany, spoke about the threat of a Muslim takeover of Europe and declared that Germany’s Jews stand with Pegida, the populist right-wing movement that had organized the January 26 demonstration in Frankfurt.

germany nazi hitler world cup

but of course the Jew plays both sides and the middle, Josef Schuster, chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has condemned Pegida as an “immensely dangerous” movement that consists of neo-Nazis, parties from the far right and citizens who think that they can finally let out their racism and xenophobia.” Simply untrue because ‘Neo-Nazis’ are NO feature of Pegida and are not welcome to come anywhere near their demonstrations, demonstrations which like the EDL achieve nothing but to let off stream and target the wrong enemy, support the real enemy, and change nothing.

When the Jew observes that his strategy of importing Muslims to genocide the indigenous is causing blowback he will switch to strategy two and overthrow the top layer of the occupation government. This layer will be replaced by a new layer which will promise to crack down on Muslim immigration. Meanwhile no one notices how the blacks and Hindus and Sikhs and Chinese and the ‘good Muslims’ and all the rest fall beneath the radar and the Jewsmedia continues to pour out multiracialist propaganda. All that has happened is the Goyim have had the tough medicine that will poison them to death delayed a little longer. And all the while the Jew sits in his ivory tower and he laughs and he laughs and he laughs!

laughing jews jew

sefton delmer goebbels propaganda lies

~Pegida demonstration in Jew-K~

“I saw the Jew today o’ boy,
four thousand Kikes in blagdon, Lancashire,
And though those Jews were rather small.
I’d seen their face before,
maybe it’s because they control the House of Lords?
I’d love to turn the gas on.”
The Antisemitic Beatles tribute band.





  1. Lynn says:

    What a disgusting set of Racists. They have some serious trouble coming. The people will rip them to shreds.

    The truth is everywhere now and they deserve what is coming. These lying cheating filthy fakes are really seeing the truth stare them in the face.

    They cannot go on trotting out BS. much longer. We see them for who and what they are. DERANGED and MENTALLY INSANE crooks. Fooled the world for all they could get. It’s coming back to bite them. KARMA.

    • Yes Lynn. As I try to tackle and go into here there are other elements and forces at work. THERE HAVE TO BE

      Look at this evil, responsible for the Bolshevik 60+ million not just killing, but evil evil torture and revelling in the fear and terror of the horrendous torture before death, such as nailing people to walls, hot lead in mouths, and much worse. Look at this evil, see and know it calmly.

      Using this quote I seem to be obsessed with at the moment
      ” Where is the evil, where is the good?

      Well we know where the evil is – up at the top, the very top; and almost everywhere near it, and spreading down and out. But where is the good?
      Sorry, I can’t locate it – but then maybe that is to be expected (if it could be located, it wouldn’t be allowed to exist).
      But if the good cannot be located, then how do I know it is there at all? The answer is that it must be – because things are nothing like as bad as they would be if evil was unopposed – if evil had a free rein. ”

      Deranged mentally insane you bet.
      In view of the point im trying to drive home above Lynn.


      it means Divine Righteous Justice is coming, on the way I can feel it

  2. Lynn says:

    Good will smother evil Adam!!!

    We will put up a damn good fight back. I believe the good guys are massing, and just as secretive as this dark presence has been unveiled for the 1st time in history. Playing them at their own game. It has to be so. Who is leaking all of this truth.? We will see Adam….I think they are doomed now. Too many are on to this evil agenda. They have seriously got something coming for them. Unless they blow us all sky high. That’s why they have tried to poison and dumb us down. Well it won’t work it is backfiring.

    They are few and we are many. The ants are building an ant hill. And will destroy these parasites once and for all. Covert was their only cover…remember that Adam.

