Cameron tries the same old lines. No one’s listening. Brexit’s the only answer to increasing immigration.

Daily Debrief Feb 26th More Cameron promises on immigration –

by rogeroffice

It stretches credulity, but our Prime Minister David Cameron is again promising to get annual net migration below 100,000 — “down to tens of thousands” — despite his abject failure so far.  Recent shocking statistics confirm a record net immigration figure of 330,000.   Yet here is Cameron reiterating his previous promises.


Let’s remind ourselves why it won’t work.  First, he simply can’t do anything to cut EU immigration.  He pretends that his welfare curbs will do the job.  But the OBR says otherwise.  Meantime the proposed “Living Wage” will increase the pull factor, and make the UK more attractive compared to low-paid economies in the East.

Secondly, the UK will come under increasing pressure from Brussels to take more migrants/refugees.  And soon Angela Merkel will give her million migrants EU passports — so they’ll be able to come and Cameron won’t be able to stop them.  More migrants are pouring westward from Middle Eastwar zones.

Thirdly, the EU is fast-tracking Turkish accession.  A very large, very poor country with a population of 75 million.  There will be huge new migrant flows from Turkey.  It is critical we vote for Brexit before these threats get any worse.

Advice to the PM: If you promise to do something when you know very well you can’t do it, that’s called lying.

Pressure and patronage

We’ve seen Downing Street trying to mobilise FTSE CEOs (and achieving less than half their target).  We’ve seen the letter from the Generals — which blew up in the face of Number Ten as two of their thirteen signatories distanced themselves, and other senior officers explained why they declined to sign.  Quote: “You can’t have security without sovereignty”. But Downing Street hasn’t given up.  Two new stories today.

Osborne presses world finance ministers to speak out against Brexit.  It was bad enough when Downing Street had to beg support from US President Obama. But now Osborne is soliciting support from around the world.  Probably he’ll get some routine pro-EU statements.

Cameron dangles the glittering prizes.  The Times reports that Cameron is planning to appoint new peers to the House of Lords (already bursting at the seams).  And the accolades will go (they say) to donors to the Remain campaign.  This is frankly a disgusting abuse of power and patronage by the Prime Minister.  I hope and believe that the British public will see right through it and be equally offended.



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  1. ian says:

    I honestly don’t feel that we will get to leave the EU. I’ll be delighted if we do. I honestly believe they’ll lie cheat and manipulate their way into staying in. Interestingly, Border TV our local ITV channel recently aired a short segment on their local news show which claimed that Scotland would vote to stay in while England would vote for exit. They showed 4 interviews in the street to back up this assumption. It certainly would give the English side someone to blame when it goes tits up.

  2. ferryt says:

    The usual theatre.

    What’s with the open hands on camoron?

  3. ferryt says:

    Everyone put your hands up!

    You too Davie boy.

    • Theyve photoshopped his hands, made them white, they should be red like Rantzens

      I recently withdrew quite a lot of savings so the bank wouldnt bail in steal from me , but we have two problems
      – sterling might become toilet paper.according to believe kingel
      – according to dublinmick, none of this will matter anyway for whats right on our doorstep.

      In view of this i wont worry tonight whether Becks has glyphosate residues in or not. Whats the f*cking point

      • beLIEve says:

        Enjoy your holiday Adam.

        Dublinmick …would that be Niburu ?
        I wouldn’t bank on it ?
        You posted a comment, relating to artifacts found on Earth dating back 400 million years ?
        If true that would mean Niburu has come and gone countless times in its……12,500 ?….years visiting trajectory and….WE HAVE SURVIVED.
        It might be sensible to hedge your bets and PREPARE to SURVIVE.
        If we all die, so be it but …IF WE SURVIVE… will have preparations in place.

        Always…TRY….and look on the bright side of life.
        I am aware it is not always easy !

  4. ferryt says:

    Put em where I can see em

    The arrests need to start soon.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    A closer look at his family background reveals why he is such an ardent and unquestioning advocate. Quite literally, it’s in David Cameron’s blood. Apart from usury, Cameron’s great, great grandfather, Emile Levitas turned over a tidy sum as a Director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. However, the big money came in during the Second Opium War, which Britain and its ally France fought to ensure the continuation of the drugs trade between India and China.

    So it was in essence a war FOR drugs not on them and it helped cement David Cameron’s family fortune.

    That’s one of the reasons why Cameron’s now pushing for tighter all-encompassing legislation against “non-violent extremism”. The real threat now comes not just from terrorists but from “conspiracy theories”, he says. Exactly the sort of thing that might expose his ancestor’s role in war profiteering and narcotics.

  6. Lynn says:

    The true disabled and demented are in control..they are a damaged insane mob who have the bad blood contaminated by inbreeding. This is a sick and dying tribe of racist demons,
    so far removed from Humanity they stand out like a sore thumb. Missfits.

    • Hi Lynn ive missed you
      Im off on.a weeks holiday tomorrow and dont know what internet access will be like. So if i vanish this doesnt mean ive topped myself after dublinmicks march april punch in the stomach.
      I hold out hope Lynn

      • dkblue says:

        Have a relaxing break Adam!

      • Lynn says:

        Enjoy Adam…. A break will do you good. It’s all so draining and tiring as well as revealing. Get some well earned rest.

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