Brits Launch 5,000-Strong Petition Telling Obama: Stay Out of EU Referendum


Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain’s forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

The petition on the Parliament website, which has so far been signed by over 4,000 people, calls on ministers and MPs to stop Mr Obama using parliament as a platform to tell Britain to stay in the European Union.

If the petition reaches 10,000 signatures the government will be obliged to issue an official response, and if over 100,000 sign it will be considered for debate in parliament.

The Guardianreported last week that the U.S. President is planning a “big, public reach-out” to stop Britain voting the leave the European Union, however there are already signs his interference could backfire.

This Friday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said America had a “profound interest” in a “strong UK staying inside a strong European Union”.

His speech was strongly criticised by Eurosceptics, with Jack Montgomery of campaign group Leave.EU saying: “It might be convenient for John Kerry, who has repeatedly declined to support the UK in the Falklands, for us to be in the EU, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us.

“Imagine if Kerry proposed a pan-American union in which an unelected commission would control United States immigration policy, trade policy and regulations, among a host of other important matters. He would be run out of Washington DC on a rail.”

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “The intervention of patronising foreign potentates such as Kerry… can only help the Leave campaign.

“They speak to their national interest not ours so will antagonise the freedom loving British voter.”

Fellow Conservative John Redwood added: “Most British people will feel this is a debate for us and it’s unusual for a foreign country to wish to intervene… I don’t know what he means by it. I don’t suppose he’s thought it through at all.

“If the United States was about to enter a union with Mexico, Cuba and Canada on a similar basis to the European Union then maybe they would have some moral authority to tell us to do the same with Eastern Europe and Italy.”





28 Responses to “Brits Launch 5,000-Strong Petition Telling Obama: Stay Out of EU Referendum”

  1. ian says:

    Given my belief that our decisions and wishes are only a nuisance to their pre formed plans, then it won’t do any good, but I’ve signed it anyway. I don’t think we’re far away from being rounded up as political prisoners anyway. It seems that every now and then, they need to rid themselves of thinking people. Work for a pittance, grab your ankles when told, and touch your forelock when you see a superior. yes sir. That’s the way forward.

  2. beLIEve says:

    As an Indigenous Sovereign of the British Isles I will not be …VOTING to LEAVE the EU….as I was never in the EU in the first place.

    No one voted to go into the EU.

    Those who voted in the affirmative were simply saying …YES …to a …..FREE TRADE AREA.

    The EU …SCAM…that followed was and is ….NULL and VOID….. because British Sovereigns did not consent.

    One does not vote to leave what one was never a member of !!! ?$ ££ £! ?

    • Well said. Youre not opting out because you have awakemed and now expressing your personal sovereignty, and realised, you never opted in in the first place! So there is nothing to opt out of
      Because we are Sovereign entities

    • Does this mean this April there is a possibility of Cyprus style fu**er ‘Bail Ins’? from our bank accounts?

      DW: Where do you think this is heading? Have you had any further contact, telepathically or otherwise, with this priestess or with these Inner Earth people since this first meeting?

      CG: I’ve been spending so much time up in my head with this information. A lot of this stuff, I was looking up on the Internet, trying to verify, especially a lot of this ancient Sumerian Zecharia Sitchin stuff. Very little of this stuff that’s on the Internet that you can verify, but I wanted to verify what I could.

      And the rest, I’ve just been . . . I sit around and I’ve just been blown away, and thinking and thinking about it, and it’s changed me. It’s been a very life altering experience.

      DW: You also reported off-camera, maybe on camera, I don’t remember, that you’ve had a lot more intuitive things happening since this occurred.

      CG: Yeah. Just about everyone I’ve been hanging around, I feel their emotions, and what they’re thinking, and what they’re feeling. And, you know, and it’s been very strong.

      I don’t know if that’s something that was enhanced from my connection, that mind meld with the priestess and is something that will wear off over time, or if that is just some new change.