  3. ‘ Covert was their only cover ‘ yes lynn as more understand and wake up. This how all the etheric weaponry, psychotronics work. They depend on the Masses ignorance of them to be effective

    PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE AND RADIONICS Psychotronics or psi warfare is the use of electronic machines to send beams of energy or frequencies directly to people’s brains and bodies through the air. This is the new stealth warfare. It is inexpensive and simple, and often hard to detect and defeat.

    The same method is used, at times, to brainwash people to believe certain information and not other information by making subtle suggestions to them via electronic beams or frequencies. For much more about brainwashing and hypnosis, please read Hypnosis And Brainwashing on this website.

    The science of psychotronics was developed over 100 years ago on earth, but has probably been used for much longer than that. The basic principles that are used are sometimes referred to as radionics

    ” , and just as secretive as this dark presence has been unveiled for the 1st time in history. Playing them at their own game ”

    Lynn this is interesting you say this. As ive said, Cobra 2012 Portal Blog is a NWO alt med element. Fair enough. but the cleverest alt med psyops, with the best bait, to hook the Awakening masses. is put lots of truth bait in.

    Cobra has said, in the 1980s, the Positive Military aka the Resistance Movement (RM) made it their priority, to ensure the military intranet, was made available for the world the internet.

    And as you can see Lynn on youtube sorry for no link, Jay Rockefeller Senator, moaning and complaing how the internets been a bad thing, bad for national security. F you Sen Rockefeller

    Lynn I say again, sorry for the repetition but this needs repasting

    ” Where is the evil, where is the good?

    Well we know where the evil is – up at the top, the very top; and almost everywhere near it, and spreading down and out. But where is the good?
    Sorry, I can’t locate it – but then maybe that is to be expected (if it could be located, it wouldn’t be allowed to exist).
    But if the good cannot be located, then how do I know it is there at all? The answer is that it must be – because things are nothing like as bad as they would be if evil was unopposed – if evil had a free rein. ”

  4. Dublinmick says:

    I have just added to this library as well.

    I have always point out in my diatribes, yes this is one of my favorite subjects as you probably noticed. But I have always said the Krasner woman is just Angela’s adopted mother. She is a jew married to a supposedly luthern minister. He is probably one too but I have no proof of that.

    Older suppressed books however say that Angela was spawned with either Eva Brain in Argentina or her sister Heidi.

    Some of the older suppressed books like “Gray Wolf” state this.

    We know however that Eva nor Hitler were in that bunker. The FBI has already gone on record now and said this.

    Story goes that Merkel was turned over to the vatican, then shipped to part of their network in east Germany which was the Krasners.

    Scroll down in the above linked article and you will see this guy make this claim which I thought was hilarious.

    “Donald Marshall I used to have to have sex with Angela Merkel occasionally as clones at the CC, and she told me she was Hitler’s daughter when I was a teenager. I figured she was making it up to try to scare me into compliance, but maybe the fat bastard was telling the truth.”

    Teal Lee van Vlymen The price you have paid is too great my friend…..

    • Clones? So various copies clones of merkel exist?
      Clones are then given out as sex slaves?

      Anonymous Anonymous said…
      There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton was cloned not long after Bill took office. The cloning technique seems to work much better on women, it seems. From all indications, there are approximately 12 clones of Hillary, all exactly the same as the next. Other notable clones are Lindsay Lohan (reportedly about a half dozen of her); Halle Berry (last report was that there were only three of her); Nancy Pelosi (I’ve heard just two clones of her); and Jennifer Aniston (documents support that there are at least two dozen of her).

      Many of these women have themselves cloned unknowingly. Others enjoy sexual adventures with their exact duplicates. Even though their souls are not the same, everything else is. God puts souls even in the clones, so they are not God-less.

      Nicole Kidman has had several clones of herself made, and they all live on a ranch in Australia.
      Any authoritative cloning info you have for us dublinmick would be appreciated. Unpalatable as it is. We need to know the extent of the situation , so we can mount an effective fightback. Awareness is key

  5. Dublinmick says:

    A lot of people are not going to be able to link to this however because of this statement. It will get your door kicked in as threatening in the US.



