Cherie Blair law firm linked to suspected terrorist & controversial regime

FILE PHOTO: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (L) and his wife Cherie © Stringer
Cherie Blair could face a corruption probe after an investigation uncovered suspicious financial links between her law firm and the autocratic Maldives President Abdulla Yameen, as well as an arms trafficker wanted for terrorism.

Omina Strategy, the law firm founded by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife, earned more than £2,000 (US$2,850) a day working for Yameen in various capacities, including managing his administration’s PR.

The firm claims it was hired to help “improve transparency and accountability” in the country, where Yameen imprisoned more than 1,700 opposition activists during a state of emergency last November.

But secret documents obtained by the Daily Mail indicate the firm was hired to advise on “strategic diplomacy, media training, [and] international media relations” and to handle PR during the government’s legal battle with former president Mohamed Nasheed, who claims he was ousted from office by force in 2012.

Nasheed, who was represented in court by Amal Clooney, was later jailed for 13 years after a trial described by Amnesty International as a “sham.”

According to the investigation, Cherie Blair’s company was paid more £420,000 for six months’ work, £210,000 of which was paid by Mohamed Allam Latheef – a man now wanted by Interpol on charges of arms trafficking and terrorism.

Omina Strategy was also involved in financial transactions with Adbullah Ziyath, the former head of state-run Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), who is now suspected of colluding with Latheef and is on trial for allegedly masterminding the embezzlement of more than £50 million from the government.

The Daily Mail quoted lawyers representing victims of the regime who have called for Blair’s relationship with the Maldivian leader to be investigated.

Like all law firms … Omnia is subject to strict money-laundering laws which require it to carry out due diligence on the people who are paying it,” one told the newspaper.

The Daily Mail also reports that one payment to Blair’s law firm was made by Abdullah Raifiu, a Maldivian businessman who claims he was duped into paying Blair by Latheef.

Eva Abdullah, an MP with the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, said Omina Strategy should have been suspicious when a private company paid an invoice for the government.

The invoice shows Cherie Blair is working for the most corrupt agency of a very corrupt government.

When Omnia sent an invoice to the government and ended up getting paid by a private company, that should have raised all sorts of red flags.

In a statement, Omina Strategy said the firm suspended its work with the Maldives following the political unrest in the country last year.

Following the unpredictable domestic events that occurred in the Maldives in October and November 2015, Omnia Strategy moved swiftly to suspend the provision of services to MMPRC and subsequently terminated its engagement … before the completion of the contract.

Regarding the allegations surrounding payment of our invoice, we are taking this matter very seriously and are reviewing the suggestion our client was not in control of the referenced bank account.”

The firm said its role involved advising the government on legislative and institutional reform, adding “this was a separate contract … it has also concluded.

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Trash CanMan 2 hours ago
Ahh I’m beginning to think the brits love to be fked by the powers that be, so much so that after tonys last go they even asked his wife for a reach around.
Fix you’s are God dam power structure will ya? Then help the Americans you love so much when you’re done.
BBC and monarch is one place to start, then without the Prince and his back handers parliament will fall into line.

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  1. Lynn says:

    What a scarey pair they make. Ugly and imoral. Empty humanoids. Wonder if they will make it to next year…??

  2. Lynn says:

    Did you know Blair raped his daughter. She tried to kill herself and was admitted to Hospital in a bad way. Incestuous Bastards. Her Mother has been a right floozy and MKd. Freaked all of them….but they are Joos after all.

    • Is there no end to being shocked. I didnt know that.
      There was some ‘ suicide attempt ‘ some years back.

      So Cherie has several Alter personalities? Why? I wonder what function each one fills. Certainly not sex slave i hope not, wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy

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