Complacent Compliance and the Disdain for Life


by Zen Gardner

It’s an option. It’s always an option, a choice. We can submit to outside influences or we can be driven by the truth we know in our hearts. We can honor life, creativity, love, cooperation and unity or we can let would-be controllers make our decisions and set our courses of action for us.

Who hasn’t witnessed this mindless humdrum called “normal” human existence and been bewildered? We’ve seen it in ourselves and those we observe walking in the repetitive monotony of life. Socially and economically maintaining an existence on this planet is so completely contrived, deliberately backbreaking and monotonous you really have to wonder why more people don’t wake up and rebel against this insanity.

It’s pathetic when you come right down to it.

We all see it, we’ve all experienced it. It’s subtle, yet completely obvious. The curse of the parasitic meme-setters is that it appears, and in fact has become apparently necessary, for our compliance to their staged channels and parameters. Scarcity, the money system, hierarchy and all that construct is something humanity has willingly, as well as forcibly, bought. It’s just that it eventually becomes almost unbelievable that so many can fall for such contained oppression without questioning the entire construct around them.

It’s like being forced by some bully to be thrown into a pit and told now it’s necessary for you dig yourself out – forever. Like Sisyphus having to roll the rock up the hill over and over again.

Economic manipulations, staged geopolitical machinations and increased social restrictions attest to this, while the fear mongers’ sirens wail for the scattering and reduction of humanity’s sanity.

It’s time to wake the hell up.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat – Then Do It Again

The insanity of living in the so-called modern world is beyond description. How people can succumb to these 9 to 5 slave positions to pay for their prison cells is beyond me. And on top of that, has anyone even stopped to notice the restrictions closing in on them, or how they now even police each other?

It’s surreal. Yet people on a massive scale are falling for it in the programmed name of “security”.

Remember, everything coming from the wrong source is fear based.  Just think of that condition of being security bound. Willing to sell yourself short for pretend protection from the local/state/federal mafia or even more so some kind of religious or belief system hierarchy. How pathetic of a worm can humanity possibly be? Yet this is the mainstay default mindset of so many. It’s staggering. People willing to sell their souls to the state or their belief system just to survive – and all based on lies.

This action is repeated again and again and again all over the globe, not only in so-called industrialized countries, but it’s a disease of mankind worldwide. When will people wake the hell up and step out of the madness and start turning upstream and make a damn difference?

Don’t Dishonor Life

Perhaps the most profound aspect about this is the nature of those who choose to be asleep, or willfully ignore the truth for whatever reason. I see it as a disdain for life. Real life. True life. Freedom in its most simple and basic form. To love those around you, to live in harmony and understanding and sharing, finding our own ways of interacting and maintaining our basic life functions without external governance and oppressive control mechanisms.

I admit it’s a major deviation from the so-called norm. But that’s the issue. Who set the norm? Why are we in the mess that we’re in? Something is clearly fundamentally wrong.

A true resurgence of truth and awakening requires a metanoia, a complete turning about. Revolution has many bad connotations but it comes close, but like the term “God” is fraught with wrong inferences. There needs to be a complete turn around, in fact transcendence, from the crap we’ve been handed by this parasitic force attempting to harness, corral, and siphon our energy for way too long.

Honor life. To be a subservient slave is to dishonor it. It’s time to rise and simply be.

Not In Sync – Shake It

This ridiculous world is so out of sync with anything real and native and natural it’s off the charts. Don’t look to it or its belief systems for salvation or any kind of help, and don’t even pay it too much attention. Just know it’s there and understand it so you can work around it.

But for Truth’s sake bust free from it and make a difference.

I don’t care how you do it. Just shake this paradigm off like a stinky, moldy old bug ridden coat and run for daylight.

We’re not here to entertain someone else’s madness. We’re not here to fulfill the wishes of on or off planet parasites. We’re here for the love of life and truth and to live in abundance and harmony. This is our home. Do not give it up without doing your part in this conscious, mental and physical fight for freedom.

Much love and keep on plowing ahead. It’s ours to respond, and respond and activate we will!

Love, Zen


3 Responses to “Complacent Compliance and the Disdain for Life”

  1. Dee says:

    I very much enjoy these pieces by Zen Gardner, it’s so easy to reach overwhelm or feel lost whilst trying to find our way in this crazy world. His writing always makes me feel better. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes Dee !! a feel good factor is a rarety these days. This crazy path just gets crazier.

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