      5:07 am Anonymous Anonymous said…
      One other notable clone experiment was with Laura Bush. That worked out so well that she had several more created. I have seen photos where one of her is with W, and another one of her can be seen in the background.

      Their twin daughters have also been cloned. Jenna Bush reportedly has up to 30 of her in existence.

      I believe that Laura Bush has around 100 of her in various chambers around Washington D.C. They often dress exactly the same on any given day.
      5:09 am

  6. Lynn says:

    They are outed. This is the beginning of the end of this evil empire. The masses will go for the Jugular. No mercy will be shown. Dismantling the evil regimes will happen now. It’s payback time. Yipee!!

  7. Chris B says:

    Not wanting to let facts stand in the way of a beaut yarn, but Merkel addressed the Knesset in 2008 in the German language, so her ‘thanks’ for being allowed to speak in her ‘mother tongue’ obviously has nothing to do with her alleged Hebrew speaking skills. She may well be Jewish for all I know, but she most certainly did not address the Knesset in Hebrew, other than a couple of token words.

    • Hi, ithink it would be great and tremendous, if you could please please take the groundbreaking powerful step, and ensure a ban on Smartmeters everywhere, before you go. You will be positively affecting so many peoples lives, as well as sending out a powerful message


      Things have moved on, the earths not flat we have managed to ascertain. Using the search bar you could track down these latest comments if you like.

      To cut a long story short, our best working hypothesis now is
      – earth and the solar system, it really could and might be have a million plus year history of advanced civilisations, humanoid ones
      – Lots of battles
      – Earth used to be Supermassively spherical. If I had to bet money I would say during some battle a lot of it got blown away, and is nownin the asteroid belt
      – We , our ‘UN world’, our now on the remains. We are on a part sphere
      – Beyond Antarctica I think are the remains, the blown away underside of what used to be supermassive earth
      – exotic bizarre landscapes might exist.
      Im not sure about inner earth Byrd whether this could be true or a distraction flat earth type psyop.

      – Please ban Smartmeters please

    • Hi
      ” UK Medical doctors call for an immediate ban on smartmeters and related technologies ”

      Smartmeters? No thanks. Theyre useless and dangerous

      Prof Martin Pall: How WiFi and other |EMFs cause disease and harm
      As well as taking the tremendous step of banning them, everywhere. Not only would you be doing Gods Work. Since this world , without doubt. Is under attack by Satan and his forces of Deception. I am speaking literally here, not trying to be dramatic. This is literal physics. What we are up against.

      So not only will you be doing Gods Work. I think and hope, you should take matters one step further. And put out official circulars, to ALL EMPLOYEES. Warning them against having a Smartmeter in their homes. They will take note.
      You will be doubly doing Gods Work.

      If I can next week I will make time to print off things and an appeal letter, to certain key people , on desks

    • Hello again, i know you will be extremely busy and most likely miss the latest article on the Tap so here it is.

      Can I refuse a smart meter? Yes you can, especially now that the official roll-out hasn’t even started. Smart meters are not mandatory.

      Even once the official roll-out starts in April 2016, and although energy companies have been asked to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to install smart meters in every home, you should still be able to refuse a smart meter.

      But beware that if your energy company has contacted you to change your energy meter to a smart meter because your current meter needs replacing (ie it’s too old), then you should get it replaced as it could be a safety hazard not to.

      If you really don’t want a smart meter, tell your supplier and they will probably offer to install a ‘dumb’ meter or a smart meter set up to work in ‘dumb’ mode with all the communications switched off.

      A government code of practice, rolled out in July 2013, sets out the minimum standards that energy suppliers have to follow when installing smart meters into customer’s homes.

      The code allows you to make choices on how much data your energy supplier collects from your smart meter; whether your supplier shares details about your energy consumption with other organisations; and whether your supplier can use your meter readings for sales and marketing purposes.

