Germans rename their President ‘Fatima’

A young German girl asks where are the German men?   Germany was such a great country to live.  They’ve destroyed it.  Why are the refugees still free, she asks, not arrested and deported.  Please help us, she says.  We are all afraid.  Merkel does nothing.  The German people will take matters into their own hands and these refugees will have no more to laugh about.  I beg you to never stop believing in getting back the Germany we used to have, as it was before.  They call Merkel Fatima.  Nobody wants to live in such a world.

Merkel Obama kiss


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  1. Dee says:


  2. edbutt says:

    Yeuch. I always too rumours about Obama’s sexuality with a pinch of salt, but seeing that picture of him snogging Volksfuhrer Merkel leave no room for dount. He’s never straight in a million years.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Did you see the video where he says “Michael and I….”

      Michael ?? I thought it was Michelle officially at least. Seems Joan was right!

      That whole ‘church’ that the 00bummer comes from is homo. Homo Black Pastor with dead black homos in the congregation.

      There is even a video on YouTube with near enough 1 million hits, something like 900,000+ hits, with a black fellow wearing sunglasses taking the piss out of how gay the Obummer is.

      This situation is just not tenable. How can these people think that this is viable going on into the future. What can they do switch off the internet and then tell everyone there was a power cut.

      Get Real.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    #1 Favorite Rental at the White House:

    “White Chicks” [the ‘best’ Jooo..llywood anti-white satire since Caddyshack]

    #2 Favorite Rental at the White House:

    “Chicks with Dicks” [the best ‘family entertainment’ for 21st Cent mongrels]

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    7 years ago all we heard was Obama this Obama that. Oh wow look at the black man. Woweee.

    ‘A Vote for Change’ or whatever it was.

    Now he is the nowhere man. Never mentioned. Never trumpeted. His name is kept out of newspapers, headlines and TV news stories as much as possible. [This fact proves to the awakened listener that this is a totally controlled and managed world we inhabit] It is clear that a dog whistle has gone off – all the news editors know and the high ups have got the message, Obummer is exposed, Barry the Gay Moslem is damaged goods, keep the profile low until they can wheel that depraved lesbo freak into office

    Wowee the First Female President, wow look at the dyke, err I mean woman in office [forget the murders, the MK etc]

    This is all Bullshit.

  5. Lynn says:

    Bathhouse Barry – and quarter back Micheal..she is his handler. They were plants to suck what was left for the Jews of Congress. America is gone. It was a set up by the King of England who collects their taxes.
    They never had independence. They have been raped and pillaged ,whilst their Military was doing it to the rest of the planet. Sick game of Thrones and just as barbaric.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Is Fatima getting the fever?

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