      • beLIEve says:


        Reference bank “bail ins” in March/April 2016…..aka…THEFT…the answer is ….YES.

        UK Banks are all technically ….INSOLVENT…..according to Max Keiser.

        Also, when China introduces a GOLD-Yuan peg ….FIAT paper….. is likely to ….TRANSMOGRIFY…..into hygiene wipe.

        So, when the ……Banks UNLAWFULLY STEAL….bank deposits ….THEY will effectively be …SEQUESTRATING…LOO ROLL……..worthless paper.

        What is the point of the banks…..UNLAWFUL..SEQUESTRATION…of ….WORTHLESS PAPER ? ?

        To prevent people from working out that their savings are worthless.
        If depositors can’t withdraw their money….they will be unable to spend it.
        If people are prevented from spending their money, there will be a time delay before they work out that their “money” is worthless.

        THEFT……by so-called “government” of “monies” owned by Sovereigns, is …..UNLAWFUL.

        I have noted that one well known Financial pundit has stated that there may be a ….LEGAL case …to be made about the ….LAWLESSNESS…..of this …THEFT..AGENDA… respect of …..NIRP…..negative “interest” rates.

        TWO other financial points ……

        Safe deposit boxes stored in banks are also apparently going to be ….STOLEN…..I really mean the contents …..but the box may well be stolen also, bearing in mind how desperate the …..FINANCIAL CLOWNS are !

        Finally, HSBC is being sued by the …..VICTIMS of the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS.
        HSBC acted as banker for one of the drug cartels, it might have been the quinaloa cartel ?
        Many were killed by the drug running scum and their dependants are now suing HSBC for …..COMPENSATION/REPARATION.

    • Hi. I dont like Fulford. I dont like how he slips in stuff such as Poop Francis is actually acting in benevolent role dealing with the BCC/khazarians etc. I dont like how he says ‘ the British’ doing this and that as though alls well more or less here.
      Fulford speaks of pentagon/ agency white hats whatever they are. Well dont hold out hope on that one. Hope im wrong thete.

      Negative interest rates coming soon Kingel. Shall i goto the bank this week and withdraw all my cash? Physical cash immune to neg rates.
      Perhaps i should advise my dad to…..i dont know what. Buy a farm asap, or physical gold. Are things really getting this serious?
      Am i overreacting?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Agree about Fulford. He was connected to Larouche I think? And though there is interesting stuff chucked in from those quarters there has to be a big health warning which Tap does give

        It may be that there are factions which operate and Fulford reflects that, what do you think?

      • beLIEve says:

        You are not overreacting Adam.

        People at the very least need to “hedge their bets”.

        If paper becomes near worthless, you will kick yourself if you failed to make some provision.

        Russia, Iran and India are said to be waiting in the wings in respect of introducing ….INTEGRITY…back into financial transactions.
        Russia and India have accumulated tonnes of gold, in anticipation of the …..END of FIAT.

        The reintroduction of ….PRECIOUS METALS….. into the monetary system is probably one of the reasons the ….SCUM…are going full throttle at destabilisation in the Middle East…….
        They need to ….CREATE….a….DISTRACTION….from the insolvency they have …ENGINEERED.

        Yes, you should speak to your Dad, two heads are better than one.

    • Amazing financial insights and awareness and understanding, finger on the pulse you have Kingel. Which I do not have, Which is why I am grateful for friends such as you


      I don’t have much bank savings, 3000+ sterling. I have some cash under the bed. I think I will start withdrawing cash.. Though if I want to order online, such as nutritional supplemensts, I will have to keep cash an account, also to pay bills.

      Bills. Rothschild slavery wotholding free energy technologies and a Bradbury pound. How do the Rothschilds live up on their SSP free energy motherships Kingel? There must be counterbalancing forces can you see

      • beLIEve says:


        Financial decisions have to be made by individuals after weighing up the pros and cons.