      For more information, contact your energy supplier.

      From The Consumers’ Association

      Concerns with smart meters Some people have concerns about:……..continued at hyperlink above

    • Hello again im sorry to keep hammering on about this issue, but I am worried you might miss this comment just made below. The Governments 2013 Code of Practice is frankly toilet paper. Do not trust them an inch. Its our health, the health of our friends, coworkers, their families, our loved ones, its all at stake here. In short, it is SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ALLOW SMARTMETERS INSTALLED, BUT PUT INTO ‘DUMB’ MODE IN A SWITCHED OFF STATE.
      I do not trust them one inch this point is very important to drive and hammer with Smartmeters.
      ” If you really don’t want a smart meter, tell your supplier and they will probably offer to install a ‘dumb’ meter or a smart meter set up to work in ‘dumb’ mode with all the communications switched off. ”

      TAP. I really would not trust Government one f**king inch on this. An important Tapblog priority must be to identify which type makes of electricty meters have absolutely no Smartmeter hardware software in them at all. And let the world know which basic meters DONT pulse out these EMFs thousands of times a day. That arent WEAPONISED.

      Would any of us trust them to switch them off disable these devices? To Chris B above this idea is NOT an option for workers health!

      • Chris B says:

        Hi Adam, I can assure you I share your concerns re Smartmetres but I’m not too sure why you would think I’m a position to do anything more about them than the average punter. I have researched the matter reasonably thoroughly after one was forced upon our family home (we’re renting, so alas we have no choice). I’m certainly not at all happy with the situation, but then again, there’s a whole host of equally concerning sources of electromagnetic pollution (especially wi-fi) to keep me up all night worrying. I think you might have mistaken my identity – I’m not a resident of the UK and certainly not in a position to help fight that battle other than in offering my encouragement. You have every reason to be deeply concerned and to take up the battle against their rollout in your neck of the woods.
        All the best and keep fighting the good fight.


    • Hi there Chris
      Yes I think a case of mistaken identity, I thought you were my s African employer head of the company, and I wanted you to ban them before you leave. Mistaken identity
      I have read trying to use physical cables(USB?) cables, long ones round the home, rather than having wireless, can cut down wifipollution. Imno expert, might not be usb. But physical cables make logical sense

      About the smartmeter in your rented home. In my view, any companys refusal to remove such a weaponised device from a family home, should become a Samson and goliath, head on battle. Using a sledgehammer to bash it off the wall if it comes to it.

      However this is an inferior idea I do not really like. But its better than nothing
      Copper Nickel Covering For Smart Meters

      Posted on December 22, 2015 I am not an electrician but this is advocated by many to destroy 90% of smart meter electromagnetic damage. I have one.

      Thanks all the best Chris!

    • Hi again Chris
      What a shame, I was really hoping you were my employer, the top man. With the power to enforce a smartmeter ban for all employees, before he leaves later this year. I shall have to now create one off gmail addresses to spread smartmeter stuff within the organisation, and even print things off, to put on desks, and try and spin lots of plates to get this issue FORCED THROUGH

      heres some interesting stuff Dublinmicks just posted. As well as my own thoughts for Faraday protection lining a room or apartment

      ” Dublinmick says:

  8. ian says:

    An oddly OTT article. Almost as if it was being put out into the media to give the German government grounds for adopting martial law, or alternatively, grounds for Israeli jewish groups more grounds for demanding more antisemitism laws. Something doesn’t smell good about it, in fact it has a ratty whiff.

    • ian says:

      They are desperately trying to sow social unrest and disorder to further their various agendas.

    • Dee says:

      That’s what I thought Ian. With the resurgence of holocaust STORIES in the msm, I think this kind if thing is written to provoke hate speech or close to it. Are people walking straight into yet another trap of theirs??? So they can say ‘Look, see, we need stricter laws to protect us!’

