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Sovereigntea 6 February 2016 

Recall those statements about “austerity” yet when it comes to austerity some are more equal than others.

Collaborator Cameron and his crooked crew have just put the public on the hook for over £ fifty million quid to create a “holocaust memorial” .

Part mind control part fraud part theft.

Its not just Crooked Cameron all three fake political parties have signed up to the £50 million scam.

Guess who will be getting the cash ?

From the JC

A national Holocaust memorial and learning centre will be built in central London, David Cameron has pledged.

Announcing a range of measures on Holocaust Memorial Day, the Prime Minister said Britain was making a “bold statement” about the importance it puts on preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

There will be an endowment fund to secure the long-term future of Shoah education, and an urgent programme to record the testimony of British survivors and concentration camp liberators.

An independent UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation will be formed to immediately begin work on purchasing land for the memorial and to start documenting survivors’ stories.

The projects are seen as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and are the result of recommendations made by Mr Cameron’s Holocaust Commission, which was launched last year as a cross-party, multi-faith group to investigate ways to educate future generations of Britons about the genocide.

3 fake parties of collaborators that we need to be rid of !

The aim is to build the learning centre by the end of the next Parliament in 2020. Mr Davis said the plans were “ambitious, but realistic”.

Around £50 million of government funding will be made available, but he said there would be a need for private philanthropy to raise a similar amount.

Mr Davis said: “The most powerful thing for me is that all three parties have signed up for it. At the start of a hard-fought election campaign, the parties have come together and said this is above politics.

Anonymous 6 February 2016 

“the Prime Minister said Britain was making a “bold statement” about the importance it puts on preserving the memory of the Holocaust.”

Ha! Yes, a bold statement indeed! What a revolutionary you are, David. Will you put the Hollowcaust memorial next to the memorial erected for Indians decimated by Britain’s rule? One for the Irish murdered by that devil, Cromwell, and the horrors they endured under British rule? Or will it go near the Chinese memorial, the one that recalls the opium wars and slaughter brought to those people by your government?

What a con. These phoney baloney governments and the figureheads chosen to make the people think their votes count and their country is independent.

I think all US and British currency should feature holocaust memorials so we ‘never forget’ the misguided persecution inflicted on the poor innocent Jews over the centuries, just because they were chosen to be their god’s ‘favourites’ and just because the rest of us can’t bear our place on the Totem Pole.



Estimates of between 22-55 million died in the African holocaust. Malcolm X reckoned it to be closer to 100 million. Will they get a memorial too?


TruthistHow about the 5.5 million Irish who died in the 1840’s from genocide ultimately directed by “The City” within London ?

Contrary to the official historians, it was not a famine.
The dictionary definition of a famine is that the land is devoid of food.
There was an abundance of food produced in Ireland in that period.
But it was marshaled out of Ireland under massive British military protection.
And,- contrary to the official historians, the amount of people that were genocided [ not “holocausted” ; No “burnt offering” was this particular genocide ; But holocausted “Yes” in a previous genocide of the Irish by Cromwell & his Bankster cabal when loads of Irish were burnt alive ] the number of Irish who died is indeed around 5.5 million ; Not the 1 million or 1.5 million that is the mal-informed number by cosy-shop historians within Ireland & the British Isles.
Will there be a similar memorial etc. or even more formed by the British government to the many genocides of the Irish committed by the British rulers ?
Very relevant to a great many British of the various classes below the upper class is this matter since they are descendants of Irish who narrowly escaped perishing when in Ireland or when they were in Britain.
But, such is the contempt for truthful apology by the British intelligentsia for what was done to Ireland by Britain’s rule that the ordinary folk are not encouraged to explore this issue.Decent exploration of it should put in sharp perspective what we are dealing with.

100 million pounds for another Holocaust™ museum? That’s one helluva building. Or is a lot of that loot to be looted by Jew Inc to grease their greedy palms?

Cameron has been bitching about England’s NHS costing too much money, but he has funds for con artists?



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  1. ian says:

    An excellent article which raises some controversial subjects that should be raised. There are many more Holocausts than the ones listed here of course eg under Stalin possibly 60 million, Pol Pot and many more.
    I will also mention that I really am non violent, and most people are, I am not calling for anything but fairness and decency, which I suppose is radical in itself. During my recent flirt with facebook, I acquired many new “friends”, from all over the world, and because of the current nature of our “wars” and my fight for justice for the Palestinians, many were from around that area. Commenting on a video of Palestinian casualties after an Israeli bombing, a “friend” called for Israel to be leveled to the ground. I pointed out that whilst I could empathise with how he felt, I felt that dead Israeli children would look every bit as awful as dead Palestinian kids, and that there had to be a better way, perhaps by forcing them by sanctions to the negotiating table. I got a huge amount of approval from friends all over the world, many Muslims, for that comment. People want it sorted. It has always been thus. We the people world wide have far more in common than anything which divides us. The Holocaust is a means of perpetuating Zionism and prioritizing Jewish suffering fictitious or otherwise as unique and more important than the massacre of people who don’t control the finances and media of the world.

  2. Lynn says:

    The huge scam is blown wide open now. Historians were just another Muppet set up. Just like our fake media. Infiltrated at the very top. Spewing propaganda to set up a terrorising state. We have all witnessed the absolute hatred coming from the rat infested ilegal pariah hideout of the most evil agenda on the planet. Enough is enough now.

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