        Pros and cons are difficult to envision when the EVIL ones deliberately ….FAIL….to make ….FULL DISCLOSURE.

        However you might like to give some thought to the possibility of all cash……..CONVERTING into LOO ROLL after the first week of April 2016.

        AND….. Bloombergs has suggested a GOLD price of $64,000.00 …..sometime after the Chinese…. GOLD-Yuan peg….is introduced.

        Silver is said to be a good ….STORE of WEALTH……and prices are currently historically low, somewhere around £13.00 per ounce.

        RATs-childs and their SSP free energy motherships………..THEY will be needing those when the populace fully awakes !

        Counterbalancing forces…..could they be out of sinc …… the moment ?

        Maybe there is a ….RECKONING……coming a…..BIG ONE ?

    • Day of Reckoning Kingel yes. perhaps a cabal intitiated version to pre-empt it. Cobra with his Event.
      But maybe theres a lot of unpredictability in the system, beyond the cabals control.
      Bottled water at home

  3. ravemaster says:

    This is probably some scam organised by some crafty people just some sort of poll to get an idea of how many people wanna tell oboma to keep his nose out yes but also to get an idea of who is against it can yearly use him tochange peoples minds and to get an idea of what they are up against in the out vote I would not trust anything that comes from goverment web site so the gov dont get my vote but I be voting out of eu

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yes. do you know any of their names?

      • I don’t know who Larouche is but in red pill early days I saw him interview Rockefeller and thought how brave he is! Not realising what was going on at the time. Project Camelot now I think of it, has a lot to answer for, the sense is dawning on me all that stuffs not to be trusted. Or it at least leads and feeds into the huge Agenda, with yes lots of truth bait woven into the Agenda fabric

        – So yes, it does seem bits and pieces of truth, have to get chucked in somewhere, in Fulford /Wilcock/ and Cobra 2012 Portal too.
        – An interesting question is: why do these high adepts, elites, high 44th degree Freemasons (I think they exist) feel the need for a Fulford? What job does Fulford do for them?
        – And in the same breath, why do the freemasons have to put truths in? WHy not just tell wall to wall lies? WHy do I sense they are pressured. Possibly have been pressured over decades , building perhaps. That they have to release SOME twisted version of truth……maybe because a huge blowout of Truths going to hit anyway?
        – SO maybe Fulford WIlcock Cobra are the cabals way of channeling and shaping this new period (whatever it will be), in their favour?

        – Yes MS as you say factions.
        – Might it be there is a supremely layered complex world situation that is so complex, with factions. And maybe some good ones exist which ill come to below.
        – Maybe the ‘cabal’ need the likes of Fulford to somehow stay abreast, and shape the narrative, in this Perception War.
        – None of this indicates to me a supremely all powerful cabal. Though your Kalahari vs red army dominance comments needs a separate reply.

        Which brings me to an important and I hope, positive optimistic point. Henrys just challenged Redfefininggod blogs legitimacy. And I hope he is right. I don’t want Ken to be right. Even though I must say Henry, hes put out some really really clear good articles, well worth looking at his catalogue.
        – Factions. Do good ones exist? Is this part of Fulfords job, to manage the complex narrative?
        – I notice that Wilcock NWO operative told us last year, which may well be true. The ‘friendly fire’ accident killings in Iraq wernt that at all. He says they were the White hat Good Guys killing the Blackwater or Academi or whoever mercenaries. Let us hope its true?

        If the Enemy was just mopping up MS, if they were all powerful, then matters would have been decided long ago. Both here in 3D land and in the Higher Realms too.

        So ill end with Bruce Charltons comment again from yesterday:

        ” But if the good cannot be located, then how do I know it is there at all? The answer is that it must be – because things are nothing like as bad as they would be if evil was unopposed – if evil had a free rein. ”

  4. Dublinmick says:

    We need a petition banning him from speaking here also. Can we do that?