  9. Dublinmick says:

    To the rational mind, the preponderance of the evidence is there, Hitler was Rothschild and Angela is his daughter. Strangely enough we have this preponderance of Hitler admirers who write books and go on about the tribe but run from the main issue.

    Spingolem, Kaminiski, Darkloon, Tomato Bubble, John De Nugent, Arthur Topham, EndZog, Carolyn Yeager and a host of others just to name a few. They can all become rather vile when you question the approved narrative in their manual.

    Kaminski calls people psycho who don’t agree with him, same with Yeager, Topham tells me I am pushing some jewish magic whatever that means and he doesn’t want me on his blog questioning his leader and hero. Topham is supposedly on trial for defaming the tribe, but we will never know if this is just another production to limit free speech further in Canada with the usual suspects paying his fine.

    Darkloon’s enforcers suggest I keep all of this “conspiracy” stuff on my own blog. De Nugent is the most hilarious of the troop, a jew yapping his aryanhood 24/7 and goose stepping in Minnesota. He has assured me no comment of mine will appear on his precious blog. He is a trip though, pics of him and his german shepard dog with the icy forests of Minnesota in the back ground. We may want to “EndZog” but we don’t want to end those reparation payments and throw a monkey wrench in the narrative.

    I think the manual states that the Hitler as hero image must go on, reparations must continue to Isreal and of course more free submarines will be needed by them. We can’t upset the apple cart. We need to finish the Germans before they wake up with extinction and assure they do not recover and enrich themselves with their technology combined with Russian resources. That would set the world government back considerably and hinder the final triumph of Rome over Russian Orthodox religion which is another point to this nightmare. Stalin the Jesuit made sure he trashed as many Russian orthodox churches as possible in Russia to set catholic franchises.

    Hitler and Stalin were trained well at Tavistock and performed their mission. They managed to snuff a whole lot of the slave class and Angela is back to finish the job. There won’t be any more of those German legions to turn back the armies of Rome in the future and that something of the past also which can never be forgiven.

    All of the book sellers and “mainstream alternative news” stand united and monolithic on this one subject.Gee what are the odds of that? It just doesn’t sound kosher. They all carry each other and slap each other on the backside also.

    Both Merkel and papi have those same Charlie Chaplin type mannerisms also. It is a dead give away.

    • beLIEve says:

      Dublinmick says…….

      “We need to finish the Germans before they wake up……recover and enrich themselves with their technology combined with Russian resources”.


      I think you have hit the nail on the head.

    • beLIEve says:

      Looks like Germany is keen to resurrect
      cross border trade with Russia.

      The two Nations seem to be well matched in terms of character and intellect.
      As you said Dublinmick…….an association that might not sit well with the ……..over “lords” of CHAOS.

      • But can sputnik news be trusted? I seem to view every alternative news outlet now, with suspicion. Don’t get me wrong, im not saying certain truthful things are being said.
        but I am looking for chinks of light where the dark Curtain doesn’t close properly. As proof for what might be going on. What I mean by this Kingel is
        – ‘ Germany ‘ is keen to resuurect cross border trade with ‘Russia’.

        – So this by logical extension must mean. There are powerful structures elements within ‘Germany’ . That are powerful enough to be wanting this cross border trade. AND YET ARE SEPARATE, DISTINCT, FROM MERKEL AND HER BAND OF ZIONIST STRING PULLERS AND SHADOWY BILLIONAIRES EVEN HIGHER STILL. If you see my point. Since we know that, the Zionists do not want a German Russian alliance of any kind,

        So if sputnik news has any substance and truth to it at all. Then that must mean……Merkel and her band of Khazar Zio scum aren’t totally all powerful in Germany. Other entities are acting?

        – Yes unfortunately the bad elements are in control of the meterorological agencies and airforces to weather engineer.

        – I have another similar chink of light point to try and make in reply to another of yr comments on finance matters. I wont deny it, im not scared but a somewhat heavy feeling in my stomach, wondering whats going down with this Yuan Gold thing

        – The question is Kingel. Is the Yuan being backed by gold actually a Rothschild move? The dialectic, the 2 hands of Freemasonry. Bad West vs Good East. Im not saying this is necessarily true.

      • beLIEve says:


        German trade.
        There are factions in Germany that are pursuing different ends ?

        I would have thought so.

        Whilst watching RT I have seen a number of German business men interviewed, saying they would like to resume trade relations with Russia.

        Two points……….

        If I was a business man I would be “miffed” at a break in trade relations. The whole point of the business environment, being to buy and sell.
        A rupture in this relationship can spell financial ruin.
        This would certainly be the case in the trade relationship between Russia and Germany, when you think of all the German Car and Engineering Conglomerates that exist.

        The other AGENDA is I imagine the LOONATIC a$hkeNAZI …CHAOS …Domination & THEFT…..MAFIA …model.

        Which of these two groups would have the greatest …CLOUT ?

        Not the business men.

        a$hkeNAZI…..HIT men…..would soon be “on the scene” should any business man step out of line on the matter of Russian Sanctions.

        Would you prefer a reduced income or, a bullet in the head ?

        I believe this means business men would, on the whole, be obliged to ….toe the a$hkeNAZI line ?

        However the ……a$hkeNAZI Mafia…..seem to have ….ENGINEERED…. a …FINANCIAL COLLAPSE…. that they are in danger of…..BEING UNABLE to CON-TROLL….
        and….. CON-TROLL…is the base line that MAFIA methods thrive on.

        RATs-child & Co: may well have “lost the plot”.

        Time will tell.

        China Gold-Yuan peg….is it a China RATs-child ……con-TROLL SCAM ?

        I don’t know.

        A couple of points.

        China’s economy is in slowdown and, one manifestation of this is the Baltic Dry Index……shipping freight has come to a virtual standstill.
        China’s sales to USA have “fallen off a cliff”.

        One of the reasons for this, is said to be the……REFUSAL of CHINA to ACCEPT DOLLAR PAYMENT…..for freight.
        USA is said to be unable to make payment in any other currency, as the $ is simply paper they run “off the presses”.

        The dollar over printing has reduced it’s intrinsic value to a level far lower than that reflected in currency charts, which means imported goods to USA are being bought at less than their inherent value.
        This has irritated China and is apparently the reason China started refusing dollar payments.

        The a$hkeNAZI Rats-childs have …ABUSED….. their….UNLAWFUL….SCAM….to print “money”.

        ALL FIAT “money” systems collapse.
        I cannot remember the “life time” but it may be 70 years.
        Western financial FIAT paper systems are overdue for collapse and bearing in mind the ….HEINOUS RATs-child THEFTs…….it is only THEIR MALEVOLENT & THIEVING MANIPULATIONS….that has kept the ….SHI* of finance afloat so long.

        China and Russia and Iran are said to be keen to reintroduce….INTEGRITY…into the payments system.
        Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein were also keen to reintroduce ….INTEGRITY….i.e. GOLD…into the financial system.

        Western nations are likely to be ….RUINED….by a precious metal monetary system because……..
        The scum-bag khazars have ….STOLEN and …SOLD….all Western ….LAWFUL MONEY.
        This means a$hkeNAZI ….ILLEGAL ALIENS…….have pro-actively….IMPOVERISHED ….Western Nations.

        China and Russia have tonnes of gold that they have been amassing over recent years…possibly 5-10 years.
        It is assumed they have ….FORESEEN….. the ….RATs-child …..overprinting of PAPER and have taken steps to ……..COVER their financial positions both in terms of the Nation state and in terms of individual Sovereigns.
        China has actively encouraged its people to buy gold.
        RT in the UK has run ….GOLD & SILVER BUYING….. adverts on it’s channel for years, almost as if it is warning and assisting the British population to …..PROTECT themselves ….FINANCIALLY.