  5. Lynn says:

    The country knows it was a scam from day one. It has helped to destroy the UK.
    They know we will vote out!! The rest is just PR Spin.

  6. Gordon says:

    My advice to Mr Obama is:- Stay where you are son, you’ve got more than enough problems at home to deal with without interfering in other folks business.

    However, if your urge is so great for others to be part of the great EU venture then perhaps you may wish to consider joining it yourself.

  7. Gordon says:

    Cameron says If I fail Britain could leave Europe
    The Prime Minister said his priority is to convince the British public to stay in a reformed European Union.

    David Cameron’s priority is to convince Britain to stay in a reformed European Union Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP
    By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent

    Britain could leave the European Union if it fails to claw back powers from Brussels, David Cameron has suggested for the first time.
    Mr Cameron said in an interview to mark the start of the Conservative Party Conference that his priority is to convince Britain to stay in a reformed European Union.
    However, he added that he “wouldn’t argue for us to be in it [the European Union]” if it “wasn’t in Britain’s interest as a country”.
    Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, and Michael Gove, the chief whip, have both said that they would be prepared to leave Europe if Britain cannot secure the necessary reforms.
    However William Hague, the leader of the Commons, suggested last week that campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union will be a “distraction”.
    Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Mr Cameron said: “If I thought that it wasn’t in Britain’s interest to be in the European Union I wouldn’t argue for us to be in it.
    “I do this job because I Iove my country, I care passionately about its future and I want it to be a strong, proud, self-governing independent nation.
    “Yes, working with other European countries on trade and cooperation, maximising our influence in the world. I believe we will get what we want.
    “We need to get out of ever-close union, we need proper safeguards of the single market. At the heart of this yes of course there is a right to go and work in other European countries, but it is not an unqualified right. You should not be able to move for benefits or abuse the rules.
    “What I believe is right for Britain is to seek reform, get reform and get Britain to vote to stay in a reformed European Union. If people don’t like that plan the only way they get to vote to get out of the European Union is if I am Prime Minister.
    “If I don’t achieve that, it will be for the British public to decide whether to stay in or to get out.”

    Despite anything that David Cameron tries to keep Britain in the EU they will leave. The fact is Britain will leave the European Union according to Bible Prophecy. The Bible has long said (2,500 yrs ago to be exact) that Britain will not be a part of the European Union when Russia and the EU invade the Middle East.

  8. Lynn says:

    Cameron is a liar and a criminal….are we really going to take this man ‘s words seriously…he is dangerous to each and every one of us. Two faced lying scum.

  9. Dublinmick says:

    The EU is just something to finish off Germany.

    Merkel And Her Former Stasi Operatives Will Try To Ban The NPD On March 1st-You Cannot Claim To Be A German Then Only An EU Person

    She learned well from her father Adolf and the Stasi, when people don’t go along to get along you ban their entire party. She doesn’t have the headache of trying to disarm the Germans anyway, her father took care of that. And yes notwithstanding what some what some phony alternative sites try and put across, I have talked with many Europeans who tell me it is quite well known in Europe that Angela is the daughter of the little corporal. It is just that most of them are afraid to talk much about it on social media as Angela has her right hand woman, Annette Kahane, former Stasi operative in East Germany in charge of the gestapo.

    • our whole 20th century has been a lie
      Actually no, the last 20 centuries and more
      its all a lie
      They have lied lied lied
      Wered doing our best to make good on this though

      • Nollidge says:

        Adam;walk into any public library – such as are left – & go to the “History” section.Just about any book there is a lie by omission.The activities of a certain Tribe are never even suggested,let alone spelled out.E.G.,”so & so raised an army” – who put up the money?. Got it?.

  10. Nollidge says:

    Kahane eh?. They don’t even bother to change their surnames any more.

  11. Jackson says:

    When I signed the petition yesterday, there were 15,700 signatures. Today, there are 14,196. They must be removing names from the petition.

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