        My personal opinion is that …PAPER money….is over.

        It was an ….UNLAWFUL….EXTORTION RACKET…created by the ….ILLEGAL ALIEN RATs-childs….and it has irritated many parts of the world as its enforcement tool has been the…..MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

        So whether or not, RATs-child are “in cahoots” with China, which I do not think is the case….PAPER “money”….is DEAD.

        I believe Russia, China and Iran, just like Iraq and Libya are….SICK to the BACK TEETH……of the RKM…and their money printing …THEFT…and ….BULLYING….. BOMBS & GUNS.

        So, if paper money is dead…..people might be wise to think about converting any spare cash into tangible assets including …..GOLD & SILVER….before it too late……before China introduces a GOLD-Yuan peg in the first week of April 2016.

      • Its hard to take straight and honestly with all that’s on my mind Kingel about world geoplotical financial and other conspiracy matters. Vaccinations and health I can just about get away with.
        Heres the email I just sent to him.
        I do not know where in my city I would go to buy reliable physical silver. This is all very alien. If what you say happens in april. What will a shop say if I turn up with silver, to buy food? How would they be able to give me change?
        Could The Event that Cobra speaks about, is finally coming ? Could this april gold Yuan be Rothschild orchestrated?
        Someone very knowledgable on financial matters is telling me that in April the Chinese Yuan is going to be backed by gold. They are telling me that all our money is going to be worthless toilet paper. he recommends I take all my money out the bank. He says silver is relatively cheap to buy, but it must be physical silver, not on paper.

        He says the price of gold is going to go sky high off the scale.

        I don’t know what to make of it all.

        What do I know about buying physical silver? Nothing.

        If what he says is going to happen, happens. It would be so apocalyptic, there simply must be bigger positive hands working behind the scenes so that when it happens, society will be ok.

        How would we goto the shops and buy milk and food with pieces of silver or gold?

        I suppose people with physical assets like farms, would be better off.

        I am going to take a lot, but not all, money out the bank before April.

        If pounds sterling becomes worthless, this would be so gamechanging across the board. I just cannot believe or fathom it.

      • sorry the bottom but under the line was an email sent to my dad just now. Top bit my comments to you

      • beLIEve says:


        It is imperative that any gold & silver bought is an integrity purchase and or, purchased from a reputable dealer.

        I can’t remember all the rules of precious metals i.e ferrous, magnetic etc.
        I will try and look them up.
        A magnet when buying is a good tool.

        Also, old UK currency i.e. …6d and 1/- and 2/- and 2/- 6d…if dated before 1947 and after 1920 are 50% silver.

        Old UK coins dated before 1920 are full .925 silver.

        Old UK coins tend to be a sensible, low cost buy and may prove useful should a full economic collapse occur as, they are low denomination and, might mitigate the issue of ……change.

        Silver & gold…..SPOT PRICE….the daily rate at which these metals trade can be found on Google and, are usually priced in troy ounce or gram.

        A buyer must be aware of weights and price to avoid being “screwed”.

        I am not an expert on anything.

        Whilst I have a passing interest in finance, I am also feeling my way… the dark….like most other people.

        I try and think ahead to offset as much risk and avoidable hassle.

        Adam …..quote………
        “Could the event that Cobra speaks about be finally coming” ?

        I am not familiar with the Cobra site.
        The only Cobras I am aware of are….
        1) Snake
        2) Whitehall……Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.

        What is Cobra suggesting might happen ?
        Is cobra reliable ?
        Does your heart tell you Cobra is an integrity “entity” ?

      • Thanks , so much, for all this fine analysis , advice and fellow tremendous truthseeker, I am grateful to be helped and advised by such tremendous FREE minds here on Tapblog

        About Cobra
        My best instinct and analysis Kingel is, he is a Fulford type psyop. But like fulford. That doesn’t mean interesting valuable segments of truth are still in there.
        I believe Cobra is trying to promote Goddess worship, and a secretly satanic agenda, and also to start laying the groundwork for awakening ones to ease the rest of us, into the NEW TRUMAN SHOW where the cabals SSP toys pretending to look like an alien show…….Cobra lays the groundwork for all this.
        I MIGHT BE WRONG? I might be.

        Cobra speaks about The Event. I believe this to be in reality a Rothschild attempt to make their move. Cobras dressing it up as some kind of shift we will undergo when the resitance movement, makes its move against the cabal.

        it has reached the point Kingel where I cant keep track of it anymore. I don’t know who Cobra is and things are just too strange now.
        I think that in the midst of this crazy uncertainty and deception, the words of rabbit, provide a comforting welcoming sanctuary. I am going to goto a charity shop and try and find a bible.


        •The spiritual warfare matrix is an attempt to represent a NONLINEAR, multi-dimensional battlefield on a LINEAR, two-dimensional frame within a limited amount of space. Satan is not equal to God, etc…
        •Weapons and tactics can be documented …but that does not mean that “when, where, and how” can be accurately forecast. The enemy adapts. You have to conduct reconnaissance – go and look around.

        •Again, spiritual warfare is nonlinear. For example, intercessory prayers are certainly effective at all times, and along every axis of advance. See also: Spiritual Warfare Prayers.
        •Do not focus on the problem; focus on the solution. Be aware of the problem, but more aware of the purposes, promises, and presence of God.

  10. Dublinmick says:

    Lets simplify it. Which one do you think is Angela Merkel?

  11. Aldous says:

    “Simply untrue because ‘Neo-Nazis’ are NO feature of Pegida and are not welcome to come anywhere near their demonstrations, demonstrations which like the EDL achieve nothing but to let off stream(sic) and target the wrong enemy, support the real enemy, and change nothing.”

    What is it about many such articles you see nowadays that seem to have a suspiciously deliberate(?) typo? Such a typo in such an idiom is hard to imagine.

    • Aldous says:

      ‘They’ never spell ‘Nazi’ wrong do they? Every ‘plant’ aka human on the planet can spell Naaartsi. Sorry I forgot, ‘Nazi’ is only a four letter N word whereas ‘steam’ has five like ‘Nigga’. Jew/Joo/You (as in Loo/Toilet Tube) has three.

      Isn’t language wonderful? You can really play around with it and have loadsa fun. The pc brigade have hijacked certain beautiful words like gay and rainbow so let’s fight back.

      Around here we call them ‘gaits’ because of the way they walk after being sodomized from asshole to sunset; Their flag is called the ‘reambutt flag’. They started it. Sock ’em!

    • Dublinmick says:

      Nazis today as classified by the EU are Germans who insist on calling themselves Germans and are against EU Currency and mass immigration.

      You have to be an Eu person today. The wars and mass psychosis have worked well.

    • Dublinmick says:

      I will repost those links later except for the endzog routine. My comments don’t show on that one as it is a “Hitler was hero uber alles type blog”, which I am frankly quite tired of.

  12. Dublinmick says:

    I will read those today salty. It is one of my fav topics. I know beforehand however that endzog thinks they can endzog without naming zog. In other words Hitler is not the hero they believe but a Rothschild. That is simply misinformation.

    By they no takers? Which one is Merkel?

    My guess is the goofy looking kid in the middle?

  13. Dublinmick says:

    If you think that the UK should be for the British people only, then you according to the EU are a nazi.

  14. salty says:

    July 3 — Day of Victory over Svyatoslav Khorobrit Jewish Khazars

    The capital of the Khazars — Itil was taken and destroyed by the army of Svyatoslav, then were taken and destroyed key strength of the Khazars, who formed the basis of its parasitic power!

  15. Dublinmick says:

    Linked this one here.

    The Battle Is Raging Which Will Decide The Vicar Of Christ On Earth-The Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow In Opposition To The Vatican Prelate Of Rome

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